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Straight Boy Bottom - Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - Much Needed Relief

My team had gone to a region swim competition, a week-long event about 4
hours away from my school. It was a huge deal, but it did mean going a
week without much privacy. I made it almost the whole way through the week
before I ran into trouble.

I had just finished my last event, and it had been a grueling day. I had
pushed my body to its limits, and earned a silver medal for my efforts. I
had gone back to my hotel room after the meet to shower off and change into
comfortable clothes, intent on taking a nap before joining the other guys
for cel... Continue»
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Discovering BareBack Gay

I discovered bareback sex when I was in college. It is one of the greatest experiences that any bottom can have. I am super, extra, demandingly, particular who I will do this with, but when I do bareback with a I am getting chills just thinking about it now. 

I've only done it with three people, all of whom were long term lovers that shared an interest in safe condom free sex. We always got tested before and after we'd done barebacking, and we swore to each other that we were a monogamous couple. The moment either of us strayed from these rules bareback sex was over with.

No... Continue»
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Straight to bottom slut on chems

I am I straight male I have a girlfriend I have k**s and I live a normal straight life except for the weekends that I do Tina and put on a jockstrap and put my ass in the air and beg for strangers to put their cock in me. When I was 16 I would get d***k and go on craigslist and find strangers that would meet with me and suck my cock and let me come on their face . eventually I met a man that persuaded me to use toys on my little hole , he would get me high and insert a butt plug has he suck my cock. I thought nothing about this I didn't think it was gay to me I was just getting my nut off.... Continue»
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How to Receive Anal Sex Male Part 2

This is my follow up piece on how to receive anal sex. In this segment, I want to share more logistical ideas, tips, and experiences in receiving anal sex that can help the reader learn about potential unknown facts that I may not have shared in my first writing. As I try to think back on my sexual experiences, I have estimated to have had sex with probably 30-35 women, I have blown over 100 guys, and taken as many as 50-60 dicks in my ass. I have lots of experience and want to help you if you are thinking about allowing someone to put his cock in your ass. I may briefly touch upon something I... Continue»
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My Second Bi-Encounter With An Older Guy

After my first bi experience i didn`t really know how i felt about what actually happened, but knowing that if i met up with dave again i could at least get another human being to touch my cock made it very tempting to meet up with him, especially as girls that i knew were not giving out.

I was o.k Sunday/Monday going about my business but by Tuesday i was thinking about daves big cock and how he could help me out, and then by Friday i was thinking all sorts, how it would feel to be touched wanked, sucked by another guy and even fantasised about returning the favour, to the point i ended ... Continue»
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My First Bi-Encounter With An Older Guy Part 1

This is a true story about My first Bi-sexual encounter many years ago, id had fumblings with girls, heavy kissing sessions, playing with their boobs etc but id never had My cock touched by another person and I was desperate to get some experience.

One Saturday afternoon me and my mates went swimmng and spent a few hours with the girls in the pool messing around and seeing if they fancied some fun afterwards, but as per usual we were left high and dry.

My mates had had enough so said they were getting changed, but I said I'd do another couple lengths and I'd meet them in the cafe above t... Continue»
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(Real Stories) European Madness part 2

(Real Stories) European Madness part 2
Of the many free weekends, I had off when I lived in Europe if I ever was horny it wasn't a thing to just hop on the train and head down to the main station. Yes, I could have things in mind that I wanted to do but 9/10 times that was decided for. At times I may have wanted my dick sucked other times I may want to fuck some ass. I am very particular about fucking ass. No disrespect to any bottoms out there but I preferred a curvy ass or thick ass. Basically, I need something visually to get me in tune. I can fuck a slender ass but if the figure is there ... Continue»
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My Cuckold Sissy Fantasy.

OK, So here is my fantasy:
I am 48-year-old man in good condition and I am married to a wonderful sexy woman who is 43 years old. Sex has always permeated my life with strong undertones of dominance and submission from as early on even before puberty. While I struggled with my sexual explorations I remember trying on my mother’s panties and spanking myself with various objects. I would be submissive then I would do my best to fight those submissive tendency’s and become the domain man I thought I was s... Continue»
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Fat Bud Part 2 By BOBtheBEAR

I was amazed. Fat Bud seemed even bigger naked than he was clothed, if that can be believed. He was completely smooth, other than a few chest & pubic hairs. He had such soft, white skin of which he obviously took good care. Unlike most chubs, he didn’t even have any stretch marks on the sides of his massive belly! As he stood in the doorway for a few seconds checking me out, I could see his decent endowment beginning to pop out beneath that belly of his. On a superchub, it is very difficult to tell how big the penis is, as it is constantly being squeezed on all sides by glorious flesh. D... Continue»
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Straight Man Taught a Hard Lesson GayMaker

I was working from home when the doorbell rang. It was Ken, a friend of my oldest son, a guy he'd played basketball with in high school. He was wearing a suit and tie. I wasn't sure what he was doing here. My son had his own place now.

"Hey Ken," I said. "You looking for Brian?"

Ken shook his head. "Came to talk to you, actually."

"OK," I said, and opened the door. He walked right past me like he owned the place, went into the living room, took off his suit coat, tossed it over the couch and sat down in the middle of it. Weird. I sat down in a chair across from him.

