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My Sexual Odyssey Part V: A Real Whore

A continuation of the journey described in part 4:

The next morning as I awoke, I realized that in just a few hours I was to re-experience the previous day’s activities. This seemed too much too soon, but I had agreed. Of course I could always cancel, but then if I did so I would wonder how much I’d miss it and whether I would have acclimated to the frequency and intensity. I decided to just forge ahead and so I got dressed and left for work, girly clothes under my street clothes and wig in hand.
I thought to myself, “This is ridiculous.” Still, I went ahead, determined to see it through. ... Continue»
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On my knees...

On my knees I sucked cock after cock...I'm getting a head of my account so let me start from the beginning.
It was in a certain book store in an area if the city known for it's gay populace. I had went there because I heard that the guys would approach you with out hesitation.

I survived the area well before I parked and entered the sore, there was two guys on opposite sides of the store glancing at mags and videos. The clerk was behind the counter adjusting his stock, he greeted me saying '...welcome, come in have a look around. If you do not see what you are looking for ask me and I'... Continue»
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You see anything you like? Gay

If we met at the pub or a ballgame, I think you wouldn't think twice about me. Maybe a "seems like a nice chap" or "he really likes his sport" but nothing memorable, nothing of substance. A regular guy, with an ever diminishing hairline, not in bad shape but certainly not a gym rat, probably the quintessential definition of average.

My job is regular, I'm a tax accountant. My f****y is regular, including a once pretty wife sliding to indifference as she gracelessly reverts from perky and young to tired and middle-aged, and two regular k**s, a boy in grade school currently infatuated with h... Continue»
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Shush you'll wake my son

I never seen it as deception or manipulation, I was simply explaining to my teenage son mates that men, all men are dogs, doesn't matter if straight, gay, bi or curious it's sex sex sex it's only heterosexual men that 'make love' which is an ends to a means for my unfortunate counterparts, & I can guarantee that were ever I put my cock, it's nowhere they haven't or tried to too, its a lie when they they say 'Oh, I'm sorry about that love It just slipped in there by accident?!' Testing the fucking water! I'd go on to tell how all men are born bisexual (quoting studies as well as using Marcus co... Continue»
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He fucked my arse like his wife's pussy

My horniness tends to get me into interesting situations. Now I'm not gay, I am in a relationship with a woman but a couple of years ago something very unexpected happened and I just have to talk about it.

I had been messing around on gay dating sites for a few years, mainly out of curiousity. For a while I had been talking to this guy, he was about 45 (double my age) and married he lived just on the other side of town and like me was a curious guy with a partner. One day I made the fatal error of logging on lot the site mid wank. My big problem is that when I'm horny I would probably be u... Continue»
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My wife was leaving for a three with business trip. We had just fucked the night before so I would be good for a while (so she thought). As she drove away, I was ready for some fun action. I stepped into the bedroom, stripped naked, and rolled on the bed. I put my legs over my head and pulled my ass down until my hardening cock was touching my lips. I ran my tongue round the head and pulled harder to get an inch or so if my cock in my mouth. I rocked back and fourth for a few minutes. Then I rolled off the bed, opened a drawer and pulled a large 9 inch dildo from the headboard. I broug... Continue»
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Dirty Sissy Cock Whore dreaming

It was the end of a hard working week, full with thoughts about wanting to brake out of the mould, wanting to do something different, something daring, something naughty or even forbidden. I needed to relax and drift away from the monotony of daily live I thought to my self laying in the bathtub breezing the soothing odours of herbal bathing oils.
I got out, rubbed my clean shaved body dry and than trimmed the little bush of pubic hair above my limb sissy clitty,
Now I slid my black lace tanga string over my feet and legs to hide that little sissy cock, the skimpy and soft cloth of the tan... Continue»
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His First Edging

His First Edging

Mikey was 19, we have known each other since he was 18 years old. We met threw a online add that
he posted. It read, " Curious 18 yr old looking for older to teach me" I replied thinking this
would be just another two email adventure as so many are. We emailed several times and found out
he lived local. After many fun times together I asked him if he knew about edging. He looked puzzled
and I explained what it was. He said he would like to try it. I told him he would have to lay still
and let me be in total control. He was aloud to beg me to keep going or stop. ... Continue»
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The Limo Ride

(For something a bit different!)

As I got into the limo that had pulled up along side of Rodeo Drive, I knew what to expect. The scenario had played out several times before. The older man that sat in the back of the limo was well known to the public for having made his mark on the world of pornography. In fact, he was rather infamous for a variety of things, but porn was the one thing everyone would identify him with the most.

He smiled as I closed the door.

"Well hello there!" He said. "Nice to see you again!

"Yeah," I replied, feeling my cock starting to swell with the antic... Continue»
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Boys Only Pool Party, Part 2

"Well, well, what do we have here?!"

My shot wide open as I turned my head to the door. Greg's cum still dripping from my face.

I saw two guys, one walking towards me while the other shut the door behind them.

"We were just, I... I was just.." I tried to explain.

"Don't worry about it, the whole point of the party is to have fun." one said.

"We like to have fun too." the other added.

I was kneeling with my back resting on the bed as they stood on either side of me. I could see their cocks beginning to tent their swimsuits.

