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Losing my virginity to a 50 year old granny (true

This is a true story which I've kept to myself for all these years. I was 17 at the time and now I'm 21 I feel it's time I shared.

I've been watching porn since the age of 12 and having blown my load to nearly every category possible, I found that the most enticing experience was watching mature women or granny's. Just the thought of having an older woman in my bed was enough to have my pre-cum soaking my underwear but watching young guys fuck older women was orgasmic.

I love the curves, stretch marks, wrinkles and juicy looking pussy's which were always on display. The taboo scenario o... Continue»
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Our vacation

This was before we had k**s, we made plans to go on a trip with my b*****r, his wife and my s****r. Someone told of an all-inclusive resort on the French side of St. Marteen and it sounded like the kind of place we could have fun. Our very first day there I was greeted by a sight I couldn't believe. Topless women all over the pool and beach area. It was a little uncomfortable with my s****r there, but soon it was no big deal. We were having drink after drink and just having a great time. After dinner we were hanging outside by the bar when we noticed 2 couples who just got there wandering aro... Continue»
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Daddy's Slut

You're just 18, proud, a bit haughty, perhaps a little arrogant because of your looks, living with your single father after the messy divorce of your parents. You've become somewhat wild over the past few years as your body has developed, relishing making the dick of every boy who looks your way stand up and pay attention. Today, you're wearing a white baby tee, with a black lacy bra just barely visible beneath it, and your favorite short skirt; your favorite, because it always slides up on your ass, revealing the bare skin there, as you wear no panties. Your hair is done up in pigtails, makin... Continue»
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Christening our New Caavan

Christening Our New Caravan.
Same room, full wife swap, MFMF
The old caravan had been a good introduction to the fraternity and a great step up from our trusty old tent but being a second hand (and probably several previous owners) was showing it’s age and it found a new home with a couple who like us were wanting to try the caravan lifestyle without incurring too much cost. We however considered ourselves committed to the convenience of a van and treated ourselves to a brand new van, the smallest model with a fixed bed – at last now we wouldn’t have to unmake and re... Continue»
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Wife Swapping - First time,

(A re-post from another site - but I enjoyed it and hope that you do the same)Wife swapping, first time.
Back in the 1980's there was no internet dating sites or the like, and it was tough trying to find or contact other people with similar sexual interests.
Usually it was through word of mouth or from magazines and often involved using dodgy PO box numbers, it was all a bit seedy and under the counter.
Also no mobile phone so no swapping photos etc.
Basically it was pretty risky and you never quite knew what you were going to get. Maybe that's what made things more exciting.

We read a... Continue»
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By The Marquis Facade


“Say it, Shawn,” she told him. “Tell me I’m fat. It’s okay, I like it because I know I turn you on.” She gawked over the top of her belly to gauge his response…or lack thereof. “What’s wrong, am I squashing you with my big fat ass?”
“No,” he blurted suddenly but then said nothing else.
No, he wasn’t going to take the initiative any time soon, so obviously it was up to her to remain in control of the game.
“Maybe I should squash you with my big, fat ass,” she asserted. “You’re a bad boy…getting hard for my friend’s tit... Continue»
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By The Marquis Facade


“Least she ain’t gotta worry about getting knocked up, huh?” Connie commented as his mother walked up.
His mother laughed and he returned his attention to the fat pregnant woman on top of him. Looking up at her, it was as if all he could see was her huge belly…and when she’d lean back with her stupid hat, she’d thrust her torso forward, making her belly stick out even further and right into his face. The effect was almost like a 3D movie…so much so that he kept flinching and expecting her gut to hit him in the face.
And... Continue»
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A white wife finally agrees to date a black man

A white wife finally agrees to go on a date with a
handsome black man. Hubby wants to become a cuckold
and eagerly convinces his wife that she needs a much
large endowed man. (MF, reluc, intr, rom, swingers)


I woke up the next morning and turned on the computer
and went straight to our pictures. Good! Phillip
commented on most of the pictures I had posted and
sent a new email directed to my wife. I decided not to
open the mail, I'd leave it for Brittney to reply back
hoping she'd fall for the bait. I skimmed through some
of the comments noticing how polite Phillip's... Continue»
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Watching daddy was too much to bear

I knelt quietly as I watched, fascinated by what I was witnessing, at last I could see it happen from start to finish, the later the most exciting bit I craved, and then as suddenly as it started it stopped, a couple of high powered spurts, and the semen shot out, and as it did I licked my dry lips and closed my eyes, playing back in my memory as if it were a prerecorded tape, the semen in slow motion, arching through the air, only this time it was destined for me, small globules of fertilizing sperm fighting to get deep inside me, and as it kissed my soft skin, my fingers worked harder and so... Continue»
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Last Night

note: I had trouble sl**ping last night, so I tried imagining what someone else would do.
Female POV

It's three a.m. and I'm still not sl**ping. I've tried reading an old college text book I had lying around but that just served to occupy my brain. It was fascinating re-reading through all the old notes I'd made, old concepts long forgotten. But this wasn't helping. My clock says 3:02am. I'm not bored.
I need to sl**p. Maybe I can exhaust myself. My thoughts turn to the new object in my bedside drawers. It only arrived last week and it's made quite an impression. And there was that... Continue»
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MY first time

This happened to me many years ago. Some things that happen to us are special. This is one of my most memorable ones.
I grew up in a very, very small town. I would always hang out with my friends. Roaming through the woods and country side. Just camping out in the woods or spending the night with each other. We were all so young and innocent. It was before we all grew up and went to Vietnam or raised a f****y. Not a care in the world.
So one day I was just hanging out with my friend roger. we only lived a few hundred feet from each other and we were often together just having fun. So one day... Continue»
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caught jerking off by mums friend!

