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The Cumslut Emily

This is a post detailing how I got my first blowjob and how I became obsessed with oral sex. (all of the women mentioned below were 19 years of age or older, all names have been changed and any similarities to actual persons are merely coincidental)

I will start with the first time I got a blowjob.

Chapter 1 : Emily

My first girlfriend was named Emily. She was a tall brunette with a nice smile and timid personality. She attended a catholic school and spoke both french and english. Emily came from a middle-class home, was intelligent and all around a normal teenage girl. I met her at a... Continue»
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When I started crossdressing, not so long ago, I just used to take photos of myself in a garter belt, then I started dressing more completely, with nice HIGH HEELS... and gradually progressed to make-up and wigs. Then I progressed to video as well as photos, but I was always frustrated trying to ‘perform’ with one hand occupied with the camera, or the limitations of my mac camera... really really wanted someone to handle that end of things...

After a while I discovered a Japanese meet-site called Nan-Net and registered there (censored photos only of course, since it’s Japanese). From t... Continue»
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Shared Cindy: Judy's story, part five

This story can be found online at the now-abandoned blog, “Shared Cindy”. As it's a true story and far too good to be allowed to disappear, I'm putting it on my blog here for everyone's pleasure.

This is part five, and finally Judy is getting to enjoy Joe's thick cock. Enjoy!

Going in

The sexual tension in the room was palpable and no-one moved. Slowly and confidently, Joe reached under Judy's gorgeous, round ass and pulled her closer to him and the edge of the overstuffed arm of the couch. All the while, his firm cock was still buried balls-deep in her clutching pussy. When... Continue»
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Craigslist shemale

One day sitting at home edging, I decided to go on craigslist t4m most of the ladys were black with huge scary cocks then I happen upon a thai girl Tia, we started talking and asked her if she wanted to meet up, she didn't drive so I had to pick her up. as she walked to the car I took notice she was about 5'8 she had tight jeans on and a decent ass for a Asian girl. she had a leather jaket on and I could see she was pretty flat chested. Tia had shoulder length hair and her face all dolled up. after she got in the car you could tell she was a man. but still pretty passable. we drove to a hotel.... Continue»
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Sg My Affair with My Hot Young Maid

Yes people, we recorded ourselves oh yeah.) .another thing, I still care deeply for the person so any decision on the story-telling and any media will take into consideration the security of our identity and such. Not that I don’t trust our little community here, but can’t be too careful.

To start, let me describe a bit about her from the beginning. Me and my wife were looking for another maid after sending our last one back due to her extreme ‘psychological’ issues, so we asked a f****y friend who lives in Surabaya to look for one. There were some issues in the beginning as the one we got ... Continue»
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Asian cuckold with hint of the past, future and hi

NB: This is a long story, mostly true with location and name changes. It could have been split into two stories because it covers two incidents; when we first met, and a reunion twenty years late. I have created an chapters and headings. If you want the sex skip to them . If you want the back story, read the whole thing. Also, writing it, I now realize just how many stories I have with her, so if you like it, vote and comment and it may be the start of a series.

Part 1; The prelude. How we met.
Part 2; First impressions matter:
Part 3: Shaved pussy and a blow job.
Part 4: Eating her p... Continue»
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Meeting Nanci in Alberta

This is just a story, and not entirely true.

This starts out a few years back working down in TX. The general contractors were a Canadian company. After a year of work I became friends with many of these guys. After the job we stayed in contact. Well, after lots of FB, and a few d***k phone calls, a few guys an I where heading up for a visit, and some fishing. My friends up north got us a nice cabin in the woods on a lake. The fishing was awesome, and we had a really good time. My 2 friends headed back to the states, but I had time so I was going to stay another week. My Canadian buddy Mike... Continue»
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Jerry's Huge Cock

When I met Jerry at work I knew there was something different about him he was average in looks and was about 5 foot 7 140 pounds he was all skin and bone but what was special about him is that he was hiding a huge package in his pants the first time I noticed it is when we took a shower and I noticed that his flaccid penis Was well over 7 inches long and look to have a circumference of 6 inches to say the least it was impressive he was soaping up his penis as he was taking his shower and I couldn't help but stare I started to get an erection and he looked at me and smiled he said don't be... Continue»
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Surprise birthday video

We had a birthday party for my wife back in April. It was warm enough for the females to wear either shorts of short skirts and dresses. My wife was wearing one of the gifts I gave her, a Spandex workout outfit. It was a pair of extremely tight shorts and a sports style bra. She didn't wear panties because the seam of the shorts fit snugly in-between her pussy lips. And she wore small gold rings around her nipples to make them stay erect. She looks very sexy.

