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Amanda Wrighter


Friday, May 23rd, 2014

9:38 A.M.
“I want you and your team at the front, back, and side exits. The windows shouldn’t be an issue because once they’re all inside, I will close the shutters. They shouldn’t be able to get them open after that. I don’t anticipate that any of them will get outside, but I want you and your men to be prepared for anything. And make sure the gates stay locked. I have cameras along the walls, so I should be able to monitor everything from the control room and alert you if... Continue»
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A boring Summer Holiday – The next week.

Jo was lying awake in bed, the last week had been an adventure of sexual awakening. The young teen had spent every night of the week fucking one member of her f****y or another. For the last seven days, at least one f****y member had shared a full night in Jo’s bed or Jo had stayed in someone else’s room.
Jo thought of her mom’s large breasts and large pussy lips, her dad’s thick cock as he pounded between her legs, the vibrators both her mom and her had bought, and used together until the batteries ran out on the first night, her father’s tongue flicking between her labia as she sat on his f... Continue»
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A bizarre walk to school

My name is Luke, I am a junior in college and am engaged to my high
school sweetheart Ashley. We rent a house a few blocks from campus, not
a short walk, but not far enough where we drive. We both are majoring in
Business, and have 1 night class on Monday nights. Ashley was in
gymnastics in high school and always was self conscious about her small
bust size, she is an A cup. If you have seen a female gymnast then you
have a good idea the body Ashley has. She has long beautiful black hair
and the cutest nose and smile you can imagine. I like to consider myself
a good looking man, but I ... Continue»
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College Adventure

The following is something which happened to me a few years ago while I was a junior in college. I was 21 years old and, while I had a lot of good friends and had relationships with girls in school, the other side of me which I kept hidden was the fact that I was also very sexually attracted to guys. I had never had a sexually experience with a guy, partially out of fear of being revealed, but also partially because I was in denial about myself. I wasn’t convinced I was bi, instead convincing myself that I was just curious.

Connor was a good friend I met freshman year. We had lived across t... Continue»
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Spending the Day with my Uncle and Niece

When I was younger I would love to wear my mom and s****r's panties, bras and pantyhose. It made me feel so good yet I couldn't understand why my dick got so big and hard. It kind of bugged me because it made it hard to fit into the panties. Needless to say I felt very sexual early in life. I have a niece who is one year younger and another that is one year older than I am. They are very pretty so I guess it is natural to have had a crush on them, but being so sexual, I was really attracted to both of them. When I had the chance I would take their panties and sniff them and wear them, wonderin... Continue»
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me and a friend

sorry about the spelling
no name will be said thru out this

about a month ago are girlfriends broke up with us around week a part so we hanging out at my place and talking but the girls and when we where talking about the girls we realize hoe horny we where so we hear about the lady lager from a friend that's said he bought one and it's work its better then your hand he said so we finger we should buy one each so we went online to look at them we ended up liking what we seen it was 60 bucks for one so we each broke out the visa and order them with lube. we waited a week for them to come ... Continue»
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My foot fetish experience

I have a major foot fetish my fovorite part of the female feet are the soles. Today I'm going to tell you about my very first footjob. So it was my senior year of high school i was 18 years old at the time and i had a killer crush on this sexy readhead she was also 18 and a senior her name was shelby and she was the captain on the varsity cheerleading squad which made me like her even more. She had the sexiest feet i had ever seen she wore flip flops alot so that was a big turn on her feet always looked so soft, so i became freinds with her i didn't tell her I had a crush on her or that i had ... Continue»
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Making Of Donna -The Cock Whore

I hurried home from work early Friday. Clarissa would be getting home in three hours. The note she left me this morning read that she was requesting the services of Donna for the weekend. I do love being her maid.

I got home and started getting ready. A warm shower and shave to clean up any hair on my body. There was something sexy about shaving my legs that I just love. I stepped out of the tub, dried off and dusted myself with some powder. Clarissa liked for me to smell girly while dressed. I sat down at the makeup table to start my look for the evening: the foundation to hide the male s... Continue»
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First Time Bi

Wife Swap Gone Bad

I wanted my wife to swing and I got more than I bargained for. Much of this story is true.

My beautiful wife Sandy (32) and I (34) moved to the Northeast so I could get the promotion with my company. She is a cute, very hot looking brunette 5''7" with a 36dd-24-36 figure and a cute turned up nose. I am an average looking guy, 6'0" with a medium build. She is very conservative when it comes to sex (at least she used to be) and likes sex only in a "romantic" environment, (she was virgin when we married). Even then she prefers the missionary position and though we have t... Continue»
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A young turkey hunter scores with a farmer's

The night before I went turkey hunting I had to go check in with the owner of the land that I was hunting on. The field I was scouting was right next to his old farmhouse, and had a broad meadow that tucked far out into the corner. I saw a couple of birds down there, a hen and some long beards. I pulled up the dusty driveway that bordered a horse pasture in my rusted Toyota pickup. The evening sun was beating down on the valley green pasture, and the horses grazed peacefully. The farm was owned by a man named Roy Tomlinson. He'd been tilling and farming these lands for over thirty years, until... Continue»
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A man anally molests a stranger on a crowded commu

Anal Sex with Stranger on a Train 1

On the way home from work, a man anally m*****s a stranger on a crowded commuter train.

