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helping out a cuckhold couple

I have shared stories and chatted with this guy, Jack on and off for a year. He is bi and he found me when I was camming one time. He and his wife have a profile, but it says clearly that they are on the website for fun, but they do not meet, ever. I just learned that I will go on business in the city where Jack and Cathy live. I invited them to join me for dinner, and nothing else. I just wanted to meet them in person, even if nothing sexual ever happened. Jack politely turned me down, reiterating that they do not meet. Then we started this chat conversation about what could have happened... Continue»
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Alexandra’s Birthday Present – Part 1

A very attractive woman, svelte body, short black hair, gorgeous legs, was window-shopping in Bond Street. She wore a long dark plum classically styled camel coat over a tailored grey suit worn to just above the knee. But what first drew my attention to her were the deep crimson high heels that she wore with black tights or stockings. ‘Alexandra’ I said to myself. She was my client this evening; a new client and I usually like to check out new clients out beforehand. By observing them secretly I can usually get some idea of their likely behaviour in the bedroom. I was intended to be this wo... Continue»
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Learning From Emilie 2

-- Learning From Emilie - The Second Time --

I stopped by my father's home on my way to a job interview. I'd just begun a very messy divorce and had decided to relocate completely to another city. I'd called to tell my father and my stepmother Emilie about the whole messy situation, and they were both concerned at how it had upset me, and they both insisted that I stay over with them during my trip. Emilie was particularly upset and sympathetic: she knew how much I'd wanted the marriage and how hard I had been trying to make it work, and she knew how disappointed I was that it failed .. ... Continue»
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Vampire's Slave

How it all began

"Sylvia and Danny were neighbors. Danny lived next door to Sylvia with his parents and went to the local college. For the past six months Danny had known that his strange, beautiful neighbor was in fact a vampire.
The two of them had come to a rather unconventional arrangement. In return for Danny providing a regular, if somewhat unsatisfying, supply of fresh bl**d, Sylvia gave Danny regular, and completely satisfying, supply of blowjobs."
Danny's heart beat faster and he sucked in a deep breath as the gorgeous older woman loomed over his prone form. He was lyin... Continue»
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Raving and ranting in a hypothetical cousin fuckin

Oh my goodness, i left the house earlier and when I returned I realized I had the computer screen still open on the page where I was with so much guilty pleasure speaking so highly of what I call divine pussy...divine twat, perfect lil sluts...
What I mean is theres a big possibility that my b*****r or even mother and father may have peaked a look see at my notes as i was off getting some party to play with my cousins sooner than later... at least ill play with them in my mind...
Sometimes thats so much more than what I need.. Well its the only thing I can have essentially, lets not k** o... Continue»
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Real MILF I fucked in back of Walmart Parking lot

****This is my first story please check out the video that accompanies this story. I appologive for the video quality but read the story below and you will understand why.****

This is a real story that happened to me Saturday August 10 in Houston. I was at the Walmart in Sugarland picking up some plumbing supplies. I was alone in the aisle looking at supplies and my dick gets stuck in my boxer short opening while im bending over looking at products. I spend a second readjusting like all guys do and continue my shopping. A minute later I feel uncomfortable again so I loosen my belt reach... Continue»
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A Summer To Remember

All of us have crossroads in our lives, when you either make a choice or a choice is made for you, and the resultant chain of events drags you into either Heaven or Hell, or maybe some wasteland halfway between.

For me, it was the summer of 1999, the year I finished college and my parents announced they were going their separate ways: so much for the myth of happy marriage they'd rammed down my throat since early c***dhood. My mother planned to at last explore her enthusiasm for abstract painting, whilst my father had accepted a highly lucrative three-month contract ensuring the French divi... Continue»
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Singles apartment complex has benefits

I got a raise at work, I was two years out of college and it was time to upgrade my can and apartment. I moved into one of the fanciest singles themed complexes in the city. It has the usual facilities; an indoor and outdoor pool, a fitness center, whirlpool, a clubhouse with bar and tennis. The big draw in the summer is the outdoor pool where the beautiful people show off.
I moved in early January and began using the fitness center and indoor pool each evening. One evening as I was entering the pool and women about my age started her workout at the same time. When I was done we exchanged a... Continue»
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PE Teacher’s Physical Part 1

Keith Wilson was 47, married with 2 sons at University, and the PE Teacher at the local school and it was time for a full physical examination.

He went about my normal day and headed for the gym about 4:30pm to meet the Doctor. The local doctor was Mike Hardy, a married man in his late thirties with short cropped brown hair and a beard, who had come home to join his father's medical practice after he had finished medical school and working in a city hospital.

He was waiting outside the gym main entrance when Keith arrived and greeted him with a warm smile and a hearty handshake. Mike fo... Continue»
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PE Teacher’s Physical Part 2

To give himself more time he suggested to Keith “That was fantastic Keith but perhaps we both need time to think about what we have done, why not meet up a week today here and decide?”

Keith felt strangely disappointed but said “That would be great Mike, I look forward to that”

Both Keith and Mike spent the following week thinking about what had gone on, and Keith thought to himself about what they had both done, and what it really meant to them…..and to their lives. It would be a long week for them both.

