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Our Trip to Prague

]Just arrived in Prague for a a week of eating, drinking and site seeing. Our hotel is charming and nestled in the old city. Tired from travel we drop our bags, shower together, and after a relaxing fuck doze off in the comfort of our featherbed. We wake to a bell tower and the sounds of a rocking city friday night. Revelers in the streets. The high pitched buzz of motorbikes. The odd car horn. My wife suggests going clubbing as we are unlikely to get back to sl**p after our serious power nap. She is full of energy as she springs out of bed and heads to the bathroom to put herself together. Sh... Continue»
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Boss part 2.....

After the last encounter with my boss I had tried to stay away but after a co-worker had left the building early I was left left all alone, the halls grew smaller as I approached the office, locking up was nearly finished as I turned the key in the safe I heard the click of heels, turning I watched as her tight blouse clung to her taut breasts, she worked out so each and every part of her body fitted snugly into her clothes, muscular but not a total a****l just enough to know that her grip was strong!

The little corridor wasn't big enough for two as she inched past me her leg sliding along... Continue»
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s****r in law cintinued

The week after our little affair my sistr-in -law ( Marie) still hadn't decided when she wanted to tell her husband ( Mick my brothr) about it. I kept bugging her trying to reassure her that I know him very well and that he will accept the idea. In fact I said that we will probably have to stop him from dropping his pants right on the spot.

He was going to be home the coming Friday night and I finally convinced her that was the perfect time. We all were free that night and the next day.

Well Friday night we stayed home and cooked dinner. After dinner we were sitting around having drinks... Continue»
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How it all started with my first BBC

Well, it has been almost 15 years since my husband decided to share me with somebody else. After all that time, now is when I am ready to share my adventures with others and how I change from a prude wife to a woman that craves black cock.

At the time Roy (my husband) asked me about being with somebody else, I was reluctant and didn’t really wanted to do it at all. But, in the end decided to just go with it and let my hubby set me up with a college k** (Nick) that was not even 21 and I was about 7 years his senior. We met with him for a quick chat and he was as nervous as I was. We ha... Continue»
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I don't think that most people would consider me a pervert. You know, a paedophile. Some guy that lurks outside school playgrounds or public parks, waiting to pounce on an unsuspecting k**. But the experience I had last summer would cast me as just that sort of character, especially in the eyes of modern law. Let me fill you in on my background before I tell you the story of my fall into sexual disrepute and criminal depravity!

My house is one of those terraced, renovated Victorian jobs, in a small town in the West Midlands. For the benefit of those of you who may be wondering, the West Mid... Continue»
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So me and my girlfriend went to a restaurant for her birthday called 'Rare Steakhouse' the food was lovely but I'm not here to talk about the food. Anyway as we entered the restaurant I found myself staring at the waitress, she was about 5'9, red tied back hair, half her cleavage on show from her perky breasts, and she was wearing no tights with the shortest skirt I've ever seen.

The stunning waitress directed us to our table and gave us the menu's and we ordered our food, but on her way to the kitchen she dropped a menu, went to pick it up and that's when I realised, not only was she short... Continue»
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College Freshmen

Rob gazed at his frat b*****r as he stripped off his shirt.

The only bathroom in the aging frat house had been modified with an open doorway to accommodate multiple occupants. A couch and chairs decorated the main room and if he sat in the right spot, he had a direct view of the showers.

Anthony's body was lean but well-muscled: smooth abs, slender yet strong shoulders, and thick thighs. He especially enjoyed Anthony‘s well defined hips, with perfect lines pointing down to his crotch.

Earlier that day, the two were heckled while walking through the campus. A few b*****rs from a rival ... Continue»
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I love oral

The butterflies in my stomach are getting out of control. I
haven't felt fear like this in a long time - a dread of something
that is coming, but for which I have no frame of reference. It
reminds me of when I was a c***d and did something wrong. I knew
then that I would be punished - but I had no idea what form the
punishment would take.
Today, I know I'll be punished, too. I know it because it is
part of what today is all about. But I have almost no idea what
the punishment will be. Or even what I will be punished for.
Perhaps I should start at the beginning...

Several weeks ago,... Continue»
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Fucking friends girl this is an image of my cock to show u what she got to enjoy!!!

My name is Leo the picture above is my cock and this is the story when I was a senior in college I worked part-time in a movie theatre to support my monthly rent. It was an easy job. Just sitting round watching movies, and being a good friend to the head manager(Carla) made it easier. Carla had young b*****r(Dave), who was a senior in high school that worked with me on weekends. Quickly we became best-friends. Being 21 and buying beers, and having my own apartment, I was li... Continue»
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mel an i at niagara falls

mel who is handsome an 66 years old an I decided too go too Niagara falls .he told his wife we had band camp all weekend an she believed him!! mel picked me up Friday night an while he drove I teased him!! I took my shoes off to reveal my sexy size 8 feet with my toes painted bright red in fully fashioned black stockings ,with the reinf***ed toe an heel an sole!! I teased mel while he drove us!! we got too hotel an checked in mel got us a room on 5th floor overlooking the falls ,it was so romantic with the lights on!! I went an changed into my short white leather skirt an sexy bra an c-thru bl... Continue»
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glory hole sex

I had a day off and the wife was out of town. I was
sitting at home looking at porn on the internet and
decided it would be fun to go to an adult sex store and
see some action in the flesh. If you knew the password
for the month you could enjoy a peep show, or some
Glory hole action, today I chose the glory hole.

