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my seduction part 2

Thanks guys for the great comments and glad you liked my story of my first time. I get so horny and hard as a brick whenever I relive it. I will try to complete this part 2 today, but my 45 yr old friend with a gorgeous cock is coming over for his weekly blow job this morning. Im gonna try to get a video made with him soon. He's married so his face wont be shown.

So I woke up late the next morning with a pounding headache, my first ever hangover. I guess that weekend was a lot of firsts for me. ha ha. I laid there in bed for a little while thinking about what happened the night before an... Continue»
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Two for one

I went to the Newport glory hole yesterday. When I pulled into the parking lot there was only one other car and I thought to myself that this may be a waste of time in stopping but since I was here I’d check it out. I walked in and sure enough the place was empty except the clerk and one guy buying sometime. I walked back to the booths, they were all empty, and found my favorite one. I fed the machine and sat down. At least I could have a good stroke and enjoy myself.
I had been there about 5 minutes when I heard footsteps and the door next door closed. After a few seconds I leaned over ... Continue»
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Business trip with him

From last few days i did not get time on bed with my lover, as he was busy with his business trip. So i asked, rather convinced him take me to his next trip and after a lot of argument he finally agreed to take me.

So i was very excited and packed a bag with the cloths and panties he likes to see me in, i thought i would relax him after his meeting everyday in the hotel. I did relax but not him.

So we reached the hotel early in the morning, as soon as we reached he had a meeting scheduled so he had to leave. I was sl**py and kissed him and said goodbye and then i went to bed. After fini... Continue»
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First gay experience

I was 19 when it's happened I was a virgin and I was very horny I was also curious about what it was like being with another guy. I went onlime and met a guy a few cities away. We talked and I said I don't have much time, he gave me is address. I got dressed quick putting on easy to remove clothing. When I showed up he says "up the stairs". When I entered his guest bedroom we got straight to business. Me nervous but willing I took all my close off quick, e was still getting naked so I laid on the bed waiting then he got on the bed too and reached for my cock. He jerked it for a second and star... Continue»
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Straight Boy Bottom: Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Alone at Last

So in the last chapter you learned how it all started. My girlfriend Gwen
had a thing for taboo sex, and as it turned out, so did I. After
introducing me to ass play, she started to use a strap on on me. I would
be lying if I didn't say I loved it. after awhile she convinced me to let
her friend Nathan fuck me while she watched. I would also be lying if I
said I didn't love that.

So there I was, a straight (I swear) guy who had just been fucked in the
ass by another dude and loved it. I didn't know what to do or think.
After 2 weeks of semi-norm... Continue»
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my seduction

Growing up and coming of age in the 60's had its advantages as well as typical teenage stuff. With my parents permission I would have friends sl**p over on occasion and we would stay up late watching tv and talking. Johnny was my best friend and he would sl**p over often on the weekends. My bedroom only had a full size bed, so we would sl**p next to each other.
We would invariably compare cock sizes and have sword fights, or what is now called frotting. Johnny liked to take my hand and put it on his cock, which was very thin and about 6", but it curved sharply upwards towards his belly. I ... Continue»
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My Little Fuck Toy Pegged and More

It had been a week since I had confessed my fantasy. I admit I was surprised at her response. She actually made my fantasy come true, well not exactly. You see I told her I fantasized about being fucked in the ass, so she produced a strap-on and did just that. She tried to convince me to go all the way with my fantasy; even promising me that she could make it happen easily.

We both had quite a week and Friday night was finally here. Sitting on the couch we were having cocktails and discussing our work when she broached the subject of last weeks sexcapades.

"So how's that ass of yours?" ... Continue»
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My first time with a man

I had been dressing privately for a number of years and never
been with anyone while dressed up. That is, until I discovered
this support group for other CD/TV and TS girls. I joined
the group, which held meetings once a month about 40 miles
from where I lived. I quickly made some friends and after
the first meeting Emily asked if I wanted to go to the local
gay bar and hang out. I had never been to a gay bar before,
or even out dressed other than the meeting site. There were
about 12-15 of us "girls" at the bar and we had
taken over 2 or 3 tables and just talked and got acquainted.
... Continue»
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My latest man session in our lady`s undies.

My latest man session in our lady`s undies.

Another meet with G.. this time we wore undies which was a nice sensual experience sadly his were bought for himself, I thought he'd borrow his lady's undies which makes it more sexy knowing her pussy has been intimate with the undies, they were a funny choice of colour yellow they were lacy see through matched with black opaque hold ups, I wore my lady`s sheer black hold ups with the red velvet detail (that I laddered in proceedings, oh! dear)
and sexy satin type red french knicker style briefs.

We put our undies on and rubbed each other thro... Continue»
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Caught in the woods

After the first time Chris M*de me give him a blowjob in the hay loft he had used my mouth almost every day. It was summer and since he lived at the end of the road and both my parents worked either they would send me to his house or he would come over to my house to take care of me while they were away. The back half of my parent’s property was wooded and backed up to someone else’s property. While we were out exploring Chris and I had found and old club house looking thing in the middle of the woods, there was a bunch of blankets and even an old penthouse magazine inside. Chris loved to ... Continue»
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Your a Cocksucker

Sometime after ten o'clock, following a late administrator's meeting about next year's school year, I pulled into a truck stop that I drove past every day but had never stopped at and went directly to the restroom...barely able to keep from pissing myself...still half an hour from home.

