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Addicted to Cum Part 2

Beth and I had indulged my cum addiction for awhile now, an addiction that included not only me eating my own sperm from her freshly fucked cunt or snowballing my load with her after she'd sucked me dry in her unbelievably hot mouth, but drinking it directly from the source –other men. We'd had our share of bi experiences with other guys that included me blowing them and eating their joy juice from my lovely wife's pussy, ass, mouth, you name it.

I'm addicted to cum. But I guess you know that already. My beautiful blonde 45-year-old wife with a toned, athletic body makes it easy to be thus.... Continue»
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He never warned me.....

So I have had several encounters with men. Most have been great, but one thing all had in common was that all of them we no bigger than 6 inches. Not that it ever posed a problem. When it came to taking it in my butt, 6 was just fine. And I enjoyed it.

I started craving a bigger dick. Mine is big. I love touching it but wanted to touch someone other than mine. Off to craigslist I went to find what I wanted. It didn't take long to hookup with a guy with the goods I needed. He was a bit older but in good shape. I invited him over. When he arrived we wasted little time. A quick hey how are ... Continue»
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On the Job Training

Everybody's got a first time story. Being a 33 year old divorced guy, I thought all my firsts were long gone. You know, my first blowjob, my first fuck, my first older woman, my first three-way; I'd had some good times but I figured the rest of my sex life would be pretty run of the mill. On the downhill slide you could say.

That is until I decided to become a porn star. Well, not exactly a porn star. I just needed to make a little money and I thought fucking on camera would be a stellar way to make some cash. I'm decent looking, I work out regularly, I'm not exactly porn-big, but I've got ... Continue»
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Fishing for Cock

As dinner cooked, we drank freely and talked about our lives back in civilization. Turned out we were both sports nuts, had a passion for fine wine, and had attended the same college. Jake owned a sporting goods store in Colorado Springs that specialized in rock climbing and mountaineering equipment.

As the booze took effect and we filled our bellies with the bounty of the land, the talk turned again to sex.

“So your wife doesn’t fulfill you sexual needs?” Jake asked. “What’s that all about? You are a handsome and successful guy.”

“Thanks,” I replied, sheepishly. “The spark is just go... Continue»
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Becoming a Fuckbuddy

Hung white male looking for a sub cocksucker to worship and swallow – In town the week of March 19 – 26. Looking to meet at a local coffee shop, before returning to my rental and spending several hours fucking your face into submission. If you are not an expert deep-throater, you will be when I finish with you. You should take instruction well and be willing to submit to light bondage and humiliation. I will not reciprocate and am not looking for chit chat or drama.

Me: 6'2", 195, in-shape, aggressive, verbal, 9+" uncut (see attached pic), disease free, safe and sane. You: Regular guy, pref... Continue»
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Becoming His Bitch

The cell door slammed shut with a bang and it was dark inside I hesitated and the guard said "Bulb's out they'll fix it tomorrow!" then he walked away...I thought well at least I'm alone but then the shadows moved and from the other side of the cell he came and he was massive as black as pitch he was and impossibly tall his head practically touched the ceiling and I gasped in surprise...
He came over to me and put his equally massive hands on my shoulders and pushed down I went to my knees without a struggle I did not want a beating first I knew what went on in prison so when he dr... Continue»
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Taken But Not Robbed

I should have never cut through the park but I was in a hurry to get to my girls house. Just thinking about the pussy I was going to get caused my cock to start to get hard. So wrapped up in my thoughts of the fucking I was going to get I never realized anyone else was around until they grabbed me and stuck a gag in my mouth. They pulled me off the path and into a spot surrounded by high bushes. I noticed there was some sort of old table setting in the middle of the place.

"Quit struggling or we'll blow your fucking head off," growled one of the men holding me. I realized then that to strug... Continue»
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Chubby Freshman Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Terry a high school student was very shy due to the fact that he was chubby and didn't play sports or excel at anything that would make him cool and fit in with the popular students other than being having a very high academic average. He didn't have a girlfriend and had little possibilities to have one. If the truth was known he liked to look at guys more than girls. He often masturbated thinking about cute guys especially handsome athletic guys who were always popular at school. Although Terry was not athletic and chubby he was rather cute with is stylish eyewear and nice clothi... Continue»
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Dear Doreen

Dear Doreen,

You've always looked so beautiful on your knees, smiling up at me, my cock in your mouth, my balls gently cupped in your hand, your lips glistening with my precum as I stoke your blonde hair and looking lovingly down at you wishing it was me wearing that sexy black thong and bra that you are wearing and sucking cock, lovingly looking up at my man.

Everytime you let me cum on your face, over your lips and i cannot wait kiss you and feel my own cum all over your face and wish I was licking another mans cum off of your smiling lips.

I know you are so much more experienced, f... Continue»
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first time penetrated

Girls I have been thinking about how we all started. focusing on your first time a man took your virginity by penetrating you. How it came about and how you felt afterwards.

