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Wife to have Blackman before me

I have to tell you what happened on our wedding day in 1962. My wife lived on a farm in Wisconsin that was 75 miles from any town. She was home schooled and her Dad had hired me to help out on the farm. I lived in a farm hands living quarters on the property. When I met Kim his daughter we hit it off real good no sex just good company.
Once I brought up the subject of sex to her and she had said my Mom says not till I'm married. So for months we just dated on the farm we never left. Then came the day I asked her to marry me and she said yes. Well her dad had a preacher come to the house a... Continue»
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A black Mistress at Helena's house

My sweet loving Anita had been gone for a long week end out of town, to visit some friends some three hundred miles away.
So; I was home alone very bored, no paper work to complete; just a little bit of sun in the back yard, enjoying my favorite whiskey…
On Saturday late afternoon Helena called me; she said laughing:
“Hi, bitch… I know your slutty little wife is away from town now… She must be enjoying a huge black dick between her hot legs right now…”
Then she asked me to pay a visit to her. Jorge was not home and she told me she had a nice surprise for me.
I told her to wait for me ful... Continue»
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Life Wish

A heavy sigh rent the air as Vicky Sullivan languidly turned the pages of a magazine. The standard who was screwing who, who was now gay, who was now straight, who was in, who was out type of magazine, aimed at two sorts of women; those who live the life and hope to see a friend being brought down, and those who aspire to be in that position. Vicky, however, was one of those rare women who fitted in neither group. Married to an obscenely wealthy husband, she did not care for the gossip of the few women she bothered to socialise with, and as for aspiring; she could have anything she wanted. Onl... Continue»
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The Nymphs and the Corsetry Buyer – by SBarak1

The Nymphs and the Corsetry Buyer – a Story by SBarak1

This is story #6 in the Nymph series. It follows ‘You Can Find Nymphs in Your Garden’, ‘The Return of the Nymphs ‘The Nymphs and the Morning After’, ‘The Nymph’s Proposition’ and ‘The Nymphs and the Dentist’. Although this story stands alone reading the previous stories provides the background. Please enjoy.

My relationship with the Nymphs had been developing quickly. We got on well, enjoyed chatting and shared common interests. The main interest was sex. Lot’s of hot, wet, energetic sticky sex anywhere, any time. Debbie a... Continue»
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My fantasy wife my wife's best friend.

This is for my wife's best friend whom I've loved for over 10 years now.

The text came through as I was peeling potatoes. I knew it was you by your special tone I had assigned. I finished the last two spuds, dried my hands and grabbed for the phone, curious as to what you may want.

"Apparently you've wanted me for a long time! Be at my place by 2:55 or you'll never have me."

2:55? It's 2:52 now. I've wasted 2 minutes since the text came through. Racing to the bathroom, a swig of mouth wash, quick look at the hair and a glance down checking I'm wearing good undies. Done.

Grabbing th... Continue»
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Wife Finds Out if True or Dare is Real

A little something about myself, my name is Ellen, I am a 32 year old from Pleasanton, California.. I'm a very petite white woman about 5'4" in my heels with deep dark red hair. I am obsessive about my body having battled extra pounds through my younger years. I now have a slim body due to all the time in the gym doing cardio w/ 32D thanks to Dr. Ostrander's fine work. My body is very curvaceous, 34D-24-32 and I get many looks that my husband gets very jealous about. My husband Mark and I meant in college & were married 5 years ago. We have an average life and we hangout on the on the club sce... Continue»
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Jack of Spades PT1

I'm a white promiscuous cocksucker, meaning I've sucked so many cocks that
I've lost count, and never pass up a chance to suck another.

I have sucked a few black guys, and have loved it. My favorite porn
pictures are of white guys sucking black cocks. I have several online
friends I chat with regularly who suck black cocks exclusively. I would do
the same if I could find enough of them, but I've had to take whatever I
can get. Just the same, I give about 3-5 blowjobs a week, though I would
love to do that many every day.

I also chat with a number of black guys online. I'd love to b... Continue»
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Playing at being a Sissy Schoolgirl

I had been serving Bill and Jane for several weeks when they told me that they had volunteered to put on an evenings entertainment for their local fetish group. They told me to come to their house early on Saturday where they would prepare me.

I was met as usual at the station by Mistress Jane and was soon at their house. Once inside I was led to "my room" and told to prepare myself. I entered the on-suite bathroom and went through my by now will practiced transformation. I removed what little body hair had grown since last week and then got out of the bath and onto my hands and knees on th... Continue»
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I live in Northern California now, but a few years ago I was living
in L.A., land of movie stars, traffic insanity and loads of awesomely
cute young dudes, in a small house in West L.A. proper. At that time
I considered myself bisexual, but hadn't had nearly as much sex as I
wanted (with either gender). It wasn't that I was bad-looking. In
fact, I was flirted with by both genders nearly every day. I was
well-tanned, and worked out enough. Green eyes, buzzed dark brown
hair. I was kind of on the slender side, but toned enough. A little
chest hair. I was worried ‘cause I was 25, ... Continue»
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Knocked UP! In Vegas

We took a taxi to her mother’s house, on the north side of town. We arrived in about ten minutes. I paid the taxi driver as Toni took her bag, going into the house... I followed a few seconds later. Toni and I embraced every one saying our hellos. Her mom introduced us to a friend of hers; he was staying in the house with her while his place was being remodeled. He introduced himself as Tim. 

