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First Meet

Hi Just to say this is our first attempt at writing a story. So sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes.
We finally agreed to meet another swinger couple and was driving to T****e (name of Town) to meet them in a local bar. I was wearing a black pants and a blue striped shirt. She was wearing a small black dress no panties and red high heels.
When we went in the other couple was there also and M give me a nervous look. We called them to make sure it was the right couple and when they answered they waved us over. The male in the other couple (call him paddy for the story) got us a drink ea... Continue»
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Sienna loves Cactus


My flat mate is Cactus. No! that is his name. I have asked him in the past for an explanation but to no avail. The more I push him the more cactus he becomes...prickly! He has a tough and tiring job and at the end of each day he returns home exhausted. After the evening meal he'd just say "I'm cactus, I'm going to bed. See you in the morning."

My baby s****r, Sienna, from the US is staying over on a brief holiday. It was the end of a busy working week and last night Sienna tried to get a spark out him. The more she tried the pricklier he got, eventually going to bed... Continue»
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I sat naked, as this 11 inch cock swayed in my fac

Many questions come my way, call it freedom of speech or satisfying a perversion deep within men, but I have chosen to be as honest as I can and reveal a sexual way of life some parents, see as natural and allow things to happen to their daughters, without as much as batting an eyelid, or having some old man empty the contents of his ball-sack onto them.

I was touched and stroked as much as I was encouraged to touch and stroke, back then people laughed and applauded your initiation to felacio, and masturbation, which inevitably led to penetrative sex and anal expansion, having an old man up... Continue»
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I agreed to

My husband asked if he could do some role play using nylon clothesline rope and tied me spread eagle to the bed and my hands /arms over my head. I made the mistake of saying if he wanted to go ahead. I thought it was going to be actual love making is why. After he tied me the way he wanted he set up his web cam to webcamnow which is a site he loves. I asked him if he was going to actually make love or what and he proceeded to apply a lubricant to my pussy. "you'll see" he replied. My heart was starting to pound and I was now realizing how vulnerable and helpless I was and probably made a big m... Continue»
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Trish s first gloryhole visit

Trish was a tad naive when we met. She had desires and curiosities, but had no idea what to do with them. She knew she wanted to be fucked by multiple men but she is a woman who can’t and won’t cheat, so she never thought it would be possible. She never dreamed of meeting a man who would encourage her to take all the cock she wanted, provided we did it together.

The more I told her about the doors I wanted to open for her, the more eager she got. Not only eager, she started coming up with her own ideas that I hadn’t thought of, which I found quite exciting. Here was a cum slut in the t... Continue»
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Why I am the Way I Am!

As I get on in years I am trying to figure out why I am the way I am. I mean I don't seem that unusual on the outside but on the inside I know I am wired very differently than most males, a fact the I am beginning to enjoy even more.
I have been a closeted cross dresser for as long as I can remember and I have not given that much thought until recently. I must have had some suppressed memories that are beginning to unfold which indicates there is a reason why I am the way I am.
I came from a normal f****y, I was an only c***d and my dad was an over the road truck driver so he was gone most... Continue»
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For starts....

I should have known when I arrived that it wasn't going to be just another Saturday night gossip session or movie night. I could tell that Tania had already poured herself three or four generous glasses of red wine as soon as she welcomed me at her front door from the sweet, heady scent of g**** on her breath as she kissed me hello, her lips stained messily dark like a k** playing with her big s****r's make-up.

She took me by the hand and led me into her living room where she poured me a large glass of wine of my own as I hung up my coat, revealing the slinky black velvet dress I had chosen... Continue»
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Sissy discovers (part 1)

This is an original fictional story, where a young woman finds that she has an admirer at home, and unexpectedly decides that she likes the attention.

I'll post more parts of the story over time if there is interest so please comment.

Outwardly Sissy looks like your average pre-college teen with a wholesome f****y. Cute and sexy she has a special effect on all that meet her that creates lusty thoughts in her fiends, and as she will find out, particularly her younger b*****r. When Sissy finds out her b*****r’s fantasy for her, she decides to take action, but it leads to places she neve... Continue»
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A boring Summer Holiday - Saturday

Sam woke up and looked at his bedside clock it was early. He walked silently to the bathroom to empty his bladder. Downstairs he could hear his parents talking.
Leaving the bathroom he turned left and headed towards his twin s****rs room. Her door was slightly ajar the early morning sun was streaming through the pink curtains giving the room an odd hue.
Jo lay on the bed with her back to the door. Her breathing was heavy as she slept soundly. Jo was curled in a foetal position her left leg d****d over her right and tucked into her body. She was wearing a cream coloured satin nightdress, wi... Continue»
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Our first naughty kiss

I have a cum fetish. I have looked for a proper cum slut for a long time. Well, not a long time. I was only made aware of my fetish the last few years, and it has grown. It has always been there. I have always loved 69ing with my lover while another guy fucks her doggie style, then licking her cum filled pussy before I fuck her. I have had many women in my life that I introduced to the joys of threesomes involving me and another man. I had one fun slut who enjoyed running to me as quick as she could after someone filled her with cum so I could eat her and mix my cum with his in her, but ... Continue»
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by anonymous