Having been riding this train for years, Peter rode this commuter train every day, twice a day to and from work home. In all the years, never has he ever seen the train as crowded. With nowhere to put them, the train was so crowded that there were still people standing on the platform left behind. With no way to get home in this raging snowstorm, they’d have to find a hotel room or return to work to spend the night.

In the way they were packed in like sardines, h... Continue»
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A couple enjoys some steamy anal sex in public

You have this look on your face of intense concentration as you lock the door to the apartment, like a man on a very serious mission. This makes me giggle because I know what we're about to do, and knowing our dirty little secret makes me giddy. You catch my eye:

"What are you giggling about?"

But that's a silly question. We both know. You crack a smile and grab my hand as we walk out.

The bar is only four blocks away but my ass and legs are starting to shiver under my skirt as the cold air hits the bare skin above my thigh highs. I grin and bear it. The coldness is a necessary evil i... Continue»
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Educated by the School Nurse

My k** s****r made a face, sticking her tongue out after my mother turned her back, and if Mom wasn't within earshot she would have given me one of those ha-has that annoyed the hell out of me. Cathy had good reason to gloat though, because she had managed to weasel out of something that I was getting stuck doing.

That was the way it always seemed to be, since Cathy was the the baby of the f****y. Being the older k**, it seemed like I never got away with stuff. That was the way it was when I was 8 and she was 5, and now that I was 18 and Cathy was 15, it was still the same.

Mom had volun... Continue»
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While the farmer's away, his daughter gets to

One bright sunny afternoon, a little tow truck drove into a farm, carrying a vehicle with it. The farm in question belonged to Mr. Murphy, and the vehicle in question was a blue car driven by Ian Johnson, a handsome college sophomore who was driving to his f****y reunion when his car broke down near the Murphy farm. This did not bode well for him as he told his girlfriend that he would meet him at the reunion as soon as he can.

As a result of the mess, Ian had to wait until the car is fixed, and as the tow truck drove away to the nearest mechanic with his car, he had until then to think of ... Continue»
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A high school senior's first time with his ma

My senior year was nearly half over and so far, it had been pretty fantastic. I turned 18 before anyone else in my class and maybe that gave me the edge as I earned the starting quarterback position two years in a row. We made it to the state finals where we lost a very close, hard-fought game. In October, I was named homecoming king and was dating the most popular girl in school when I received a writing assignment that would change my life for the next two years.

It was the day before Thanksgiving break when my English teacher assigned us a ten-page paper on the theme of who we would most... Continue»
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Emma's Crush

Emma was a "good girl". At eighteen, she had been around people her age who messed around, but had never felt the urge to participate in that kind of behavior.

She was more into observing and reading about life than actually living it. As a result, she began to have fantasies. The main fantasy she had was about Bryan, who happened to be her best friend, Jana's, father. She had known Bryan for four years now and had always thought he was nice looking...for her best friend's father.

When she turned sixteen, she was shocked when she started seeing him in a different light. Hiding her newly ... Continue»
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Employer Benefits

I am the owner of a small fitness club in an average-sized city. The club is fairly successful, due to word-of-mouth and the excellent service we provide and the quality employees that I hire. It is one of these employees that I am writing about.

I have two major types of employees working for me. The first type is the certified fitness trainer. These are the people who I set up personal training sessions with for clients who need them. The second type of employee is what I call a fitness assistant. This is someone who has received informal training on physiology and kinesiology, but doesn'... Continue»
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Negotiating a Mortgage

About a year ago I decided that I wanted to invest some of the extra money I had been making in recent months. I had already been putting plenty of money into mutual funds, so I decided I would buy some more property. After looking around at several homes, I decided upon a nice townhouse that I felt would be easy to rent. After writing up the purchase agreement, subject to financing of course, I contacted the bank that carried my other mortgage and set up an appointment with Jan, one of the mortgage specialists.

When I arrived at the bank two days later, I was taken aback. Jan older than me... Continue»
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Dinner & A Limousine

We pass each other walking in opposite directions of the lingerie store. I'm walking out as you are walking in. I catch your eye and we lock stares. Knowing in our minds we have seen each other before but unable to place it.

I follow the natural sway of your hips, the motion of your sexy ass in the tight dress, the shortness of the hemline exposing a pair of long sexy shapely legs in black stockings and high heeled pumps. I follow the view unti you are well inside the store.

I turn around and stroll back into the store, browsing around as I keep an eye on you. You returning the glance b... Continue»
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Author's note: I have based this lightly on one of my favourite stories.
Sharp eyed readers may spot the references which intend homage. Oh, and
it's back to basics...
Thanks again, of course, to Robyn Hoode for giving it the once over. Any
faults are mine and mine alone.

I did the decent thing in college when I got my girlfriend pregnant and
we were married in the fall. She dropped out and got a job with a very
understanding company whilst I finished my degree. Her maternity leave
was short because she had to pay for our apartment but I got a good job
straight after ... Continue»
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