Tim was a good looking, tall, black man with a very muscular build. I shook his hand saying hello. Tim then was introduced to Toni by her mother, Tim reached out, gave Toni a hug squeezing her magnific... Continue»
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Party Favor

She called me, early in the afternoon, "Can you do me a favor, I'm having a party tonight and I wanted your help to serve and tend bar, Please say you will?"
"Okay," I replied. We'd been friends some time, and I never minded helping out with things like this for her.
"Thanks, and one more thing, would you wear the catsuit, you know which one I mean, it's a "special" party..."
Thinking, I did know which catsuit she meant, I had only just gotten it, and had modeled it for her on cam the other day, so she knew what it was like. But if it was a party, it might be a bit risque to show off all of... Continue»
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Under your skirt

... Is where I want to put my hand, but slowly and secretly... so that no one will see what you are feeling?

I want... to feel your naked flesh under your dress or skirt while you stand outside, facing a busy downtown street and your back close to the wall, where there is an inset of a lesser protruding wall about 30 inches in width, enough for me to sink in and be flushed among the wall, and what's more important is I can move back even further so that I am not seen and I pull you against the wall so your front side is flushed with the wall... we are both in the inset.

I hold the back... Continue»
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Behind My s****r's Back ( With Pictures )

Please don't share these pictures anywhere.. i can have huge problems. THANKS

A couple of weeks ago I put a video of me masturbating into my s****r's boyfriend's camera. I knew Austin saw it. When he came here he took his camera and left to stay at his house for a while.

I imagined him shocked, not knowing what to do, but then slowly realizing how much he craved me, wanting my body, and wanting to taste every last area. I loved thinking of him jacking off to it, uploading it onto his TV. A full screen of me screaming "Austin" and licking off his cum and min... Continue»
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friends house

This isn't very long maybe because it didn't take long lol. I went to visit a girlfriend the other day it's been awhile since we seen each other. Anyway she wasn't home when I got there but I have a key and went on in, I knew there was a chance she'd be gone. While I'm sitting there a young boy came over (that's exactly what he is too) and poked his head in and said hey""" well I knew him because my friends son used to play with him, so I said hi how are you? Well we are sitting on the couch chatting and I asked how is school? Hate it"""" I chuckled and then he ...said maybe I f you were my te... Continue»
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My wife is xhamster member Denise44F and this TRUE story follows on from my first xhamster.com TRUE story 'My Big hanging Tits wife Denise and the Voyeur'. That story pretty much explained how my wife came to be exposed naked all over the internet as she now is and how I became more and more cuckold ! You may want to look at her undressed in her galleries here on xhamster.com after you read this account.

We are a mature couple in our mid fifties from London and if you have already seen her nude here on xhamster you will have seen Denise nude and know she has extra big low hanging heavy ti... Continue»
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Dee Maple - The Principal Daughter - A

“Principle Jerroti will receive you know” looking sternly at me Rebecca the secretary pointed to the mahogany door with a opaque square window in the center, the initials G.M.Jerroti where inscribed on top. Gordon Mathew Jerroti was our dear principal and for some reason he arrange a meeting with me.
I was curious and scared, in 6 months we will graduate from and move on and this meeting was unexpected. I slowly opened the door “close it behind you” said Rebecca - Ok bitch i will i thought, didn’t like her attitude. The room was filled with sun light from the big open windows behind Jerroti ... Continue»
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My wife my fantasy true in a wedding party

First start off by describing my wife. She is 32yrs old a beautiful woman. 5'1" tall 110 lbs nice big ole' breast with a bubble butt, and very sexy calf muscles. I love her legs. She is some what of a conservative girl. Doesn't really show off her body much. But it is hard not to notice, when she has on yoga pants on! She is in every sense " a woman in the streets but a freak in the sheets."

As far as our sexy life I can't complain. She is always open to trying new things. As long as they're not to crazy, open to anal when in the mood, and loves to suck cock. She truly loves every inch of my... Continue»
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My slut employee must be punished

You have been working for me for five years. I have trusted you with my most sensitive secrets. I treated you with the respect and dare I say love. Though I never came right out with thoughs feelings. I know you could tell. You are very special. What possessed you to steal from me? You took the thousand dollars in our petty cash to shop for clothes. Are you fucking k**ding me! If you needed money all you had to do was to ask. Only 2 people know about this me and my secretary. Then I find out that you are not following the dresscode policy. You have on numerous occasions wore clothing speci... Continue»
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Under Tori's Butt

This is a story about butt-style facesitting and a male who craved it for years. Sometimes, the things we want most come with problems we never imagined. This is not a sex or penetration story but rather one focused more on ass-adoration.


Tori Rollins was a cute and popular girl with short brunette hair, bright brown eyes, and a compact gymnast-like body which included a very round, compact gymnast-like butt. Since I had been a butt watcher from c***dhood, her bottom was something I noticed---often.

I wasn't confident in my youth. I was too afraid o... Continue»
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The boss.

Another story from my past but imprinted on my memory and just thinking about it causes me to get hard .
After leaving school and prior to joining the Army I worked for a few month in a factory that made shoes and sandals for the well know healthy feet brand.
I mainly did the fetch and carrying and other mundane duties like loading the vehicles and working in the dispatch department.
One day I was asked to help with a rush order that needed to go out later that day, I went to the guy who normally did the order picking and he thrust the order in my hands and told me to crack on ! I said ar... Continue»
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