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A Quickie in the Woods II....We Finally Meet (All

If you read my Quickie In The Woods II, you remember that I was left high and dry after giving my guy friend a first class blow job.

After I called him, and he asked me to meet him at his house in a town about 25 minutes away.

We set up a met on Thursday Night, at 7pm. He gave me directions to his place, and on the appointed time and date I knocked on his door.

He was dressed in lounging shorts and a baggy t shirt. He looked great.

As I came into his apartment, he turned me around to face him, he hugged me, gave me a quick kiss, and said....Now it is time for pay back.

I was en... Continue»
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What happened afterwards.

My last blog was all about my first bisexual experience.I ended it at the point where I'd just given my first ever blow job but suggesed things went further that night.

Briefly,I'd been curious for maybe a year.Was thinking about cock nearly as much as pussy although I wasn't into guys or had any interest in becoming bisexual.I just couldnt stop thinking about sucking a cock and concluded the only way I could get past it would be to do it that once.Scratch the itch and move on.Except I was never going to really get it on with another man.

Then my oldest friend returned to the area after ... Continue»
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Forc*d into a Foursome, Part-1

Hi my dear hot tops, Chandru here with another true experience but names changed apart from mine. Hope you remember the previous two in stories of mine in the theater and a surprise threesome at my home. Since Yahoo decided to close all its chat rooms I had to find a different way to look for guys to fuck me and there I found out about this website called Planet Romeo.
One fine day I created an ID for myself and set out in search of a guy to fuck me and soon I got introduced to a 24 year old sexy looking hunk called Raj from Ambattur. He said he can take me to his friend's place which was nea... Continue»
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Halloween hand job

It was the Saturday before Halloween and three
girlfriends and I were going out bar hopping and
dancing to celebrate the holiday. As the only male in
the group I decided to dress as a woman. Why not try
to fit in. I had gone to the local Salvation Army and
picked up a short skirt, ladies blouse and sexy
camisole to wear underneath. I had borrowed a wig from
a friend along with a silk scarf.

Early Saturday afternoon we all met at Rose's house
and she helped me get ready. Lots of shaving, I had a
goatee, makeup, and laughter. As I was pulling the
dark panty hose on, under ... Continue»
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Gym Submission - He has an unexpected encounter at

It was a normal trip to the gym, though I was a bit later than normal. I usually managed to get there by 6pm, but tonight I had been finishing up a problem at the office and couldn't break away until late. I almost skipped it, but I'd been so inconsistent with my workouts lately that I felt I had to go. So here I was going for my workout at 8pm.

I had already called my wife to let her know I'd be late. I checked in and headed for the locker room. I walked towards the back of the room and turned into the last alcove of lockers. Standing in the corner was a very attractive man who had just ... Continue»
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Cruising in Pueblo-First time

I remember my first times cruising. The very first time I went to Mineral Palace park I was just out of high school and 18, getting ready to enter the military. I was at the park with my cousin and his girlfriend and we were drinking a few beers. I went to the public bathroom and saw some of the graffiti written and it intrigued me. I had an excited, tingly feeling. When my cousin and his girlfriend took me home, I borrowed my mom's car and went back to the park.

By this time it was getting dark, and I went to the bathroom and stood in a stall, pretending to urinate. Pretty soon a g... Continue»
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A Great Truck Stop

I was driving back from a day of sightseeing in far west Texas on Interstate 20. It was late and I was getting sl**py and needed to pee. I saw a sign that said "REST AREA 1/2 MILE AHEAD". I turned off and went to the parking lot in front of the restrooms. Now, most of the rest areas here in Texas had been totally redone. This one was one of the older ones. I went into the deserted restroom and hauled out my junk and started peeing. I had just finished and was shaking it off when I heard the sound of boots on the tile floor. I stayed put to see what was coming in. It was a young mexican man, dr... Continue»
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A Quickie in the Woods II

Here I was again at the cruise parking lot, and again I was sitting in the van looking across the lot at the swimming beach, loaded with folks enjoying the beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon. I was enjoying seeing the hot girls...and guys in their small tight suits!

I noticed a grey truck park a ways up in the lot, and out got a mature guy, short, HWP, he looked toward me and then walked into the woods.

I looked around, got out and locked the door, and took my path into the fun area.

It took a few minutes to find him. If you have read my first story on having a quickie in the woods, y... Continue»
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Auntie's Panties


Auntie's Panties

I've always had this serious thing for women's' underwear. Even as far
back as grammar school I loved to sit on the ground in the school yard
to watch the girls jump rope and show off their frilly little panties,
just for me.

I was always so jealous of my s****rs! They got such pretty, pink
ruffled undies to wear while I was stuck with boring white BVD's. It
was so unfair, I thought!

I loved the exciting feel of their lace and silky nylon dainties, so
cool and silky and smooth to the touch. By... Continue»
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Chapter One - Hungry

In his post-Mayberry days, Andy Griffith was a spokesperson for Ritz
crackers. He popularized a terrific advertising phrase that reached into a
lot of people's heads. Andy would ask rhetorically, "What are you hungry
for when you don't know what you're hungry for?" And then answer,
"Somethin' on a crisp Ritz cracker. It's goooood!"

Are you hungry for something and you don't know what? I was, until I joined
the poker group.