Well this story all started last year when we had our annual big BBQ with f****y and friends. We were all in the garden playing football, gossiping and taking it in turns to cook. I noticed mums friend sally not breaking eye contact throughout the BBQ until I was bringing more burgers from the kitchen when she asked me where the ciders were "we have a crate in the fridge still". Bit as she was bending over to open the fridge I noticed her lifting her skirt up showing her amazing ass in a perfect looking g string. As soon as she got up with her cider and turned to leave she looked at my crotch,... Continue»
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"accidental" cuckold


my name is mark and this is a brief account of my first long awaited cuckold experience. it all started with a chance meeting in town with an old friend from college namely Simon. i knew Simon from about 4 years ago when we both attended the same college and had a shared interest in football and this is where the story begins to unfold. Simon was 6'1 built for athletics and black as coal and had returned back to London from university. he was looking for a local team to get a game with on a regular basis, with my team struggling for players and me knowing he use to be a handy player i t... Continue»
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Post to a depressed mate

This is what I posted to a mate has issues attracting a female. He is disabled, yet all parts work. This site has many people, some of whom are real and caring. Maybe someone there can also advise him. He is a human being and though I've never been in his situation, could use some positive words. G'day.

Stop believing no woman will want you.
Make them want you.
They want a nice guy but select bad boys because they don't know what to expect from nice guys.
I lost a soulmate as she was afraid my commitment was real and I also didn't want to change her sexually.

Go to my page ... Continue»
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By The Marquis Facade


She looked at his face and then lowered her gaze down to his dangling appendage and realized it was moving a bit, twisting on its own accord.
“You wanna see the rest of it,” he asked and before she could answer, he pulled his underwear down further and spilled his testicles out over the top of the waistband…and the big sack of balls slid out and dropped down a good five inches with an odd flop…before beginning to dangle pendulously behind his penis. Each nut was the size of a golf ball or maybe a bit bigger and rather than the ... Continue»
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My petite Muslim wife's first experience cont

She tried to resist but Lawrence overpowered her easily! She pulled back his thick dark forskin to unveil his throbbing pink mushroom helmet! Tentatively she stuck out her tongue and with just the tip she had her first taste of a black cock! She licked round his helmet a little before Lawrence told her to use all of her tongue! My wife stuck her tongue out flat and pulled that thick black cock onto it! She licked his cock all over before popping his helmet into her mouth! She struggled to put in much more but Lawrence helped by forcing her head down! He grabbed a handful of hair and used it to... Continue»
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Fucking my classmate....

The bell rang, and I let in my classmate Sabrina, as we were working on our class project together. We were going to work in my living room and I led her to the couch and we started to study. She was wearing a stylish track suit that fit every curve of her shapely body. She had the zipper down exposing her big ample breasts. I could see the print of her nipples thru the thin material of her suit. She had a nice big round ass that sat up and nice hips that were thick n nice. As I was in my own home I wore a tank top and a pair of shorts. We worked on the project for almost 2 hours, befor... Continue»
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A Rob and Allison story:
I guess I should start by telling you that I am a terrible prankster, I always have been and love a good joke, BUT jokes have a way of back firing.
My wife Allison is quite attractive and I have always been very proud being seen in public with her, I have never been a jealous person and actually get turned on by watching guys admiring something that is totally mine. We had a cousin of mine staying with us for a couple of weeks and he was just 16, Allison and I late twenties and we really enjoyed our sex life and Allison was always ready to fuck and quite easy to turn... Continue»
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Nude on the Ramp at School

This is about a female friend in school that wanted to be naked in public and asked for my help with do it. She is a pettie woman with very small next to nothing for tits. She had sex for the first time just months earlier and it was in her ass. That was the only time she had any attention from men and she wants more. She asked me to pull her dress off of her leaving her naked in the hallway during classes changing. She said she wear nothing under the dress. No panties or bra and she didn't want to know when tomorrow I was going to do this. I decided to do it after english class because s... Continue»
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A Casual Encounter

This is my first time writing a story for the X-Hamster. I am not a story teller so please bear with me.
Im writing this with the intention to share an actual experience, as well as so I do not forget it. Names have been
changed to protect the innocent.

After eight years of a happy marriage, my wife left me for a man she met on an online video game.
After several months without a companion and sex I decided to 'live' a little and take a walk on the wild side.
Being committed to one woman my whole life, I never got to experience anything else. Curious about the 'casual
encounters' se... Continue»
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