Most of the other ladies also looked equally as hot and there was lots of flirting going on. Guys where hitting on other guys wife's... Continue»
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one night in Kilkenny

Was in Kilkenny on business recently and had to spend yet another boring night in a hotel.
After dinner I went to the bar for a quiet drink and to watch some tv in peace and quiet.Just after ordering a whiskey and soda a group of 20 something women came into the bar - full of fun and merriment.At least I'll have something to look at while the ads are on I thought.
As the women shuffled around and picked a spot to sit I noticed that some were wearing skirts and dresses and high heels like they planned going out dancing - too late for dinner and over dressed for a few drinks.
The women, 6 in ... Continue»
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I built the perfect wife

The entire time my wife and I dated I was extremely jealous of her. She is five foot four and one hundred pounds, her hair is mousey brown but she bleachs it blonde. It's shoulder length and cut in bangs. She tans a beautiful brown and enjoys showing off her sexy body. She very rarely wires bra and her nipples seemed to always be hard. She always wore either short skirts or very short shorts. She never actually gave me a reason to be jealous and acted as she was unaware of how other guys looked at her.

After we got married she decided that she needed to work to help out. One of the places ... Continue»
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my friend - part 5

My friend - part 5

After my trip, I was tired. The week dragged on. My car went in for repairs thus I was bored and stuck at home. I hoped things change for the better this week with an exciting new client. Has God answered my prayers, on completion of that thought my phone rang. It was my friend, she needed some assistance.She decided to start up her beauty salon business once again and took a shop in town

She had taken a small shop in one of those so called strip malls, not strip a club, in my country,
a strip mall is a mall but on a smaller scale, catering for residents living in a ... Continue»
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Cultural Barriers

Story by Alhena

Mala is a 21 year old Jordanian Muslim woman that moved to the United states a year ago. She moved to a place that was generally quite suspicious of Muslims. Her f****y decided to move to the mountains of West Virginia; where she attended college while her father worked as a paralegal and her mother worked as a housewife.

Mala believed that the true reason people anywhere were suspicious of outsiders was because they refused to assimilate into t... Continue»
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I Just Stealthed a Straight Guy

This literally just happened 30 minutes ago. I got this text message on my phone saying “I’m hosting now” and thats all it said. I had no idea who this was or where they got my number but i’m thinking it was this straight guy that I talked to off craigslist who wanted me to fuck him. Sure enough, when I got there it was him.

However, before I got there, he told me that I “must bring my own condoms”, which to me made me think… hmmm if he doesnt have any condoms there then i’m sure to breed this sucker.

So I go there without condoms, the door is unlocked… I walk in and find him laying down... Continue»
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The beginning of the start.

Part 1:

It all started way back in the summer I was turned. The neighborhood was pretty tight and everyone for the most part knew of each other, but didn't quite know each other. We as k**s all grew up in that neighborhood and as for me I moved in when I was early on, after my parents divorced and I ended up living with my Mom due to courts etc.

It was a suburb of a big city, but one of the nicer ones that had swimming pools in some of the yards, and the lawns were cut. Not too bad. More or less efficiency but a bit nicer.
On my block I had 1 male friend "K" and we would play basketba... Continue»
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John's Diary

Synopsis: A young boy's diary reveals a sexual relationship that grows between him and his steps****r.

I hate having Stephanie as a steps****r. Since she’s older she won’t let me hang out with her or her friends. They go to the mall and the park all the time but never take me. It’s not fair! Mom and Dave don’t care either. They tell me I should just give her space. We learned in school that teenagers act different when they hit puberty because of all the hormones. So that’s probably what’s wrong with her.

Finally! Mom and Dave are making Stephanie take me to the mall... Continue»
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I Was Submitted As A Sex Slave To Gangsters By My

He, I am Malti, 32-year female.Here I describe the reason why I have abandoned my husband.It is a long story.I was married to him 10 years ago.I was a poor village girl while he was much rich, and living in a city with all the modern amenities.

There was an age gap between the two of us.I was 22 years while he was 38.A great difference of age, but as my parents were poor , and I was not getting any proposal for long , so I reluctantly consented to this marriage.However in physical strength he outwitted me.He copulate
... Continue»
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Submissive Fantasy In USA With An Unknown Stranger

HI, I am MouprIya Sen, a married lady of 29 years old. My hubby Manoj Sen is of 32 years working in an MNC in MumbaI. We are very friendly, frank, open minded, love to make friends, love to watch porn movies also so we try to discover many things from those movies and try to do those to bring spice in our married sexual life.

This story is during one of our vacation to New York last January. There we met a cab driver to whom we did submissive sex.

So after spendi
... Continue»
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Nurse and the UPS Driver

I am Cindy a Nurse at a large Doctors eye clinic. I’m 38 but still drop dead beautiful for my age. I am very petite and ever since I was 16 I knew I was gorgeous, with a movie star face, small petite body, nice ass, good size breasts and long chestnut brown hair. Guys were always staring at me wherever I went. So I began playing the part, I always wore full make up, tight clothes to accent my small firm ass, and enjoyed men staring at me. I was a “prick teaser” flashing my body to men and letting them enjoy the view.

I got married at 21 but eighteen years later got divorced. Work was bor... Continue»
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Discovering BareBack Gay

I discovered bareback sex when I was in college. It is one of the greatest experiences that any bottom can have. I am super, extra, demandingly, particular who I will do this with, but when I do bareback with a I am getting chills just thinking about it now. 

I've only done it with three people, all of whom were long term lovers that shared an interest in safe condom free sex. We always got tested before and after we'd done barebacking, and we swore to each other that we were a monogamous couple. The moment either of us strayed from these rules bareback sex was over with.

No... Continue»
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