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Dirty Angela

Angie was thrilled when Dave got the new job. He finally had a chance to make something of himself and provide for his young f****y. Angie and Dave had married in their early twenties, he was twenty-two, she twenty-one. Neither had gone to college. Dave was working in a small pay day loan office and Angie was a waitress.

They met at church. Both had been somewhat loners, neither dating much. Angie had only moved out of her parent's house two years prior. They were somewhat of an anomaly, as they were both virgins when they got married. Dave was, well, a "geek." He began going to Angie's chu... Continue»
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Juicy Jennifers first friend #3

Jennifer and I are long time lovers from our early start.
I love to tell how I make her my bride and breed our baby.
Jennifer and I are far apart in terms of geography only.
I love to keep Jennifer and our young Jenny very close.

Jennifer loves the idea she is as well my first female friend.
I love to wonder about the wonders of fate at times it counts.
Jennifer loves my love from far, the other side of the ocean.
I love to wonder whether we will ever meet again in Europe?

Jennifer loves to be well organised as an author.
I love her idea to provide a proper link to reader... Continue»
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Help from IT pt3

Chapter 3

It was strange, but Charlie was finding his weekends less and less interesting each week. He couldn't wait for Monday to roll around and a chance to go talk to Danny, and this was no exception. By the time Monday rolled around Charlie was feeling oddly excited and ready for work. When he stopped at the coffee shop he figured he could grab something for Danny, who doesn't like coffee, right? He stopped by IT first thing to chat with Danny and drop of the mocha. Sara was at the desk when he walked in.

"Well hello, thank you Mr cute coffee man. What did you bring for me?... Continue»
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Help from IT pt4

Chapter 4

Charlie stepped back to the side of the desk and leaned against it, half startling Danny in the process.

"You sure are tense aren't you Danny? You must not have gotten laid in a while, maybe we really should go out and see about helping you out with that?" he laughed as he saw Danny loosening up. At least right until he sneered back at Charlie and punched him playfully in the chest.


"Hey I'm just k**ding," Charlie said immediately changing his tone as he caught Danny's next punch easily "Hey hey, I'm just k**ding, I am really looking forward to hanging out... Continue»
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Daddy loves you Princess
A fetish blog for daughters who are attracted to Daddy. Daddy is a 50 year old white male, and loves to please his daughter (fantasy ofcourse). I do not own any materials here in. Adult women only please. Submitions welcomed and encouraged. feel free to ask Daddy anything at all, Daddy wont judge, and promises a reply. Daddy can be descreet. Daddy has Kik and his id is lovingtolickyou or you can snap chat chatnorm5 Dont be shy Daddy loves you a
and is waitint to here from you
“Daddy!” It was Ann, ... Continue»
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Im sure u will enjoy the job

This happened a few years back, just after finishing NS. I was slacking at home everyday waiting for time to pass before I found a job. At that time I was living in a terrace house up on a hill. The whole estate had around 5 rows of terrace houses lined up side by side, the entrance of the houses facing each other. Having stayed much of the time in camps, I wasnt very familiar with the happenings around my neighbourhood. However, I remembered that the unit directly opposite mine was vacant around 3 months before I ord. As my ord approached, I started noticing renovations and furniture moving i... Continue»
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Don't you dare cum...

This is a true story. A few years back, before uni - there was this girl I used to fuck semi-regularly and exclusively, although it was more fuck-buddies than anything else. We used to hang out, go to movies, go to McDonalds, and fuck. Being A-level students we both lived with our parents so it was difficult to get privacy, especially as I had f****y almost always at home and shared a room with my b*****r, but she just lived with her mum who worked full time so usually I went to hers when her mum was at work.

Whenever we did it, we always used protection, and then after foreplay had lubed ... Continue»
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Meeting my Lovely Cumslut, part three

As the door swings open in front of you, you can hear several muffled voices further in, and around the corner. You’re not exactly sure, but you think you can hear both men and women, speaking softly. I guide you to the large, tiled bathroom, with a large marble counter, then close the bathroom door behind us. I then tell you to get up, and you comply, eager to get of your knees for a little bit. I place a large hand on your chin, and look down into your eyes, feeling you tremble a little, so I comfort you and give your forehead a little kiss.

When I feel you have calmed down a bit, I turn ... Continue»
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She reluctantly takes a Pony Tail butt plug

Been a long time editing this clip, probably months old, but boy was it fun. There is a gallery with a few screen shots with the same title.

Wearing pink crotchless panties, pink garter belt holding up pink lace topped stockings. We had been playing for some time before the Pony Tail butt plug came out.

We had started using her vibrating dildo and sucking my cock. Then the dildo on her clit and my cock in wet pussy, then the dildo inside and the Doxy massager on the clit. I entered her again while she used the Doxy which sent shivers down me. What a sensation that is, but we She had cu... Continue»
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Satin panties in the bushes

Phil is one of those neighborhood k**s you just plain like having around. He's polite, kind, helpful and simply put, a great guy. I guess “k**” is not quite the right word. He's 25 and lives just behind us and one house away. His mom is Marisa and was 16 when she had him. She raised him with the help of her parents until she got married a few years later. Her husband is not Phil's dad but they are very close. There are four other k**s in the f****y.. the youngest being twins at around 8. Phil is always with those little ones... an absolutely great b*****r and protector.

