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Ride To The Coast (part 1)

Recently my wife and i agreed we needed a break,even for a few days away from it all,it had been quite a rough few months,i lost my mum in january,my wife Allie lost her dad the next month he had cancer.

We decided to go for a weekend down the coast,all we had to do was book it,but i said what about Lauren we cant really leave her home on her own,she not long got out of college so a break aswell might be what she wants,Allie says "you think she will want to go on holiday with mum & dad "? ,i thought to myself well she is 18,i agreed with her and that we can both talk to her tonight.

Whi... Continue»
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First time anal at solarium...

A normal day like the other I went to my gym, well known in Tsimiski .. wore athletic overalls and for underwear the most horny thong I found, because I usually do solarium instead of run-warming. Go to the horny young guy at the reception and I told him to prepare the machine for fifteen minutes in the top hot choice until I go to undress and in to fallen in twelve minutes that I wanted. He told me to go to lock in the locker room my things and he will be back the soonest possible to put it into operation before I got even undress. I Came back and he was still missing, I enter the solariums... Continue»
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Kansas City Beef

Linda, my live in girl friend, was visiting her f****y in Detroit, Michigan. This was around 1984-85 and we were in our twenties. Recently she had introduced me to anal sex. She would suck me and use a vibrator on my ass. It felt so good and had woken a yearning in me for gay sex.

It was a sunny, Saturday afternoon and I was incredibly horny. I had stripped naked and laid across our king size bed with my eight inch vibrator. These were the days before the internet and all I had for sexual stimulation were photos of Linda's previous boy friends. She had a bunch of photos of three ... Continue»
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Sex Survey: Females Firsts [3]

I invite all my fine female dear readers to respond to this sweet sexy survey of their number #1 erotic experience.
I invite you to write me the best possible sex you dream to have in the future, or maybe it better stays only fantasy?
I invite you to tell us as much as you like about the ideal circumstances needed and the sexy scenario you long for.
I invite you to share your feelings about your favourite fantasy. Why is it so special? A secret? A taboo? A fetish?

I invite you all to check as well the two previous Sex Surveys and answer my question there as well, of you didn't yet.
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Seduced By My Friend's Mother

Mrs. McMarthy was a petite woman. At barely 5 feet tall, she was about 40 years old at the time (1967), weighed 100 pounds, had short reddish hair, small breasts, shapely ass, nice legs, and a cute Irish face. She was very fickle and fun-loving and married to a travelling salesman. Her two teenage c***dren were named Kathy and Billy.

The McCarthy 's house was a crash pad for Billy and his friends. The usual group was Jerry (me), Jack and Mike and Mel. Usually, we would watch TV in the living room, drink coke and talk about sports or girls. Mrs. McCarthy was often present and would join the... Continue»
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Daddy's First Bukkake

I recently started a new life when I finally figured out I was gay and left my wife. Or maybe I should say when I was willing to tell others I was gay. At 57 I moved into a small but cozy house in the suburbs and started enjoying living alone as an out gay man. I thought of it as an adventure! I saw a lot of my old friends and met a lot of new friends in the new neighborhood.

As summer started I became very friendly with the next-door neighbors and their son. At 18, Will had just graduated from high school and was still living with his parents while he waited for college to begin in the fa... Continue»
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Was Julie ever "aware"..

A company bash! It should have excited me a little more than it did, But it was my partners party along with her friends. I like to go along of course but it often means I have to sit and listen to the usual inter office gossip whilst sipping my drink. We arrived on time and made our way to the large office suite that had been reserved for the party, As usual at this time of year it was a grand event and dress code was in evidence, the guests were beginning to arrive to enjoy the hospitality laid on by the company.

The company itself was a international bank situated in the financial area ... Continue»
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The business man part 2

Not only was Bob still there when I emerged from powdering
my nose, but he stood there in just his boxer briefs, with
a big bulge that I couldnt keep my eyes from. I commented
that I was glad he was still there. He replied how could I
leave with this and he pulled the waistband of his shorts
away and revealed one of the best looking cocks I had ever
seen. It was at least 8 inches and slender at the tip and got
thicker towards the base........I walked up to him and
slipped my hand inside his underwear, wrapping my fingers
around his shaft and giving a little squeeze, it was so hard
an... Continue»
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What Had I Just Done?

The passenger side door opened and a middle-aged man smiled as asked if I was Andy. When I said yes he quickly sat down and closed the door. There was a minute of silence as we both pondered how to proceed. He broke the awkwardness, "So, glad you decided to come."

I was so nervous that I had barely taken a good look at the stranger in my car. His voice was reassuring for some reason, so I took my first real look at him. Probably closer to 50, rather than the 40 he claimed on the phone, he was still in decent shape with just a hint of a belly. His glasses were hip and rounded out his q... Continue»
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Alexandra #2 [1]

Alexandra only is a little bit brighter bare in showing herself as often on the beach near Santa Monica in California.
Alexandra only is a little bit brighter in short blue jeans:
Alexandra only is a little bit brighter in the setting sun:
Alexandra only is a bit brighter in slow motion:

Alexandra only is a little bit brighter blue in showing herself immediate intimately as soon as I ask private photos.
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Second Honeymoon Without Husband

Myself Kavitha Kumar married to Karthik Kumar, works as General Manager in a Textile Company, I’m 34 and married for 10 years by now. I haven’t lost my figure as I was at the time of marriage but gained extra weight for sure but it always complemented on me as per my husband. I had a perfect figure of 34 by 34 by 36 and tugged in sari, I looked ravishingly beautiful and no one could resist to fuck me.

