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My first gay experience


It was Friday night and I was sitting at home looking at porn like usual. When I decided to look at Craigslist which I usually did because I would get so turned on by all the cocks out there that needed sucking. Tonight would end up being a little different then most nights though. I ended up having a few to many drinks and posting my own add which I had never done before.

I posted my add saying that I was 26 white good shape and looking for a nice big cock to suck. Now at this point in my life I had never actually sucked a cock before but I was so horny I just wanted to experienc... Continue»
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My Mother

My Mother

Introduction: This is a true story after years of watching my mother I was able to get her

It all started in 1968 when I came home from the navy.
A few years later I got married. She wasn't the greatest but she did in a pinch. We had this
apt. downtown and I was the manager of this little place. Only had 12 apt. but it was home.

My mother came to stay with us because she had lost her apt. We gave her th... Continue»
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Deal of the Century!

I am a manager of a high end appliance store in Toronto. On Wednesday nights we are open later than usual, to 7pm. Usually if it is dead I will send home the rest of the staff by 6:30. On this particular night it was very slow so by 6:20 the last of my employees left for the night. I was just finishing some paperwork up when the phone rang. It was 6:55. Now normally I never answer the phone 5 minutes before closing time, but for some reason I picked it up. It was a customer wanting me to stay open even later tonight as their builder gave them a deadline to get their appliances ordered... Continue»
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Nasty Boy Creampie

I had already spotted her Adonis before she dipped. It wasn't long before he made his way over and began chatting her up again. We had been afraid that his knowing that she was married might scare him off. He wasn't going to wait in line for this chance. I saw some candid conversation and some obvious flirting. This was from both of them. Soon he ordered a drink and a re-fill for Cynthia. Everything seemed to be going on schedule so far. A little more drinking and a lot more flirting and I noticed a little change in the body language. He seemed to be making his bid. She seemed to be wavering a... Continue»
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A Girl for a day

All dressed up for an afternoon out as a girl.

One weekend last autumn, my lady Keeley had an exciting and sexy idea. Just for a laugh she suggested that I dress completely as a girl and take a ride out in the car somewhere. Well I must admit I was somewhat excited at this and she appeared to be as well, I had female clothing that I wore sometimes for our sex games at home so that was no problem.
Sunday morning came and I had a nice close shave. We both laid my outfit out on the bed, 70 denier nude tights, white panties and bra, barely black stockings with black ... Continue»
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Fuck of a Lifetime for MOM! Blacked

Debra hadn't mentioned to her mother...that Marcus was black.

Donna Marie is best described as "tight". At 39 years of age, the petite woman's body was the envy of most high school girls, all woman college age and older, and the desire of any straight male who ever saw her. Her "dress down" clothes she wore while cleaning the house, or grocery shopping were what most women wore when they dressed up to go on a date, or out on special occasions.

She didn't dress like this to show off her body, she had no need for that, or to try to show up other women, it was just the normal way she dre... Continue»
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Fuck of a Lifetime! Blacked

Deb looked down at Marcus lap, and saw an almost unreal bulge in the front. A tube like bulge that ran down his pant leg, almost to the point where it would stick out of the opening. She knew what it was, what she had been holding when she woke up, she just couldn't believe its size. 

Their combined movements as they tried to seat themselves upright brought another point to Debra's attention. 

She was massively, soaking wet between her legs. Looking down at her own lap, she could see the crotch was starting to soak through. Now embarrassed, she jumped up and ran for the bathroom.

Yank... Continue»
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My first a train compartment.

My first a train compartment.

It was almost exactly a year since my 'Changing Room' incident that was revealed in my previous story. I was a year older, but was I any wiser?

I'd been working away from home for the whole of my summer holidays and it was time to return there, and then within days back to school.

I was 16 and had been 'sort of apprenticed' to a foreman in charge of refurbishing shops for the last 6 weeks. The job wasn't really the type most schoolboys got in their holidays, some never bothered to work and became beachbums instead, others w... Continue»
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Summer With Gran

I was f******n the first time I felt sexual feelings toward my gran one hot summer, back in the sixties. I just happened to come in to the kitchen one morning and saw her rearranging her tan stocking around her chubby leg.

Gran had her foot on a chair with her floaty dress hitched up to the top of her leg, way past her stocking top. I stopped dead, looking at her stocking covered chubby leg when she asked “Be a love and get a threepence out from my purse, its in the parlour”

I saw her purse and took a threepence out and hurried back in to the kitchen. Gran was still standing with her leg... Continue»
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That Bastard! GayMaker for Hire or No Fee

That Bastard!
"I found a file on his computer of photos of cocks." Ann stated, "I figure he's the typical bi-curious married man of maybe he wants to be gay. That explains why we don't sex anymore and why my vibrator is now my man, He's turned on by looking at men's dicks too. He wants to try something new alright. He's going to feel what it like to service an real man."

