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Brutal b*****rs – Part 1

Let’s begin the story. Let me tell you something about myself I am neha as you i appeared for my 12th board exams and waiting for the results i live with my f****y which consists of my four well-built b*****rs (Sameer, Raj, Rohan and, Dinesh) and mom and dad and uncle. My dad and uncle work in a mnc in Faridabad and come home on weekends only and mom is a social worker for an NGO. I am a fair and average looking girl with size of 34 pretty big boobs on me which gir... Continue»
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Brutal b*****rs – Part 2

Suddenly the door opens and there was Sameer Rohan and Dinesh my all b*****r standing there. They were taken aback when they saw me naked and sucking my own b*****rs cock i was terrified by seen them my body started shivering and i stood up and covered my boobs with my hands and ran upstairs into my room and Raj did the same thing. I was so fucking terrified and by what happens just now what if anyone tell anything to mom or dad. I was able to hear screaming sounds... Continue»
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Brutal b*****rs – Part 3

After the 4 days fuck marathon my brutal fucking finally stopped when mom and dad came home on Friday Night and on Saturday my results were out and i scored 89% in my boards exam and it was time for a party, Everyone was very happy and I went to dinner at Night with whole f****y, my b*****rs didn’t do anything in presence of mom and dad but that night they gave me a congratulating fuck they came to my room one by one and fucked my brains out the whole night Raj and... Continue»
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My Mom Fucked By Jobless Local Guy

My mom name is Shahina. About my mom, she is 44 years old, whose body is similar to Swetha Menon. She has a round ass and her boob size is 34. We live in a village in Kerala where there is always problems between the political parties.

My dad is a member of a party, which has people from every religion. While the opposition party doesn’t
... Continue»
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You're My Bitch Now

Chapter One

Rick stifled a yawn. He had just come off a double shift on the IT help
desk at the company where he worked and he was dog tired. It was a
thankless job; he was constantly being yelled at by executives so inept
he wondered how they managed to switch on a kettle. They possessed a
seemingly infinite capacity to screw up their computers, and then blame
it on the equipment, the network, or more frequently, Rick. The help
desk had acronyms for these idiots, such as PEBKAC - Problem Exists
Between Keyboard And Chair, or Rick’s favourite, FBPC - Fuckwit Behind

To be hone... Continue»
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b*****r-in-law Rode Me To Heaven Part – 1

Hello, friends, I’m Sritha and my age is 24years, fair, with a good height of 5.7”, black medium eyes and medium hair just below my shoulders. My sizes are 34-28-26 and I maintain my figure by regular work out and die, today I’m going to tell you a real incident which happened to me in my real life, which happened 2 years back. I’m a married to a rich man and my husband’s name is Rajesh.

He’s is the Managing Director of a reputed Company and mostly be on to
... Continue»
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My Boyfriend Is My Friend’s Hubby

Well, my first job I got from campus placement was in another state and I was nervous about how I would be able to cope up there without any familiar face and friends. After training, I got into the project team, my team leader was from my own place and thus we kinda became friends as we enjoyed talking in our mother tongue.

Well that day she offered to drop me to my hostel (working women\’s) and I agreed happily and evening when we walked out of office, I was s
... Continue»
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My First Night With My Husband

I always wanted to b wife of a mature and dominating man, I have been with couple of guys of my age but they seemed c***dish and immature to handle a woman like me, so I was yearning for a sensible mature man and wanted to serve him as his wife or whatever ways he wants to use me..A few months back I met Rajiv through pr and found an instant liking to each other, I developed a soft spot for him as kept dreaming of the time when I will be his wife. We decided to
... Continue»
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Taking My Daughter and Her Friend to Work for the

My wife decided to take our youngest daughter with her to a seminar she was going to. That left me with our oldest daughter Amy. Amy was in her late teens and quite a looker. Not that I really looked at her that way, but, she had inherited her mothers best assets.

At five foot four, with an exceptionally well structured female body, she looked much older. Her red hair, freckled face and hot teen body was extremely exotic. She had perky 34-B cup breasts, I knew this, because I always took the girls shopping. Her ass was just right, nice and firm and really looked good in either her bikini,... Continue»
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a horse ride

This is a story of the time I went with my best friend Jenna, for a weekend at her uncle and aunts farm.