I am a little whitish by complexion but still have nice face cut, beautiful and luscious lips, big eyes and long hairs which
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The Coed Turned Bad 2

Karen's face turned bright red as she looked up at the beautiful blonde. Her voice cracked as she said hello, lowering herself down so her tits were not exposed. She couldn't help but notice how tiny her yellow bikini was. The top was just two narrow strips the covered about two inches of her big, firm tits. The center and side of her creamy flesh was left exposed. Her small erect nipples poked out against the thin material. The bottom left the side of her smooth pussy uncovered.

"So nice to meet you Karen!" Kate said admiring the teen's tantalizing curves. She reached out her hand and got ... Continue»
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boarding schools are best!

The Meeting (Part 1)

The interview was with the Beardsley School for Girls, a school in Hampshire. Beardsley was similar to his last school, a place for girls from wealthy, prominent noble or rich families that did not have the credentials to get into the elite schools that their parents expected from them. Most of the girls' problems were social, not necessarily academic, the ones who, it seemed, rebelled against their parents. In order to maintain its accreditation, the school had to take in a number of "charity" cases: girls with similar problems but without the f****y wealth.
In fact, ... Continue»
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I fucked a grandma that was my grandpas whore

There was a 70 year old grandma that moved in right next to my apartment, I was 18 at the time and my grandpa was 74. I lived with my grandpa at the time. The old grandma would come to talk to my grandpa each day, she would keep teasing him, she would flirt with him, she tried to seduce him. My grandpa ignored her at first but then he started flirting with her after a couple days. I once came out of my apartment only to see her sucking his dick outside on the porch while he was touching her boobs. They acted like nothing had happened, grandpa pushed her away very fast, and he acted like nothin... Continue»
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Help from IT pt7

Chapter 7

The tv had been on for at least an hour, but Charlie still had no idea what was on it, he had spent most of it completely engrossed in Dani. They had stayed wrapped in each others arms for what felt like forever, after the amazing blowjob she had given him. Eventually they settled back and started flipping through channels. It was only a few clicks before they found a scene in a nightclub, attractive women pressed together and dancing. Between the girls on the screen and the one pressed against him, Charlie was starting to feel frisky. Judging by the little kisses she was st... Continue»
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Alessandra #1

Alessandra is appearing, first as a virgin still:
Alessandra is appearing, freshly as a woman:
Alessandra is appearing, first fountain found:
Alessandra is appearing, first in my comment there: "Alessandra same sound, see how very wet she gets!"

Alessandra is appearing here in private pretty photos and pictures of her pussy play in awesome action.
Alessandra is appearing in the only videos I upload, all of them showing h
... Continue»
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Stella's sudden surrender [6]

Stella tells Saskia and our dear readers every erotic dirty detail of that mighty memorable she submits to me.
She shows Saskia and you three tasty private pictures of her during the course of that day in several positions.
Saskia envies her as she listens with red ears, hotly hopes she can indeed come along with us soon to Spain.
Stella learn a lot in a single long lasting day, every erotic teasing trick in the big book of love she needs to know.

Stella's prays and begs me to stop in her first ever flogging

... Continue»
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The business man

Being a T girl has been exciting for me over the years and
I have always enjoyed meeting a variety of men for fun times.
I love being treated as a woman, being kissed and caressed
and more. I prefer to entertain men at my home, but since
my son has moved in with me it has become much more difficult
to have a private life at home.

Tom had emailed me from an old ad that was still up on craigs
list and complimented me on my appearance and said he would
be in my area the following week. He asked if I would like
to get together after we exchanged a few emails. I explained
my living si... Continue»
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Prisoner's Wife

Jennie didn't want to believe her desperate situation, f***ed to
rely on some creepy black guy she didn't like or trust. But she
now needed Reggie Johnson to avoid homelessness and to save her
husband from the unthinkable while in prison. How did they get
in this mess? It all seemed to start after moving into the
apartments Reggie Johnson owned. Reggie found it amusing that
this cute, stuck-up, white bitch turned to him for help, not
realizing that he had planted the cocaine in Jim's car and
alerted the police. An unsuccessful defense landed Jim in Texas
state prison for 10 - 20 years... Continue»
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Fucking my girlfriend's mother Sanjana

Hi.. i am from bangalore. this is a story a year ago. my friend who is also my neighbuor lives with his mom and his father who is a railway engineer. my friend sachin is fond of movies. and his father is always busy on his work..sachin’s mother name is sanjana.she is almost 37.. i am mom who used to go to work and comes back only at 6.i used to go to sachin’s house everyday.
when sachin had gone out. i used to sit and chat with sanjana for sometime. she was a good friend of my mother.Our f****y was very close and we used to visit each other for social gathering. I think she was in her l... Continue»
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