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The Secret Of Angel

I once met this girl on a familiar social website named facebook. I wasn't use to meeting girls off the internet , but I told myself " Why not , I should give it a try ". So one night , I just sat in my computer chair bored as ever just waiting on ideas to be entertained. But my night just got more boring & more worse.So as I'm scanning through my Netflix program on my PS3 , I hear that facebook I.M notification alert sound & then I turn to look what message I had. So when I turned around to see the message , it was a lightskinned , chubby set , pretty average looking girl who messaged me.
I... Continue»
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Monica's beginning.

My wife Monica is as slutty as any porn goddess, and it took very little coaxing to get it out of her. She is 31 years old and a very curvy lady at 5'6" 160 with the most gorgeous DD breast ever placed on a woman, and with hips that can make any man beg. 2-3 years into our relationship, our sex life had started to become a little scripted. We both were dying for some excitement, but I never realized that she wanted it more than I did.

She had started a new job and was glad to be working again after a 5 month period of unemployment. She works at a large campus style facility, and one d... Continue»
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NYE Change of Plans

My wife, k**s and I were supposed to go to a party out at the home of friends in a nearby state that a number of her old friends from school would be attending. We hadn't been to their party in several years and wanted to reconnect with everyone we hadn't seen much since the last time we attended. Unfortunately, with inclement weather forecasted and due to the full-strength cold my wife developed she decided to nix the travel plans. Imagine, she felt it might be rude to stay overnight and spread rhinovirus everywhere!

She opted to stay home with the k**s but encouraged me to go to a diffe... Continue»
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Young Cuckold

Young Cuckold

Just a little background before I begin my story. My ex-wife and I got married young. I impregnated her when she and I were only 19, we married shortly after we turned 20. We had little experience with sex,which partly explained her pregnancy. She had only one lover before me and she was my first.

Our parents insisted on the wedding,so it happened. Six months after our hasty wedding, Mary gave birth to our first c***d, a beautiful deep brown eyed boy.

I fell into a good paying job at a defense plant just outside of our ho... Continue»
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Sissy tasks

Your First Sissy Assignment

This is your first step on your journey into femininity. A journey that will change your life. You will be humiliated and embarrassed. Most of all, you will be feminised. If you don’t intend to follow all of these assignments to the letter, then turn away now.

Your first assignment is to buy yourself a pair of panties. Be sure to measure your hips before you set off. You will go to a smart department store or, better still, a specialist lingerie shop. How exciting – a whole shop dedicated to women’s underwear – bras, panties, suspenders/garters, slips, camisol... Continue»
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Me and my friend

Mel and Me were best friend; they hung out everyday, stayed over at each other's houses every weekend and knew each other's secrets. They have known each other ever since they were young.
It was a week before they both started college, one going New York, the other to California, so Mel decided to throw a party while her mother was away. Five hours later and the party died down, people have left and both girls were d***k. After cleaning up they decided to go to bed. I started to feel a little sick so she decided to stay in Mel's room just i case anything happened.
"Awe lovie, how are you f... Continue»
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The teacher and the student - Part 1 (A loving tri

Looking for fresh flesh I enrolled myself in a summer class at a local school as an English teacher.
The purpose was to help those students struggling with the regular programs, and feast myself with the view of young nymphs.

Nanci was my first.

She appeared in my office just as I was about to leave for the evening. She was dressed in a red wool sweater and tight denim shorts, white socks and sneakers, and I could taste my mouth watering as I ravaged her body with my eyes.

"Professor, can you please spare me a few minutes?"
"Of course. Come in, let me guess...Bonnie..... Continue»
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The teacher and the student - Part 2 (A loving tri

I didn't realize how successful, until the following Saturday.

I had been tutoring Nanci for two weeks since our first meeting about grades.
She was now doing extremely well there, but she was desperate to improve her standing in as many courses as possible.

The tutoring was inevitably boring and Nanci was having difficulties drawing the right conclusions, I found that she’ll get easily distracted, I would often catch her looking at me rather than at her books, and was obviously developing a crush on her brilliant, patient, caring Professor - me!
But now, after the recent successes... Continue»
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Caught Her in the Act

My C***** and I were always close when we were growing up. But as we went away to college we grew apart a little from being at different schools and all that comes with that. I had moved after graduation for a new job and lived alone and did not get many visitors. But I had a nice bachelor pad for me. 2 bedroom/ 1 bathroom condo in a good part of a upbeat town.

On a rainy Friday night I got home from work and showered and cooked some dinner and settled in for the big game on TV. It was cold out and still to early for putting the heat on in my opinion so I put on some baggy sweat pants... Continue»
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Deanne's first club foursome!!!!

So... I’d had a few rather interesting and enlightening weeks with Carol, my now ex partner, her daughter Kellie, and Kellie’s friend Deanne. A week or so after my night with Kellie and Deanne, and with Carol’s approval, I had a night on my own with Deanne in a hotel not far from where she lived... which was fucking horny and exhausting... in a very nice way.