In my case I was a senior in high school just turned 18 and was a bit feminine in my appearance and certainly didn't weigh much or present a very masculine appearance. I tried to be friends with other male students but seemed to gravitate towards the girls. I admired their clothes and how free they seemed to act, hugging their friends and each other. In the gym locker room I tried to be macho in an attempt to fit in... Continue»
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After graduating from high school, my maternal grandparents treated me to a 2 week camping trip. For some teenagers this might have seemed pretty boring but I was very fond of my grandparents and I enjoyed every minute of my time with them. They had a tent trailer which slept 4. It was a little cramped, but we managed fine. Even though they both snored, I was a sound sl**per.
One day I went to the outhouse to take a leak. The flag was up. The outhouse, which was a 2 seater, had this flag on it that if it was up, it was unoccupied and if it was down, somebody was in there and it effectively l... Continue»
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AOL and yahoo chat rooms

Many many years ago I used to like to go on chat rooms. Just goes to show my age right? Back then, there was no Facebook, even MySpace was in its infancy. Of you wanted find girls online back then, this was just how it was done. However, it wasn't always girls I was looking for.

Anyone who has payed any attention to my wife and my page, I'm not 100% hedero. For many years and still to this day, I fantasize about sucking cock. I have never followed up on this urge and I likely never will but, still an idea that turns me on from time to time but this story issnt about the present, it's about ... Continue»
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Sissy for a grandad

This is a short story on how I became a cocksucker for a man that was 70 year old.
It all began when moving into a new building, where my neighbor across the hall was a old married a couple. A nice older man and a lovely woman which I sometimes chatted with when i saw em, about everything and nothing.
However as fate had decided his wife slowly began to become ill and it went down hill from there. Each time I saw them in the hallway now it was something new, and the man began to take care of her. Which made me think how awesome he was. Before one day I got the news that she has passed awa... Continue»
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Love Being a COCK slave prt 3

There is no better place in the world than bent over on my hands , & knees , submissively at my Masters feet naked , staring transfixed in a cock d***k stupor , my hands dripping with my own salty , white cum as I stare at my GOD , that wonderful , STRONG, delightfully tasty, man meat , of HIS ALPHA COCK !!!! He grabs me by the hair , & roughly pulls me to my feet , & spits in my face , which makes me tremble with COCK driven LUST !! "Rub some of your useless cum, on your worthless cum needing boi-cunt , you pig !" HE says. I gladly, hurriedly do so in wanton anticipation as I know , or... Continue»
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A night in Japan

I was traveling in Japan and had a free Saturday night
so I headed down to the area with all the night clubs.
I went into a couple before I found one that I liked.
There were naked girls dancing and other girls
wandering around flirting with you.

One girl caught my fancy, her name was Sindy. She was a
tall blond, I would guess from Eastern Europe or
Russian maybe. Sindy was topless and was rubbing my
crotch as I watched the girls and then asked me to go
into one of the private rooms.

We headed off and as soon as we were in there she had
my pants down to my ankles, pul... Continue»
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Trading Pussy for Dick

I've always been a pretty big horn dog when it comes to women. Since high school, I've tried every trick in the book to meet, bed, and enjoy the ladies. I got married in my mid twenties, screwed around mercilessly on my wife, and divorced in my early thirties, after my wife caught me fucking my secretary, bent over my desk at work. Problem was it was the third time my wife caught me cheating, and strike three was the last straw.

I spend a lot of time in the gym, keeping my body in good shape. I always knew the ladies liked my six pack abs and cardio-induced stamina. However, it was the gym ... Continue»
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A New Waitress In Town

Moving to a new community is always difficult,
especially when you're alone, with no friends or
relatives to turn to. The advantage though is that you
can be anyone you want.

My name is Robin and I recently graduated from a Boston
University, where my f****y has lived since coming to
the US from Ireland. I was only two years old when we
came here and have no recollection of Ireland at all. I
was very settled in Boston, a good school, swimming
competitively on the school team, an excellent job as a
waiter at an upscale restaurant, girls, you name it.

Things were about ... Continue»
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Night at the Movies

This is something I've promised myself for God knows
how long now. I'm 19 and I've never had sex, or had a
serious girlfriend. I've never even seen a naked girl
except in the magazines I've purchased but had to
furtively throw in the bin before I reached home in
case my rather austere mother finds them during one of
her many routine searches of my bedroom.

My problem is that I feel so awkward and difficult
talking to girls, my mind goes completely blank and
sometimes worse, I mix my words and leave them
sniggering at me as I scurry away, wanting to blend in
with the back... Continue»
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Hot night to remember

My happens on a Thursday night. I wasn’t planning to go out or hook up but I decided to get dressed and get dolled up. My friends kept insisting for me to go out and I said to myself sure why not; so as I was leaving to head downtown to meet my friends at the bar and finally approached my destination. I enter the bar and as I walked inside people are dancing, playing pool and others just at the bar or in the patio outside.

So I order my drink and while I’m waiting, this guy who says his name is Leon starts a conversation and we talk. After a bit he orders me a shot of tequila which is my fa... Continue»
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late appointment, older gentleman, my first random

It was my third appointment, routine, signing paperwork, mindless but necessary. He - let's call him Sam - was kind enough to stay late for me. 3 hours later, I'm on his desk, legs spread, and ass stretched to the hilt while he fucks me into tomorrow.

After the last bit of paperwork was done, he offered me a beer. We sat and chatted about life, hobbies, work, etc., and eventually delved into more personal areas. By the end of the 2nd beer - he was gay, recently out of a 5 yr relationship, and I confessed to being a closeted bi. I could see the bulge in his pants and went for it by saying -... Continue»
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