That day a chubby white lady was working the booth
Area I could not tell if any other people were there. The
Front lobby was empty due to it being a Monday and normal
Working day for most people. She was nice asking me how
My day was going and etc. I asked for a chubby... Continue»
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Debbie's First Visit

First of all let me just say this, this is a true story of what happened to me a couple years ago whilst at my local Bar.

it had been 5 or 6 months since me and my Crazy ex split (thats a whole different story) and despite a few over nighters the first month i was going through a dry spell.
Every Friday was always Bar night, me and all the guys would go down to our local bar and stay until it closed, tonight was no different.

now due to the pretty low standards of the place, women were pretty rare, especially any under the age of 40, and right up until about 10:30 this remained the case... Continue»
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couple from Xhamster

This middle aged white couple sent a message on Xhmaster
Asking me if I had ever done any of the things in my stories.
I had to admit that most of the stuff was just my vivid
Mind thinking of great ways to have freaky sex. Then
They sent a message asking if I would really cuckold
A white couple? I told them that I didn’t have a problem
Fucking with someone watching as long as there was no
Male on male contact.

Over The next few weeks we began exchanging endless emails
Everyday we would exchange Several dirty emails about how
I would fuck the wife and Watch the husband lick my s... Continue»
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being a junior in high school i had an abundance of female classmates to ogle and friends to admire
and download into my minds eye for later reference as subjects of my masturbation fantasies. there were
quite a few teachers and administrators who were also very worthy of my attention. although athletic i am
not a jock nor would i be considered a nerd. my interests are art and writing and since grade school i have
developed a reputation of having exceptional artistic talents and have received numerous awards for my art
work. i've taken almost every art class my hig... Continue»
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My introduction to The Lifestyle

This is an exerpt from a story i wrote a few years ago with a chrismas theme, i may repost it around christmas time inits original entirety.

  When i was a teenager and first started dating, my father gave me sage advice, "Belle, if a boy hits you, he doesn't like you." I nodded and absorbed that information as all teen aged girls do. At the time i had no idea what he was saying to me or why. All the boys I had dated were nice boys who treated me well. When i started dating and i had a few nice boyfriends and then in college i met who i thought was THE ONE.

Marco was an exchange student ... Continue»
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Busted 5: In Training

(Continued from Busted 4)

Busted 5: In Training

My wife jumped up from the deck chair and went inside, I suppose to call Sally. I slumped back in my chair and was just realizing the gravity of the situation. At the moment all I could think was, “At least this is all happening at our vacation home and not where we live and work!” We enjoy relative anonymity at the coast. We only know a few people there and we don’t really socialize much there. I reassured myself that whomever I did anything with here would have no connection to my friend’s back where I live. Already, the reality was... Continue»
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My first time having sex!

One hot summer day after I got out on high school I had to be at work at 4 pm. I had worked at this store since I was 16, moved all the way up to customer service. So Iam standing at the behind the customer service desk. In walk this girl I knew from around the way, she was a stud. She had one of her friends with her, I greeted them good afternoon may I help you. Her friend says yea "I am here to pick up a rug my grandfather put on layaway". I replied "ok may I have your receipt" as he give me over the receipt they giggle to one another. I was thinking to myself really that's how they going t... Continue»
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the night we changed part 3

part 3

It took me a while to realize what had happened. I felt my body aching, my legs hurt like hell and my head was filled with utter confusion.
"Did I enjoy this? How could I?", I thought. "He hurt me. He hurt me like nobody ever had before. And I enjoyed this?" For a while I wrestled with myself, trying to get a grasp on what just happened and how I felt about it.
Mike took off my entire headgear and I saw him kneeling next to me.
" you are doing wonderfully. I never expected you to be this strong." He said gently, wiping away me tears.
"I'm scared, Mike. I'm really scared."
"I kn... Continue»
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Gang Banged by a FOOTBALL Team

This is a true story of how I became a slut housewife!!
Now-a days, my husband and I are both swingers and both of us are slutty on

weekend nights!
This all came about because of the story I'm about to tell you...
I was in high school and wasn't even old enough to drive a car, much less know

a lot about sex.
I loved football and our high school team was pretty good so I got a job as a

trainer. Basically, all I did was get the uniforms cleaned, take out and then put up

gear after games and practice. It was kinda fun though and every now and then,

I would sneak peeks
... Continue»
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Learning Curve with Jessica

Being with Francesca is always like a tonic and I feel completely at ease with her idiosyncrasies

Like the way she adores opera and ballet but most important of all - with me being a red bl**ded guy and all that means; her deep rooted passion which really moves the earth and everything else for me.

When we first met and started learning about each other, our likes and dislikes and how we connected with those things; how we matched interests and how much we were compatible, we both shared a wonderful new and exciting learning curve.

At the age of thirty I discovered the true woman in m... Continue»
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