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Happy Birthday to Me FEMDOM TRAINING

It was the early 90s; I was taking a full load in college and working full time. At nineteen I was making good money, going to school, and just married my high school sweetheart. I know it was too young, but it was 90's and I thought the only way out of my parent's house was to get married. We were married for a year now and, at twenty, we had a nice two bedroom, spacious, corner apartment on the second floor of an apartment duplex. 

My wife, Carol, was 5'4", 115lbs, short brown hair, blue eyes, and nice 34C breasts with beautiful round pink nipples that stood out against her milky white sk... Continue»
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This is a continuation to Disobedience. It is not essential to read Disobedience first, but you will get a better understanding of the relationship if you do.

For the three days it took to to do my writing I was very frightened about the punishment that I was to receive. I had never had punishment on my vagina and the knowledge that the penalty was increasing daily, made me very worried indeed. In the hours before my husband came home on that day, my vagina and pubic area was waxed completely free of all hair. I took great care to make sure that the lady doing the waxing did n... Continue»
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Last Creamy Hurrah.

A knock at the apartment door on a Sunday afternoon. Who is that? Not expecting anyone.

Billy looks out the peephole. A rich chocolate colored woman, smartly dressed in a blue sweater: Anita.

Haven't seen her in a year...perhaps as long as 18 months. Wonder what she wants...we've been out of touch since going our separate ways, in a way since she said she'd make a go of saving her nearly decade-long marriage to Charles.

Charles had messed around on her after six-and-a-half years together. With some "hood rat," Anita's words. In Billy's mind, this was folly: Anita was an attractive wo... Continue»
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Spying more hot neighbours undressing - part 2

New property

I realised I was a voyeur at a young age and ever since have been chasing those fleeting glances of ladies changing or slipping a nipple. The rush from a new 'spot' is incredible!

We moved house recently to a spot with potential, my attention has been focused on the houses to the back of the garden with some success until I got busted by one of the neighbours (no consequences yet but I am pretty nervous).

After a fruitless couple of hours waiting for any bedrooms to go live (lights turning on or movement) on a Saturday night I decided to go and scope out the other sid... Continue»
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So surprisingly I heard nothing for a couple of days then a message brief but to the point it said;
Toms gone away to his meetings today and for the first time in our marriage we didn’t have a farewell screw... God I am so randy... the stitches are not infected I`m glad to say thanks to the spray I think. Will be with you on Friday evening can`t wait
It was a long week, I had my fair share of fruit cakes and it was a joy to walk the dogs, my headmistress has been arrested I`m glad to say, as I expected she couldn’t keep her paws of the k**s, hat... Continue»
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Celebrity Surrender with Anne Heche and Linda Blai

After the huge success of Ronda Rousey making her sexfighting debut, the folks at Ultimate Surrender were looking to add on to the list of celebrities getting down and dirty. Ariel and her staff were busy sending out all sorts of feelers and invitations to anyone they thought might be interested. There wasn't much response, except for a handful of negative replies. Most of the calls went unanswered, and Ariel just summed it up to nobody wanting to be the first to get involved. She optimistically figured that once she got a match or two, more and more women would be willing to give it a try... Continue»
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My Wife Made Me Do It

Cheryl and I have been going together for about a year now. We have developed a great relationship together, especially our sex life. Cheryl has a very adventurous side to her. She also has a fascination for my ass. When we walk through the park, or down by the river, she always has her hand in my back pocket, which she has altered and removed the material so she can feel my ass as we are walking. One of the utmost demands she has is that I wear nothing underneath my clothes. She is always saying how she likes to be able to feel me anytime and anywhere she wants to. One afternoon while walking... Continue»
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Wife Helps Husband Bi

"Brad, can I ask you a question?" Stacy, my wife of 10 years asked me. 

"Sure, what is it?"

"Are you gay?" she asked.

"What?" I asked, trying to quell the fear that I was certain was obvious in my voice. "Why would you ask that?"

"Brad, I'm not as naive as you think. I've seen the sites you visit on the Internet. I've watched some of the porn you've watched. They all show men having gay sex. I've even seen your responses to Craigslist postings."

So there it was. I underestimated my wife's tech knowledge and her curiosity about what I did on the Internet. She had discovered my de... Continue»
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the park

It was a normal day I was sitting home alone dressed like a sissy slut like always and was real horny. I decided to get out some toys and play so I got out a few vibrators and dildos and started to play with my ass and cock. My cock was nice and hard and I decided to start to work my ass a little so I put a small dildo in it and started to fuck it. It felt good so I moved up to a larger one and finally started to fuck my ass with the largest one I had fucking myself deep and hard. I was enjoying it but needed more so I put on a pair of jogging pants and a t shirt and a pair of shoes and got in... Continue»
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Piano Lesson day two

Lesson Two.......................................

My cock was very sore after the last lesson.
I have a tight foreskin and the teachers rough play was uncomfortable.............however my balls were full and my cum was substantial.

As I ring the bell my cock twitches for you.............and as the door opens my heart always skips to see what you wear..............

Today you wear an A line skirt with hosiery which is tan.
Your glasses are as normal although your hair today is tied up giving you a srtict look. I like it.

As I survey you the shoes are out of context with low heels a... Continue»
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Motel Magic Hour - Part 1

My heart was racing as I pulled into the parking lot of the motel off Route 25.

