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Notes on a Sandal

Notes On A Sandal

Jay, of this site, was the lucky man who got to tell me what to do on
Saturday. He suggested I go out, shopping/whatever with no knickers
on. It's not unheard of, but I usually do wear a nice snug 9 string,
not least because, well I don't want to do a Pairs Hilton getting out
of my sports car, and partly because, well this is quite embarrassing,
I get rather wet down there, quite often and I would hate to dribble!

I figured the best way to get into danger, as it were, would be to go
and try shoes on. I had to find, of course, a straight male shop
assista... Continue»
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happened to my friend

Chapter 1

Hey Amber, I thought you would like this site I really enjoy it. Just set up an account and pm me when you get set up. My screen name is yngandfresh. Cant wait to here from you. I sat in front of my computer ready to click send on an email I really shouldn’t send. It was too late I sent it, she never know it is from me since it is from a new email address that I just set up in a fake name. I had all things covered, just hope she takes the bait.

About a month ago I went into my daughter’s room and found her computer still on so I shook the mouse and brought it back up, i... Continue»
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I was stranded in California at the time and needed to get back to Oregon. So I decided to hitch hike back. I started walking down the highway and put out my thumb. After about 30mins a truck pulled over it had to older redneck guys in it both were on the stocky/chubby side with beer belly's and looked like they were in there early 40's. They said there names were john and tony and that they were going to Oregon and I said great and hopped in the back of the truck.

I knew it was going to be a long ride so I layed back and fell asl**p. I woke up to the truck bouncing down a ruff dirt road.... Continue»
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Highschool party hookup (revised, rewritten, still

she took me by the hand and lead me upstairs. her hips were swinging so sensually. every flirty step she takes sends her miniskirt bouncing and swaying back and forth just enough for me to peak under and see the curvy bottom of her ass just where it meets the top of her thigh. in my d***ken state, it was absolutely mesmerizing. watching her ass bounce just inches from my face, that lacy thong rubbing between her legs as she steps up left then right then left then right again. her skin felt so soft as i ran my fingers up and down her legs while we were dancing earlier. i wanted to feel her agai... Continue»
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lost my virginity

i'm sabi . I want to share the experience of how I lost my virginity in one of the most unlikely circumstances. This happened around 1 year ago.We had a marriage of one of my cousins in my native village.But,since I had my practicals just the day before which I cannot skip. My father stayed with me ,while my mother and younger b*****r went to the function a week earlier.Our native village was a 10 hr journey from my place by bus,but my father decided to drive in our car as it will be faster than a bus.

I finished my practicals successfully and came home to get all the jewellery and dresses ... Continue»
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Teaching the Landlady’s Daughter - 1

I was engaged to undertake a two month contract at a local client’s regional office some 200 miles from my home. Rather than spend a lot of money on a hotel I found lodgings at an out of season guest house on the edge of the town. The guest house was really just a large six bedroom house occupied by a f****y, husband (Tom), wife (Carol), son (Dan) and daughter (Amy). Dan was away at university but Amy was still at school and there was plenty of room. I went home most weekends but preferred to travel by train as the drive was very tiring.

Being in a f****y atmosphere was much more pleasant... Continue»
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My Girlfriend's Mom Shrieked

My Girlfriend's Mom Shrieked.............

This is the story of a teen who suddenly becomes aware of the allure of his girlfriends mom. Of a boy/man who struggles with the feelings this woman ignites within him. And what about his girlfriend's dad, a man who's always treated him like a son? And why does this inexperienced lad become so excited at the thought of taking another man's wife?

1 -- 3:18 p.m. May 27th 2008

"Tommeeeee!" my girlfriend's mom shrieked as I lifted her high up into the air. But her eyes were smiling in excitement as she looked down at me from above. She thought I w... Continue»
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First Time Bareback

I had been chatting with the guy on one of the male only social networking sites when he invited me over to his place that afternoon. From his profile, he said he was of mixed race, around my height, older, and a little on the chunky side and that we were in the same town. Well, being that he lived close by, someone I considered attractive, and me being real horny I said yes. So he gave me directions and we agreed on a time. I got to his place and when I saw him he looked more black than mixed but since I am attracted to black men that made it so much better. The rest of his profile was accura... Continue»
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Friends with Benefits...PART 2


Before you jump in, this story demands you begin with Part 1:
Once you've read can continue...

“I think we’re out of vodka,” Sonia said as she rummaged through the cabinet in our kitchen. “How about a gin & tonic? I have Tanqueray.”

“That would be perfect,” replied Diana from the other room.

“Same for me,” retorted her husband, Mark.

Diana & Mark, our best friends, had come over after dinner for some drinks. Since Sonia’s k**s were with their father, we had the house to ourselves.

“I’ll m... Continue»
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A weekend with my naughty cousins. Night one.

A weekend with my naughty cousins. Night one.

