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Cheating Ex-Wife Gets Caught Sexting Her Lover

This is the sext I found from my slutty ex. I forgave her, and even her morally corrupt boyfriend (who was and still is married). But even after that, she didn't want to reconcile, so I cut my losses and divorced the bitch. Now I get more pussy than I know what to do with, and she is miserable, alone and broke. Karma is a MOTHERFUCKER lol.

Francisco: U there?
Francisco:What you doing?
Lynne:Still at the airport waiting for my friend. So glad my husband isn’t here. He would kill us both if he knew we were having an affair. Or at least kill you lol.
F... Continue»
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Fantasy to Reality

Both my wife and I really enjoy viewing videos, blogs and profiles of mature couples like ourselves involving wife swapping, cucks or just adding that extra person to share her body.
We have yet to make that final move in turning fantasy into reality, this nearly happened during the summer.
It was a hot a July day and we were teasing each other,touching, flashing etc,she was also being very verbal saying that she wants two cocks to tease rather than the one and the other needed to be bigger than what I had to offer, her slutty talk had my mind racing.
After a while she shouted my name fr... Continue»
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New Neighbors

unknown author

My wife Vicky is a little shy and naive, but if a fantasy takes seed in her mind she will probably lose herself in it. That is exactly what happened when our new neighbors wife got in her head. Our sex life was anything but boring. But this time it wasn't just a fantasy that stayed in our bedroom for in the weekend, this one changed everything. We had our share of fantasy but she had never show interest in other men, even though there were plenty of men interested in her. She didn't show herself off or make herself look available, ever.

I wasn't her first, but i... Continue»
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His, Part 1

I stood at the airport terminal with my overly large bag in hand. I looked up to see the carabinieri on the catwalk patrolling the Leonardo da Vinci international departures terminal in Rome Italy. My eyes were wet with tears, as I walked away from the Man who had taught me everything about love and loss. I was sure I wouldn't see Him again. I had already decided, this was the last time. If he didn't want to come with me this time, he would never want to come with me. I needed him to be mine, as much as I needed to be his. That painful word between us, mine, his promises, his excuses, but I w... Continue»
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My Chosen First Time -PART 4

To my surprise, Lynn was waiting for me. She took the hem of my veil and kept it from touching the ground. In the background “The Wedding March” was playing. The sun’s evening rays outlined a path that was covered with flower petals led to an altar like table. The altar table was covered with daisies, roses. A white candle in its center flickered in the dusk. It was a wonderful sight that was wrapped in a small hilarity. We all were nude but wore miniscule articles of clothing that identified traditional duties of wedding party members. Naked Aunt Susan, like a priestess had her head covered s... Continue»
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The Weekend

The Weekend

We had meet the couple at a party. We had gotten on so well with them that we had invited them to our house the next weekend. She was tall, blonde, and very sexy. Red swollen lips that pouted as she spoke. Her long blonde hair, cascaded down to her shoulders. Her full ripe breasts, pushed out as the tried to escape the confines of her dress. Her tiny waist, hour glass shape figure, curved in and out at her hips. And her long sleek legs gleamed as they provocatively flashed from under her dress. She was a vision of beauty. So like... Continue»
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Curiosity Filled the Cat

8:45. Shit! I'm late! Lauri thought, annoyed. She needed to get to her Saturday morning college class. First, though, she had to print her essay, but her printer was refusing to work. With a sigh of frustration, she ejected and yanked her USB from the computer.

This was her first semester of classes. The 18-year-old coed had graduated high school 4 months ago and been accepted to a college close enough that she could live at home, instead of the dorms. She loved both not having to deal with roommates and saving money.

She quickly changed from her green yoga pant set into tight jeans an... Continue»
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My Best Friend's Father

My best friend, Emma had done it again. She promised that this time it would be a girl's night only, but she lied. After convincing me to go out with her, we planned to go back to her house and have a girly sl**p over. But as usual she met a guy and left me in the lurch.

Normally I would have gone home, but I had left my car and some of my belongings at her house. Like a true tart, she gave me her house key and told me stay at hers while she went back to some guys flat. She knew I was angry, what was I supposed to say to her father?

Emma's father, Jack was a lovely man. His wife, her mo... Continue»
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Wet Dreams

I always wondered how come my panties would be wet in the morning. My husbands b*****r lived with us. My husband would go on long trips with his company and would be home alone with Drew. Always on the days my husband was away my panties would be soaked on the outer and inner. One night I decided to set up a camera in my bedroom to see if I was moving around or having wet dreams. To my surprise the video taped showed Drew coming in the room with just his underwear on he would lay next to me in the bed under the covers. I couldn't see what he was doing from the video because of the covers ... Continue»
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Give me an A

(First time)
"Mr. Davies?" The 19-year-old blonde called out hesitantly, pushing open the heavy, carved wooden door that had been standing slightly ajar. "Hello?"

The 5'4" freshman tugged self-consciously at her clothing, trying in vain to make her lime-green, pink and black plaid miniskirt a little longer and her black tank long enough to meet the waistband. The stubborn spandex/cotton blend slid right back up, baring her bellybutton and tanned midriff.

