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The Wank

The Wank

I don't know why I like this story so much. You could say it's small potatoes compared
to my other adventures, but hey.

It concerns my ex boyfriend Rob but BEFORE he was my boyfriend, I was working at
a comms company, and he'd worked there as a student, before he left and went to
the South Coast to study proper.

He was 5' 11' wiry with a mess of surfdude hair, and if you could imagine a MALE Claudia Schiffer
than that is him.

He was a surf dude and I was a young exec in a suit. I used to go and see him every other
weekend. He lived in a shared house with some ot... Continue»
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Stepdaughter sex slave

stared at my computer screen stroking my cock. Without knowing my step-daughter was making daddy harder than he had been in years. Suddenly she grabbed her laptop and watched a video of something I couldn't believe. It was a video of a father being seduced by his daughter. Did she want to fuck me? Is she just as perverted as me? I couldn't believe I didn't realize this earlier. When she was younger all I wanted to do was defile her, I couldn't even imagine how tight she would be. I have to stop her before she cums, I thought, she'll do anything while she's this hot. I rushed to her room and l... Continue»
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My Wife in the Adult Theater

My wife & I were doing some occasional swinging & she wanted to go to an
adult theater. We went in & sat in the next to the back row well away from
the isle. Once settled in she began to notice the men playing with their
cocks nearby & she got turned on. I took out my cock for her to stroke,
undid her blouse (no bra!) exposing both of her breasts as I cupped them &
played with her nipples. A nice looking man sat down a few seats over, was
watching us & stroking his nice large cock. I motioned to him & he
immediately moved next to us, still stroking his cock. She ... Continue»
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Part 1

So there I was. Being dragged to a party by a casual friend whose date bailed out at the last minute. I didn't want to go. Some friend of a friend of a friend knew someone at the party and said she should come but doesn't know anybody and didn't want to go alone. You know how it goes. I didn't mind though.
We used to have a thing years ago, her and I. Just out of highschool. Hot summer nights, back of my car biting, grinding, nibbling teasing fogging up the windows. I still remember her riding my cock, the cold sweat on her back, me pulling her hips down making sure shes taking ... Continue»
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Ms. Nancy, Chapter 4. We take a huge risk.

Miss Nancy, Ch. 4-We take a huge risk

I mentioned my friend’s f****y was well off, and because my large f****y didn’t make a lot of money, I think THEY had a “soft spot” in their heart for me. So they sometimes took me along on f****y trips and vacations and the like.
In my 18th year, they decided to take a golf vacation to Kentucky and I was invited along. It had been quite a while since my handjob fantasy was fulfilled by Ms. Nancy, and once again, I was wondering where I stood with her. I eagerly snapped up the invitation, and soon we were driving together to Kentucky for a golf vaca... Continue»
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Daughter begging for domination

I awoke the the sound of my teenage daughters worried voice. "Daddy I had a nightmare and I'm scared! I feel so safe when you hold me, let me sl**p with you, pwetty please? Normally I would've instructed her to calm down and lay close to daddy; however, my cock was still throbbing from the dream I was having. Ever since I started spying on my daughter while she masturbated late at night my dreams were full of fantasies of my vulnerable daughter. Before I could hide the erection I had from my dream of staring down at my daughters deep blue eyes as she choked on my cock she jumped onto the bed. ... Continue»
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Aunt has plans for her nephew at soccer camp

Jimmy woke up at 6 am on that August morning as happy
as ever. His life was almost perfect. All his hard work
this summer was going to result in him being the star
of his high school soccer team, and he had Aunt Tracy
to thank for it. This was the third of four weeks that
he was spending at her house training for the start of
the season. His aunt was a former college All-American
soccer player and the coach of the girls high school
state championship team.

Jimmy lived about two hours away and for the last five
summers he spent four weeks with his aunt honing his
skills.... Continue»
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Untitled fantasy

***Please note that this story is not finished yet. Might have to break in to different parts***
Untitled Story

I've been dating Melissa for about a year now. I met her online and hadn't dated a white girl before and she had never dated a black guy either. But we clicked and I thought she was very pretty so we went out and things went great.
I loved her body, very sexy and she seemed to take good care of herself. She was shy but I could tell she really enjoyed talking about sex and things she's never really tried before but is open to. The first one would be to have sex with a black guy... Continue»
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First journal - Part 1

This is a true story...

From very early on nylon shorts have became perhaps my favorite garment... and with the satin and silk items, it turned into a huge fetish of mine, worn not only by me; it is also a massive turn on when I see it worn by girls.

But there is a reason for all this.

I found it cathartic to uncover these stories; feels like a huge weight being lifted from my shoulders and has helped me understand myself and accept and now embrace its consequences.

Happened back home in my South American country in the early 70’s. I was then in fifth grade, and I had just tu... Continue»
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Cherry Poppin

Everyone's got a story about how they lost their virginity, and this is
mine. Like everything, I tried to do it in the most spectacular way I
could imagine. And I succeeded beyond my wildest adolescent fantasies.

I was born and bred in New Orleans, Louisiana. My once thick accent has
tapered off over the years into an easy drawl. Hard to believe to the
casual reader that once upon a time I used to run around with a rowdy crowd
down in the Irish Channel, where the summer air is thicker than molasses in
January. The lads, as my father used to call us, were just a bunch of
prepubes... Continue»
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Courtesy Fuck

MMF, wife, nc/blindfold)

Jack had left his front door open for me.