Anyway, after Deanne and I had more or less worn each other out, we were lying in bed in the morning just chatting about nothing much really, until she said “So you and Carol go to swinging clubs, so Kellie told me..???” I was a bit s... Continue»
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Ronald Waterman had the perfect life. He was an annuities manager at an investment firm on Wall Street making more money than most people could ever dream of making. He'd made a few sound investments and done some trading that wasn't really above board but he didn't get caught and he made a bundle in the process so debt wasn't a huge issue. He and his wife were empty nesters; their two boys were in college and staying relatively out of trouble, at least not the sort of trouble that would get them expelled. Considering they were spoiled rich k**s who grew up on Long Island and didn't know the m... Continue»
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A Slut is born 2

The week went by slowly as I digested what Jim had done to me last Saturday.
As I walked around school, I found myself looking at people differently,
wondering if any of them had ever been treated the way I had.
This would always bring the details of what Jim had done to my mind
and my cock would immediately start to respond.
I had started making sure I always had a book or a coat to hold in front of my crotch,
and walked around in almost perpetual shame.

The showers after gym were the worst.
I wo... Continue»
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The Perils of Dating Supergirl, Part 2

Hi there!

My Name is Robert Shephard, but most people call me Bobby. I was living an average life, I had a good job teaching High School Chemistry, and was dating an absolute knock out named Linda. Then everything changed when I (through a complete fluke) discovered she was in reality Supergirl.

Messed up huh?

A Day after I discovered the truth I found myself Orbiting the Earth in a Massive Space Station called "Watchtower".

"This is the Coolest.....thing....ever!" I said pressing my face against the glass.

"It is beautiful isn't it." Kara said. "Sometimes I forget just how... Continue»
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First date P5

We both scanned the room as we entered. There were several people mostly men with a few couples. It was full of various adult items, magazines, dvds for rent as well as a toy section focused near the counter. The store was well lit and spaced out so viewing materials and items were comfortable. The attendant was a young woman with several tattoos and a few piercings. She acknowledged our presence but was busy texting. I leaned over and asked if you had any tattoos or piercings. To this you turned and said I would have to find them myself and you were not telling. Making our way to the counter ... Continue»
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Watching My s****r Fuck The Babysitter.

My name is Micheal and I live with my mom Marie and my s****r Lucy. Lucy and I are both sixteen years old and have always been close but we became even closer when our dad left mom and she began working two jobs to keep a roof under our heads. Lucy looks just like mom with blonde hair and blue eyes but I definitely look like my dad. Since mom worked a lot she ended up having our neighbors son Ryan who lived a few houses down babysit us. Ryan is s*******n and Lucy and I always enjoy when he comes over which is a lot because we play games and watch movies. Ryan always spent time with both of us ... Continue»
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My Story with Cathy

He catches his older s****r masturbating

Chapter 1: My s****r

It was a Saturday night. My parents were going outside to attend a party. Knowing how careless their 18 years old boy is, they told me not to return home late. But for no reason, I returned home early that night. Walking into the dark passage leading to the living room, I was struck dumb by the view I was not supposed to see. There on the blue sofa in front of me, my older s****r Catherine was completely naked, thighs widely opened and hands deeply seated into her crotch.

Cathy opened her eyes terrified when I walked in and... Continue»
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Gambler's Luck

b*****r and s****r find each other in the "action suite".
The first time I ever fucked my big s****r was completely unplanned, I swear.

Do you know those hotel suites for big gamblers that you read about with the stripper poles? It starts there. I'm a bit of a degenerate gambler. I live a pretty quiet life in a city in Nebraska as a law clerk. You can live inexpensively. Then twice a year, I go to Vegas and blow it all. I mean, all of it. If I have a nickel in my pocket on the way out of town, I drop it into the airport slot machines. And if I win off that, I might have to put off my fligh... Continue»
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Making Their Baby 2

When they broke, they looked at each other. Smiling, they both said, "WOW"! Then they began to laugh. Shannon moved then looked at her father-in-law.

"Jake! When I get up, your pants are gonna be ruined. I haven't cum that hard since the first time Taylor fucked me. I don't know if I squirted or peed or both."

Jake helped ease Shannon from his softening dick. And as soon as his dick popped out of her pussy, a flood of juice flowed from her pussy and covered his dick and the front of his pants. Shannon looked down at the mess that her pussy had made on his pants. Laughing, she walked to ... Continue»
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Loving The Neighbors

Mom & daughter get to know the guy next door

I live in one of the many subdivisions that dot the landscape of the southern states. My subdivision has about 80 homes within its borders. It is composed mostly of White middle class families. But it also contains about 10 Black families and 3 Spanish families. I happen to be one of the Black families. This story is about another of the Black families that live here. It is a story about what happens when a woman is left for long periods without the sexual satisfaction of her partner. I'll call the woman Karen. She is perhaps in her 40's. Looks i... Continue»
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Tiffany's Revenge

This never would have happened if he could have just minded his own business. But he hadn't and now there was hell to pay. Tiff's b*****r, Rich, had caught her making out with a boy when she thought no one was home, and said he would tell their parents on her unless she didn't clean his room every week, and do all of his chores around the house! Like hell she would, that's the last thing she'd do for him! She planned to get him back somehow, she just didn't know how.

One day while searching the kitchen for an afternoon snack, she came across a bottle of root bear flavored liqueur. She thoug... Continue»
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