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the gay doctor

My employer switched health insurance carriers again a few months ago. Soon afterward we all got a memo informing us that we had the option of switching to a new plan with a lower premium. In order to qualify, an employee would have to undergo a complete physical exam to make sure there were no pre-existing conditions.

I wasn't too happy about this. Since I'm gay, I'd always had my own physician for my "special" health problems, in order to avoid dealing with the company doctors. If I wanted the price break on the insurance, though, there was no getting around it. I reluctantly scheduled ... Continue»
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trust me, l`m the doctor

I see the nice young man standing in the queue at the pharmacy as I carry the box of medical supplies from the store room to my car at the front of the building. He has come to my attention because of the slight altercation he seems to be having with the young lady behind the counter.

He has rolled up his sleeve to show her something and she has insisted on calling over the lady pharmacist, a tall, severe-looking woman in large unfashionable glasses, for her professional opinion. It also hasn't escaped my notice that he is a very good-looking and pleasant young man. It's something that come... Continue»
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soldier in the car

I am driving along and notice a red Mustang next to me being driven by a
hot black guy in an army uniform. He is like 20, hot as fuck and puffing on
a cigar as we drive.

He notices me looking and gives me a chin up nod and I return it. I keep
looking over and subconsciously licking my lips and notice that he keeps
looking at me.

We come to a stop light and he rolls down his window and I do the same.

"Follow me" he says and pulls off when the light turns green.

We pull into a secluded parking lot for an abandoned warehouse and he
parks. I park next to him and he motions me to... Continue»
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my brother in law

I have changed the names to protect my f****y; otherwise this is a true
story. I am posting it to this board in the sincere hope that someone who
reads it may have some advice to help me through a difficult situation.

My father is a minister in the local church in small suburb outside of
Tulsa. I have an older s****r who studies ancient languages at a university
about two hours away, and I am a senior in high school. Our mother died of
cancer three and a half years ago, after a two-year struggle. Since that
time our father has become harsh and distant, and has developed a drinking
... Continue»
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spying on dad

I remember it everyone talking about 'Jacking off' when i was just in the
7th grade in middle school. The older boys in the 8th grade would talk about
how it 'felt so good' when 'the white stuff came out'. I had always been
curious with this sensation that they were talking about. I remember i had
tried it for days but got no luck in feeling any sort of sensation. My
friend Pete had told me that 'all the real men did it, probably even our
dads,' I remember being disgusted when he had mentioned this. Pete was also
the one that told me the 'white stuff was sperm,' so i automatically
re... Continue»
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my son

A few weeks back, I had decided to take the day off to catch up on some
chores around the house. It was also close to my son's birthday and I had
purchased some tickets for him and I to go to a baseball game that evening.
My son is growing fast; his height is now 5'9, a full six inches taller
than a year ago. He has beautiful sandy blond hair that he keeps short on
the sides but long on top. His voice is starting to crackle and his
sideburns are showing a little more thickness and color than your typical
boy `peach fuzz.' He excels at baseball and soccer and loves his
skateboard.... Continue»
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father and son

"I ran into Guy Leeson at the petrol station the other day, Jake."

"Did you, now?" he said with a suggestive smirk. He grabbed the remote
control and turned the volume down on the football match we were watching
on TV. My son didn't usually turn the TV down when I had something to say:
if given the choice, he would probably turn it up.

"So were the two of you okay around each other?" he asked. "After... you
know... what happened?"

"We managed not to start groping each other in front of the confectionary
stands, if that's what you mean."

He smiled. "I actually meant if it... Continue»
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the store manager

The Store Manager.

I had to take a part time job to make ends meet. These times were pretty
damn tough. So I got a job at a local grocery store to cover any hours I
wasn't working. On my first week I was put to come in real early in the
morning because the store was doing inventory. That's the first time I saw Mr
Jones. He was a heavy, built black guy. I had heard he used to be ex football
player till an injury took him out. He was at the checkouts with his back
to me. He was a good 6ft 2 and built big. He had huge hands and the slacks
were desperately trying to contain his... Continue»
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Here is a true story about me being caught masturb

I'm a bi sexual 31 year old male who lives at home with my f****y. I'm
into a lot of kinky dirty sex stuff, but I'm a totally masturbation addict.
From an early age I always enjoyed doing it in public places, like restroom
etc... It started when I was at school, and I have been doing it ever
since. I been caught a couple of time and it always a big thrill. This
happened to me a few days ago and I had to share it

I finally have a day off work, my first in months and I have the whole
house to myself. The rest of my f****y are out at there jobs or busy doing
things, so when I f... Continue»
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brothers school friend

There he was.

It had been almost two months since I had seen my b*****r. He had started
college a few months ago and being 18, 6 foot even, and with the build of a
swimmer, he hadn't had much reason to come home. I had seen picture after
picture on facebook of him with different girls every night of the week,
them sitting on his lap or kissing his cheek.

He would never know this but I was jealous of every one of them.

My name was Ryland and no one in my f****y knew, but I was gay. I had a few
experiences, making out with guys and exchanging some handjobs at a couple
of my gymna... Continue»
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scotts taliors

Part 1

"Hey dude, wait!"