This is a true account of an event that took place in 1974 in Kings Cross, Sydney Australia. My Name is Jim and my wife is Carol My wife and I lived about sixty miles north of Sydney at the time of this incident I am about to share with you, and the memory has stayed with us ever since it happened. We had been married for eleven years at the time and had two k**s aged 10 and 6. My wife was 30 and I was 36, she was a beautiful woman in the classic blond mould 5'8" tall grey eyes long blond hair, which she wore either in a pony tail or French roll hairdo in those days. I h... Continue»
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Started with a Follow! ;)

I receive a follower request from him a few months ago. I really didnt pay attention to him until he hit me up on Kik where we exchange numbers.Since then we've been talking sending each other dirty pictures , had phone sex, until not to long ago he came out here. He told me he wanted to see me so we made plans to finally meet. I couldnt sl**p the night before i was anxious and nervous. The day has come and i got sexy just for him. When i was getting closer i was getting more nervous and i didnt know what to do, i sure couldnt back out i was just one stop away. I got off the train and text h... Continue»
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Not What I Expected

Billy and I ran to my house as fast as we could. It was Friday and school was out for the the three days. We got inside and thru our backpacks on the floor and got to the kitchen. We sat on the bar stools and I placed our prize on the counter, it was four blue pills. An older boy sold them to me for twenty dollars. He promised me that if we put one pill in a drink and give it to a girl she will have sex with us in twenty minutes. And she would not remember anything the next day. Billy and I have had hair on our balls for some time now, but we were not getting the girls probably because we we... Continue»
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My First Time as a Girl

I was hoping to hook up with a straight guy.

I have 2 b*****rs and a s****r I’m the youngest and a Freshman in high school. Always been fem preferred to play with my s****r and her dolls. My dad is an ex-marine. Tough guy. My b*****rs are following in dad’s footsteps, military orientated. I‘m a big disappointment. My dad accepts me for what I am now. My mom always stands up for me when my dad criticizes me for acting like a girl.

My b*****rs look on me more as a s****r than a b*****r. Weird as it sounds I am more fem in a way than my s****r. I like to dress up in my s****r’s clothes and... Continue»
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Sex with Bhahi

This incident with my bhabi happened about a year ago in 2012 July. My b*****r was in Bangalore with his f****y. He had to shift numerous jobs because of recession. Then he decided to come over to Chennai and get settled here. Since he could not leave the current job immediately he had to stay for a month. I helped him in finding a house just next to mine. We now live in the opposite blocks. I helped him and bhabi in moving, placing the items in the house. Then after well settled day, he took a 2 day off and stayed. He had to leave to Bangalore again for continuing the work. So bhabi and me ha... Continue»
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Finally Nailed her

The main character of my story is my Aunt. She is an awesome lady. I bet anyone who looks at her can’t ignore the erection in their pants. Her boobs size are 34B and her hips are 38. She is a bit plump on her waist and very short in height but when she wraps herself in a saree (thats all she wears) then she can easily make head turn. The best feature is her ass. When she walks the cheeks slap each other in a manner that people can kill just to touch her ass.

My attraction towards my Aunt began at a very early age. I was 16 when I was introduced to the world of porn. I used to discuss and sh... Continue»
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My Mother, Myself and my Daughter, sex through the

As you can see from the photos I have freely posted on here, I could please most most men in the sex department.
I was a girl who discovered sex at what some would call, an indecently young age. My body defied its years, I had pubic hair and budding breasts by my double digit birthday, penetrative sex one year before that, and had tasted a man, in my mouth, as my mother blew his friend under the pavilion, one summer in England.

The guy I was with just could not help himself, as he listened to them going at it, under the boards where we sat, he took himself out and turned to me and started ... Continue»
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Sweet Sensations..

Lie back on the bed, close your eyes and just feel....

We’re in the bedroom, on the bed naked. My finger tips press into your chest lightly, pushing you down onto the pillows.. from there they trail up to your collar bone and up your neck.. I lean onto the pillows beside you, my bare breasts almost touching your arm... I can feel the heat off of your body, and you can feel the heat off mine. You are aware im beside you, but all you can feel is the tip of my two fingers as they trail around your ear and up your forehead along your hairline..

You shiver and goose bump as I sl... Continue»
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First Time in a man's arse

It had been some time since Paul and I met for the first time. We had both been nervous and at the same time excited when we actually got to touch, hold and suck other's cock. We had texted often, exploring our sexual preferences, each time taking it a little further. When he said that his wife wanted to see him suck me in front of her, my cock went hard instantly - I knew I wanted him too.

The day came, Paul and Jane came round to mine and we made some small talk over a glass of wine. Paul went for a shower, leaving Jane and myself to talk further. We didn't: she looked at me undid her blo... Continue»
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True story II- My first kiss!!

Hii Girls/Guys,

It's a crime to have, just a cconversation with a girl when you're coming to the age, out of the high school, Your world is just about your guy friends simple days without any female.complications, " My male friends wouldUnderstand what I am talking about here", simply seen with a female alone would bring ridicule and end up with youBeing the center of jokes and tease for awhile also maybe a little amount of jealousy and admire from your Fellow c***dhood friends.

Well here I was about 16/17 faring well with the fairer sex all throughout and having my reputation Spotless. ... Continue»
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