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This is a complete work of fiction, written for entertainment purposes only, any relation to real life incidents/people is purely coincidental and not intended.

Our story begins like any normal healthy relationship between a young couple.

William is a young slim handsome sweet-hearted 18 year old guy who is completely head over heels in love with his fiancé, Kelly. His brown wavy locks of hair in a mop-top style makes him look a couple years younger than what he is.

Kelly is a striki... Continue»
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In the Kitchen

I woke up to the sound of her tinkering around in the kitchen. When I walked in, she was leaning over, putting something back in the refrigerator. She didn't see me at first, so I just stood there quietly admiring the view.

She was dressed in nothing but a long tee shirt, barely down to her thighs, and a pair of hot pink bikini panties which was clearly visible through the thin material of the white cotton tee. I just gazed at her ass, her slender waist, feeling my cock begin to twitch in a not-unwanted way.

She stood up, let the door shut and turned toward the sink. She saw me standing ... Continue»
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I pick Jeremy to be the first to fuck my ass.

Jeremy is by far the nicest guy I know. His warm eyes aren't afraid to look into mine. His touch is gentle, communicating respect. He has a great sense of humor even though he doesn't know any jokes. His humor comes from everyday life. He never misses any silly little thing that I do; he is always paying attention. Almost nothing is sexier than that. And he seems to genuinely like women, especially me.

So I decided that Jeremy would be the one. My curiosity had evolved over the last few months to something much more. I wanted this to happen; really I needed it to happen soon and on my own t... Continue»
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First time anal

In my last story I told of the young guy I met while walking my dog, the following week I kept an eye out for him in the hope we could repeat our fun, but to no avail. I'd given up thinking it was a one off however on the Thursday the week after I once again spotted him this time a little deeper off the track. I wasted no time heading towards him from twenty meters away I could see that beautifull rock hard cock, this time I tied my dog to a low tree branch. Unlike last time he had a travel rug spread out on the ground, I hoped that was because he was looking forward to us getting together and... Continue»
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The delivery girl- Submission from a friend

I was so broke I took a job as a pizza delivery girl. That was a long time ago. One of my first nights I was assigned to deliver a pizza to a hotel room. No problem. I go the hotel and found the room. I knocked on the door and shouted “Pizza delivery”. When the door opened a woman, quite a bit older than me, told me to come in. The room was a typical motel room; two twin beds, a small table, a dresser and a TV. The woman was dressed in what I can only describe as biker clothing. Leather boots, leather skirt, leather vest, and she even had a leather hat on.

When I entered the room, she dire... Continue»
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Im here 4 u if u need me.

Back in 2003, I got locked up for the first time. I only did county time thou. Shackle to others who look scared. Not me thou as the co's put us in the cells we would be doing our time in. My celly wasn't in at the time. I had to get the boat on the floor. I put my Matt in it, made myself at home. It never settle in on me that im locked up yet & this where I'd be for 6 months. So, I went 2 sl**p & tried to get this day over with. Later on I heard the cell door open. The co said to my celly, you have a thug ass roommate waiting for you. My celly said ok. The door was slam shut. My eyes ... Continue»
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Down By The Seaside

Down by the Seaside
By: Jo Jo (

My name is Joanne, that's my real name, the rest of the names and places
have been changed. I'm 30 now, this was when I was at Sixth Form. I
was going out with a Mike and had been for a while. He was madly in
love with me, and he was really gorgeous, but he was really young and
really jealous, and I kept finding myself looking at men, rather than

One bank Holiday weekend, May I think, Mike said he was going camping
with his mates. I said fine, and we had a big row over it.

I worked as a waitress in a pub... Continue»
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The American Dream Time of the Supporating Spoor.

"I want to leave" Derek moaned hungrily. "Leave what"? rasped Angel vociferously - "We've only just got here you whining cunt"

"I know but, but it's so quiet here, and my asparagus is limp - I certainly didn't expect a night like this for a blind date."

Angel leaned back in her chair, took a good look at Derek. He WAS quite good looking in his own way - the large white Aran jumper offset his red curly hair in a fetching way, though his patched denim dungarees were decidingly wrong.

Laughlingly she murmured 'Derek, I enjoy it anyway, lets stay a while. I'm getting . . . . antsy"

... Continue»
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Advice about cock selection for young girls

OK, I'm not that old but I believe myself expert in this topic.
My husband read a chat I was having yesterday on xhamster and he thought it good advice.

Accept my next statements as fact. That pussy we sit on is worth a million dollars when it comes with a pretty young slender frame. Men want to own it, bury themselves in it and fill it.
You want to find the right man. Be careful about who you choose to give it away to.

The sexy and exciting bad boy with a marginal job and education is not the flavor of guy you really want. Shopping at Bebe's gets you a better product than ... Continue»
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My Husband, My Daughter

My Husband, My Daughter.
By Betty Noone

"Paul, I wish you could be a little happier," JoAnn his wife of two years
said to him.

"I have been out of work for over three months now, and it seems that no-
one wants to hire me." Paul replied.

JoAnn Crawford was thirty years old. Six years older than her husband.
He was in real estate sales, but the recession caused lay-offs, and it
seems no-one is hiring. He tried to get a job in other fields but in a
tight job market, the employers were looking for experienced people and
he could not qualify.

