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The Conference

I walk to reception to check in, and stand next to you as you are checking in too. I cant help but smell your sweet perfume and run my eyes up and down your body, getting slightly aroused...
You look at me and smile...
I continue to check in...half listening to the receptionist, half watching you as you bend over and pick up your luggage. I check in and walk towards the lifts to take me to my room..
And as you look over your shoulder, catching me looking at your ass. You look up to see me watching you and smile.
I see you waiting at the lifts and follow behind you as we both wait for the l... Continue»
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My s****r's Best Friend

My older s****r Alison and I shared a flat while we were both still at university. It worked okay; we had a big

room each so we could keep out of each other's way. She already had a fiancé and I supposed they had sex

together, because she stayed the night at his flat two or three times a week.

It was one of those nights. I was alone and the frozen meal which I'd nuked for dinner was so ordinary it made

me feel depressed. I was trying to psych myself into getting on with an assignment which was due in a couple

of days when the bell from the downstairs security system ra... Continue»
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Substituting for Absentee Fiancee'

My friend, Steve, was dating a very voluptuous latina, Martina. Martina wasn't a BBW, but she was very curvaceous and had HUGE tits, a tiny waist and a great ass (if you like a little "junk in the trunk"). She was also lots of fun to hang out with, smiled and laughed a lot, cooked up some great meals, and was always very friendly. Although I ordinarily would have made a play to bang Martina at least once, there was never anything sexual between us, since her relationship with Steve was pretty serious (they were later married).

One evening I suggested that Steve and Martina come over to m... Continue»
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Breaking the rules and very happy about it

Upon graduating university in 2007 I found the job market was very bad. Being one of few girls with a degree in Geology, wherever I go it's a male dominated sausage factory. And being decently put together, slender, young and not having a penis proved to be an asset in my job search. I ended up taking a job which had me relocate to foreign lands. Middle Eastern countries are interesting but no fun, I look good in a head scarf! Living was very often in the company compound and I absolutely never screwed around with company people. It was hard mainly because I just love sex. As my older b... Continue»
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Jesus fucking Christ! I sucked my roommate's

Two days ago, I text my roommate and ask him if he wants to see a movie because I bought some popcorn and a Pepsi bottle. So he says "Yea! Of course. What movie?" and I text him back "Your call. Let's see something that we haven't seen in a while and we loved it". So we are watching The Matrix. Everything exciting, talks about how the movies was made, how hot Trinity was by that time, how I couldn't imagine Will Smith as Neo, etc. The movie ends, he goes to his laptop to check Facebook for the last time that day and I went to take a shower 'cause I got very cold. So, I finish the shower, I tak... Continue»
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Blackmailed by sisster part 3.

Story so far, i was caught masterbating wearing my m*ms knickers, my sissster took some polaroids and is now blackmailing me. She has 3 pictures of me and i will get one back for ever 2 weeks i do as she days.
Thursday morning i am last down to breakfast, Clare is dressed for school but m*m and d*d still have their dressing owns on. I sit by Clare , the material of the gown combines with the last two days to cause my cock to swell.
I sit down blushing, trying to hid an obvious swelling. Has anyone seen?
M*m looks up from her coffee, " you stopped wearing pyjamas?"
"Yeah " i mumble, gazing ... Continue»
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My First Date with Max

My name is Shauna, I am a blonde and I don’t believe in that “dumb Blonde” bull that men talk about. I have been in business for thirteen years and I’ve had a lot of experience with men. They all seem to look at me, see my size 34G breasts & my tight ass and quickly assume that I’m going to be a quick lay and that’ll be in control. Well I can be a pretty damn quick fuck if you turn me on. But you bring in control depends on how much control I want to give up. Many a man has found himself on the business end of my favorite toy – A 12” long 3 ½” thick dildo. Quite a few men didn’t think I’d shov... Continue»
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Bowling Buddies - New Boyfriend

From reading my previous posts you know that I recently broke up with my long-term boyfriend Don who had initiated me into a homosexual lifestyle, this included my becoming his sissy. Nevertheless, he dumped me to go back to his wife and suggested I might like to date our mutual friend Jack. There was an opening on Jack’s team so I became a substitute bowler on Jack’s team. After a few weeks of bowling together we went out for drinks. I bowled with Jack for about three weeks when he popped the question. Jack asked "I've seen you at the Satellite Bar (a private gay club in town) and saw yo... Continue»
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The Cinema

Young woman finally gets what she’s always been dreaming of.

I was fuming, I wanted a man on me, in me and all over me so badly but I didn't want to listen to any of the usual male chat-up type of crap they come up with. My boyfriend had recently broken things off between us, he really screwed me over big time. While I understand he suffers with his own demons of bi-polar and alcoholism, it doesn't give him the right to just stop talking to me without any explanation, no nothing. I felt so fucking hurt again, why do I continue letting this happen to me. I didn't know if he just stoped cari... Continue»
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My Delicious Little Witch

Demure hottie gets wild at the haunted house
It was a few days before Halloween in the mellow city of Olympia, Washington and I was trying to decide where to take my s****r's k**s for the upcoming holiday weekend. As a single mom, she counted on me to help out on holidays, especially since she often worked nights while I had a flexible schedule since I ran my own electrical contracting business. We would go kayaking, or roller skating, or to the movies. I think they felt Mom was a stick-in-the-mud, but Uncle Dave was the cool one. And I could always take them right back home if they got sass... Continue»
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Dorm Floor Bitch

My name is Michael, and I am a bisexual. I only get romantically involved with girls; I love dating them and have had several girlfriends. Throughout high-school, I was just a perfectly normal straight k**.