"Well I guess if its only the two of you...." I re... Continue»
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There was a time before marriage and becoming parents that my wife and I partied almost every weekend. We would work our fingers to the bone during the week and spend Friday and Saturday nights out with all types of friends. This led to quite a few erotic encounters during those formative years of our relationship that helped lay a solid foundation for a healthy and fun sex life. However, there was one that still stands out in both of our minds.

Just shy of fifteen years ago, my then fiance and I decided to host a small party for a few friends to watch the third game of the World Series.... Continue»
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My Sexual Odyssey Part IV: From Slut to Whore

The next day as I went to work, I wondered what adventures lay before me. In a sense, it was up to me, in that I just had to put myself out there, not to mention put out. Still, the outcomes are unpredictable: I had no way of knowing ahead of time that a coffee date would turn into such a wild experience. When I arrived home I called Tom, and told him everything that happened the previous day. He seemed pleased for me, and encouraged me to continue with my adventures.
I resolved to call another of my admirers from the club, and see what would come of it. As I scanned the remaining scraps of p... Continue»
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THE BUS MAN (Sissy faggot romance) Chapter 1


Chapter 1

The first time I remember seeing him, was in Alexander's, the gay club on Bute St. I didn't really see him properly, just his back as he was getting his stuff from the cloakroom, right on the other side of the dance floor. He was pointed out to me by my friend and co-queen Alan - generally known as Slack Alice - with the words,
"There he is - my latest squeeze. Double Decker Derek."
"What is he, a bus driver or something?" I asked. In reply Alice leered suggestively,
"It's true, he does drive buses for the Corporation, but I call him that because of hi... Continue»
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"No man, I'm not gay. I like girls."

It was Thursday night and I was pitching up a tent in my pants all day in anticipation. I had already set everything up. I told my wife I was going out with coworkers after work. I bought a pack of condoms. I was about to go to my first gangbang and I practically jumped out of my chair when the clock ticked over to 5:00.

I could feel my cock getting harder in my pants as I drove. She had instructed us all to wear panties because she had some weird fetish. It felt a little strange putting them on this morning under my pants, but I really didn't care. If that's what it took to score a couple... Continue»
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My Speedo Fetish

Guys in Speedos had always been a turn on for Justin. He remembered the first time he went to the pool and saw the lifeguard clad in a red Speedo, he got an instant erection. Justin bought a red Speedo himself right after this happened and spent hours rubbing the smooth bulge and watching his cock tent the nylon. He loved the silky, slippery feel of the nylon against his skin, and he enjoyed rubbing and caressing his cock through the fabric. Justin never understood his Speedo fascination, but he certainly knew he was very attracted to other guys in Speedos. He started training with the swim te... Continue»
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A night to remember part 2

Out in the parking lot, I realized that I had not gotten their names. The women introduced herself as Gia, and the man name was Hank, but he went by Hanna. We discussed where to go and Hanna said that she was a little bit hungry. I told them I knew of a nice place to get some good food and still have the privacy to talk openly about things. They agreed to that and Giants quickly said she would ride with me and Hanna would meet us there. Giant and I walked to my truck hand in hand, having smalltalk along the way. I opened the door and turned to help her in. As I turn she reached up around ... Continue»
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Business Trip Hotel Hookup (Partially true story o

Owning my own general contracting business was a blast 80% of the time, 20% of it was all headaches. But that was about to change. I had a deal in the works that would cut that 20% to near 0. The last thing needed was a face to face with the owner to go over the final contract. He had requested a few days of training for me on the systems and contracting schedules they need to complete the jobs. I booked a nice room in a nice hotel for two nights, Wednesday-& Thursday.
When the days got closer to the training days, I started getting a little excited thinking about being away in a hotel, and... Continue»
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Last night

A few thoughts and a modification of sexual habits…

This younger Vietnamese guy, Viet, has been coming around a lot since the beginning. At least twice a week, sometimes three nights a week, so I know he’s enjoying the fucking and sucking I give him. I’ve swallowed an awful lot of his cum and, been filled with it. I’m typing this now and sitting here leaking slowly into a panty liner. That has always been a hot feeling to me; leaking after sex.

Like most Vietnamese guys, his first load is huge, I don’t know where it all cums from but, they seem to all have very big loads. He loves being ... Continue»
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It's only fair I lost the Bet Gay

It was our Friday poker night and we’d been playing for about 3 hours. Tonight we all seemed to be getting bored with the same old thing. When everybody got up from the table for a stretch, Mark jokingly suggested that we should play strip poker. "Sure," said Tom, even though there were only guys in the house. "You’re k**ding," I said.

"What, you got something to hide?" Tom said.

So all five of us sat around the kitchen table and started playing strip poker. Only the loser had to remove a piece of clothing. Before we started, everyone had removed their socks and shoes. The play was goin... Continue»
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Used like a Submissive Slut Gay

You've heard the line before: "I'm married to a beautiful woman and am mostly straight, but every once in a while I'm overcome by that craving and I simply must suck cock." That's pretty much been the story of my life ever since I discovered my first glory hole at an ABS, when I was 18. It wasn't until recently though, maybe in the last year, that my cravings started to change.

For the past few months I've become increasingly obsessed with the idea of being a slut. The more I thought about it, the more it turned me on. I wanted to become a filthy, dirty, insatiable, cocksucking slut, and I... Continue»
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