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Another Draining For Dylan

"You spend way too much cooped up in there, Dylan," his mother said, and pointing behind him at the trailer house he lived in his parents back yard.

"Mom," he began to say, but was cut-off by her adding another piece of motherly advice.

"I just think that you need to get out more! That's all. You come home from work, and then you never seem to come out again till you go back to work the next morning! I simply don't understand why that is. Okay? I'm your mother, Dylan. I just worry about you. What you need is a girlfriend. A nice, Southern girl. I know I'm butting into your personal life,... Continue»
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Under the Deck

The phone in my pocket vibrated softly as I sat in my living room. I fished it out of my pocket and looked down to read the incoming text, which simply said “here”. The house was quiet and every step I took toward the back door seemed louder than a jackhammer. I slowly unlocked the door and headed out into the cool night. My eyes took a few minutes to adjust to the dark before I spotted a shadowy figure coming up the street. It looked to be him, so I waved and started walking toward the deck. I could see Jim’s face clearly as I headed under the structure and behind an old canoe that hadn... Continue»
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Break from the studying

I was laying in bed one evening studying my school lessons for the
next day. My mother had been in the hospital for two weeks for a major
operation. My door opened and my dad walked in with not a stitch of
clothing on. His dick was hard and standing straight out. I was really
stunned, since I had never seen my dad with no clothes, much less with
his dick showing and at full erection. I often had erections and often
fondled my dick and the dicks of my school friends and they often
fondled my stiff dick. However, none of us could cum yet.

Dad came over and sat down on the side o... Continue»
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The college jock came into my office for a physical exam. The exam was
required for him to play football. I proceeded to have him strip to the waist
while i marked his chart- blond hair, 5' 11'', white, 161 pounds. He was very
friendly, great looking and wore a handsome smile. I took his bl**d pressure
reading and found it slightly high. Everything else seemed normal at this

I told the stud, Tom Farrell, to strip to his shorts. He sat down on a chair
and removed his shoes and socks. He stood and opened the belt of his tight
blue jeans. He unbuttoned the top butt... Continue»
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Three College Guys in a Hottub

I’ve recently moved into a new apartment complex, which has an outdoor gated pool that is open from 10:00AM-10:00PM. To get into the pool, you need an access card, which I finally received a few days ago. Ever since I got the access card, I’ve been “carding” myself in right before the pool gate automatically locks up for the entire night.

The pool is surrounded by the apartment’s clubhouse and a few apartment units (up to two floors), so people who go for a swim (or go to relax in the outdoor hot tub) are fairly visible to those residents.

Yesterday, I walked over to the pool right befo... Continue»
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What I Need in My Life

I have been in this position before, literally, in a man's bed, on my back with my legs up on his shoulders and his cock ready to enter my tight ass. The first time was few years ago being seduced by man who introduced me to my gay side and the joy of bareback sex. This time it’s about changing my life again and fulfilling a need so strong it can’t be suppressed.
 I’m 67, married, and have been bisexual since that first seduction so many years ago. I have always been a bottom and I have always taken cock raw. Cruising areas, adult book stores and the occasional date have been very successful ... Continue»
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Dylan Alone

For Dylan, the more he hid his deeper, truer feelings about his sexual obsession with black men, the stronger this obsession came to be.

The irony of this was inescapable. He'd spent his first 20+ years growing up in a f****y of white racists, and everyone else he knew was, in one way, or the other, the same way, and yet, and yet there was this...thing, this...strange, and exciting, and sometimes even scary fascination (which had quickly grown into an obsession!) with black males; and particularly towards black men with BIG cocks! Where, he often wondered, had this come from?

Dylan had ... Continue»
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A (Southern) Redneck At The Glory Hole

Dylan came from a Southern f****y who had a long (and shameful!) history of slave-ownership; going back nearly a hundred years before the first shots were fired on Ft. Sumpter. In fact, Dylan's father was a big supporter of David Duke, and several of his uncles had been card-carrying KKK members! So, no one in his f****y would have liked knowing that Dylan, beneath the Southern redneck drawl, and the KKK spiced language he occasionally utilized, was secretly attracted, sexually attracted to (and had been for quite some time, in fact, had been for nearly as long as he could remember), to BLACK ... Continue»
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From Cam to Real Life.

After I finished university, I struggled for a good-paying job and money was tight. But I couldn't face living back at home. I managed to find a room to myself in a house-share with two other guys and three women. We were mostly in our early twenties and doing various entry-level jobs. One guy, Pete, was older. About 45. He was on a temporary assignment in our city and didn't want the hassle of renting somewhere unfurnished.
At home I had shared a bedroom with my b*****r and uni I'd been in a shared room too so, even though I wasn't alone, my own room in the house gave me some privacy for the... Continue»
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You want to go Again? Gay

When I arrived at the athletic dorm, Dante came out and got me while wearing his robe and slippers. When we got into his room, I noticed he had already drank a few beers from the bottles sitting on the counter.

"Did you bring the stuff," Dante asked referring to the anal balls and lubrication. When I held up the bag to nonverbally let him know that I did, he added, "Good, but before we get started, I want ya to use that tongue to get me ready."

"Ok, but first let me see it," I requested with a smile. "Let me see that cock I been thinking about."

