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Looking at me now, one will have an extremely difficult time
believing this story. But let me assure you that every word is
true. It started late one spring afternoon. The weather was typical
spring weather, windy, wet and cold. I was walking home from high
school, hoping for a ride. I had just turned 18 a couple of days
before and was within two months of graduating. My options after
school were causing me much concern. I was very small, looked 16
and feminine. If you're thinking that's normal cause I am a girl,
let me tell you up to that point I was definitely all male.
J... Continue»
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Black Man's White Pussyboy

Black Man's White Pussyboy

I let Jay into the apartment. He was looking for a one bedroom,
furnished place and had called about my ad in the newspaper. I hoped to
rent this place quickly, then I would be full and could devote my time to
some maintenance and repairs rather than showing places. I looked at the
rental application he had filled out just a minute earlier. From the date
listed as his birth date, he was 22 years old, three years younger than I.
I watched him, explaining about the living room area and kitchen, as he
moved about the place.

Jay's skin was about the darkes... Continue»
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Born to Serve Man

Born to Serve Man

Growing up and living in Peru Indiana was like living in another century. I knew I was a hick and I knew what kind of hick town Id lived in for the past nineteen years. I was desperate to change my life, to change everything about it. All my life Id longed for that exciting kind of life Id read about in books and magazines. I just knew College could be the beginning of that new life for me. Finally that day came. Id I had the money from my parents estate and screwing up my courage I started out on new adventure. Id decided to make my escape by Greyhound. Not very e... Continue»
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My Name was Andy

My name was Andy
now it's Amy. This is my story.

When I was twelve, I became fascinated by women and their clothes. I
still don't know what caused my fascination. I do know that my
interest increased with each passing day. Maybe it was puberty, or an
imbalance of hormones or as I've recently come to believe, I was a
person born genetically different. All I'm really sure of is ... I'm
glad it happened.

The initial stages of my quest for feminine knowledge took the form of
comparing women when they weren't conscious of my appraisal. I
scrutinized the manner in which women dr... Continue»
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first time

This is a true story. I think I was about ten years old. During a very hot summer in the school holidays I was playing with my best friend on a building site in the evening when the workmen had all gone home, we had sneaked under a fence and were enjoying having the place to ourselves. the building was well advanced at this stage with walls etc.. all in place but no windows yet. We were in one of the rooms and my friend who was a couple of years older said he needed to piss, so he went next door into a corner and started to do this. I could hear his piss splashing against the wall and floor an... Continue»
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Blowin' mah boss

it was 10 o'clock when I was late again for work. I kept in mind that my annoying boss wouldn't let it pass without getting on my nerves. I was 23 years old working in a biotech company.
Me: "Sorry, Mr. Grant! I was late because of traffic and …."
Boss: "This not the 1st time I hear such excuses! It's come to my attention that you are not measuring up! Did you get the memo about the pay cut? 20%"
Me: "But…"
Boss: "No buts! This is your 3rd time this week. There are many people waiting for your job!"
The boss said that, turned his back and left. "Asshole" I muttered. I really hated it ther... Continue»
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First CL Anon Hookup

I had been fantasizing about meeting up with another guy for sex, and sucking cock for the first time. I'll save the "why" for another story; suffice it to say I had been thinking about it for a while, and had jerked off a fair amount while browsing the m4m personals on Craigslist.

One weekday morning for whatever reason I had the day off. I plucked up the courage to respond to an ad posted by a guy in his late 40's who worked from home during the day. One of his ad pictures was a of nice-looking cock - not huge, just good-sized, a little thick, and with a nice mushroom helmet. I had b... Continue»
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Caught naked, sort of unintentionally

I was at the beach with some friends. We had rented a house - maybe 12 of us, I would guess. Some couples, mostly singles, all of us friends.

One night we had all been hanging out in the town, drinking, and now we had returned home and were hanging out in the hot tub. There was maybe 4 girls and three guys left from the crew.

After a little while of d***ken flirting and posing and other such social Darwinism, everyone ended up taking off their swimsuits. We all knew each other, it was cool. But you could taste the underlying sexual tension. I could see a couple of great sets of brea... Continue»
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fantasy gym experience

I decided I wanted to go to the gym again for some fun. I had been watching porn all day and night and it was finally a good time to go. I got there and it was empty as expected. There was 1 girl on a treadmill, but totally empty elsewhere. I did my usual routine to get a nice sweat going. I couldn't wait for my locker room time so I decided to head in. I got naked and took a seat in front of my locker, pulled out my phone and started watching porn, getting my cock worked up a bit. I felt my cock getting pretty hard so I got up, grabbed my towel and headed for the Jacuzzi. The jets were goin f... Continue»
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Lake Powell Threesome

As I said yesterday, Lake Powell was awesome. Kip and I barely wore anything other than just speedos the entire time which is something I don’t even get to do here at home in Australia because I have random people dropping by all the time.