Keith was showered and ready for Mike the following week, he felt excited but al... Continue»
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PE Teacher’s Physical Part 3

Keith had plenty of time to think over the next week, he was excited about what had happened, but he had never thought about sex with another man before Mike.

But he had really enjoyed both meetings and the sex he had with Mike, but at the same time he was worried about the future. What is someone found out about them, it would destroy his marriage; career etc let alone what his 2 sons would think of him.

Mike was having the same thoughts as Keith; they were both in a very compromising situation, should they stop now and just put it down to a
temporary madness……but his feelings told h... Continue»
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my first time a guy

Me and my friend Danny were both in college at the time. He was an average guy with brunette hair and blonde tips.

One night we both got really d***k and ended up making out in a bathroom at the bar we were in. A few days later I was talking to him and asked him if he remembered anything about the other night. He just smiled a little. I told him I needed his help on some project in one of the labs. 2 or 3 rooms down from the lab was the toilet, so I led him past the lab and in to one of the toilet stalls. I pushed him up against the stall door and gave him a smile. When he smiled back I kne... Continue»
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Trial Run

What am I doing in a secluded car park waiting for some one I hardly know who wants to play with my cock
Im a straight guy I love women every sort prefer older prefer well built love having oral love pretty much everything about them But - ther is an itch that needs to be scratched The feeling that sucking and wanking a nic smooth cock could be fun Then there is the fact that looking at videos of guys wanking alone and together is a big turn on
Looking in the mirror I see the blue saloon pull in and drive towards me It parks next to mine and the window glides down He is about my age per... Continue»
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The Cabin Boy

I was going through the attic last year and found a journal from a distant relative upon reading it I was stunned that film history was so wrong.

May 2 1641, Mother looked weary at me almost pleading me to leave home and earn money I am itchy to make my way after all. I walked down to the docks with a sense of dread in my heart I ask around and i'm amazed at the beauty of the ships when a whench started talked to me then everything we black.

My eyes flickered as they slowly got use to the light or lack of it I see other men in chains as I am, I asked the man next to me where are we ... Continue»
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Department Store Slut

I had went into the local department store, winding down at the end of the night after working a long and tiring shift at work. I had just picked up a movie and a book, hoping to enjoy one or the other as I lay in bed later that night. I went through the one open line left in the store, placing my two items on the counter to pay. The lady at the register started ringing up my items, and that was when my attention was drawn by another woman.

She walked up a few feet away from me, about the height of my shoulders. She had on a grey t-shirt with writing on it in blue, wearing daisy duke jean... Continue»
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Summer of 86 pt1.

I was 18 & spending the summer with a friend house sitting his parent house and property in Topanga canyon. Back then Topanga use to throw a weekend long event called Topanga Days. Live music, local artist selling their goods, lots of beer and and you could smell kush in the air.

Well its Saturday the second day of the event, as we were leaving I had noticed a woman with a small rhesus monkey on her shoulder, I’d seen her throughout the day already, I now decided to go talk to her. She was attractive in my book. 5’4” curvy slight bubble butt medium sized breasts.
We get to chatting and ar... Continue»
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Hots prings encounter.

As usual the drive to the springs is a lovely and fun one, once you get off the highway.

Per routine upon arrival I go to the lodge, check in and pay for my day use and massage up front. Thank goodness for membership.

Now my massage is scheduled for 1:30 and I have an hour and a half or so to kill. Also per routine I go back to my car, pull out a blunt of some really nice kush, take a few rips and then head up to one of the spring areas. I get to the changing room & start undressing (clothing optional) I usually go nude. While waiting for a shower to be free, I noticing a woman about ... Continue»
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Kirk Creek 3

I woke up the next morning with an intense hard on. I made sure that I did not touch myself one bit over night. After what seemed like 50 slices of bacon and some orange juice, I spent the day helping my father with the farm chores. Shoveling pig shit is a great way to keep the mind off sex.

Soon it was 2:30. I showered, put on my bathing suit and headed for the creek. I walked through the corn fields and finally began to hear the frogs croaking. Mosquitoes, dragonflies and bees buzzed all around me.

I finally reached the creek to find Henry sitting on the bank across the water. He was ... Continue»
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Throbbing of curiosity

This a true story from way back, and a little emphasised in parts but you get the drift...
Part 1
At the time I was around 12-13 home life was often strict and dysfunctional at the best of times. The school summer break had only just began and my feelings of dread started to role in regarding having to do stuff in the garage with dad when I would rather be out hanging with Anthony who's mom and dad owned the Tavern inn across from where we lived.

This particular weekend i asked could go and hang out ... Continue»
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Learning From Emilie

-- Learning From Emilie --

Early one Saturday morning I was standing at the bathroom sink in our government quarters brushing my teeth. My father had awakened me earlier than usual, getting ready to go on an overnight guard duty assignment. Once he'd left, I decided to go ahead and get up early, get cleaned up, maybe go out for a nice motorcycle ride.

There was a movement at the open door and I turned my head, toothbrush still in my mouth, to see my stepmother Emilie walk into the bathroom. That was unusual enough, because she was usually quite careful to respect my privacy. But it w... Continue»
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