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Brandi's Bedroom a*****ion

*Dear xhamster admins, this story does not involve ****. It is merely written as one woman's fantasy/dream. There is nothing herein that violates xhamster's terms of service for posting. The character is, also, of legal, consensual age.

As Brandi walked out of the grocery store, nearing her car, a man jumped out of an old blue van next to it and grabbed Brandi, placing his hand over her mouth and his other arm around her stomach, dragging her into the van. Brandi tried time and again to bite the man, but his hands were covered with thick black gloves that could not be penetrated by her... Continue»
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The Teachers' Lounge Peeper


I'm kind of hoping that no one finds this because it's so shocking and you could say embarrassing. I couldn't help but write it down, though, just to get it out of my head a little bit and maybe not want it again so damn bad.

I never thought for a minute something like this could happen, that I could let my curiosity get the better of me so much that I would participate in such a thing.

...but here goes...

My name is Ashley. I just turned 18 less than 2 months ago. I'm a senior this year and hoped to have at least one more sexual experien... Continue»
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My mother in law's girlfriend needs my help

One summer day, before Ana and I got married; my future mother in law told me that her friend Alicia needed some help at home and so she had volunteered me to assist her.

Alicia was living alone since her divorce some years ago. She was a fine lady, a pretty woman in her late fifties: but still going strong…
She had still a nice firm ass and a curvy body that made mostly of men turn round their heads when she walked down the street…
Alicia opened the door before I could even knock on the door. She was dressed in some old clothes and looked like she had been working all day on the house.
... Continue»
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You ever regret being with someone in the most intimate way possible? Not because of them but because of what they make you realize something about yourself. Here it is I'm a mature fifty something white woman. Happily married with two wonderful c***dren and an husband who adores me. I work as an assistant at a prominent business firm. My husband makes good money as a car salesman and where in need for nothing. I have big breasts and a nice round ass that gets me attention from all types of men. I never strayed outside my marriage and thought I was completely satisfied in life. I'm constantl... Continue»
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Keep Me For Ever My Love

This is Sweta back with yet another story. I hope you have fun reading this as much as I had being in it. I want to dedicate this to all the guys reading this story holding their dick in hand and girls who have or thinking of having a guys finger in their pussy. First off, let me tell you about myself. My name is Sweta, if you have not yet guessed.

I am a 20 year old telugu girl from a fairly big town in coastal part of my state. I love going to the seashore, w
... Continue»
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Brutal b*****rs – Part 6

This is the next part of the brutal b*****rs series after I was fucked by Manish and his 4 friends and the driver and same happened with Anjali. We reached our hotel at night. I got dressed and went in the hotel Anjali and my b*****rs were already there,

Anjali was looking divested her hair were all curled and she her face was very red I realized that my b*****rs had taken her very hard. Manish was
... Continue»
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Brutal b*****rs part 7

After getting fucked by many teachers for marks, this story is about my most hardcore experience since I became a slut. Mom was not at home and as usual I was sl**ping naked in the living room and suddenly all the four monsters (Raj, Sameer, Dinesh, Rohan) burst into the room from the main door they looked high they had few bottle in their hands, their faces lightened up as they saw me naked in the couch, Rohan and Dinesh went upstairs as they were too high and wer... Continue»
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You're My Bitch Now Chapter 2

Chapter Two

Except, that's not how life works. Rick walked into the kitchen where
Chris was eating breakfast.

Chris said, ‘Hi, Rick, sl**p well? No bad dreams I hope?’

Rick nearly choked as he remembered the dream he had about Kittie last
night, and as he looked at Chris, all he could see was Kittie stroking
her cock.

‘You alright?’ Chris said as he munched a piece of toast. ‘You look a
bit pale, are you coming down with something?’

‘No, no, I'm fine,’ mumbled Rick.

It was Saturday, and both of them had the day off. Chris looked up and
said, ‘Fancy doing something togeth... Continue»
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First taste of being a cuckold

When I first met my wife Tammy, she was on staff at a college in Florida. As we begin dating, I started hanging around her place of work. I quickly noticed that there were three men on staff who were definitely "dirty old men." They were known for ogling coeds, making inappropriate comments to female staff members, and giving prolonged hugs. Sexual-harassment regulations were nothing like what they are today, so these dirty old men, being powerful in the college, did this with impunity.