I turned around to see who was calling me. I was surprised to see it was
Scott Collins, the star athlete of our high school. I didn´t know he was
aware of my existence.

"Hi, Scotty."

"Look, I heard you know how to use a sewing machine. They told me you´re
pretty good with it."

Well, that was true. My mom is a modist and she taught me to alter my own
jeans and shirts. I considered myself already quite an ace with the
machine. I had done some alterations for my friends, too, and the word had
obviously gone round.

"Well, yeah, kind of. Anyt... Continue»
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if dad like it

If Dad Likes It

"Hey, great news, Mumtaz, remember I've told you about my friend Zafar, who
moved to Dubai?" said my father to my mother after putting down the
phone. "Well, he's coming back to live here in Jamshoro!"

"Oh, that's good for you, Tahir, you always keep talking about him," Mom

"Yes, and I invited him and his f****y to stay here with us while they look
for a place of their own," said dad, "and you can get to know them as

"Here?" Mom asked doubtfully, "Tahir, how could you invite them over
without discussing it with me? How many are there in the f... Continue»
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dave, jake talk

Dave followed his friend Jake into the large living room.

"Oh, hey Dad," Jake said. Jake's Dad was a solid man with short black hair, a square jaw and huge arms. "This is Dave."

Jake and Dave were in their final year of high school and had both recently turned 18.

"Yeah, I've seen you two out surfing together," Jake's Dad explained.

"Hi," Dave grunted.

"Mum's out til later," Jake's Dad said. "How about you get us all a beer Jake."

As Jake walked out of the room, Dave thought it was strange his friend had been sent out. He wondered if the older man had something to say. He dr... Continue»
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daddy looking

One Sunday afternoon I was just watching football. I knew my dad was getting in the shower and thought of it as no big deal, and my mother went into town for the day. I'm a little horny so I look up naked men my phone and start to rub my cock through my pants. I'm starting to get hard when I hear my dad walking through the upstairs and probably on his way downstairs so I have to stop.

The reason why I stopped was because I did not want to get caught by my dad stroking my cock or looking at naked men on my phone since he did not know I was into that stuff. Well that is I did not think he kne... Continue»
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the talk

Dad turned the car down a dirt road and into a field surrounded by trees. He killed the engine, then turned to me and sighed. He'd been acting strange the whole ride.

"Well, son, I guess you're wondering why I brought you out here." I had a pretty good idea: the dreaded sex talk. He scratched his stubbly chin. He seemed like he didn't know how to begin.

"Shit," he said, looking out the window. He'd lost his nerve. "You know, I used to bring your mother out here when we were in high school." He turned to me again. "In fact, it was your mother who suggested I have a talk with you."

"Abo... Continue»
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Business trip

It had been a long enough day for Jamie Jarvis, and he was all ready to crash. He was only 18 years old, just a few weeks after the start of his adult life, and was already having enough of it - too much to do, and too much responsibility. He had spent his day doing work experience at a bank that his friend’s dad was high up in, and it was tough. Jamie had been on his feet for an 8 hour day, following people around, fetching things, and was now aching with tiredness. The bank was in London, so Jamie was staying in a hotel for the week, far away from his home in Devon. His hotel, paid for by th... Continue»
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My first time with a Black Man.Part 1

Remember back in the day when you went to "dirty book stores' to get action? I was 19 years old,and very sexually confused.By this time I had only had "regular" sex with only one girl,yet I had sex with 2 other guys.I was ashamed for some reason.I should have been having sex with other girls like my friends.I couldn't help it that my mind would wander late at night while I masturbated in my bedroom about having sex with other men.Even more disturbing was while masturbating,I often looked at naked pictures of black men having sex with white girls,and wishing I was the white girl in the pictures... Continue»
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as im at home alone and as always thinking of exercising my kinky freaky side I decide im up for sucking a bbc on the down low. I open up my laptop and search the Craigslist M4M ads. after responding to 15 ads in hopes of hearing back from a few sooner then later. I get a response from a man that's not so close but he is a black man that says he's 8+ & cut so im thinking of the hr drive. so it being a craigslist thing I know its a pull the trigger sooner then later or your searching all over again I respond with a ill be there in an hr. I pull into the given address and I see its a over crowde... Continue»
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The locker room

I was in an all boys secondary school. I never thought I'd end up liking guys as well as girls I had started to notice I was attracted to many of my classmates). His name was Will. I think he was a couple of months younger than me, and ever so slightly taller. Light brown hair, blue eyes, athletic, Caucasian and very attractive. I remember him being a funny guy, a bit of a jokester, but I didn't know him that well. We'd spoken a few times, and I always noticed a little something behind his eyes, but never could I predict what happened between us (of course I'd fantasized about it like with... Continue»
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How to hook up with middle east men

I live in a suburb Close to Stockholm in Sweden where there are alot of immigrants from all over the World.
I have always had a thing for mature and older arab and turkish men so I can tell you that I live in heaven.
Most of them are married but I can tell you that having sex with middle east men is not a problem at all if you do it in the right way.
I usually go to their cafés and restaurants and eat their kind of food and since I´m very Swedish looking they usually look at me like a strange bird and often come up to my table and ask if I like their food. I Always reply with a smile and... Continue»
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