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Employer Benefits

I am the owner of a small fitness club in an average-sized city. The club is fairly successful, due to word-of-mouth and the excellent service we provide and the quality employees that I hire. It is one of these employees that I am writing about.

I have two major types of employees working for me. The first type is the certified fitness trainer. These are the people who I set up personal training sessions with for clients who need them. The second type of employee is what I call a fitness assistant. This is someone who has received informal training on physiology and kinesiology, but doesn'... Continue»
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Negotiating a Mortgage

About a year ago I decided that I wanted to invest some of the extra money I had been making in recent months. I had already been putting plenty of money into mutual funds, so I decided I would buy some more property. After looking around at several homes, I decided upon a nice townhouse that I felt would be easy to rent. After writing up the purchase agreement, subject to financing of course, I contacted the bank that carried my other mortgage and set up an appointment with Jan, one of the mortgage specialists.

When I arrived at the bank two days later, I was taken aback. Jan older than me... Continue»
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Dinner & A Limousine

We pass each other walking in opposite directions of the lingerie store. I'm walking out as you are walking in. I catch your eye and we lock stares. Knowing in our minds we have seen each other before but unable to place it.

I follow the natural sway of your hips, the motion of your sexy ass in the tight dress, the shortness of the hemline exposing a pair of long sexy shapely legs in black stockings and high heeled pumps. I follow the view unti you are well inside the store.

I turn around and stroll back into the store, browsing around as I keep an eye on you. You returning the glance b... Continue»
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Author's note: I have based this lightly on one of my favourite stories.
Sharp eyed readers may spot the references which intend homage. Oh, and
it's back to basics...
Thanks again, of course, to Robyn Hoode for giving it the once over. Any
faults are mine and mine alone.

I did the decent thing in college when I got my girlfriend pregnant and
we were married in the fall. She dropped out and got a job with a very
understanding company whilst I finished my degree. Her maternity leave
was short because she had to pay for our apartment but I got a good job
straight after ... Continue»
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The Beardsley School for Girls Chapter 2 - Justine

the Meeting (Part 2)

"Come in," Michael commanded. He looked up as the door opened, pleasantly surprised to see Meredith. "Good morning, Chancellor."
"It's Meredith, Michael. No need to be so formal when we aren't in front of the students." She smiled at him.
He watched as she walked over to the chair in front of his desk, his eyes gazed down at her legs as she crossed them, her short skirt rode higher on those gorgeous thighs, a quick glimpse between her legs making his cock hard.
"So good to see you, Meredith. What I can do for you, today?"
"Not for me, for the Board of Directors."
... Continue»
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My Ex-daughter In Law (Part 1)

This is a fantasy which I have played over, time and time again in my mind! In fact I dream about her every night and in every way........

Since my son split from his ex-partner, (For this story I will call her Debbie) I have fantasised about her daily, nightly and even when I think I'm not thinking about her, my brain and cock tell me something completely different!

I'd not say she is a petite thing with model looks, she is an average looking BBW in her late 20's and proud of it! She likes to flirt and flaunt it with her low cut tops showing off her ample cleavage and legs in... Continue»
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My Third Baby Isn't My Husband's

My husband and I have been married for 7 years now. We've been through a lot of ups and downs and having k**s really changed our relationship.

I kept working after the birth of our 3 year old daughter, Ashley, and then went back to work with the same company after our second daughter arrived 12 months later.

I never realized how hard having two little girls so close in age would be on our relationship. Although I really love my husband, I felt so lost and confused when I went back to work just 12 weeks after our second daughter was born.

The only thing that really got me through was m... Continue»
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Girl or Boy Getting Anal? You decide?

Boy or Girl Anal? You decide?
He gently put me on all fours near the edge of the couch so I could present him the gift of my fine small ass. He knew exactly what to do. He got some Astro-Glide and moved his cock up and down my ass crack while gently inserting a finger into my awaiting opening. I was not used to anything in my ass and squirmed from his gentle probing; soon I could accommodate his finger. Then a strange feeling came over me when he began making an in and out motion which began to feel pleasurable. Soon I could tell the pleasure was overtaking the somewhat painful feeling of the... Continue»
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Something about her

Heres my first post, hopefully one of many. Written primarily for my own account but if others find my mental and physical encounters enjoyable, so be it. Ive never been very good with diaries, however considering how sexually entertaining my life has become I dont think Ill have a problem keeping up with my memoir.
Last Saturday night my sweets and I made our way to a friends house for an after hour birthday booze fest. All the normal gang was there consisting mainly of men and as usual myself. The house belongs to a young married couple who were also of course present and the wife of which ... Continue»
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Learning from my SLUTTY MILF Neighbor

I was still learning to drive a car, dating a few girls and really enjoying high school like most guys my age. I had very little experience at anything really and after going steady with this one girl, kissed her only a few times and once got to stick my finger in her pussy. I thought that was just great but after several repeated attempts to do it again, she told me to fuck off. I was really bummed out about her not letting me do it any more but I figured that maybe something else would come my way and I would eventually get to do it with another girl at some point in time.
I kinda just
... Continue»
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A Birthday Lesson

Hello, my name is Clara, and I am going to tell you about the time I learned what it really was to be fucked. I was adopted at age 7, by my mother Nina, and now I am eighteen... On the say of my 18th birthday, my mother threw me a huge bash, invited all the f****y and my friends, and let me tell you, it was something I will never forget.