They seemed to share information on which women would tolerate this behavior and which would not. Th... Continue»
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Sex Education & Single Parents Part 6

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Karma hits home

Now dealing with the very open public voting and display of myself. I now find myself answering alot of questions. 70% settle for a good laugh at my expense. Until recently i came across someone with the biggest grudge against me and had dirt on me to get me in a corner. to finish this prelude i had enough of getting sample of my past acts. i told this person that i need to end this and settle up. i was told to meet at a location. the stuff that this person had would destroy my busniess and the life i have outside of my alt life. SO heres the story please bare in with spelling and etc.

As ... Continue»
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stroke buddy

one day me and a buddy were playing some video games together, something we did together a lot. after awhile he perked up and mentioned that he had seen this really good porn the other day, and wondered if id like to watch it. I said yeah, cause id showed him some porn id enjoyed before so I wasn't shy about watching porn together. we linked the computer to the tv and he pulled up the site then found the video. it was like most porn except it had goth women in it, something he loves. we sat there watching it on the couch together, maybe 2 feet apart. after a few minutes I heard him moving and ... Continue»
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My name is Kathy I'm 25 blonde with a nice body and a cute face. I've been married for 2 years with Nick, we dated since we were both 1* and he was the only man I made love too. Nick works in a plant and I used to work as maid until we got married. Then he told me I didn't have to work anymore, lately we have been in trouble, with the mortgage on the house and Nick not getting a raise it's been hard to make ends meet.

Our sex life is good, we are not very adventurous, we make either with me on top (my favorite), missionary and doggy(Nick's favorite), I also give him head but never till he c... Continue»
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Neighbors Daughters

One day I was working on my property when I decided to walk down to the local river. As I approached the river bank, on my property, I saw a ATV parked. I slowly approached and looked out on the sandbar and in the sun I saw my neighbors daughters. They were actually step s****r. One I knew just turned 18 and was in high school and the other I knew was older and had been away in college for a year. They are both hot, one brunette with large tits and shapely ass and a hot red head, the younger, with a perfect ass and nice tits.

I stood their watching as they were both naked and had been... Continue»
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Big Juan

Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria Summer, 1982:

I went on holiday with my mom and stepfather, I thought I was being very grown up at the time, but I realise now I was just 'acting out'.

My folks spent a lot of time at the bar, and a lot of time reading on sunloungers. I didn't want to spend time with them
anyway, so I was happy there were some teens to hang out with.

One of the barmen was willing to slip some alcohol into our non-alcoholic cocktails, Coca Colas etc. This was before the
days of All Inclusive, and he wasn't charging us for the alcohol. He seemed to favour the girls w... Continue»
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The Making Of f****y Slut – Part 3

Thank you so much for all the support and comments you sent me. It is because of your encouragement that I decided to continue telling my story of how I became the kind of slutty girl I am today. In the first part of my story, “The Making Of f****y Slut”, I told you how I moved to Sharma uncle’s house and how I willingly gave my virginity to my uncle. In the second part I told you how I let Sharma uncle... Continue»
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The Making Of f****y Slut – Part 4

But that trip was also responsible for me to realize that sex is not just about a guy putting his erect cock in my holes and fucking hard. It taught me that if there is a right willing partner, sex is about not being afraid to try out whatever we can imagine. Just because you think something is not nice or dirty or even nasty does not mean you will not enjoy it. You might get a kind of pleasure that... Continue»
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The First Time I Cheated on my Husband

I have been married for two years, still have no c***dren, not that we are trying, and if I am honest I still value my sex and don't want to be stretching myself down there.

My husband works on the oil rigs in Aberdeen, two and two, on and off, which is fine, but on this occasion, the timing changed, making it easy for what happened, I had an adulterous affair and now, I can't stop.

I am in my middle twenties, a keep fit fanatic, looking after my body and letting the rest take care of itself, meaning the sex. I have always considered myself pretty open to many things, exhibitionism and v... Continue»
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The Making Of f****y Slut


Hi all Friends, I wanted to tell you the story of how I lost my virginity to my uncle (that’s my mother’s b*****r) and later how I became a slut allowing him (even urging him to) send me around to his friends. You see, I am a normal 20 year old girl in many respects, except in one thing. I love sex. I think about sex all the time and I just love having it with anyone. I love staring into the man’s eyes... Continue»
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My Love Rahul My Twin b*****r

Hi friend Rahul is my twin b*****r. We had been very close since we were very young and love each other very much. It is very common to hear about two lovers fighting and splitting after having loved for years but, let me tell you that the love we share between me and Rahul is not like that. It runs very deep. I am sure you all know already that the bond between all siblings is different as much as they disagree, one thing is for sure.

The bond between two b**
... Continue»
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