There were 13 of us one the boat and if you consider Kip and I a couple, it was 6 couples and one single guy (Jason). Kip and I had our own room with a double bed, 2 of the couples pitched tents (hehehe) on the top deck of fhe boat. Everyone kind of had their own space.
Poor Jason was going to camp on the top deck but for 3 nights he ended up sl**ping ... Continue»
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Young bottom fucked by old store owner part 2

This is a continuation story. I had successfully seduced a older store owner into fucking my ass in the back of his store. Since then i kept day dreaming and flashing back to that moment. I remember the fear and excitement. I remember his hard cock in my mouth and ass. But most of all the feeling of his cum load shooting deep into my hole. That day when i went home i remember stripping naked in front of the mirror looking back at my ass admiring my figure and comprehending what i had done. I spread my hole to take a look. It was slightly wet still and a little red. I couldn't help but think ab... Continue»
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The boy next door: part 2

The days seemed longer now for some reason. It seems that ever since I met those boys next door I just can't seem to get them out of my head, especially Kevin. Unlike lil Josh who I thought of more as a nephew, I thought of his older brothrr Kevin in a more attractive way. I hadn't thought of any guy like this in a long time and really it caught me by surprise, that I was reluctant enough that Kevin actually wanted me in that way too.

That night when I watched over the boys, I almost couldn't sle3p thinking about what Kevin and I had done in the bed I was given, by his own mom! Even thou... Continue»
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A Norfolk layby

I have another mans cum on my underpants and some cum in my pubic hair. I was on my way home and i fancied some cock. I w@nk£d his thick c0ck off. At times I wanked both our cocks off, sandwiched together in my hand. That mutual pleasure seemed to take him by surprise.He seemed to like it. It was only then he would look down at our cocks together. And only then would he meet my eye. Otherwise he would look around as if aloof from another man wanking him off. It was in contrast to him, minutes earlier, on his knees sucking my c9ck with enthusiasm, in need of my cum in his mouth. I wanted to ki... Continue»
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Past Revisited

I was in my late thirties, college graduate and up and coming accountant, I was at my desk in my cubicle when the mail boy arrived. He handed me a package that had obviously been opened, nothing unusual about this save the fact it was clearly marked "..PERSONAL..."
Items that were clearly marked for the company was usually opened and inspected for content and quality as well as to how to process what was inside. But mail marked "...PERSONAL...'was never opened, or it was, it was closed back in a matter that hid the opening.
So I was some what unimpressed by the smile and wink from the m... Continue»
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Na treningu

Bio je sumoran kisni dan, imali smo 20 godina
trener je naredio da trcimo 20 krugova od po 400metara i otisao je kuci, neki su zato sto trener nije tu otisli sa pola treninga ostala je samo nekolicina nas a u poslednja 2 kruga samo Mario i ja zgodan plavusan pravi nogometas uzan struk misicave butine lepe usne plave oci.
Otisli smo nako blatnjavi na tusiranje posle 5 minuta ostali smo sami na tusiranju onako promrzli po vreloj vodi nije nam se odlazilo sa tusiranja.
Mario me zamoli ej nasapunjaj mi ledja da sperem znoj ja kazem ok i kako mi je prisao njegoga guza pridje blizu mog kurca i bl... Continue»
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Marine Dad and King

Marine Dad and King
By Buck Jones

Note: This story is based on real events that occurred nearly 60 years ago, and is another story in my series of how seduction can be perpetrated with a degree of ease, even though the emotional effects can last a lifetime.

The small three bedroom house was oppressive. Two growing boys shared one bedroom; the parents shared a bedroom whenever the husband decided to come home; the third room was a sewing, storage room… all within 900 square feet. And this Marine Tech Sergeant Dad wasn’t getting what he wanted at home. The Marines had been the only choice... Continue»
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New guy to play with (fiction soon to be reality)

He arrives, a little nervous as we exchange pleasantries. We shake hands as if just two guys meeting at a ballgame or something. I invite him to have a seat and offer him a cold drink. He accepts and I grab 2 beers out of the fridge. I return and sit near him. Hand him his beer and we pass some idle chat back and forth. I see he's still a bit nervous, probably not knowing what to say or how to get started. I go off of what was said to me on my first real encounter. I ask if he would mind getting down to his underware. He quickly agrees and he sheds his jeans quickly. He's in boxers. Loose but ... Continue»
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My third Bi-Encounter I Finally Taste Cum!

I wont bore you with going over the same waiting scenario of the next week, all i can say was the level of anticipation was even greater, and unlike the week before this time there were no doubts in my head about meeting him on saturday, now that id had felt, and tasted a cock, i knew even though in nthe future i wanted a relationship with a girl, i could see me always wanting to indulge in manfun, and although i craved for my first piece of pussy, i would always need some cock in my life.

The next Saturday dave was on his own in the pool, so i dived in and swam to the side of him, and be... Continue»
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The Gardener

By the summer after my sophomore year, I was getting to be pretty experienced with other guys. With my mom working nights, I was used to having the run of the house. I would come home from school, finish up my homework, eat some dinner, and be free to entertain myself however I saw fit. Aside from the occasional trip down the street to my neighbor's house, my evenings typically consisted of movies, video games, and profuse masturbation. Sometimes I would jack off 3 times in an evening, while other times I would abstain to save up a bigger load of cum. Regardless, I would usually end up na... Continue»
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Nice visitors!

Had 2 guys (Vietnamese) show up late one night last week looking for a girl to fuck. I don’t keep a list here at the hostel so they were out of luck. They were probably in their mid 20’s and not bad looking so I offered my ass (and mouth) to them. I hadn’t had a good fucking in about 2 weeks anyway and was horny.
They turned me down…that night…

Monday night they came back about 10 pm and asked again, this time about doing me. Of course, I’m a slut, so they weren’t paying to fuck me, it was all just mutual enjoyment.
Since I’m almost always ready for some cock, I locked-up and agreed to ta... Continue»
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