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Mrs. Carter's Boys Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Laurie awoke at five a.m., trying to remember the previous night, realizing that she was completely naked and that there must have been a tremendous amount of cum in her. She slowly and weakly gathered herself, raising from the end of the couch, smiling so hard that it hurt. She scampered off to her bed, knowing that Peter would not be home for at least a day and a half and that P.J., if he came home at all that day, would probably stroll in hours later. Laurie could rake up her robe and thong and run off to punish her pussy to the vague remembrance of her latest, exquisite ren... Continue»
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First Time Gay

My first gay encounter was a shocking scary experience that turned extremely erotic and sensual . Let me begin the story...
When I'm horny I love to masterbate rather than seek a hooker or sex partner. Unfortunately it is the only way I'm sure to get off right. Don't ask me why but it's been that way for sometime now. I'm forty eight ,live alone and consider myself straight (don't know about now ) however I am fascinated with gay anal sex, particularly transexual. I have a lengthy collection of movies with them getting fucked anally and I've spliced a few compilations of trannies  cumming whi... Continue»
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How I became a fag -

This is a true story, names have been changed.

My mom remarried after my dad died to a man who had five c***dren. I was already an adult and married when dad passed. My mom's new husband was younger than her and his oldest was a girl, Nancy. Nancy, by the time she was 18 had a baby of her own, the father of the c***d and her were going to be married but he was arrested a day before their wedding.

So Nancy became a dancer at, what we called,a go-go bar. That is where she met Rich.
We, my wife and I, met them at a f****y picnic and found out we had one thing in common. We liked do... Continue»
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Thanks Texas

When I was growing up we built a huge tree house in the back yard. Every summer we built on to it and made it pretty cool. In my mid teens we did not do much remodel work but hung out in there alot. We kept some porn mags hidden in there and me and my friends would even sl**p up there. One of my friends even fucked his first girl up there. We were all impressed.
The house behind ours had been vacant and for sale for several years but it had sold. The tree house looked right down into the back yard of this house. The people that moved in were from Texas and had that Texas drawl and Texas ... Continue»
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Devika & Paul

My wife Devika is a beautiful slim Indian woman 27 years old, fair skinned with c cup boobs and a nice round ass, we have been married 3 years and discussed the idea if swinging, the fantasy was she being with another man. Being Indian and of strict up bringing her only sexual experience was with me.
We decided to make contact with persons on social media or chat sites, we meet this guy named Paul on a chat site he was an expat here in Trinidad from England working with an oil company. After about three chat sessions it was agreed she will meet at his home one evening, i would drop her an... Continue»
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Wife now Hooked On BBC

Life is strange to say the least. Take the situation that now exists between my wife and me. Linda and I have been married almost seven years now, but out relationship has changed more in the last six months than it did in the first six years. Let me explain how my present predicament began. I guess in a sense everything that has happened to me has been my fault.

I should have left well enough alone, you see I’m married to a 25 year old fox of a wife. Her name is Linda and I’ve been with her ever since she was 16 years old. She had never known any other man but me and that was fine with m... Continue»
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Sex Change for Black Boyfriend

I have an interesting story. I am now 26 years old. I was born a male but at the age of 23 I had a full sex change at the request of my boyfriend. Here is how and why it happened.

I knew I liked men from an early age. I was interested to talk with girls and be their friend but I wanted men. I looked at men in the street, at their muscles and their penile bulges. I was not feminine but rather neutral - neither butch nor sissy.

Around the age of 18 I started going out to gay bars and clubs. I was not unattractive being fairly slim, dark brown hair and blue eyes, and a bit preppy in my clo... Continue»
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Snowed In

"Hi Uncle Tom", the voice coming from my cell phone greeted me.
This can't be good. "Kelly, I'm not your uncle, we're cousins", I corrected her with a chuckle to myself, as I did every time she called. Kelly was my cousin David's youngest, which made me feel old since she was now a very attractive eighteen year old. The question was, why is she calling me at 9:00 on a Friday night. "What's up?"
"Can I ask a huge favor of you?" She sounded upset.
Oh shit, here it comes. "What's up", I asked again.
She hesitated on the other end of the line before continuing. "My dad came home d***k and we j... Continue»
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TV's 1st Cottaging Experience

I think I was late to the races with my bi sexual tenancies, I was 23 years old, I happened across an old park toilets in an old Victorian park. I wasn't from that area, I was just working there, It was on my way back from a job, to my car and I needed the toilet, so in I went...

It had 4 x stalls, and the usual trough on the left, I definitely disturbed some activity when I went in, a toilet door closed and people quickly adjusted themselves @ the trough...

It was only lit by one working light at the rear on the ceiling, so it was just enough light to see what was going on, without bein... Continue»
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House sitting at Megan's

Back in school days I had a close friend megan. We were in the same grade both 18. Although being good friends I had a crush on her for a long time. It was easter, megan and her parents were going away and they asked me to look after their house.Thursday afternoon I rocked up by their house and they gave me the keys, as they set off on their trip.
They were a f****y of 5, megan's dad and mom her older b*****r, 2 year younger s****r and megan.