Me and my older b*****r dean were the same ages as our two cousins. Jenny was eighteen the same as dean and Becky was fifteen the same as me. We lived along away apart so only saw each other a couple of times a year. We always got on great when we were little k**s but as we got older the boy/girl tensions began to show in the relationships. Jenny and dean really seemed to have no time for each other on their last visit but as I was about to find out it was all due to sexual tensions. Jenny was really pretty, a former cheerleader short brown h... Continue»
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How i learned to enjoy eating cum

I remember it like it was just yesterday... an old friend I knew from my teenage years got back in touch with me..i met him and his GF and the c***dren..they threw a cookout that day. Later he tells his GF that he needs to go visit someone out of town and will be back later on. He asks if I want to go with him for the long ride to keep him company and catch up on our lives so far. I agreed and off we went. about 20 minutes into the drive he starts discussing how much of a slut his gf is and that he would like to know if I'd like to help him with a threesome fantasy she has. I looked at him in ... Continue»
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First Short Story - Trying New Things

“Can we go out to the granny flat? I want to get away from that weird new housemate of yours.” Angie said to Killian.

“Aw, but we're cosy here...and I'll have to carry out the box of beer! Ugh...but you're right, I can't stand him either. Okay, you get the key and open it up, I'll get bring the beer.”

Killian got up off the comfy sofa and went to grab the box of beer from the table. He watched as Angie reached up for the key on top of the cabinet, and caught a glimpse of her back as her blouse pulled up, and just a peek of a red thong rising above her tight jeans.

They had been friend... Continue»
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Pounding by Daddy in the Changerooms

I was single, bored and masturbating way to often. I was young, innocent, and i was in my last year of high school. I had done everything with a previous girlfriend, from kissing to sex and I was straight of course, but had a pure obsession with older men. I spent a lot of my time, stripping, rubbing my hard cock, fingering myself at the sight of and older man fucking a younger boy. I went on websites, playing with them over webcam and still do to this day. But I was still a virgin, wanting just one fuck, that no one would no of, that no one but me and a matured, older man would know of.
Now,... Continue»
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Sissy Serving Poker Night

I was terrified when I was actually invited to serve at the usual Friday night poker game with 5 guys I had been talking with online. Three of them are black and 2 are white. I arrived at the house to find a nice setup in a basement rec room with a card table and a pool table.

I was nervous as I approached the front door and knocked having never done this before. The party host answered and immediately I was told to get dressed in something sexy and start serving drinks. Well since the only thing I brought with me was my thong and high heels, I put those on and came out, trembling with nerv... Continue»
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A Business Man's Surprise

I was on business and was staying a couple of nights in a hotel.

I had just phoned my wife and now was wondering what to do with myself. I decided rather than hit the bar I would go for a swim in the hotel pool. When I got there I had it all to myself and was enjoying the luxury of swimming alone. I had done a few lengths and was having a breather when I heard someone else coming into the poolroom. I felt a bit aggrieved as my peace was disturbed. I glanced up and to my surprise felt a jolt of sexual urge. I was surprised because the person sliding into the water was a man. I was 44 and had... Continue»
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Dream Gang Bang Fantasy Come True

As I mentioned in my profile I used to, still occasionally do, write sexy adult stories for ladies and like minded couples and in return they would try some of the things I wrote about and some even sent pictures and videos to show they had a good time enjoying these stories.

So I have decided to upload some of these stories to see if you like them and if you do, feel free to message me and let me know what you think and if you feel that way inclined, send me a photo or two in return for the goodwill gesture I have given you! Who knows if I get some decent photographs of you and your partne... Continue»
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Virginity Lost

I knocked on the door and looking right, I could see through the window into the empty back room. There was no reply and no sign of movement inside, I knocked a bit louder this time, prepared to just leave. With no response, I turned to go when I caught a glimpse of Fred's mother, Barbara through the window. She wore a white robe tied at the waist and recognising me, grinned her wide, toothy grin and hurried to the door.

Returning to the door, I was greeted by Barbara with her characteristically cheery, 'Hello, Ryan.'

She was leaning on the door, and although the lines on her face and ... Continue»
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Caught In The Act Part 5 (The Final Humiliation)

Heart racing, I returned the older man's rough kiss. His hand left my chest and started stroking my nylon covered leg. He teased my thighs apart, and slowly slid his hand up under my skirt and brushed my cock. I let out a little moan, which caused him to stop kissing me and stare straight into my eyes, with a lecherous grin starting to appear on his deeply lined face. "Now slut, I want you to suck my cock like the good little waitress we've been promised" and with that, he grabbed me by the shoulders and positioned me between his legs, which were now spread wide to accommodate me.

I could o... Continue»
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Licking her nylon feet for the first time...

The story starts long time ago, when i was 16 years old, and she was our housekeeper...

"Jean, please leave the stocking on, can I just kiss your feet and smell them."

And she laughed, but not in a mocking w ay, "Is that it, just smell my feet? Well I'm sure they probably smell a bit stinky after being in my boots all morning. I wouldn't want to smell them, and I can't imagine why you would want to kiss them, but yes, you can if you like."

This was it, the dream becoming real. My cock jerked violently when she said this, and she sounded so incredibly soft and understanding. Then she l... Continue»
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the blow job

I was talking to a girl one day. she is five foot five and only weighs 135 pounds. hay long strawberry blond hair. her breast are like about c-cup size. we both were in our twenties. we talked for what seemed minute but was longer. she said that she had to go but wanted to see me again so I told her to come over any time. one day she came over and got down in front of me (now I did not know she liked me that much and this had not happen to me before so I was nervous)opened my pants puled my soft cock out and put her lips on my it and I could feel it grow hard in her mouth as she slowly drew my... Continue»
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