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A naive girl at Borisovo's pond. Chapter 1

A naive girl at Borisovo's pond.

Chapter 1. Getting acquainted.

This year hot spring days came early in Moscow and everybody was happy to leave cold temperatures in the past. It brought a surge of activity to the city and it was clearly seen. Malls were filled with shoppers, looking for goods. Beaches were filled with teenagers ditching schools on the prowl for fun.

There was Borisovo’s pond in Orekhovo-Borisovo, the southern district of Moscow. That was the place where high school k**s liked hanging out.

It was just the kind of a day that made k**s skip classes and hang ou... Continue»
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My s****r in law "L"

i have never said my s****r in laws name before. why? just never have. think i will now.

i have had a thing for my s****r in law since i first saw her. i've always thought she was beautiful. hot. sexy. you know, the kind you just want to just bust a nut on. i have been trying to find a way to get with her. don't think i ever will though. i have looked down her blouse. down her pants. i know there are times she doesn't wear panites. i can see straight down her ass crack. mmmmmm so lickable. she's probably a smal C cup. everytime we go to her place, i eventually make my way to her bathroom. i... Continue»
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fuck my girl on train

Hi everyone.I am rocky.I live in Surat.Shrishti my girlfriend is a nice looking girl having a seducing figure 32-30-34.

This happened when i was 18 year old.Shrishti was my best school friends as we share our secrets with each other.She is a dam hard working girl with her academics and guys girls who are hard working never like to get involved in any relationship and shrishti is that type of girl who even not like to explore herself to may people. As i have told you that she used to share her secrets with me so she had told me about her feeling when she first seen porn on internet.

There... Continue»
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Hi erotic stories lovers. I love these stories and was thinking of sharing some of my experiences with you all. So here it is one of my most recent ones. But before I could start let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am Kashif from Karachi Pakistan. I work in a multinational firm as manager HR. I am 5’ 8” with average built. From my c***dhood I always attracted towards beautiful ladies and I lost my virginity at the age of 17 to my maid (that story some other time) since then I had sexual experiences with my cousins, college friends (in USA) and then with my office colleagues. This stor... Continue»
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Sexual Experiments in my youth...CONCLUSION

Before you begin, check out the first 2 parts:

And the Conclusion…

As I lay on my back, fully erect and fondling myself, I began to feel the warm liquid seeping out from my asshole. Brian sat next to me, watching my penis intently, satisfied after having emptied his seed into my youth virgin ass.

“Do you want me to help you shoot your jizz again?” Brian asked.

“I think so,” I said softly, “but I don’t know if we should be doing this. It feels bad.”

Brian s... Continue»
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One of my tranny fantasies

I wish I could meet a good man who had his own home and lived alone with a job good enough that he'd never have to worry. He likes girls like me and wants someone who can spend the occasional weekend. I'd have my own room there with satin sheets and girly decor . A dresser with all my jewellery and wigs and make up as well as a huge wardrobe full of girly outfits for any occasion.

I turn up and let myself in with my key and immediately shower . Shave and perfume myself ready for my transformation. I sit at my dresser applying heavy slutty make up with chunky earrings and necklace and alrea... Continue»
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My First Masturbation to Porn – A True Story

My first masturbation to porn happened with the September 1977 issue of Penthouse magazine, and this is my true story. A year before, in 1976 during summer break from school, my friend Bob introduced me to porn. He was taking care of a neighbor’s pets while they were on vacation, so he had access to their home. He had found a huge pile of old Playboy magazines in their garage. One day, he took me over there to show me the magazines.

We flipped through... Continue»
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Play! Part 1

You walk through the airport having just arrived on a pleasantly humid, late spring night. You have no bags to pick up because you were told not to bring anything with you, so you are just walking in what you think is the direction out of the airport, not knowing what else to do. You have defied the man you are meeting, though, because you have a packet of nuts that you got on the plane in the pocket of your coat; you clutch them with defiance. The coat doesn’t quite feel like your coat yet since it is so new and a bit stiff. A plain trench coat.
All the way on that plane trip and you... Continue»
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My First Sexual experience

My parents were working in a steel company in Vishakapatnam. My self and younger b*****r were staying with our grand parents in our ancestral home at Kerala.After school final my father suggested that I have my college studies in Vishakapatnam staying with them. So my uncle made arrangements for my travel and I was sent along with one of my parents colleagues who was also working in the same company. They took good care of me providing me with lot of food and explaining the life at Vishakapatnam.At last we reached there the next day evening. My parents were at the station to receive me. We ... Continue»
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Sexy Lesbian Gets My Wife at Resort Bar

Sexy Lesbian Wife Works At Our Resort Bar
Hi, I’m Kathy last year my husband Phil and I bought the business of our dreams a lakefront resort and bar in Southern Wisconsin. My husband used to be a wrestler in college and he still had a body builder’s physique that any women would die for. I had been a bodybuilder also; I am a large but very muscular woman in her forties. I love my husband’s Hugh cock and since college I have had quite a few lesbian women who were drawn to my physically fit body.

The resort and bar was not doing well so when Steve and his wife Susan offered to rent one... Continue»
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my anut

After the July long weekend fun and fucking with my Aunt Joyce.....I couldn't wait till the next time I got together with her to fuck her hairy cunt and suck on her big fat nipples.