Jenna and myself were best friends right through our school days. Mine and her parents had also become friends and we always spent a lot of time together. We shared almost all our stories, love stories, heartbreaks, crushes we had etc. After high school we even went to the same varsity although studying different things we remained best friends. The first semester at varsity was ending as we started planning a trip away, just the two of us. Jenna suggested we'd spend a few days at her un... Continue»
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Fake Threesome : First time bisexual fantasy

This is a true story. One year ago, I was travelling for work into another state. I decided to post an ad on craigslist about 1-2 weeks before. I posted in MW4M category, since I wanted to experience a first threesome with a couple. I had a few e-mails of single males that wanted to meet, but since I am straight (Maybe a bit curious, but not enough to meet a single male on a casual encounter) I just deleted these mails right away. Finally, I was contacted by a young girl about my age. She looked beautiful, and wanted to have a threesome experience with two guys she did not know. I found this i... Continue»
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Turned Black Cock Sucker Gay

While surfing the M4M area rooms, week after week, I finally met someone who seemed to be my “type” of guy. However, in chatting with him I discovered we were not compatible to meet, but I asked him about his past experiences. One question I asked was if he had ever gone “black.”

He not only told me about a very pleasurable experience he had with a divorced black guy, but gave me the guy’s screen name, making me promise to never let him know where I got his name from.

Later that Saturday afternoon I saw “him” on line… S9 (not his real screen name). I introduced myself and explained that ... Continue»
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Fucking my SIL....

For years I've fantasized about my SIL. She's pretty, not gorgeous or anything, but very pretty and she has a huge set of natural tits. She's always been very modest, one piece bathing suits etc. The first time I realized I wanted to fuck her was when she was pregnant for the first time...she was about 8 months pregnant and we went to her house to pick up something and she was wearing a gown type pajama. I quickly realized she wasn't wearing panties when she got up off the couch and flashed her beautiful pussy accidentally. She didn't notice I saw but I kept that image in my mind later than ni... Continue»
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Sex Education & Single Parents Part 5

This is part 5 of a story of taboo sex being discovered by some and encouraged by others. Stop here if that is a problem if not enjoy. Here are links to the earlier parts

Ron followed Elly into the house and even as he did his mind returned to the instructions from his sexy neigh... Continue»
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I'm 28 years old and have been happily married for 9 years. My husband and I have enjoyed a good (and regular) sex life in those 9 years. My interracial experience started last year when a group of girls I know got together to celebrate one of the girls 30th birthday. The night was going very well; we had a nice meal and more than a few bottles of champagne and wine.

I was sat next to a girl I hadn't seen for a while even though we'd been real close a few years back. Her name is Karen and we quickly started catching up on what the other had been up to and when I asked if she was still singl... Continue»
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The whole thing started about two years ago. I had been married for a year and a half to a very loving man. Who happened to have a very big boss who is black. My hubby worked for him him long before we where married. I met his boss at all the company parties. He always said I was hot looking.

Anyway hubby had to go out of town to set up a new job site and would be away for most of the summer so Phil said that he would keep an eye on me. Phil is the boss. He would call me every day asking how I was. This went on for about a week then he ask me if I wanted to go to dinner with him. Being home... Continue»
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Prim and Proper Student Converted

Mr Vaugh looked at his daughter 18 year old Annebelle and said: 'You will keep to the northwest path to get to school from our estate, we had this nudist artist move in down the road and I do not want you taking the southwest path through the woods that comes in contact with his property!'

Annebelle, a young redhead with pale skin, a stubby nose, red hair done in a bun and dressed prim and proper in her school uniform said: Yes I will take the northwest path.

Her mother looked sternly on as she made her promise and said: 'Our f****y is full of decency and not full of improper lewd behav... Continue»
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A Brief Encounter (An experience in a new style of

My first ever a changing room.

It was just before the start of the new school term, summer holidays were just about over for us and what a summer it had been! Hardly any days of rain during our seven weeks off and most of us who'd spent our time on the south coast beaches were sporting nice tanned bodies, with distinct tan lines where our Speedo briefs had been. 1969/70 was a time when fairly skimpy swimming trunks were the norm and people in shorts were seen as a bit of an oddity!

My mother had asked me to go along to the local gentlemen's outfitters... Continue»
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My First Black Cock BJ and a Bit More! Gay

I had been on line all day long looking for someone to hook up with. Just when I though it would be another wasted Saturday I received four messages in a row from four different guys who had read my on line ad: "Husky Bear Seeks To Drain You Dry. Recently divorced 52 year old man looking to come to you, drop to my knees and do anything I'm told to orally to please you."

I opened the first response. It contained three photos of a very large, in-shape black man, 39 years old and only about 10 miles away from me. I shot a message back to him immediately. "Thanks for your note. I've never had... Continue»
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Talk of the Devil

It started by pure chance – as so many of these things do, I suppose. But now? Well let's just say there's more than a tiny element of the deliberate involved. Let me explain...

When I say 'it started by pure chance' I mean that the discovery was accidental but the behaviour of my teenage son was anything but entirely normal. I'm Lucy, by the way, a fairly typical single mother – late thirties, single again after a reasonable attempt at the 'two are better than one' thing, still fairly presentable (enough to turn heads when I bother with ever-more-necessary make-up), a homeworker, vaguely i... Continue»
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