Raised by smothering, conservative parents, Tina felt strange being around older adults while dressed so skimpily. Her first taste of... Continue»
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Alone, after the party

I'm Rachel, and I am 18. I had a crazy time last weekend, and i think I'll tell you about it.
As Im grabbing books out of my locker, this really cute guy that I've known since 4th grade came over, Bobby. He looked at me, and then said; "Hey Rachel, I'm having a party after school today, wanna come?" I bit my lip a little. "Sure. Only if Danielle can come too." (my best friend). "Yeah, why not." He said. I was really excited. I have liked Bobby for eight years!
So after school, i got on my black and pink cheetah bikini and a cover up. I guess I would say I have a pretty nice body. Im short. ... Continue»
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Amanda Does Anal

Her cell phone rang. 22 year-old college girl Amanda Day had no idea that by answering it, she would set in motion the chain of events by which she'd give up her anal cherry that very afternoon.

The phone. I don't have time to talk on the phone, I'm late for work, she thought. She didn't bother blow drying her hair, and her only concession to makeup was some lip gloss. She didn't need much more than that to look beautiful, anyway. She was one of those girls who just radiated beauty without trying, and she knew it.

The fourth ring. She glanced at the caller ID and saw that it was her fath... Continue»
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Marina's Story Ch. 01

*Hi, I'm Marina, first of all, thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Now, a little about me, I'm 22 years old, my friends call me a sex kitten, because I really enjoy sex, I'm 5'9, I have long red hair, and, green eyes, with a 34c chest, I'm very fit and trim, and, I have a bald pussy. I have my belly button pierced. Let me describe what I'm wearing, I'm wearing a bright pink party dress, with pink heels, which really shows off my shapely legs, with a pink and blue satin bra and panty set.

This is a story about my first date with my current boyfriend, it's also about the first ... Continue»
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My 1st sex experience with virgin student Sofia

Usually I’m a late riser. One day morning my mom was screaming at me to wake me up. Someone had come to my room. I woke up reluctantly and wringed my eyes and took my specs. Then I saw the man. He was my neighbor. I knew him. He said, “Are you a maths tutor? “ I replied yes.
He asked me that if I had time to teach his daughter. I knew her too. She’s Sofia. First I told him that I had not enough time but I didn’t refuse his offer. I was agreed to teach her from the next month. On the very 1st day I went to teach Sofia. She is very beautiful girl with figure stat 34-28-34. She read in class 10... Continue»
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This wasn't what I planned.

Hello again folks.Again thanks for the comments on my last post,the second part of my first gay experience.It was never meant to be more than one single post but I've so enjoyed reliving it plus I'm delighted that anybody liked it enough to comment,thanks.I intend to complete it this post.Don't worry I've got a lifetime of sexual adventures to further bore you all

If you've read from the start you'll know that I wasn't comfortable with how curious I'd become and however crazy it sounds I really thought that sucking his cock was the only way I'd truly 'cure' my curiosity.It did hav... Continue»
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Learning how to masturbate

I had just turned 10 and I knew nothing about masturbating. I did know touching myself felt very good and made my dick really hard which also felt very good. My best friend Jeff and I hung out a lot and spent a lot of time together. One Saturday evening Jeff invited me to sl**p over at his house. His parents gave permission and mine said it was ok too. After I got there I found out his parents were going out with friends, square dancing as I recall. After they left Jeff and I listened to music for a while then got something to eat. We settled on the sofa to watch tv and Jeff began acting kind ... Continue»
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When A Dream Become's Reality!!!

As I mentioned in my profile I used to, still occasionally do, write sexy adult stories for ladies and like minded couples and in return they would try some of the things I wrote about and some even sent pictures and videos to show they had a good time enjoying these stories.

So I have decided to upload some of these stories to see if you like them and if you do, feel free to message me and let me know what you think and if you feel that way inclined, send me a photo or two in return for the goodwill gesture I have given you! Who knows if I get some decent photographs of you and your partne... Continue»
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My Story - Wet Dream Making love to a T-girl

For some unknown reason while I was watching a sexy film a girl came into my room – don’t know why? She was tall, fit, Brunette with long hair and had sweet little face. She looked as though she was in her early Thirties! – Nice
She asked me if she could join me in bed. I said yes and was very curious about who she was – never mind. She noticed I was naked; she smiled at me implying she was very pleased at what she saw!
She asked me if I wanted a kiss. I said yes in a deep sexy voice.
She approached me at a slow pace with her lips ready to pounce. We finally touched with amazing passion. We... Continue»
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The week I lost my Virginity 4 times

Impossible, I hear you say, outrageous but yes I did in a female sense, I did have four lovers, one of which was pseudo, the other three, well I was penetrated and seeded, but because of circumstances, I got to choose the man who got the honer of hanging my scalp on his bedpost.

Most women couldn't give a rats ass who stuck them first, or anything to do with bedposts, as most of us lose it on sandy beaches or up dark allays having our soft skin bruised against brick walls.
Must of us are d***k, and some of us have a Tom, followed by a Harry, instead of a Mr Darcy on a lonely moor, romantic... Continue»
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If there’s one thing that’s more fun than watching other people having sex, it’s being watched – it’s no fun if you don’t know you’re being spied on, but knowing that there’s a hidden voyeur watching and masturbating to your every move is a very seductive felling of sexual naughtiness. But sometimes you have to create the atmosphere to allow things to happen.

After breakfast Thu and I wandered down to the pool. The resort was almost empty, mostly because it wasn’t really open for business yet. We had taken advantage of a special mid-week offer, a sort of soft opening where... Continue»
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