I search the internet and found a site that turns men gay call the GayMakers Club. I put Gary's profile and in and was contacted in a few days with how it works by a man named Heinz the fee was $500.00 for a one time ... Continue»
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Gay Slave Training PT1

I had turned off all the lights in my apartment except for a few dim night lights and had turned the heat up to 95 degrees. It was uncomfortably hot inside, and I was coated in sweat and was very aroused, thinking about what might happen tonight. Standing nude in my living room I heard two soft knocks on my door. I walked to the entrance of my apartment and quietly knocked back once, then peered through the peephole and saw the surprisingly small eighteen year old boy standing wearily outside. If he was really interested in doing what we had talked about online, he would now have the opportuni... Continue»
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First time in the Ass! Pegged

At The Pub, I unwound from my work week. I was slightly more stressed than usual due to some restructuring of my company and my drinking reflected that. By the time we climbed aboard the shuttle van we had rented, I was mostly out of my mind. The Kitten Club was dark with thumping techno music and strobe lighting. There were several stages and many girls working the crowd. We pulled up to an empty table and ordered a round of beers.

The night was coming to a close when a pretty dancer approached out table. With some goading and 40 dollars from my friends, she gave me a lap dance. As she swa... Continue»
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After setting my girlfriend/future wife up now numerous times at our place and after swapping girlfriends, with Sergio taking my girlfriend and I taking his in separate rooms at hotels for a couple weekends now, Monique my girlfriend has become more receptive and willing to party with our new friend Sergio and others.. It really helped that whenever we made love and while i was licking her pussy I would always talk up and create erotic fantasy sex stories with Sergio or guys from her work or mine where they seduce and fuck her at a party, a bar, her work, my work, in bathrooms, in jacuzzis, po... Continue»
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Threesome With My Boyfriend And Male Slave

I am a 20 year old girl,having a boyfriend for the last two years.
Me and my boyfriend after a year of our relationship started having couple swaps and threesomes,but my boyfriend couldn’t get excited during the fucking time.

We discussed it and finally knew that he couldn’t see other guys dominating his girlfriend and frankly I didn’t even enjoy it that much.

I had a secret fantasy of dominating
... Continue»
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You're my Bitch Now Chapter 4

Chapter Four

After walking unsteadily back to his room, Rick lay on his bed and tried
to sl**p. His mind was spinning with the memories of what had just gone
on, but the image that kept coming back to him was of Kittie kissing him
and pushing his own cum into his mouth. He lay there, struggling to come
to terms with what had happened over the past 24 hours. There was no
doubt in his mind that he had been turned on by it all. He had never
experienced anything like the high he had felt tonight, and the thrill
of what had happened with Kittie was running through his veins like a
d**g; ... Continue»
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My First Time

My name is Jenni, I am 19 years of age, with black hair cascading down to my waist, long shapely legs and a cheeky smile. I often used to fantasise about being the centre of attention at an orgy, but had never had the nerve to do anything about it....until recently that is, when I answered an advert online for a “female who wanted to be taken by several males over the course of an evening, all limits strictly observed, and adhered to and safe sex of course”.

When I replied to this initially, I explained that I had never done in anything like it before, and was naturally very nervous and a... Continue»
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My Fantasy

It's been a year, Victoria and I are still together. I still work for the
school. Linda and Frank seems to be happy. Mary and Phil got a divorce for some
reason. Maybe it was meant to be. Mary still goes to Frank and Linda's for
threesomes. So does Phil.
Victoria had the second baby and decided to have her tubes tied. She is
still loving sex, sometimes I think she is getting wilder. She still only wants
me but will go to Linda's and ta... Continue»
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New York weekend.

My wife Caroline and i where spending a few days in New York. First we visited f****y for a few days  for so to go to Manhattan for a cosy weekend just the two of us.   We are both in our mid forties. Friday morning my third cousin Chris said that he wanted to go in to the city to meet a girl he met on line. My wife, polite as  always suggested that he could ride in with us in the afternoon.  We hadn't  really spoken that much with him during our visit, because he worked long hours  for a local  contracter.  There was a three hour ride in to Manhatten and the conversation flew easy.  Chris... Continue»
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My beautiful wife Gail and I were driving back from a trip to California last month when we stopped to stay at the Holiday Inn in St Louis. We got a room right off the pool next to the Jacuzzi. It was perfect. I opened a bottle of wine and got her a little tipsy before I showed her a thin white bikini that I had bought her in L.A. She protested that it was way too revealing, but I convinced her that the Jacuzzi was just outside our room and no one would pay her any attention. Man was I wrong.

She put the suit on and it looked great. I could tell it would be transparent once wet and couldn't... Continue»
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His Little White Bitch! Gay

I used to only be able to watch lesbian porn. I don't just stream a movie and finish in a few minutes, though, I like to take my time. I search through a lot of videos as I play with myself. I always go a little outside of my comfort zone; I don't only search lesbian porn, even though, until a few years ago, that was all that I really liked. I like to go for a little variety even though nothing compared; just because I hadn't found anything nearly as good didn't mean I wouldn't. I always came back to lesbian porn in order to get off, however, no other genre really did it for me. That was the c... Continue»
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