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My First Fuckbuddies Pt 3

I'm Jonah,a H.S. freshman, and I'm in the middle of a sexual awakening. First I had a
wild encounter with my P.E. classmate Harry. Now the weekend has arrived, and my cousin
Ed is on his way. Ed is two years older than me, and has an amazing body. We play video games, and he lets me massage his back. Harry had been avoiding me at school, so I was totally pent up.

Ed, and his mother were heading up for the weekend as a bit of a break for my aunt. We have a nice country home as apposed t their cramped city living. Anyhow, I was beyond excited, and prepared my room for everything. When Ed ar... Continue»
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That evening, a Monday, just six days after she first had sexual intercourse with Keenum behind O.J.'s back, Ashley was at a club with Holly and John. She was d***k, having been drinking for a couple hours. It was 10pm, and John was going to join them any minute.

Ashley was looking incredible. She was wearing a brown corduroy skirt (yes, she was wearing panties this time – red ones), and a tight black shirt. She was wearing nice black shoes with heals, with two thin straps over her feet. Her hair was up.

Getting fucked by Keenum, her new lover, twice that day didn't se... Continue»
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Slut Ashley

Ashley was completely loyal to O.J. for over a year and a half, and she thought she was over her infidelity ways.

She was wrong.

When she decided to go back to school for a career change, she chose the school that was back in her hometown, and away from O.J.. She lived with her mother, and was given one half of the house for her own use. O.J. would visit on weekends when he could.

Things changed rather quickly when she ran into her old friend Holly. They began to hang out quite often, and Holly’s boyfriend John sometimes tagged along. It wasn’t long before John brought a friend alo... Continue»
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Party CD costume with wife

My wife called from work and said she wanted to go to a party at a friends house.
It was a costume party. She said she had a costume and I was to wear one as well.
What, I don’t have one.
Yes you do, your going as a girl.
But I’ve never done this.
Well you’re going to tonight. No one will care because it’s a costume party so get dressed and make it good.
This ran shivers down my spine thinking about it. So I shower and shave very close-everything. Since I dress at home a lot, I knew just what to wear. What the hell, it’s a costume party isn’t it?
I put on my red gaft, thigh highs, strap... Continue»
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My s****r inlaw and I

This is a ture story of the first time i fucked my b*****rs wife names have been changed.

Cassie and I had only known each other for about 6 months before her and my b*****r got married she was 21 i was 20 he was 19. Thier first few months together were stressful on them both she had 1 k** going into the marrage and ws expecting when they got married. The story pcks up about 4 months after she had gave birth to their son. My b*****r was woeking 14 to 18 hour days and cassie was left alone with 2 k**s so i frequently went over to help her with the k**s. I went over one morning and knocked on... Continue»
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Slow hand

Hiya im D...And my Long time Friend is J..
We both meet when we were Neighbours at a young age...J she was 15yo and myself D 17yo we both went too the same school.While we were attending high school we would play sport's..Basketball,Netball,Touch Football etc But the best we both like is Swimming sport's..J was a awsome swimmer i would wacth her win her racer's..Be her Support team lol.i was very proud of her..She would glance's at me an smile an a crazy wave was her way of sayn hey thanks for comming an supporting me D I glance and gave her a ... Continue»
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" Patti cake"

Today 9/29/2013
The Chocolate Experiment
“Patti cakes”

Today I woke up like usual, naked and with my cock hard as steel and horny as all hell. I sl**p naked as much as possible, except when the k**s are home, then I wear my boxers. Well, my wife was not in bed with me because of me having sinus issues with the weather, so she slept on the couch. I got up walked to the living room and there she was, all cuddled up under the blanket on the couch still sl**ping. So I just stood there with my rock hard cock sticking at attention. I ran my hand over her ass to wake her, she slowly rolled ... Continue»
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Becky and I exploring together...part 2

  Becky and I exploring together...part 1

I met Becky through her dad. He was my immediate supervisor and over the summer I believe that he saw that I had a good work ethic, was respectful to others, and always went the extra mile to make sure our customers were satisfied. I would be willing to bet that he didn't foresee how Becky and I would put those qualities to use. From the moment we met I was enchanted with her beauty. Her golden blonde hair was just past her shoulders in length,she didn't have any bangs and kept it parted down the middle. She was about 5 foot 4 and was jyst alittke o... Continue»
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Kim and Alex - ch.1

My second story, kind of a long one, but there's more to come, please comment or let me know if you like it. Enjoy!