On the day of my 18th birthday, it was hot and humid, the kind of humid that makes your clothes stick to your skin. I came out of my room dressed in a white cotton midriff, no bra, and white jean shorts, almost so short they barely covered my firm ass cheek... Continue»
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Stella and Marina: SM in Spain #2

Stella is Mistress and Marina her slave in our second day of role play, while I'm her Servant.
Stella eagerly grabs her opportunity to rule for the next twenty-four hours for her satisfaction.
She starts right after midnight, terribly turned on by how former Mistress Marina ended as slut.
She takes the initiative to explore some sexy and foxy fantasies from deep within her dirty mind.

Nice naughty night for a sexy start of Stella's first day of rule as our Mistress

Stella exchanges glances and eye-winks with me while we both ride Marina for her and our pleasure.
She nods towar... Continue»
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My first time.

I found myself a somewhat horny girl from a young age. I remember at age six, stealing my Dad's porno mags and stashing them behind my bed to read at night, so I could get that tickly feeling between my legs that I liked so much. After my Mum found them and gave me a strict telling-off for it, I wasn't deterred in the slightest. I found myself constantly nicking the mags to look at the pictures and, when I got older, read the stories. Only now I was careful to always put the magazines back.

My life took a turn for the better once we got the internet, when I was around fifteen. Being quite c... Continue»
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First Time Sucking Cock

This is an excerpt from "Her Husband the Whore" available now on Amazon []

II. Confession

My heart was beating so fast that I didn’t know how to calm it down, it felt like it would beat out of my chest and my stomach felt like it was on a spin cycle. My cock was harder than I could ever remember it and my mouth was watering like I was about to sit down to a steak dinner. This was my first time -- the first time that I ever got as far as to go through wi... Continue»
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You wrote me this and I fucking love it! We had been apart for a little while and you do know what effect it had on me don't you? I hope you don't mind me posting this as I want the world too know how much you turn me on,how much I ache for you,need and want you.

Want to wake up in your arms and feel your body pressed against mine as you sl**p.
Even before I open my eyes, my body is responding to your closeness.
My nipples wake up before the rest of my body. From soft, pink cherries they slowly grow into hard red cherries aching to be touched.
I can feel a soft twitching in... Continue»
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Old convertible!

I have this wonderful old convertible Sprite. It runs beautifully since I had been taking it in to this vintage repair shop. They recently sold the business and I haven't found anyone who treats my car the same way and it hasn't been into the shop for at least 6 months.

It was a beautiful day and I didn't have to work. I had only plans to go to dinner with my friends at 7pm. I decided to take a drive around the lake,the long way, enjoy the scenery and the weather. So I dressed in comfortable clothes, keeping in mind I wanted to take advantage of the sun and get a tan while driving around.... Continue»
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How my cherry got popped

I’ve had a fetish about white jockey briefs since I was 16. I like the way the double layer of cotton feels so smooth when I rub my balls and right round to my bum hole. One day I got caught doing this by my mother. She told me to stop doing it because I might end up all queer. I knew what she meant but in those days didn’t exactly know what people who were “all queer” got up to, just that it was forbidden.
Every Tuesday at high school we went swimming at the school pool straight after lunch. The English teacher used to take the lessons and generally keep control of the idiots who preferred t... Continue»
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Work Friends Nude House Party, Part 1

**I had originally posted this story on another account with a similar name. However I was unable to verify my account as I had set it up with the wrong email address. This is the account I shall be using from now on, and is the story I posted on the previous account**

Hi, my names Matt, I'm in my early 20's about 155 lbs, standing 5'11, with a dirt blonde/ brown hair, blue/ grey eyes, slightly athletic build and about 7 inches long, uncut with trimmed pubic hair. This is my first ever erotic story, so please go easy on me but hopefully you'll enjoy. Story is completely fictional too.

S... Continue»
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How I Got My Bicycle

How I Got My Bicycle

By billy69boy

Hi, my name is Danny, and this is my story about my first sexual experiences. I was pretty young when I started out, so if you don't care for stories like mine, you should stop reading right now.

I live with my mom in a tiny house, in an old, quiet section of a small town. My mom is always working, because the old man left us 10 years ago, and never came back. Mom said he did us both a favor by leaving, but otherwise, she never talks about him. We don't have much, but she works 2 or 3 jobs, and keeps us out of the poorhouse. I never go hungry or... Continue»
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Connie's Health Club Adventure

Loving wife & mother succumbs to deep desires.

My name is Connie I am a 26 year old mother of two young girls whose ages are two and four and married to a very successful executive of a multi-national company. We have a gorgeous home in the suburbs of a major Midwestern city that is the corporate home for my husband's company. We both drive luxury cars and people looked at us as if we had it all. But we didn't have it all.

About a year after our second daughter was born my husband lost interest in our sex life, primarily due to his pre-occupation with his career. He traveled a lot... Continue»
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