The location of the motel would make one feel as though it would be the kind of place that would be desolate and run down, but apparently it was quite popular. I hadn't expected to see so many vehicles parked in the lot of the place; many with people still sitting in them looking at their phones, or just watching people come and go.

I was going to have to get out of my car, and they were all going to see me.

The fact that it was quite obvious that the majority of people present were there for nefarious se... Continue»
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Tricked by the Ex

I'd been doing odd jobs for my ex wife, Laura, in my spare time recently -- she's my ex and we are still good friends but we occasionally still played together when the mood took us, often reliving in fantasy; talk about our past adventures together (we had a dom/cuck relationship).

Her favorite being hearing about me sucking another guys cock, my favorite oddly enough was hearing about her sucking cock too, so it was safe to say we were pretty much on the same level with our dirtiest fantasies.

Anyway, I awoke one morning to a text from her asking if I'd mind doing her a massive favor, ... Continue»
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She Blows With My Wife’s Silver Ballet Flats

Let’s start off by describing my wife’s ballet flats: Jessica Simpson Leve Ballet Flats size 8 ½ pewter exterior and gold interior color… or should I say that’s the way they started off. I purchased them for her about 5 or 6 years ago and they were her go-to flats for at least 2 or 3 years. Initially she complained about them being very stiff and tough to break in… but once she was able to stretch them and soften the leather she fell in love and wore them daily.
About the time I purchased the silver flats for her she started a new job, now it has never been a hidden fact that she has no issue... Continue»
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The Kinky Auditor

It was going to be a tough week. The NGO where I work was going through its annual audit by an external finance company. Nothing out of the ordinary, but it is always a bunch of work that comes at the most inopportune moment for my job. I breezed in and the auditors were already at their laptops in the conference room. Last year’s lead followed me to my office already asking for reports and documents, and I really wanted a cup of coffee, to check my email, and start MY day. Of course, she went on, and said that she wanted to introduce me to this year’s ‘lead,’ so as I turned and saw the t... Continue»
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Sirs and their boy toy

We caught our breath, resupplied with favors, grabbed our gear and moved into the bed room. Chris came up to me and whispered, ‘you’re so sexy, a lot of fun, and we want to have some more wild play.” ‘FUCK YEAH,” I nodded, and he went on to say “we want you to be the sub-boy for this part, and you will respect your Masters!” I lowered my eyes and nodded, “Yes, Sir!” “We’re going to cam this on Xhamster” Chris gently caressed my face and traced my lips with his fingers. Then he dropped his hand to my pecs and slapped me across my nipples. I didn’t make a sound, and he nodded, “yeah pig b... Continue»
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My wife's piss

My ever increasing obsession with my eyes wife peeing probably started nearly 15 years ago while on holiday in Greece.
We'd taken a pedal boat out into the bay and she got caught desperately needing a pee. With nothing else to do she discreetly parted her legs , pulled her swimsuit aside and let her golden piss flow out into the bottom of the boat. God I felt a twinge in my trunks like no other. Although later that night probably after a drink I confessed to being turned on by it we never really acted on it. I put it down to a my feeleings of disgust.
Fast forward to May of this year and m... Continue»
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Heading over to Steves (part II-A)

I spent the next three days working out extra hard. And laying out my 5 favorite spandex pieces. I knew I was taking my N2N white bikini with cut out parts covered by mesh. They don’t make it anymore so I take good care of it. I have a lt blue cocksox bikini that is see thru when wet, A muscleskins torpedo with 1/2” inch sides in yellow and black , and a orange Jose Snyder bikini with easy off clips at the hip that I will likely bring…so what is the last piece.

As I was showering and shaving for the fashion show, I remembered that I had a white singlet that was really small on me. I ... Continue»
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The Desert Part IV

Rob, the manager, came over and told me that one of the hotel guests brought some new friends over after the bar, and that most were hot and were some wherein the play maze. He warned me to keep my door locked, and to play with strangers in public. Good advice.
When I got to the room, Jessie and Dan were kissing on the bed and there were 10 or so guys looking into the room from the back – which opened onto the maze. We started changing our clothes to venture into the maze. Dan had a PVC bikini in red with black trim, that he stuffed me into (boy was it tight), then my chrome arm bands, ... Continue»
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I could hardly breathe through my gag and was totally blind. Actually my gag was just my red panty which Gye has stuffed in my mouth and fixed it with a big stripe of tape. I was shivering and my cock was hurting but as hard as it has never been before. I was afraid and horny as hell at the same time. Gye had tied me to the handlebar of in the house corridor, only in my red stockings and clothespins on my nipples. I couldn’t believe it!!
My chubby ass was red and painful from the previous spanking and my anus was hurting from the plug Gye stuffed me with without mercy. The cuffs he brought fo... Continue»
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An evening out at sex cinema (hopefully alone) Why

I wanted to have an evening of excitement in a sex cinema. I was hoping no one noticed how nervous I was and that my stomach was turning and at the same time filled with butterflies hoping that no one realizes under my jogging pants i was wearing strapless black fishnetz stockings,a small red thong, and a really short, tight black skirt. Although I'm straight man, for some reason over the past 6 months i have been dreaming about and now I am fantasizing daily over Crossdressing and being a Sissy how good it feels to wear Girls cloths. So after secretly trying on different cloths , i d... Continue»
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