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First crossdressing experience (3 cocks in1 hr) pa

I started with crossdressing a few month ago, first just panties or strings when i had a wank over videos and pics of other crossdresser getting taken or dominant trannies and women humping devot men.
By now i wear black stockings and suspender belt, a white lace string, black shiny mini skirt, white blouse, 4" black heels and a blonde wig.
I also had an extreme urge in me to feel a real cock in my arse, to satisfy these needs i began to visit adult cinemas in my area, first just with stockings and string under trousers, very shy, i did not know how to behave when other men looked at me when... Continue»
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Jacking with a Buddy

When was the last time you jerked off with a friend?

For me, it was last week. I travel a lot for business, and one area I often visit is Charleston, Illinois. I've made many extended trips there but only once every couple of years, unfortunately. I love the area and have made several good friends there.

One of those friends is Matt, a very good looking, 30 year old, gay man, with dark, slightly receding hair, a beautifully hairy chest, and a terrific naturally fit body. We met through a mutual friend and immediately hit it off, which surprised a lot of people since I'm 57. He and I ha... Continue»
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My Night Visitor...

I was in my room when my folks called out "...David you've got company..." wondering who it was, I walked down the hall way and was startled to see Charlie standing in our living room talking to my folks. Not knowing what to do I just stood there as Charlie looked over and said "...hey man, thought you were coming over to watch the match last night..."

Baffled I stood there like a deer in head lights as Charlie continued " didn't miss much it was a dull game anyway..." My Pops said '...y'all go on back to David's room. Some of my co-workers are coming over to play some cards..." I s... Continue»
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my gloryhole requested

So I had remarried when I was 27 to a hot little chick and the sex was great, but many times I found myself daydreaming about cock and reminiscing about Charlie and the other cocks I had sucked. I was faithful to my wife for most of my marriage, but one time after a visit to an adult bookstore with all those gorgeous cocks starting me in the face I picked up a gay magazine and it had personal ads in the back. This was before the internet so I rented a p o box and started writing to several guys, sharing our experiences back and forth and would always wind up jerking off as I read and then wrot... Continue»
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My first breeding

I was sitting on my knees in front of my mistress.
She was completely nude except for her shiny black stiletto pumps…
positioned on the edge of her large bed, she was looking down on me smiling like a predator when it sees his prey…
next to her stood a man I only knew as “John”.
A big muscular man of about 30 years, ten years my younger…
he stood next to her with his Strong arms behind his back staring in front of him like a good soldier.
A dim light was shining on his naked body making it stand out in the bedroom of my mistress.

“look at it, my sweet sissy boy” my mistress whispered ... Continue»
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The robbery

I was sl**ping one night in my flat when I here'd a noise down stairs, so I went down to have a look, as I got to the bottom of the stairs I could here two guys talking I tried to sneak back up stairs to get my base ball bat as I got to the top of the stairs a third guy came up behind me and choked me out.
I woke up tied up and they were asking me where I keep all my money I replied "In the bank" one guy said "oh we have a smart one do we" them the other said so "boss what are we gonna do I'm not coming all this way for nothing" the biggest one replied "don't worry Shane I have a better ide... Continue»
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Giant Cock Maybe a Little Gay

I was playing some basketball down at the gym the other day with a bunch of my buddies. We had a great game, strenuous, but fun. Afterword, instead of hitting the showers, Cody and I just stayed in our gym trunks and t-shirts and I went out for a couple of beers. Cody's a great guy. A 31 year old divorced stock broker, 6'4" tall and chiseled out of granite. We'd been work out buddies on occasion and the one time I'd actually seen him with his shirt off, I thought he looked like a fuckin' marine, very lean muscular build.

Anyways, we punched a couple of brews, had a few laughs and I took him... Continue»
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Birth of a Sissy

I met Jeff one day at the nearby tennis courts. I could never have imagined
what the result of that meeting would be. I suppose I should tell you a bit
about me. I'm a happily married 34 year old. About average in most
respects. A little spare tire trying to form around the middle but in
decent shape. I wear my hair short with a mustache and goatee. I had been
married for about 6 years and had been physically faithful to my wife. I
say physically, as I did think about other partners on occasion, though
probably no more than most men. What was a little unique was my "dark"
sexual se... Continue»
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Gregory & Mom pt 2

Gregory & Mom pt 2
Gregory must have really missed me when we finally got a chance to hook-up the following week. When I arrived at his house he had left the door unlocked but I still knocked and then I heard him yell “Come on in”. I entered the dwelling and was please that when I walked around the corner into the living room he was standing there with both hands on ample hips and all dressed up. He was wearing matching Black fishnets stocking and bra along with high heel shoes and man did those thick Black fishnets stocking that really displayed that juicy ass. The lipstick was neon Purple a... Continue»
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my first time with a guy

I cant remember if I told you before but ive only played with one guy and hes been a friend for years, cant play now cause hes moved to far away. but when we did play, it to some work cause we were both new. we sat together for awhile watching porn until he got brave enough to pull his dick out then I couldn't help staring. after he noticed he got really brave and started stroking his dick, then I asked if I could touch him. after he said yes I just slowly touched the head and it felt so different to touch someone elses dick. I grabbed him and started stroking his dick and just loved the feeli... Continue»
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Fat Contoller