Dante dropped the robe exposing about... Continue»
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Need for cock

Many years ago before there was the internet if you wanted to see porn you went to an adult book store. This one time I was there and an old man asked me if I wanted a blow job, I declined because I was afraid to do anything in a semi public place. Well go forward 25 years and the only cock I've had is jerking myself off and that nerve seems to be enough. I've had the urge to head to the nearest book store and try my luck, I've talked myself out of doing this many times but now the urge is so strong.
I put on my prettiest panties and drove into the city to try my luck. I paid my fee and ente... Continue»
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Not Gay On the Job Training

Everybody's got a first time story. Being a 33 year old divorced guy, I thought all my firsts were long gone. You know, my first blowjob, my first fuck, my first older woman, my first three-way; I'd had some good times but I figured the rest of my sex life would be pretty run of the mill. On the downhill slide you could say.

That is until I decided to become a porn star. Well, not exactly a porn star. I just needed to make a little money and I thought fucking on camera would be a stellar way to make some cash. I'm decent looking, I work out regularly, I'm not exactly porn-big, but I've got ... Continue»
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First time CL hookup with Older Daddy

Credit to gsgw_clhookup

I'm mostly straight, but as long as I can remember I've been super turned on by the fantasy of bottoming (and submitting) for a much older daddy type, especially the "straight" MWM types. I'm not attracted to guys my age at all, but I find the cross-generation thing to be incredibly hot. I'm pretty masculine and dominant most of the time, but always wanted to sub to an older dom daddy. This is the story of the first time I got up the nerve to actually do it.

I was 22 and in college. I was a regular lurker on craigslist, looking for older tops looking for younger. ... Continue»
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My First Cottage Experience Pt 2

Hello Again, apologies for my tardiness in continuing my story, hope you enjoy.

About a week had passed since I last visited the toilets where my Cottage Experience began, and I was on my bicycle again heading to the same destination. I had spoken to Terence on the phone, and he suggested we meet up for some more fun if I was up for it, so here I was, not knowing exactly what to expect, but incredibly horny at the thought of what could happen.

I arrived at the agreed time, and secured my bike, and headed into the toilets. As I entered I saw Terence and another black guy stood at the ur... Continue»
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The Cornholing (Part 2)

(Part 2)

About ten days after the first time, I got an opportunity to watch Fred and Tom go at it again. This time started when I driving home after running some errands. As I drove past Fred’s house, I saw Tom’s car parked in the driveway. I immediately started to get excited at the thought of what was probably going on inside the house.

After I dropped off the car at home, I hurried back down the street to Fred’s house. When I arrived outside, I paused trying to decide the best way to proceed. I decided straight forward was probably best. If I was confronted, I coul... Continue»
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Stranger in the Booth

The token hit the bottom of the machine's cash box with a loud metallic thud and the screen before me lit up with some random 80's porno. Though already twenty-five, this was my first exposure to an adult book store and their infamous booths. The room was just a little bigger than a restroom stall and had a small wooden bench in the back. I hit the up and down buttons scanning through the various channels looking for something that would grab my attention. The random images caused my cock to stir a bit, but I was far from hard yet.

All of a sudden the door to my booth began to open and ... Continue»
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Cock Craving Gay

I had just gotten out of a long relationship with my ex girlfriend and had moved into a nice townhouse in another town. In the past I had sex with a few guys and I knew from these encounters that I really enjoy servicing men. There is something about the power that a hard cock projects that get's me on my knees and begging. For years, I kept these thoughts and memories tucked away inside my head. I would fantasize about it often, but never act and was a completely straight acting, masculine guy... with a secret craving. Now that I had the freedom and my own place to entertain, I decided that... Continue»
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Black Man's Pussy Boy Gay

I led Jay down the short corridor, opening the bathroom door for him to see. It was neat and clean. Then I led him the next few steps to the bedroom. The door was open and he pushed past me. His shoulder and arm brushed across my chest as he moved through the doorway. My cock was already rock hard. I watched him walk to the closet and open the door. As he checked it out, I checked out his body.

Jay was tall and muscular, but not overly developed. He wore some long shorts and a tight fitting white t-shirt which contrasted sharply with his black skin. I felt my cock throbbing as I watched him... Continue»
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Had to Have his Black Cock Gay

I’ve always had this thing for younger black men. I grew up near an air f***e base in Michigan where there plenty of black airmen running about and driving me wild. I will always regret when I was walking down a road one day on my daily walk when a hunky, cute black airman asked if I wanted a ride. I froze and shook my head no. What can I say? I was young and not too bright.

Through the years, I’ve traveled throughout the world and encountered plenty of young black men. I just love the color and texture of their skin, the contrast between their darkness and my lightness, and, of ... Continue»
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me as a sex toy

There is an adult cinema near my place well it’s a room with some couches chairs and a big screen I like to visit every week or two to great place to suck cock.
I don’t know if I’m like most people but I like it when a guy hold my head and pushes down while I am sucking I can usually get my gag reflex is under control and really go deep I love feeling and tasting that pre-cum in my mouth especially when I’m being pounded sometimes I forget that I’m so into what I’m doing that I forget to look up into someone’s eyes when they have their hard rod in my mouth.
Although I do like getting my mout... Continue»
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