He's had s... Continue»
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wife wanted to try bbc

I'v've been wanting to tell anybody this for over 5 yrs but its not exactly something you talk about at the water cooler. Some yrs ago i got into internet porn and really enjoyed it. i thought i was being careful but i came home one night and my wife leslie confronted me with her finding out. so of course i stopped. Well a few months later we were in bed and she asked me if i still watched porn and i said no. she then said well, i have to admit i look at it and its not all that bad, in fact some of it really turns me on. So we bagan watching it together and it soon became evident she liked ... Continue»
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The Best Blind Date

Part 1: The Meeting

They always say a blind date should be blind. My first ever attempt at it was blind. It was my older s****rs suggestion. She had always badgered me into getting a date. I just was not interested to be fair. I had my studies at University and that was my ultimate focus. Girls simply did not feature. However I did as I was told and decided to surf the internet. I joined one particular website that stated it was the best around and could simply find a date in "three easy clicks". To be fair the site was not incorrect. I had found a date, someone quite simply k... Continue»
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I grew up on a street with mostly old people so during the summer I was the logical choice to cut the grass for the neighbors. The older couple who lived next door sold their home to a yuppy who owned his own company. He was dating a 27 year old blond that had a southern accent and the most perfect body, she was tanned, petite, with huge breasts.

I would jackoff watching her layout in the sun in small bikini's and as she did their yardwork. The next spring her husband asked me if I'd cut their grass so his wife could garden. I was more than happy to spend time with Maria and her outfi... Continue»
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Trading Pussy for Dick Gay

I've always been a pretty big horn dog when it comes to women. Since high school, I've tried every trick in the book to meet, bed, and enjoy the ladies. I got married in my mid twenties, screwed around mercilessly on my wife, and divorced in my early thirties, after my wife caught me fucking my secretary, bent over my desk at work. Problem was it was the third time my wife caught me cheating, and strike three was the last straw.

I spend a lot of time in the gym, keeping my body in good shape. I always knew the ladies liked my six pack abs and cardio-induced stamina. However, it was the gym ... Continue»
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Desire women

I met with men
she had no men
I had to go a long way to her ...
As a c***d, a very strong impression on me has made,
lesbian scene in a porno movie, (then I do not know why)
Two luxurious woman in underwear sitting on a bed in a hotel room
kissing, caressing each other ..
the fact that a woman can hug a woman -
seemed so beautiful, so inaccessible
It was sweet and sickly feeling ..
I liked men, liked being with them
I felt very naturally and freely
but I never dreamed about them.
.. Road was over, we went to her house
I locked myself in the bathroom.
It is very exciting to becom... Continue»
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Juicy Jennifers first friend #2

Jennifer loves to come at the end of every spanking session after she had her first ever orgasm with me.
I love to please my little lovely looking lass by slapping her awesome ass and sliding down her sexy slit.
Jennifer loves to learn new lessons of love every day we play together ending with her bending over my lap.
I love to tease the virgin to take each a day a new step along the long lane of learning love of for couples.

Jennifer is my first female friend from our teen times together. We are neighbours. We play many games.
I am a few years older, but she looks a lot younger ... Continue»
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69 with a bully

Just a made up story of a picture from the other way around....

James was your average teenager, okay grades, small group of friends, quite and not one to get in trouble.
One day on his normal journey home, where he has his own secret path through the woods, in his only little world, dreaming of time flying through the skys... Theres a crack of a stick and rustle of leaves, but still he carrys on, oblivious to what is about to happen to him!

Suddenly he is snap back to reality, with a sense that he is not alone. "Rob, is that you?" he calls out, thinking one of his friends is just messi... Continue»
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Tailgate Lunch

A slight breeze drifts through the bedroom window causing the blue gingham curtains to sway and patches of early morning sunlight to dance across the face of the woman sl**ping soundly in the bed. A smile plays upon her face as she stretches and yawns, blinking her eyes against the sunlight. She turns on her side and pulls the pillow from the other side of the bed close to her, inhaling the scent left
there. Another soft smile plays upon her face as she recalls the night before, letting the sweet memories play again in her mind. The deep kisses where his tongue danced wildly with hers, the s... Continue»
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Meeting Taylor

This just happened this past weekend. I was driving home from Florida where I was visiting some friends. It was mostly an uneventful drive. I was relieved to get thru Atlanta well after rush hour and was starting to get tired and stopped north of Atlanta to get a room for the night, just 3 hours from home. I stopped at 2 hotels but they were both all booked, probably because it was a Friday night. So I stopped at the convenience store, gassed up and went in to get a good cup of strong coffee, an energy drink and a soda to sustain me on the rest of my trip. Just as I was getting back into my ca... Continue»
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Babysitting Job

Erica is 20 years old; she has big brown, sexy eyes. Her hair is very dark and long and she has a wonderfully sexy body. She has 34d breasts and long beautiful tanned legs. She keeps her hot pussy shaved all of the time. Her neighbors were going away for a month, and asked her if she would feed their dog for them. She agreed. She went next door the first morning after they had left and entered the yard where they keep Bruno. He is a large black lab. After she fed him, Bruno picked up his favorite squeak toy. He wanted to play fetch. Erica picked up the toy and tossed it.

She felt rather str... Continue»
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