I got a call on Wednesday from my cousin Gerald and he asked me if I wanted to go on a golfing weekend with Tom and some of his co-workers during the September long weekend, and I told him I couldn't afford to go, thinking that this would be a good time to fuck my aunt. Plus I was telling the truth though.....I couldn't afford to go to Jasper for the weekend....very expensive for the Hotel and 2 rounds of golf. ... Continue»
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MILF bareback surprise

This happened a few years ago when i was single and living in Wiltshire. I was invited to an evening out celebrating my mate Sue's birthday. Sue was married to W**** and we all had shared a house together when i worked in Norfolk. They had since relocated to Somerset to be nearer to her f****y. Sue was the middle of three s****rs, S****a and S**** being the other two. All three girls and a couple of other guys as well as myself were invited along to a Robbie Williams tribute act, i wasn't sure about the entertainment but it sounded like a good excuse for a few drinks and to let my hair down, (... Continue»
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Son's black friend?

I just met with a married lady in her 40s form southern Indiana last week. She said her and her husband were very well known in the community so she wanted to meet at a truck stop several miles from where they lived. She had contacted me through one of the interracial sites and said she had been married to her husband just after high school and how he had been a football star but after they got married, had let himself go, gotten fat and hadn't cared about sex anymore but she still had needs. She confided to me that they had a pool at their house and last summer when her son had friends over s... Continue»
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Christen Twins - Holiday of Discovery

Twins get closer than ever in the third row of the minivan.

"Are you two awake back there?" Judy asked, peering toward the back of the minivan.

"Well I am," Darren replied, looking up from the book he was reading, "But I'm not so sure about Beth."

"Oh don't worry, I haven't quite nodded off yet," Beth replied, sitting up straighter from the position slouched against the window of the van.

"Well at least Henry and James are sl**ping," Judy smiled, glancing at the 18 month old twins whose car seats took up the middle row. Beth had to smile at the twinkle that her mother's ey... Continue»
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A Sibling Secret

Kit nudged open the front door, exhausted but pleased. It had been a long day, and after all the stores and appointments she looked forward to just relaxing the rest of the evening. Laden with shopping bags she bumped the door quietly shut with her back, not wanting to wake the rest of her f****y. Sneaking in late at night wasn't a problem for Kit -- she'd done it many times before, and with more incriminating companions than cans of soup. She didn't make a sound as she laid down the groceries and tip-toed into the livingroom.

Thomas was waiting for her. Well, to a degree. The now post-grad... Continue»
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Stranger in a Bar

The bar was full that night, a little more than I had seen it before. I stepped up to the bar to order a drink like I normally do, I noticed down the bar there was a woman sitting there looking at her cell phone, with a glass of wine in front of her. She moved her hand and placed her cell phone on the bar, when her hand moved her cleavage became very obvious. It was difficult not to stare. As I looked up towards her eyes, her eyes met mine, not sure if she caught me staring or not. I casually played it off like I had done nothing wrong. Throughout the night we did exchange occasional glances b... Continue»
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Carmel, my best friend's mom.

My best friend in the neighbourhood growing up was Barry. Even after I was sent to a boarding school abroad, we stayed in touch. Whenever I would get home, we hung out. We used to go cycling a lot at weekends from April on, when the weather got warm. We would just head out out for the whole day, going to the nearby lake to check out the girls. Now that we were 18, we were experiencing the joy of hook ups with the daughters of visiting German tourists who stayed in cabin boats on the river.

On the first Saturday of the summer I showed up at Barry's house to find that only his mom, Carmel, w... Continue»
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Caught In The Act (Part 2)

Peter moved round to behind Julie's chair and faced me. My hand was still covered in my load of cum, but my cock was completely limp. I felt pathetic, kneeling there, naked from the waist down with the photo propped up against the back of the chair.
"We all know you like Julie, but this is taking it a little bit far, isn't it?"
"I'm so sorry Peter, I don't know what to say - it won't happen again." Panic started to grip me and my heart started to pound.
Looking down at my cum drenched hand, Peter said "You'd better get rid of that, to start with" and pointed a stubby finger at my hand... Continue»
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Blackmailed by sisster part 1

I stood naked in my parents room, my young teenage cock throbbing as i rubbed with a pair of my m*ms small black silk lacey panties, their senstaion sending shivers over my body. My other hand pressed a red pair of silk cami knickers to my nose , the aroma of musk further fulling my already boiling and seething mass of hormones. My cock was twitching, my balls begging for release full of my young spunk. Fuelled by lust , teenage experimentation , frustration and hormones i was wearing a pink pair of her french knickers, the feel of the matierial on my ass exciting me further, my eyes closed in... Continue»
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The Fishing Trip

My husband Greg and I have been married but a few years yet it seems sometimes as if much of the fire has gone from our relationship. For instance, recently he went on a weeklong fishing trip to Canada with his buddies. He is an avid fisherman, and he and his buddies take at least one such trip a year. This year he was consumed with work and preparations the week before the trip; it didn’t much help matters that the middle of week brought the onset of my period. Owing to my strict upbringing, we have a good but rather simple sex life including intercourse and my occasionally relieving him by h... Continue»
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