Kim was a cute high school freshman. A lovely brunette number with shoulder length hair, cute little dimples, and a great set of tits to match her perfect ass.
Kim’s boyfriend, Alex, was on the varsity football team at her high school and one of the most popular guys in town. Kim felt like Alex could be with anyone he wanted at school, and she felt lucky that he had chosen her over all the rest. She always tried her best to look pretty for him and to make him happy. She had... Continue»
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Fucking Muy Mother In Law

I'd been married for 3 years to my wife and we were very happy with each other as far as sex and love but when we was around her good looking mother she would always manage to get close to me or rub against me when I was close to her either at my house or her house.
I was 23 yrs old at the time and she was around 36 and I never thought much about it except when she would wear loose clothes and she would make sure she would lean over so I could get a good look at her huge tits. I would get one hell of a hard on and as soon as possible I would have to jack off or fuck my wife because I would r... Continue»
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Saving my college Career

Saving my College Career

I was the first person in my f****y that ever attended a college and/or university. It was a very daunting experience for a naïve girl with no idea what college is suppose to be like. My parents who were self-made millionaires who came to the States with nothing but their clothes on their back never finished school. They couldn’t give me the moral support that I really needed to succeed in college but helped financially They thought college is for the high and mighty not the working class In my parents’ mind they will always be working class even thoug... Continue»
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62 year old

This is a true detailed account leading to the video that I have uploaded please view!!...... I have known Mark and his mum since we were both 15. His mum (Debbie) has always been a stunning looking lady. Debbie is now 62 but as you can see from the video she has aged beautifully. She lost her husband two years ago and since then she has turned to me for help with any practical work, especially as Mark is not practically minded. One day Mark phoned to say his mum had brought a video camera and neither of them could fathom how to work it. Would I pop round some time and give them some guidance.... Continue»
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First Gay sex

I was just 18 and had finished school. I was at a loose end until I started work some months in the future. Sex was something I was still learning about and I had had a few girlfriends but we hadn't progressed much past groping each other. I found it exciting which had led to some mighty wanking sessions once I got back home. I didn't really think much about gay sex, although I was very curious and at school in the showers the sight of other boys cocks and round buttocks was quite a turn on to me.

I had just been to the afternoon cinema show and was making my way home in the early evening. ... Continue»
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What the step daughter saw..

I was involved in a bad car crash a few months ago,which left me needing full time care for a while. Whenever my gf had to leave,one of the girls would stay to help me.This was ok because my partner has two daughters,both stunning, one is 18 the other 21.
Everything was going great,3 gorgeous women at my beck and call,when my gf had to go and look after her mum for the weekend.
This wasn't a problem except for two things.....the gf had never been away overnight.....and she was the one who always helped me shower every day!
I have to take a lot of meds to cope with the pain and one of the si... Continue»
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Linsey Dawn Mckenzie meets Bobbi Starr: A wrestlin

Bobbi was having fun doing the ultimate surrender wrestling but fancied a bit of a change so decided to search around and see if there were any porn stars outside the US that mite be up for it.

When she came across linsey her hole body started to tingle, seeing those big soft tits and sexy curves bobbi knew she had to get her over and see if she would be up for the wrestling.

Bobbi rang and spoke to linsey telling her about the rules of ultimate surrender and asking her if she fancied coming over to the US and having a go, linsey had said she had see bobbi in a few matches and found it a... Continue»
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Sucking Cock for Carla

I have always considered myself heterosexual, although I have been bi-curious for many years I have never had a sexual experience with a man until last summer.

To help ends meet we have taken in foreign students over the last few years. The money is good and the students are usually no trouble as they are out studying during the day and either go out or stay in their rooms at night.

Last summer we had a beautiful 30-year Old Italian woman called Carla come to stay for three months. She was absolutely stunning and reminded me of Sophia Loren in her prime. A week later Stephan arrived from... Continue»
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Sissy discovers (final chapter 6)

Part 6

Final chapter of Sissy discovering sexual pleasure close to for now...

Over the next few days – Brad went over to Lisa’s place a few more times by himself, and always came home a bit tired. Sissy was fine with him having some fun, but she was now feeling a little left out of the picture. Besides she had not gotten off in a couple of days – her pussy was itching to cum again. Every night she would corner him and make him tell her all of the sexy things they had done.

Lisa and Brad had pretty much fucked in every room in the ho... Continue»
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Pumped - ( Sometimes there's more sweating af

It was a slow night at Iron Works Gym. Outside the rain pounded the parking lot and washed away the remnants of what had been another routine day. Another routine day in a long, line of routine days.

There were only a few guys working out that night and we were all s**ttered into our own workout zones. The clanking of plates drowned out the music the gym played but no one seemed to care. Most of the guys in the gym that night were listening to their own tunes on their Ipods and in 'the zone.'

I was lucky enough to have my choice of machines and able to go at my own pace without waiting i... Continue»
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It was a Thursday evening and the couple that I meet at a park in there town. I traveled there to meet them and was extremely nervous about the meeting. Since I am new to the lifestyle and especially have never done a threesome. when they arrived ,we walked through the part and talked for awhile and made sure there was a comfort zone for both parties. Since we did get along so well we decided to go back to their place. we had a bite to eat and a few drinks and talked for awhile to try and ease the tension. We were talking about the waterbed they had and was invited to go lay on it since I have... Continue»
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Lets Screw

He had tried for weeks to get me to meet. At first I just deleted the messages: after all, anyone with the username "Lets Screw" was nothing but trouble, right?Then I started responding just for something to do and the exchanges were fun and a little hot. I had just joined a dating sight after a year and a half of being separated from my soon to be ex-husband and I thought I knew what I wanted. THIS WAS NOT IT but it made me laugh so I thought what the hell. He was bold and had a confidence that made me curious. What the hell soon became my daily mantra until I agreed to meet him early one mor... Continue»
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