I walked into the restroom and went directly to a stall, pulled out my cock and began pissing.

From a stall directly behind me, I heard someone say, "Hey cocksucker, we have an audience."

I looked behind me, to see the stall was wide open and a burly black truck driver was standing up with a smile o... Continue»
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Sex Toy Shopping 3 sum Manchester

I, like many people enjoy the use of a sex toy now and again so last weekend I decided to go shopping to find some new toys to spice things up. So it was Saturday morning and I was showered shaved and all ready to head out. I got on the car and made my way to the Trafford centre for around midday. After looking around a couple of clothes shops and picking up a few bits I made my way to Ann Summers.

While in the shop I was just taking a look around all of the naughty items and imaging using some of them and wearing some of the sexy outfits. As usual it was quite busy with young couples all ... Continue»
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Dressed as a girl for craigslist

One evening I posted on Craigslist asking for a dick to suck and fuck and I got a few responses and I replied and met three of them.
I dressed in a pair of blue bikini panties, a pair of black yoga pants, a blue bra with my fake boobs, and a tight black shirt. The first guy was about 6 feet tall Hispanic with a nice 8 inch cock. He came over to my place and I had him come in and as he came in he started kissing me and pushing me down onto the floor and he grabbed my ass and played with me there in the floor. I rolled him over and got on top I sat down on his crotch and I felt his penis pokin... Continue»
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The Leatheress 103 - "Closing Time"

"The Leatheress", Episode 103: "Clo
As far as I was concerned, that late autumn a few years ago, I was easily the luckiest closeted crossdressing and bisexual fetishist in the world. Ever since I was quite young, I'd had a secret desire for dressing up in sexy women's clothing, painting my lips up, and smoking long cigarettes while acting out intricate fantasies about spending passionate evenings with plenty of men; real, famous, or completely imagined. But when my first opportunity to step out and indulge in these passions for real first presented itself, it happened in an amazing way. You s... Continue»
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I love cock. Can't deny it. Can't escape it. Not guys, as such, but COCK. I am married, love my wife and f****y, and will do nothing to endanger them or my marriage. But I love cock. Am I repeating myself?

With local University connections, I am able to make use of the 5 different gyms and work-out centers on campus, in addition to the 3 pools they have. I admit, that at the pools I spend way more time looking at the co-eds, than anything or anyone else.

I tend to use the gyms either early in the morning, arriving well before 8am, or later after dinner, close to 8pm. I try to pick on cer... Continue»
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My Wife's Friend's b*****r

My wife asked me to move her friend Natalie into her new house with the help of Natalie's b*****r Phil. I arranged to pick him up in my truck and we had all her stuff on board in a few hours. When we arrived at the house we took out all the boxes and stacked them beside the truck, thinking that it would be better to bring in the white domestic appliance's and the suite ,tv,etc. We had most of the furniture in when the heavens opened with the result that the cardboard box's got soaking wet, Natalie had them labelled so we proceeded to put box's for the kitchen into the kitchen and so on. I... Continue»
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There was a hot thirty-year old guy in the library washroom yesterday. He saw me looking across at his cock. He looked at me and smiled. He was done pissing but continued to shake and stroke his cock. He was soon erect and proceeded to jerk off. I watched as cum spurted out into the urinal.
Last night, I had a dream about him. What if:
I saw him again one afternoon at the mall. He walks up to me and says, "Remember me?"
"For sure", I answer and give him a big shit-eating grin.
"Do you have time to play around a little?"
"Actually I do. My wife is out visiting today. I have a couple of h... Continue»
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My ex-wife, Bev & I had a Sunday morning routine. Upon waking up, I would rub her ass and say, "Ten minutes".

I would zip downstairs to the bathroom there. Brush my teeth and shower.

Meanwhile in the bathroom off our bedroom, Bev would douche, brush her teeth and shower.

Ten minutesd later, I would get back into bed. When she joined me, we commenced to sixty-nine.

I had always enjoyed getting blow jobs and didn't think they should stop when I got married. From what Bev had said she had never sucked another guy's cock and no guy had ever eaten her pussy before me.

We were a ... Continue»
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BreakMe - Part 2 ...

- This new one, you'll do her on Saturday, at five... here. Full week! – Marisa closed the planner and turned off the PC; in the meanwhile, I dished out the tuna and olive spaghetti I had just cooked, perfectly al dente.
- What do you mean, "new"? – I asked her, as we sat down at the table.
- New, as in, she's new... I don't know her: that's all. – a sarcastic smile appeared on her lips as she helped herself to a delicate Soave, chosen carefully to match with the summer meal.
- Uhm... you're hiding something... – I said, half joking and preoccupied.
- Ok! This "new one" is a certain Mess... Continue»
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...continued to part 3?

Chuck brought the enxstetion cord over and pulled out a large buck knife. He cut the cord into lengths and the said to the horse cocked man" help me flip her over." At that i felt slight less anxious and worried, he said "her". I almost helped them roll me over, my legs in the air, swollen cunt ready and waiting. I had little to nothing worth stealing anyways as Roman soon realized, walking around looking at what I had. "This little cum dump hasn't got anything worth takin'". And continued "except that throat and ass!" We walked back over his juicy sweaty balls and thick long shaft swayin... Continue»
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