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Quick Blowjob leads to incredible encounter - Part

I laid back on the bed to watch Robert fuck his wife. Velma took Robert's nice cock in her mouth and gave him a quick blow job. As she sucked his cock, I stroked my still semi erect cock. I was still extremely horny and watching his cock disappear in her mouth and her huge tits swaying back and forth really got me going. Velma had Robert lay on his back and straddled him reverse cow girl. She bucked up & down on him which gave me a fantastic view of Roberts dong impaling her cunt. I asked if they minded if I joined in the fun. They both said "yes please!" at the same time. I got betwe... Continue»
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Watching From The Bar. Part 4. The Cilmax.

Part One of Watching From The Bar

Part Two. Helens Story.

Part Three. The Floor Show!

Synopsis for those that have no time (or no desire!) to read the first three parts. Helen and Steve are a happily married couple. But things have gotten stale. Steve gets the idea to spice things up on an, anonymous, weekend at a beach resort. He decides to try and get Helen to live out h... Continue»
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The Bribed Fuck Toy...

Here I was, standing in the forth floor broom closet of my high school, looking out the window on to the playing field wondering if any one looked up could make out my face. My pants and underwear was down below my knees around my ankles and Billy, one of our school brutes, was behind me.

I heard Billy as he cleared his throat and spit, then could feel the movement of his hand behind me and heard him spit again and more movement. Then he spit a third time and this time I felt his very wet fingers slid between my buttocks massaging my bootie hole.

Billy removed his fingers and I felt a... Continue»
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My Body Was Used To Satisfy Lust.

This morning [Monday 23 January 2017] when Carla and I wakened, we lay together in bed as I told her of what took place last night when I was with cross-dressers and their wives. Then Carla opened her legs and began frigging her clit. She then asked me to join her with my fingers and together we frigged her nice and gently. soon she was pushing herself hard against our fingers and commenced humping. Then she asked for the vibrator which she started using against her clit as I continued with my experience. This quickly developed into repeated orgasms which went on for about twenty minutes. She ... Continue»
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Fathers nipples -Taking off his shirt (Part 4)

At almost 8 p.m., Lee called out to Steve "I have dinner ready. Let's eat."
Both father and son had completed their duties for the day. Lee had taken
time to prepare a special steak and candlelight dinner for Steve. He also
had stopped and bought more champagne. He selected some Michael Buble music
for the house sound system. Lee had grown to love his son in a whole new
dimension over the recent days and wanted to show his appreciation to
Steve. Seducing his son also was in his plans. Both father and son were
relaxed and enjoying each other's company to the fullest.

After supper, Le... Continue»
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Most Recent Hook-Up!!!

My story starts with opportunity!!!

It was a Saturday night and I was home alone, around 8:00 that night I started too get horny, So I hopped on here (XHamster) and watched a few videos from My Favorites. Videos like (Fat Boy getting Fucked),,, (Hung White Prison Thug Breeds Tight Bear Pussy), (Jaremy Uncensored),,, & (Black Chub Fucked by Stranger)!!! As I'm watching some of these videos I realize that I can get the business tonight too!!! So I open up a new tap and go to Craigslist, I make & post an ad at like 9:20 saying

"Black Bottom Chub Hosting -m4m" (casual encounters)

and b... Continue»
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Bisexual Mature Guys at the Pool

Monday evening, 9:45

When I moved to Montreal three years ago from Winnipeg, I chose the South West district of the city because of the George-Vanier sports complex and its amazing pool. I retired from competitive swimming after the London Olympic Games and went back to College to finish my MBA. After that, I went to work for Scotia Bank and… when the opportunity to transfer to Montreal reared its head, I jumped at the chance.

Anyway, ever since I’m been coming to this pool, I’ve had plenty of eye candy and plenty of frustrating – and sometimes embarrassing – hard-ons, but I’ve seen very... Continue»
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Quick Blowjob leads to incredible encounter

My Last day off I kind of woke up late in the morning. I took a nice long hot shower and took my time soaping up my cock and balls. After about 15 minutes of playing with myself I decided to hop in the car and drive to a nearby cruise area that is really close to my house. It is a parking lot in a wooded area where people park when going for walks down the trails. In the nice weather lots of horny men park their cars, get out, and cruise up & down the trails. In the wet cold weather not many people come down this way so it is very quiet. Sometimes horny guys will park in the secluded p... Continue»
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Hospital Fun

English is not my main language, sorry for bad spelling

As people often say, one thing leads to a other.. But sometimes things come.. or let me say cum out from the blue. This is from some years back when i was 25, and stupid enough had been involved in a accident which made me fracture my ankle and in need for operation. Since I'm not in too good connection of my f****y I didn't really care too much about it, and as my mother told me on the phone, boys will be boys. But anyhow I got told that I could expect a a week long stay on the hospital after the operation, which again was ok for me.... Continue»
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First time with old man Russell

It was the middle of March with three feet of snow on the ground. Being Wyoming, it was drifted up to four or five feet. But thanks to aggressive 35 inch tall tires and tire chains, I plowed through the stuff pretty easy out to Russell’s ranch. It was a friggen cold Saturday, but I had promised if the high pressure oil pump came in for his truck I would come out and fix it.
I also had to get Russ some groceries, without his truck running he was snowed in and had been for two days now. The road out to his place and a handful of other houses wasn’t plowed, because the plow was mounted to the ... Continue»
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Bob the gay tentacle monster 1

“Hey Diesel, do you and your gal have plans for the weekend?” Bob asked with his deep low voice.