Like he'd instructed me, I entered the front door quietly, and found the
living room without much trouble. He was sitting on his couch waiting for
me, drinking a beer. The open bottle rested in one hand against his thigh.

"Hey, Marc," he said, as he stood. "I'm glad you could make it
tonight," he added with a smile.

He shook my hand with a firm grip.

"Do you want a beer?" he asked.

"That'd be great," I said, following him as he walked to the kitchen.

Jack was not quite as tall as I was, but very good ... Continue»
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Opening Doors


"Shit," demanded Simon, "What the fuck is he doing to her in there?"

Simon was referring to the fact that he and I had both been brought out
of our rooms by the moans of the chick coming from my frat b*****r Jamie's
room across the hall.

"Sounds like he's showing her one hell of a good time," I replied.

"But it's one o'clock in the fucking morning," whined Simon, "I got a
term paper due tomorrow."

"Dude," I said, peering past him and into his room to observe that his
light and computer were still on, "It doesn't look like you were sl**ping
anyway. If... Continue»
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A Wife's First Threesome

After twenty years of marriage, my wife Kay and I agreed that our sex life needed a jump start. We had often talked about bringing in another man to help please her, first as a joke, then as a serious fantasy. Eventually, after much discussion, we answered an ad in a local paper.

I was actually pretty shocked that she finally agreed to it. Kay attended a prim "Seven s****rs" college on the East Coast, and despite her remarkable beauty and intelligence, is quite shy and self-conscious. In both her professional and everyday life she dresses and acts very conservatively. Although she has an ex... Continue»
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Summer on the Ranch 2

Hot Summer Nights
MF, voy)

This story is meant to be read as a sequel to "Summer on the Ranch." It
chronicles the continuing story of Marc, Greg, Steve, and Laurie.
Christ it was hot.

The August sun beat down on my body as I worked in the hills around the
ranch. The sweat was pouring out of my pores like water through a sieve. I
took my Stetson off my head so that I could wipe the salty drops of water
off my forehead, and out of my hair and eyes.

Standing back, I surveyed my handiwork along the edge of the field while
I sat on the back of the pick-up drinking a beer I had brou... Continue»
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"A Little Fall of Rain"

I lived in San Francisco for few years, back when I was still relatively
fresh out of law school and working for one of the city's premier law

On the particular day in question we had wrapped up some complex
negotiations for one of the firm's larger Silicon Valley clients.
Everything had gone smoothly for a change. And I was unexpectedly left
with a whole afternoon of unscheduled time.

I decided, rather than spending it in the office billing someone as I
ought to have done, to go out and enjoy the beautiful fall day. It was a
rash decision for me, as I was of th... Continue»
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my first time

MY first time
Hello all sex lovers.
My story goes long way back. My father left India to go to UK to make more money. He left behind I sam then I was 8 year old and my s****r was 4 year old. Mom was about 30. She is very sexy woman.
We had nice time growing up. Dad use to send money every month it made mom,s life easy.
I an my s*s were very close to each other.
Mom looked after us very nicely. We both k**s did not give mom any hard time. Mom had one lady in the village who use to visit mom. She was almost at our home every day. She goes home when we come home from school. She was bit olde... Continue»
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Moni shared

I Want to Share My Wife

Moni Shared Just Before Wedding After having long talks about what all we had done and been doing it was like we could finally tell each other anything. I had told her all my fantasies and she was starting to share hers with me. One night as we talked she shared that she always wanted to pick up some guys at a bar, total strangers and just let them fuck her.
It was great for me to hear her say things like that as she had never been so open talking about things like this. But it turned me on to no end. To be honest I never expected this to keep going ... Continue»
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The final exam

Here he was, ready to take on his last exam. Really, it was his very last exam before graduating. The last obstacle in the way of him finally leaving the school he so despised. Not that he was a bad student or that he got in trouble often. No, he was just an average k**, who had average grades and really didn't bother anyone. Maybe that was just the problem. Being so average made him practically invisible to the girls in his class and the school. On top of that, he wasn't very sociable, which made it even harder to attract any attention from women. As a solution he had thought drinking to be h... Continue»
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Nothing Between Us - worth Read

It was my mother who told me.

"Jennifer, I mean, Thuy's back from Yale for spring break, Jacob."

Thuy's our neighbor and an old classmate of mine from high school. We had been friends since we were c***dren. One day when she was eleven, she had randomly decided her new American name would be Jennifer. I argued for something like Thea that would be at least close to Thuy, but she stuck with Jennifer and in time only her f****y and I were left using her original name. My mom sometimes accommodated me.

"That's cool," I replied as I stuck my hand in the Frito bag.

"When's the last time... Continue»
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Hotel Dreams

This we have to try soon!
Comments welcome

I cant believe it been so long over a week since I saw you last. the last time I was in your arms as one with you making love kissing touching holding you. Well I phoned you just to make sure you knew I was coming and let you know what time I jumped in my car and headed to yours. I am excited now thinking of the time we can spend together what might happen and what we might do? My cock is hard wanting you and with all the naughty thoughts going through my mind its not going to subside as I drive to yours. I just imagined you and me last time we w... Continue»
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