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Neighborhood MILF

I lived in a small conservative town as I was growing up. We had a MILF who lived in the neighborhood named Sandy. Every teenager in the town wanted to fuck her but we all knew we couldn't. I was a senior in HS and ditched school one day and drove to a Strip Club several miles away. The doorman barely glanced at my fake ID and I was let in. I was enjoying watching the dancers, they introduced Bambi to the stage, Imagine my surprise when Sandy came on stage wearing midriff shirt and short skirt. She had on thigh high boots and her hair was flowing down over her shoulders. Everyone in town knew ... Continue»
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A day at the races

The races were fun, the ride home even better!/
I live in a small town somewhere South and East of Lexington, Ky.

There is nothing small about Lexington and I end up there a lot. Perhaps
too much, but then work takes me there on a routine basis. I get a lot
of overnights in Lexington. There are multiple theaters, fine places to
dine and a good selection of dance floors, bars and other hangouts. I'd
like to admit to a puritan life style and tell you I never frequent such
places. Of course, I'd be lying, so why bother?

I got to all those places, some more than others. I enjoy the sec... Continue»
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A cold winter night

"I want you....."

I whisper softly to you in the back of my car. A cold winter night in
the middle of February, but the heat from both our bodies kept us warm.
I watch as you run your delicate nails over my bare stomach tickling
and pecking at the curly but soft hairs. You look up at me with a
teasing smile, knowing full well that I am at your mercy.. My willpower
sapped from me by your sweet strawberry lips.. Will you spare me and not
leave me unsatisfied this time ?... Will you finally fulfill my desire
and let me have you tonight, or will you be the cruel but clever girl
leaving... Continue»
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The Mortician

The Mortician

As an EMS professional, sometimes I will have to take the deceased to funeral home. There's one particular funeral home I love going to. There's a mortician that works there. She's is gorgeous. She is a chocolate, short, sexy BBW that makes my dick hard every time I see her. Her name is Kay. I kept it professional when speaking to her.

On this day, I notice I left my medical shears at the funeral home. I called the funeral home, asked Kay did she see my shears. "Yes, they are nice. I was going to keep them for myself", Kay replied. Which lead me to say, "Don't do that. The... Continue»
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From the start

Sorry if this is not very exciting, but I want to share my story from the beginning.
I truly believe that porn was the trigger that turned me from the normal straight acting teenage boy, the person I am today. Over the years I've had lots of different experiences with men, women and couples. Which I would love to share if you like what I've written.
I had a normal f****y life a girlfriend who I had lost my virginity with. No thoughts of other boys men or wanting to wear women's underwear had ever crossed my mind. That was until being alone at home once agin I decided to have a look around. ... Continue»
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Touching my s****r-in-Law

Two grown adults who should know better cross the line and have an
intensely erotic experience./

I had fantasized about my s****r-in-law for years. There was nothing
wrong with my wife but the thought of doing something naughty and taboo
with my s****r-in-law was such a turn on for me. I did wonder when I
first met her if she found me attractive; there were a few signs but it
turned to nothing. My wife and I even had sex one night while she was
sl**ping downstairs on the couch. It turned me on so much and I'm pretty
sure it turned my wife on too, as the sex was amazing. When I came
... Continue»
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Not her type

It all started when a friend's girlfriend decided to bring along a friend of hers along on our spring break skiing trip to Colorado. Theresa was her name. We were asked that none of us guys ( since there were 5 guys and only 2 girls going ) hit on Theresa while on the trip. She had recently broken up with her boyfriend and just wanted to be left alone. At first, my guy friends and I were insulted that Theresa thought so highly of herself. We all agreed not to hit on her during the trip.

On the day we left, I finally got to meet Theresa. She had medium length dark hair, glasses, wore no mak... Continue»
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The Contractors Jizz hit the floor!

So..yeah.. I guess you could say I was a touch pissed. The sub-contractor tiling our downstairs shower gave me his final bill and it was $400 more than he told me on Monday. I know what I'm paying him hourly and there is no way in hell that he worked those extra hours. I called him last night and asked that he get here a few minutes early today so we could do the final walk around and talk about that extra $400.

He showed up this morning about 6:45 and we inspected his work. It's a solid A-. I wasn't going to let him leave with his stuff until we covered what that extra money was about.... Continue»
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Turning Tables

30 January 2012

I was definitely not the brightest student in the level, but it really doesn’t matter today. It was the first day of orientation and there I was standing at the front of the parade square – with a pretty hot girl next to me.

She was dressed in her white PE tee and black FBT shorts, showing off her slightly tanned skin. Her sleeves were rolled up in the morning heat as she held up the plastic placard telling everyone in OG3 to come our way. Her long legs were simply irresistible and I found myself staring at them.

Students wearing all sorts of secondary school uniforms ... Continue»
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Stella's sudden surrender [4]

Stella loves how hot wet and wanton Saskia gets from her continuing confessions of how she became my sexy sub.
Saskia was as surprised how her shy try to seduce me suddenly turned sour. And how her first ever spanking went.
Stella sighs, as she realises how her confession of submission to me is hard to explain to any newbee in this realm.
Saskia tries to help her to tell her many more dirty details of sudden surrender to become a shere submissive slut.

Stella secretly thinks back at the moment I finally succeeded at breaking into her backdoor, her best guarded so far.
Saskia... Continue»
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My wife's first time surprise

My wife’s first time surprise
Author: Chris Christopher
All rights reserved!