I shook my head no. “Nope, she had to go out of town for some training. Why do you ask?”

Bob sighed. “I have tickets to a concert but my blind date canceled. I don’t want them going to waste.”

“I’ll go to it with you, been trying to think of a reason to get out of the house anyways.” I said and smiled when Bob’s face lit up with his own toothy smile.

“Right on, it’s at seven tomorrow. Want to go get some wings before hand?” Bob asked as we headed to the time clock to punch out for... Continue»
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Partner one - Friend’s Dad summer love.

Well, let me tell you my first story about unbridled sex and lust, it happens few years ago when i turned around 18 and how i seduced my best friend father Ram to fall in love with me, my ass and soul. I must admit i fell for him also, although I had some experience with older man, it was very easy for me to seduce them and i got a lot in return. Everything i wanted was achievable by seduction and any man i seduced got hooked line and sinker by my beautiful fem looks and radiating sex appeal. By now dear readers i am number one sisy fem whore in my region and it paid all my expenses including ... Continue»
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Unexpected pleasure

Was out the other day running some errands and picking up a few things from a local super store near me. I had a bit of time to kill before I had to be somewhere later in the day, so after I picked up the things that I needed I went to this cute little boutique and second hand store hoping to find a few nice things that would fit my fancy. While just roaming the isle I noticed this young man about have my age crouched down looking at some very sexy lingerie and women's clothes. My curiosity got the best of me so I wandered over to his direction and noticed that he was very cute and was wearing... Continue»
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GayMaker Strike's Again

I kept telling myself, "how the hell all of this happened?"

I was a common straight guy which likes to do weights at the gym where I had been for years. John was the coach there, and we became friends. He had a girlfriend and I wanted to have one, everything was normal until the day I saw him naked in the locker room.

"Wow, what a lucky man!" I thought when I saw his cock. I felt envy and shame, because mine was tiny compared to him.

I could not help staring at it while we were talking. He caught me and I had to tell him that I was not gay, it was just it took my attention. He told m... Continue»
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Found out by another classmate

I was playing in the woods as I always have done, it was a few weeks after my encounter with my three assailants. I saw a fellow class mate, I'll call him 'Al', he was not an intimidating guy but he sometimes hung with Bruce, Charlie and Daniel.

Al approached me and asked if the elementary school was open, he said he needed to use the toilet. I answered I did not know and Al suggested that I should go with him to see if he could get into the ground floor Reluctantly I agreed, his argument was flawed but made sense to me.

If I accompanied him we could watch out for each other and make ... Continue»
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my second time at a gay club

on a cold night i put on a pair of tight leggings that looked like jeans and pink panties as well as a dark blue shirt. i took a cab to the club and went in to the dance floor. i was dancing next to this guy who was chubby and didn't have anyone. i moved next to him and started to dance with him. he was nerves so i wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him a kiss. he smiled and started to really dance with me. i turned around and grind my butt against his crotch. he grabbed my hips and pulled me in close to him. i could feel his crotch rubbing my butt cheeks. i let him lead and moved my bod... Continue»
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Question Do I Suck Cock! Turned GAY

I was brought in and told that I was arrested for stealing over $10,000 from clients, the five clients that I had done the reconciliations for. The interrogating officer said that they had me on video stealing from Bill's desk and my fingerprints were all over the files of the clients swindled. They put me in a holding cell and told me I would see the judge in the morning. They also told me I would not get a phone call until the morning and all I could think was I could never let my parents know about this. I was put in a holding cell that was dimly lite, smelled bad and was isolated down a lo... Continue»
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You have to suck his dick

"What man does not want to get his dick sucked on the regular?" Most men would prefer to get their dick sucked as much during the entire day as possible. So, why make the statement? Simply, on a fair scale (because I have not interviewed or gathered statistics], a man who is with a woman [in a relationship], might, might get his dick sucked once a week, or maybe not even once a month. I have a b*****r who has not had his dick sucked for over 6 months. I think that is a problem. In fact, he states it’s a problem.

First, why should a man have to ask to get his dick sucked? Well, some women do... Continue»
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Sex Interview: Part Two

This is the continuation of The Sex Interview: Part one. More detailed questions and sexier with fantasies and different kinks. Enjoy! Here is the interview:
BD: This is your second interview. Some things have changed in your life. Your breasts have grown, very noticeable, and you have done some more things in which your audience needs to know. When we last checked you were a 46B, where are you now?
Alia: Now, I am at a 52C cup. Got a little bigger. I got to stop sitting down sucking dick. (laughing)
BD: (laughing) Interesting reason on why you think your chest is growing. You ar... Continue»
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Fathers nipples -Taking off his shirt (Part 3)

The plan had to be executed. Steve wanted to end the frustrations, the
stop-and-go, on-again, off-again mindset that kept his father's sexual
gears shifting, changing and braking. Most of all, Steve wanted more of
his father's sub-surface sexual being to demonstrate itself to him. The
time was now, not later.

First on Steve's list was a visit to the attic compartment above the
house's garage. Not easy to pull out the built-in ladder and get up and
down without making some noise, but Steve was happy to do it to find a box
that contained valuables brought back from California. Still... Continue»
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