"So, what's up?... Continue»
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Fat Bud Part 1 By BOBtheBEAR

I work at a desk job in a small auto-parts place where the owner, Fat Bud—as he calls himself—hired me right on the spot 3 months ago when he saw my prodigious typing and bookkeeping skills. Essentially hiring me for two jobs, reception AND bookkeeping—for $2.00 more on the hour (at my insistence, of course)—my life has been real hectic ever since. But, the money flows in, and the business is doing even better now, so I can’t complain too much.

Anyway, my boss is in & out all day, usually spending up to three or four hours at the shop at a time, so I essentially run things up front. Fat Bu... Continue»
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"Brainwashed into becoming my friend's s

It all began six months ago. I had been without a job for over a year and I was flat broke. I was staying with a couple of friends who had been letting me stay with them rent free. They began putting pressure on me to get a job, telling me that if I didn’t have one soon I would have to go. I had no luck in finding a job and was really worried about finding a place to stay. I decided to call several old friends to see if one of them would let me stay with them for a few weeks. Being out of work and flat broke didn’t help my cause, my old friends all politely told me that they couldn’t help me... Continue»
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How I became a dick sucker.

Nine years ago my wife left her email account open on our computer and I looked through her emails and seen a man she worked with had sent her a email with the title "our video". I opened it and watched the video he sent her. I could not believe what I was seeing there was my wife sucking his dick while he sat back on the couch like he was some sort of king with her between his legs. It then got worse as she got up and took her clothes off and got on the couch on her knees with her hands on the couch back and let him start fucking her pussy and she really seemed to like it. I was boiling mad, ... Continue»
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Syepmom's ex boy friend fuck sissy boy

From my c***dhood I liked dancing very much. So I selected dancing as a subject in my school. I loved traditional danceing. I was attending to a boys college. First day at my dancing class. I so some of my senior students's dance. It was awesome. It was a traditional dance. Some of them dress as girls and danced. When I saw them, I feel that I want to try it some day. After a 2 year of attending to class and practising more traditional dance.. I use to some girlish activities. At that time I got chance dress as girls and dance.. I did my best at that time. Beacause of my hard work my teacher ... Continue»
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I know this is going to sound crazy but it really happened to me...
One day as a teenager I was walking up in the was a favorite thing of mine to do it relieved stress and the excercise was great anyway I was hiking this new trail that I had found by accident when a deer I was watching disappeared behind a bush and suddenly was gone? I walked over to the bush to discover that it hid a trail leading back between the rocks so I decided to check it out and see where it might lead well as I was hiking along I saw a strange flash in the sky and as I watched I saw something fall to e... Continue»
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I Switched Team's Gay

As I was on my way to get fucked, I reflected, once again, what I was up to... I was a married guy, happily married, who liked getting another guy. It wasn't love, yuck. It was an extremely pleasant diversion that no one except a guy could provide. It messed with my mind when I thought about it, but in spite of my best intentions, I couldn't stay away.

Tommy was the first, last, and only guy to ever fuck my ass. He was 35, 15 years younger than I, whom I had come to meet somewhat accidently. He was recently split from his wife, and worked at the University near me. He mentioned... Continue»
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I Am My Master's Cock Lover

I'm not your typical cock lover but I am your typical cock slave. I'm married to a wonderful woman who knows my addiction and is now allowing me to explore it, although it took sometime to convince her. I don't lie or cheat or bring her with me, but I love meeting men to worship their cocks. No, it'll never turn into love, unless you count my love for cock. Friendship, respect, and good times are all the things I care about deeply when I'm with another guy. Once I have that, I'm not his man, I'm his cock bitch, his cock lover.

Take my new Master who commands me to come over to his place af... Continue»
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The naughty couple

I met up with a guy who wanted me to suck him off in his car
After dark
So I found his car waiting for me I text him to see if it was him he flashed his lights no one else around which was good :)
So walked over to his car and took off my clothes then got in the passenger side he was smiling grabbed my hand and put it straight down his trousers
Told me to wank him his hand went up behind the back of my head and he started pushing my head down towards his cock which I had just pulled out of his trousers
He said I'm getting a little hot so opened his window for some fresh air
It was st... Continue»
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It began as a impulse for some reason I stuck a toy I was playing with into my ass! It felt funny at first but then I began to like it and I found other things to stick into my ass...Sometimes I would hide in an old steamer trunk in the attic and shove something I found into my ass at first I started out small but as my asshole began to stretch I found larger objects to stick up there one of my favorites was a candle I stole from the dining room it was tapered at the tip and slid in easily and I could stick it in deep and kind of swirl it around that was fun! Once I shoved a small ... Continue»
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Doug Takes total control

As I stepped out of the shower my daughter Kim and my nieces Shauna and Andrea stood there naked and with grins on their faces. I looked at them and asked why the grins on their faces. Kim said we were just thinking about what your day is going to be like. And I asked how it was going to be. Kim walked up close to me and started to apply lipstick to my lips as Shauna commented that today all of the men would be subject to Kim's father-in-laws (Doug) wishes. After Kim finished Andrea then applied a lip gloss over Kim's coating of lipstick.

Then Shauna grabbed me by the cock and led me out t... Continue»
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