As I approached my late twenties my enthusiasm to look for work began to dwindle, you see I worked on building sites driving everything from bull dozers to 30 ton tippers, I was constantly getting laid off whenever the job had finished but it was never a problem, until the mid-nineties when in Britain we were suffering from a serious recession so I took a driving job for a haulage company and because of my reliability I soon became recommended to other firms wanting goods delivered.
Now I was never openly gay but I had straight guys drooling over my arse when I had tight jeans on which I kno... Continue»
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Raynard And Teshawn

I just got home from work, my plan for the night was to enjoy a glass of Cognac or two while I sat on the couch and watched the new episode of one of my favorite shows King’s Tower Haunting.The first thing I did was to go into the kitchen and I poured myself that drink then headed into the living room, I put my glass down on the small wooden coffee table in front of the couch and grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. I started my show and was just about to sit down when out of the corner of my eye I noticed a backpack on the side of the TV.
Confused; I stood there looking hard at the bag t... Continue»
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Charlie and me, pt 2

So I had dinner with my parents and then took a shower, knowing I was heading over to Charlies and most likely getting my dick sucked, but more importantly I wanted to feel his dick in my mouth this time. I had sucked Johnny off twice now and it really got me turned on having a cock in my mouth, and still does to this day. My mom asked me what my plans were for the night. I lied and said I was going to hang out with Johnny, and might stay overnight at his house. She asked if his parents would be home. She didnt want me there without "adult supervision". "Oh, I will have adult supervision alrig... Continue»
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Superman dirty story

Superman was getting a stirring in his groin, and it was getting hot!
Perspiration was developing around his forehead, as he recalled to himself
he had not had sex in three weeks, and all because of his excessive
schedule as Clark Kent, besides his duties as a superhero. The feeling was
overwhelming, because it seems that every time he's sees a nice round tush,
his hidden gun develops a longer barrel. That gun of his was ready for some
wild west rock-a-thon, but he wasnt quite sure what to do about it. Jacking
off wasnt the answer. No, this had to be taken care of with another
partner,... Continue»
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Boy LEARNS from a BIG HARD COCK neighbor

I was at a party with the cool and horny people from SwingingBiCouples. They are a balst and after we had all fucked each other and I had a few large loads of cum pumped inside me, we started talking about our past experiences. After I told them this story, they said I should write about it and have it posted here on Hamsters so here it is!

First of all, it's true story that many of you can probably relate too. I was young of course, curious about everything and not really sure about my sexuality, one way or another. I knew my little dick would get hard whenever the wind blew acroos it
... Continue»
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My virgin ass first time fuck by pervert man.

The names and locations on this story is hidden for privacy. This is a true story.

It all started when I was late to get back home, around 11:30 pm. The suburb I lived was in a different city that was 3 hours away from my friends house, I stayed too long playing video games with him.

I wore a tight t shirt, sweatpants and it showed off my round ass. I was chubby at that time and also playful with a hint of naughtiness. My thighs were thick and I had man boobs, I was hairless, had a spotless skin, smooth and glowing. I stood out at the winter cold, almost near midnight for a taxi, shi... Continue»
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The Desert Part 1

This one particularly bad Friday, I had a run in with my boss, the guy I was dating dumped me in favor of his work out partner, and I had just paid a bunch of taxes to Uncle Sam. I decided a good workout in a different setting might shake things up a little. I changed into my gym shorts and hopped in my car and didn’t care if I ever stopped. I drove and drove until I suddenly realized I was about 45 minutes from Palm Springs. What the hell, a night in Palm Springs sounded hot…in many ways.

I had always wanted to stay at a clothing optional gay resort, but didn’t have a clue as to which reso... Continue»
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My first time sucking cock

This story is true. To make you better understand how i came to giving a blowjob i have to start from the beginning. Back in the day i had a friend and we did a lot together like playing ping pong, playing videogames, camping and stuff like that. One day we had a little wrestling session in which i dominated him. As he was laying kind of trapped in front of me, i pushed my hand into his pants and, without thinking,grabbed his cock and gave him a good squeezing. He was a bit paralyzed from that but shortly after he wanted to touch my dick in return - otherwise it would have not been "fair". Aft... Continue»
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Gangbang with my new Master

I was in a big room, a basement with couches lining the walls. It was dimly lit except for one light in the centre shining down on me. I can't really see anyone, though I can hear people in the room. A lot of people. When I had arranged the meet-up with the other xHamster user I had been flirting with online for so long, I never expected this. NEVER. He never mentioned anybody else, but just said to meet HIM at this exact place for our first real-life sexual meet-up. i was so stupid to have trusted what was in truth just a stranger. If he was constantly abusing his power online, why should... Continue»
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Strange night at a club

I received a phone call from a friend telling me one of our friends was having a party for his sons birthday. It had been years since I had seen him. After time in the service, we drifted apart. Thinking it would be nice to see him again, I agreed to meet them at a club across country. At the time I was living in Montana, I booked a flight to Nevada and made reservations for a room at a nice hotel outside of Reno. Not realizing how hot it was, the clothes I packed were to heavy to wear. Being there for just a few days I bought a couple of pairs of pants and some shirts there. I showered and dr... Continue»
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