My name is Ed Jensen. When this tale began, I was 31 and had been married
for eight years to Carol. My wife was a nice woman. I'd lik... Continue»
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my begins part 1

I was 18yrs old, had my driving licence just over 6 months, when I found out that a local park was a cottaging (gay sex meeting place) area at night. The first time I ever drove down that dark lane at night on my own, I wad so excited I had to actually stop and vomit, I didn't even get out of the car that night. Just watched a few men wander off in to the woods, then wander back a bit later on. I drove home and wanker furiously, then slurped and eat my own cum, imaging it was someone else's.

A few days later after dropping a friend off on the way home from the pub, I decided to see if ther... Continue»
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Visiting a Video Arcade for the First Time

I grew up not far from a tourist area. I was younger than most of my friends, so when I finally turned 18 we went dancing to the clubs on the main street. My best girl friend Terry was beautiful and she immediately had this hot Navy guy buying us drinks, and trying to chat with her. He had a buddy and so while they flirted and played, he and I drank and talked. We went back to their hotel and of course Terry and Bill went upstairs.

The other guy – Steve and I decided to cruise around. He was telling me how horny everyone gets on ship and that they are always finding someone in a clos... Continue»
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I met an underwear model and he fucked me!

Hey guys,

I moved to this city because I was tired of LA. The weather was great, but in a city where everyone is an aspiring model/porn star/actor, I was totally intimidated. Who knew this city had guys even hotter. Since I knew so few people, I went to the gym early, went to work, then came back to the gym to lift and do cardio. After around 6 months of doing this I started to look and feel pretty good. I was starting to get cruised in the open shower, and one of the guys wrapped his hand around my cock and tried to pull me into the steam room with him and his work out partner. I... Continue»
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first time at the theater!

I am a thirty four year old bi guy,I am married and have c***dren. I have always loved porn since I first snuck and watced my first porn, Ive always loved girls! Pussy , head,ass ect. I was I guess you can say a pretty goodlooking guy I had lots of girls a lot of sex,then I started getting into cumshots and watching big cock suck and fuck and cum. Then I started to to to like watcing big white cocks get sucked and fucked and I really started to like it! I had fantasized about it for maybe a year or so then I started watching gay porn and going on gay sites just to learn the lingo. I looked u... Continue»
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Cruisng....looking for My First Hard cock.

If you have read my other accounts, I only post things that have actually happened to me. I change the names of my partners, but for the most part everything else is as it was.

This story is about after I had accepted my Bi side, and I was cruising looking for a hard, mature, cock to service.

In my town there is a river park, that has been known to the "guy" community for many years. The local authorities try to discourage meetings in the park, by cutting down trees and brush that hides the activities behind them. They cruise the park and make their presence know, but for the most par... Continue»
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Neighbour fucked my s****r - but it was me

When I was 16 I stayed home alone for a week when my parents were on holiday. My s****r Jenny had just left home - she was 18. I'd been crossdressing for several years already, and I loved nothing better than to turn myself into a pretty teen girl in private. Fortunately for me, Jenny had left some of her clothes behind.

One night that week, I decided to play some dress up. I went into Jenny's bedroom and opened her drawers and closet door. I knew her clothes so well. What would I put on?

First I chose one of her bras. It was pink and heavily padded as Jenny had small tits. I put it on m... Continue»
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I get Fucked as a Woman... part Two

In the first part of this 100% true story, I met with a guy that answered a CL ad I posted. We met and after some strange beginnings we arranged to meet and take things to a higher level.

This is the continuation of that encounter.

My wife was invited to visit her f****y about three hours away in the middle of the state. She was leaving on Saturday morning and coming home either later that night or on Sunday. I told he I had to work at the story on Saturday, and altho I really wanted to go with her I would have to pass this time....(smile)

She understood, and made plans to go alone.
... Continue»
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I get Fucked as a Woman

All my stories are 100% true. Here is a time that I met a guy on CL and it was a fun ride, also my first time dressing in Women's clothes.

I posted a ad on CL, and got numerous hits from all kinds of different guys and some couples. I weed through them, and there was one from a guy that hit my fancy and I arranged to meet him at the local was the first time I had ever posted and wanted to make sure I wasn't going to get killed or robbed. LOL

I got there a little early and took a booth next to the door...just in case, and then as I was drinking my coffee a guy walked up to ... Continue»
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my begins part 2


...He opened the door and simply walked in leaving it open for me to follow. I hesitated for a second, then entered.

"beer?" He said

"No thanks I'm driving" I replied

"just the cum then?" He said with a smile

I was getting nervous again "are we alone?"

"not quite" he answered "my friend lives here, he loves virgins like you" as he said this a large black guy seemed to appear in the doorway.

"woah easy now guys, I didn't sign up for this" I stammered, trying to sound more tough and less worried than I actually was.

"Relax" replied the white guy "no... Continue»
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First time bi

TRUE STORY: this happened a little over a week ago
So I've never been one for typing up stories but I figured I'd give this a shot and if I get enough feedback I'll post even more pics/vid.So to lay down the ground work here... I'm 26 and have been bi curious for a while. I recently took my curiosity to craigslist. I posted saying I was curious and looking for a couple to help act on my bi curiousness. To my surprise not long after posting I heard back from a guy saying he and his gf would like to meet. The only kicker was I had to meet him first to see if I'd be a good fit with them. He had ... Continue»
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