That all changed when I went to college.

It all started during my first semester at college. I live in a dorm, and for the first three weeks I had used the communal showers without incident. I never really saw any of the other guys on my floor. Hell, I only saw my RA once!

One afternoon I got back to my dorm. I had been playing racquetball, and was kind of sweaty, so I decided that... Continue»
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my mrs first time on holiday

hi firstly let me introduce myself,im tim 42yold and my partner is miss t,shes 41 weve been together years ,and have always fantasised about having a threesome!role play when having sex etc,and on our recent holiday to ibiza it all came real!!on arriving at san antonio bay,we checked in to our 4 star hotel,very nice it was too,the only problem was the place was full of germans and spanish,but it turned out not to be a problem!lol on the first morning miss t was sunbathing in a very nice black bikini,i was just swimming in the pool talking to everyone,and then started talkin to two guys ,one wa... Continue»
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Glory Be The Day

About two years ago, I read online about the glory holes at an adult bookstore that was close to my office. So with nerves of steel, I visited during lunchtime later that week. With caution, I parked in the rear of the building so no one would see me from the street. Then I nervously entered the back door. Heedfully, I walked into the darkened entryway. There was this seedy looking woman sitting behind a counter who prompted me for two dollars. I paid her, and the spindle allowed me in.

Once inside, I carefully walked down the almost pitch-black hallway. I could barely see these loitering m... Continue»
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summer break

One day while I was out of school for summer break I was 11 and it was three days after my birthday, I know this because I had been outside riding the 10 speed I had been given since about 9 am. It was getting close to two in the afternoon and I was getting hungry so I decided to head home and get a sandwich before taking a ride to the park. When I rode up in the driveway the neighbor from across the street walked out the front door saying "Ok thanks again Tammy." being kind of naïve I didn't really think anything about and said hi to Steve he in turn looked kind of shocked to see me and at a ... Continue»
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Wife Works At Our Friends Resort Bar

Wife Works Our Friends Resort Bar
One summer while our new home was being built, my wife Susan and our k**s moved into a small cottage at one of those old “ma and pa” lakefront resorts in Wisconsin. The trouble turned out to be that this resort was not owned by any “Ma and Pop”; but rather a young muscular Dentist, Phil and his equally hot young wife. I still had to go out of town a lot for work and I was a little worried about leaving my hot little wife at the resort surrounded by hunky young boaters on vacation who would like nothing better than to fuck this hot young MILF. You see my wife ... Continue»
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My Boss In The Stock Room

Let me start by saying all of my stories are fictional but based on true events all characters names and some details have been changed. I do not give anybody permission to copy or use my stories in any way. This is also my first story so I hope u like it and would appreciate all kinds of feedback.

My boss in the stock room. 

Let me start by describing my boss, her name is Claire she is a small woman of 5 foot, mid 30's, average body with a very sexy ass and even sexier 36DD tits. 
We work in retail and have a good working relationship. I have fantasized about her when wanking a few tim... Continue»
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A naive girl at Borisovo's pond. Chapter 1

A naive girl at Borisovo's pond.

Chapter 1. Getting acquainted.

This year hot spring days came early in Moscow and everybody was happy to leave cold temperatures in the past. It brought a surge of activity to the city and it was clearly seen. Malls were filled with shoppers, looking for goods. Beaches were filled with teenagers ditching schools on the prowl for fun.

There was Borisovo’s pond in Orekhovo-Borisovo, the southern district of Moscow. That was the place where high school k**s liked hanging out.

It was just the kind of a day that made k**s skip classes and hang ou... Continue»
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My s****r in law "L"

i have never said my s****r in laws name before. why? just never have. think i will now.

i have had a thing for my s****r in law since i first saw her. i've always thought she was beautiful. hot. sexy. you know, the kind you just want to just bust a nut on. i have been trying to find a way to get with her. don't think i ever will though. i have looked down her blouse. down her pants. i know there are times she doesn't wear panites. i can see straight down her ass crack. mmmmmm so lickable. she's probably a smal C cup. everytime we go to her place, i eventually make my way to her bathroom. i... Continue»
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fuck my girl on train

Hi everyone.I am rocky.I live in Surat.Shrishti my girlfriend is a nice looking girl having a seducing figure 32-30-34.

This happened when i was 18 year old.Shrishti was my best school friends as we share our secrets with each other.She is a dam hard working girl with her academics and guys girls who are hard working never like to get involved in any relationship and shrishti is that type of girl who even not like to explore herself to may people. As i have told you that she used to share her secrets with me so she had told me about her feeling when she first seen porn on internet.

There... Continue»
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Hi erotic stories lovers. I love these stories and was thinking of sharing some of my experiences with you all. So here it is one of my most recent ones. But before I could start let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am Kashif from Karachi Pakistan. I work in a multinational firm as manager HR. I am 5’ 8” with average built. From my c***dhood I always attracted towards beautiful ladies and I lost my virginity at the age of 17 to my maid (that story some other time) since then I had sexual experiences with my cousins, college friends (in USA) and then with my office colleagues. This stor... Continue»
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