Me being 17 and at the peek of my horniness I went snooping around in the cupboards of the ladies. Starting off in megan's, she had a few sexy mini... Continue»
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1st time cheating on my husband

My husband was away on business for a week. As his job demanded him to attend meeting around the country. He flew out on the Monday morning leaving me and our 3 year old daughter at home. The Tuesday night while bathing my daughter the bathroom light blew, leaving us in the dark. It wasn't a big issue but it was the only bathroom in the house that had a bath, the other only had a shower and with my daughter being young I preferred to bath her. And maybe it was a bit of an inconvenience for me to shower downstairs at night.

Anyway the Wednesday morning after dropping my daughter off at crèc... Continue»
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Boss needs a change.

Several years ago I worked for a car dealership. My boss was an attractive nicely built white man in his mid 40s. I had fantasized about him with my fingers in my ass many nights, but he was married, so I figured I wouldnt even bother trying.

I had noticed that he had started staying at the office later than normal. One night I was getting ready to lock up and realized he was still in his office. I went over to ask him if I should just let him lock up, and realized that he was very stressed. We got to talking and he started telling me that he had been staying at work late just so he didn't ... Continue»
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My first couple but not the last

It started with look through the personals in a daily paper I came across an add from couple in northeast so I rang the box number left message to call me
I had my own place at the time ,and few days later the guy rang me we arranged for them to come over on the Saturday night
I was nervous showered dressed in jeans t shirt no pants waited they where late I went to the door spotted a car driving slowly down the road looking at door numbers I waved to them having a description of the car they pulled up outside I watched them get out
They where older than I expected late 40s I'd guess he medi... Continue»
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kinky brithday

Gratuitas: (Latin) gift/favor

Kang Seulgi thinks her girlfriend Bae Joohyun forgot to get her a birthday present but she was shocked to find out that it was something completely different - something kinky.

Seulgi had a normal birthday.

All day, she was showered with love from the staff and the other members. She was surprised with a cake when the clock hit 12 midnight. Yet, something was missing.

And that something was her girlfriend Bae Joohyun. Yes, she was there with the members when they were celebrating yet her girlfriend was withdrawn from the rest of them. ... Continue»
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First BBC and creampie

My husband and I had been married for about 4 years. We were both in our early thirties and deeply in love. Although we love each other, the sex just wasn't that great. I mean we had sex a lot but he just isn't very well endowed. I never really thought much of it because I still got off from it.

One night we went out to eat and had a few drinks. Afterwards, we went to a bar to dance and drink some more. While there, we met some people that we began talking to and taking shots with. Once the bar was nearing closing time, they asked if we wanted to go back to one of their houses to hang out ... Continue»
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by samslam

"What happens in this apartment, stays in this apartment," my s!ster said, not meaning what I wish she had meant.

"What I mean is... I'm not going to change my lifestyle for you, okay?" Her tone softened slightly as she adjusted to my reaction. "If I want to bring someone into my bedroom, I will." She paused as if waiting for my agreement. I nodded so she went on. "If I want to parade around in my nothingness, I will. This was my apartment first." I didn't really expect her to parade around with nothing on but I wouldn't stop her if she wanted to. My... Continue»
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Another Couple turned to the Darkside! Cuckold

After ordering their drinks, Amanda very politely quizzed Leon, "So Leon...are you really only 35?"

"Yeah well, almost...33 actually...and you're what...45?"

"Forty-six," Amanda replied quietly as she blushed.

"That's nice...I like that."

" mean you like older women?"

"Yeah...I do...I have a good time with them."

"Have you been with many older women?"

"Yes...I have...quite a few actually."

"Were they all white...and married?" Amanda quizzed.

"Mostly yeah," and then after a short pause he continued, "and they are all the same kind of women."

"R... Continue»
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Black Fucking

The drive to Vic's place was not that bad, Dee thought. However, after arriving she realized she was in a run-down warehouse district. A few up-market coffee shops and boutiques nearby made her feel more comfortable. Vic's place was surprisingly nice. It was a loft apartment in one huge room. The kitchen, living room, entertainment center, and bed were grouped in clusters around the enormous floor. A large mirror was suspended on chains hung over the bed.

"Come in," Vic said has she stepped off the elevator. Dee felt very nervous, but her passion took over. "I made you a drink," Vic said ha... Continue»
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Wide Open

It's been 18 years already since i understood that i'm gay, bottom gay. It all started when i was a teen, i had a friend who just got connected to the internet and back then it was not widely available, so i used to spend a lot of time at his place, playing some online games e.t.c..

One day i came to him and he said, - do you want to see something cool? i said, sure, why not. He started the movie and said that will jump to the kitchen to make some tea.

Movie started with 2 guys kissing, having sex with each other and then there was something i saw for the first time - Fisting, hand gli... Continue»
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I can't believe this actually DID happen.....

Here's a shot of Sassy on the big screen. It didn't load onto the computer as well as it looks on the screen.
As for me pleasing myself while looking at Sassy's photos I would take all the photos I have right now {HINT:please send more} and run them in a slideshow format so I could more easily concentrate.
Where to begin? Oh, yeah, with a very good grip. I'd cycle through the photos along with several videos of equally alluring women who are being videotaped by their husbands as they are first given a very thorough tongue bath followed by an equally thorough ravaging.
My own thoughts would ... Continue»
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