JoAnn loved her husband and it too... Continue»
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First time for everything.

[For the record, there are some spelling mistakes and grammar issues I'm sure, and I think I change tenses a couple times, but what the hell. Hope you enjoy]

For your pleasure

It had been months since I had been laid. I was sitting in a hotel room in Winnipeg, feeling bored and sexually frustrated. In an effort to amuse myself, I opened up craigslist on my laptop and went to “casual encounters”. I cruised some of the w4m posts, and responded to some of them, but wasn’t getting anywhere. I was feeling desperate. I could feel the bulge in my pants growing as I imagined meeting some sexy st... Continue»
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Who's Getting Anal

Boy or Girl Anal? You decide?
He gently put me on all fours near the edge of the couch so I could present him the gift of my fine small ass. He knew exactly what to do. He got some Astro-Glide and moved his cock up and down my ass crack while gently inserting a finger into my awaiting opening. I was not used to anything in my ass and squirmed from his gentle probing; soon I could accommodate his finger. Then a strange feeling came over me when he began making an in and out motion which began to feel pleasurable. Soon I could tell the pleasure was overtaking the somewhat painful feeling of the... Continue»
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Savannah and Christian...Brother and Sister (Part

There was a knock at the door.

Then Savannah entered, it was her first visit in a year and a half so Christian, her younger b*****r was really excited.

Savannah is a 20 year old brunette girl, with beautiful wonderful 36DD boobs, her ass is huge and bounced ever so slightly when she walked. She stood taller than most other women at 5' 10".

Christian is a 15 year old horny teenager fighting through high school. He has an athletic build, standing at a healthy 6'2". His cock is 7 inches at full length and he had always had a crush on his older s****r.

When he was around 13 he had a p... Continue»
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It's My Duty

I was recently deployed to a country I have never been to before and I must say I am glad I was sent there. I was in this bar for a few hours drinking having a great time listening to music and watching all the women that came in and out of there. Now this one chick must have been feeling brave, brazen, and a tad bit sassy tonight as she walked in to the dimly lit bar, her eyes focused and she saw me standing off by myself in the corner. Tall handsome and sexy as hell in that uniform she had to be thinking, Because I have no idea what possessed her to approach me. As she was walking towards me... Continue»
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Jodie's Panties

The next morning, I woke to feeling John's morning wood trying to find it's way to my hot entrance. I turned my head to look at John over my shoulder. I smiled at him as he was fondling with my clit. His fingers slid up and down making me very moist. I lifted my right leg for him to have better access.

John spooned closer to enter himself into me. As he worked his hardened dick further, we both moaned from the feeling. John held onto my breasts as he worked his magic in my pussy. Slow soft thrusts, then quick hard thrusts. As I screamed from having an orgasm, John hurried to get his... Continue»
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The Game Changer

It began on Friday, when my friend Kaley texted, asking me if I would like to meet up for lunch. I agreed and we got together at this little bistro downtown. After the meal we decided to go for a walk to chat and gossip a little further. As we were walking we passed by a store called Seductions: Adult Palace.

Kaley wanted to check it out. At first I thought she was joking, but she started to head in. I found it amusing so I followed her inside. Neither of us had ever really been in a sex store before so we were a bit blown away by the selection of naughty toys and attire.

Kaley s... Continue»
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Cheating Milf Loves Younger

I live in San Diego with my husband who works for an Oil Company in Houston, so he commutes every week.
This leaves me with four lonely nights, which in the last few years, I've occupied by being fucked by

virile young guys.
Black, white it doesn't matter to me as long as they're young and their cocks are hard then they're

welcome in my pussy.
I've even been introduced recently to threesomes and the joys of spit roasting.
The tale I'm about to regale happened last weekend.
My Husband does a bit of part time helping with our local scout troop.
He was scheduled to take them t... Continue»
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The next step with John

The Next Step With John

Things have been a bit mixed up for me for a few days. I could not believe what was happening. My whole world was turned upside down. I was 100 precent straight and loved girls. I never even wondered what it would be like to touch a guy or have a guy touch me. Yet here I was loving having my buddy jack me off, and what was even more amazing to me is that I loved jacking him off. I never in my wildest imagination did I think that I would touch another guys cock. But here I was, and I was loving it. I loved how it felt as I wrapped my fingers around the shaft. ... Continue»
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The first time with Carol

I had a next door neighbor called Carol, she was ten years older than me and she lived in the apartment next to mine with her daughter and long time boyfriend. She was a smoker and he wasn't so she would come over and smoke at mine, we would chill and sometimes as a group go out. Now she was a big girl, she had a really big ass and really big tits. Her tits were probably bigger than an E cup. She had long dirty blond hair and was ok looking. Now I never thought I would fuck her or she would ever become a fuck buddy. But we used to talk about anything including sex when we would get high and he... Continue»
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Giving it up for a place to stay

I was relaxing in my apartment watching a movie late one night when the door went, reluctantly I went to it and one of my friends was there with his girlfriend. Now they were both younger than me and he lived at his parents her at hers and she had an argument with her parents. Within an hour it was established that she needed a place to crash for the night, but he wasn't staying with her, instead of letting her stay at his the night he decide to go to the beach with friends in the morning and she couldn't because she had to work. So instead I was left to be the hero and let her crash at mine. ... Continue»
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