Background: This is a true story from way back when my wife and I were totally monogamous. Years before this happened, when we were married, she was that rarest of things – a virgin.
It all happened so fast. We didn’t really plan it. In a way, I wished we had planned it. Then the excitement could have lasted a lot longer.

So what am I talking about, you might ask? Well, this is the true story of the first time my wife and I ended up in bed with another couple.

We had planned t... Continue»
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Nurse and the UPS Driver

I have been sucking our UPS man Calvin’s cock for several weeks now. I am a Nurse at a Doctor’s office and have to stay after work to wait for late arriving UPS packages. This gives me the opportunity to suck good old Calvin’s 10 inch black cock. As a bored 38 year old divorced mother of two sucking Calvin’s cock had become the highlight of my week. I even let him cum all over my face or shoot his huge load down my throat. I had never swallowed before for any man and at first I felt like such a slut gulping down his thick creamy sperm. It tasted a little like bleach with a little salt in it,... Continue»
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Sex Survey: Females Firsts [1]

I invite all my fine female dear readers to respond to this sweet sexy survey of their first time erotic experiences.
I take my inspiration from a very successfull short blog, in terms of the ever growing number of responses it gets.
I try to be a bit more precise in my private intimate inquiry, stating several sets of questions related to this subject.
I hotly hope we will get to read loads of cunning comments from warm women wanting to share some sexy secrets!

I often wonder how much women differ in erotic experiences, some start early, lots of them sometime in their teens.
I... Continue»
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my friend - part 8

My friend 8 - Doctor (part 1)

With DIY, one's body takes the knocks and sooner or later one has to visit the doctor. Today was no different. the bathroom renovation came to end on a happy note and with break away a few days away, I decided to have a check up before I left.

I checked in with secretary before being told to take a seat. As I sat there my thoughts drifted to how drab this place is, grey with posters of meds or body anatomy on the walls. Oh God, even the magazines, who wants to read about some tablet that no man can understand.

I sat there bored and falling sl**p. Parts of... Continue»
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first cock suck

I'm married, but I was curious about what it would be like to suck a cock. So I placed an ad. After screening through all the replies and exchanging some pics and very hot and naughty emails, I met this married man at his house while his wife was away. We were both kind of nervous, but I had told him about what turned me on. So we went into his bedroom and he took off his pants, exposing his cock, which was already starting to stiffen, and asked me to take off my pants too. I was a bit unsure about how to start, so he put his hands on my shoulders and pushed down a bit, and said, "Be a good ... Continue»
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Malcolm, and his big cock 2: The Sequel

Malcolm And His Big cock 2

You need to read "Malcolm And His Big cock" first, as I don't want to have to do "PREVIOUSLY ON MALCOLM AND HIS BIG
cock" thing. I can't be bothered.

Ok, so VERY brief synposis

Malcolm: Early 40's 6 foot plus black man, colleague of mine, with a HUGE penis.
Getting on for ten inches, AND as thick as my wrist.

I had fucked him, naturally - it would be rude not to - and so did my gorgeous friend Leigh,and she MORE OR LESS let me
fuck HER as well, into the bargain.

I was in a serious long term relation... Continue»
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The boy next door: part 2

The days seemed longer now for some reason. It seems that ever since I met those boys next door I just can't seem to get them out of my head, especially Kevin. Unlike lil Josh who I thought of more as a nephew, I thought of his older brothrr Kevin in a more attractive way. I hadn't thought of any guy like this in a long time and really it caught me by surprise, that I was reluctant enough that Kevin actually wanted me in that way too.

That night when I watched over the boys, I almost couldn't sle3p thinking about what Kevin and I had done in the bed I was given, by his own mom! Even thou... Continue»
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A Norfolk layby

I have another mans cum on my underpants and some cum in my pubic hair. I was on my way home and i fancied some cock. I w@nk£d his thick c0ck off. At times I wanked both our cocks off, sandwiched together in my hand. That mutual pleasure seemed to take him by surprise.He seemed to like it. It was only then he would look down at our cocks together. And only then would he meet my eye. Otherwise he would look around as if aloof from another man wanking him off. It was in contrast to him, minutes earlier, on his knees sucking my c9ck with enthusiasm, in need of my cum in his mouth. I wanted to ki... Continue»
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masturbating while admiring

Ok, finally I have gotten down to writing one of my secrets down and get it off my chest.

This tale started many years ago and continues till today. Even through the times when the girl has a boyfriend. Right now she is studying in Australia, living with her Singaporean boyfriend so I can only lust after her s****r.

I knew her in poly when she was doing her diploma in c***dcare. I was also studying life sciences in the same institute and was really looking out for a hot poly girl to have flings with.

Now many of our bros have one time or another gone online and chatted up stranger gir... Continue»
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I was only supposed to watch!

For the record.. when I travel away from home for my job I don't spend a lot of time in bars. I don't have anything against them. It's just that the people who go to local bars tend to know each other and stick with their group. I do however, like to hit up places that are restaurants with bars in them. One in particular is a place that is f****y friendly and right in the middle is a well appointed bar. Their Italian sausage sandwich is one of the best!

Whenever I'm in that town I head over there.. place my order... grab a cold one and watch the locals. On this evening my plan was to g... Continue»
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