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friends house

This isn't very long maybe because it didn't take long lol. I went to visit a girlfriend the other day it's been awhile since we seen each other. Anyway she wasn't home when I got there but I have a key and went on in, I knew there was a chance she'd be gone. While I'm sitting there a young boy came over (that's exactly what he is too) and poked his head in and said hey""" well I knew him because my friends son used to play with him, so I said hi how are you? Well we are sitting on the couch chatting and I asked how is school? Hate it"""" I chuckled and then he ...said maybe I f you were my te... Continue»
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My wife is xhamster member Denise44F and this TRUE story follows on from my first xhamster.com TRUE story 'My Big hanging Tits wife Denise and the Voyeur'. That story pretty much explained how my wife came to be exposed naked all over the internet as she now is and how I became more and more cuckold ! You may want to look at her undressed in her galleries here on xhamster.com after you read this account.

We are a mature couple in our mid fifties from London and if you have already seen her nude here on xhamster you will have seen Denise nude and know she has extra big low hanging heavy ti... Continue»
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Dee Maple - The Principal Daughter - A

“Principle Jerroti will receive you know” looking sternly at me Rebecca the secretary pointed to the mahogany door with a opaque square window in the center, the initials G.M.Jerroti where inscribed on top. Gordon Mathew Jerroti was our dear principal and for some reason he arrange a meeting with me.
I was curious and scared, in 6 months we will graduate from and move on and this meeting was unexpected. I slowly opened the door “close it behind you” said Rebecca - Ok bitch i will i thought, didn’t like her attitude. The room was filled with sun light from the big open windows behind Jerroti ... Continue»
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My wife my fantasy true in a wedding party

First start off by describing my wife. She is 32yrs old a beautiful woman. 5'1" tall 110 lbs nice big ole' breast with a bubble butt, and very sexy calf muscles. I love her legs. She is some what of a conservative girl. Doesn't really show off her body much. But it is hard not to notice, when she has on yoga pants on! She is in every sense " a woman in the streets but a freak in the sheets."

As far as our sexy life I can't complain. She is always open to trying new things. As long as they're not to crazy, open to anal when in the mood, and loves to suck cock. She truly loves every inch of my... Continue»
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My slut employee must be punished

You have been working for me for five years. I have trusted you with my most sensitive secrets. I treated you with the respect and dare I say love. Though I never came right out with thoughs feelings. I know you could tell. You are very special. What possessed you to steal from me? You took the thousand dollars in our petty cash to shop for clothes. Are you fucking k**ding me! If you needed money all you had to do was to ask. Only 2 people know about this me and my secretary. Then I find out that you are not following the dresscode policy. You have on numerous occasions wore clothing speci... Continue»
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Under Tori's Butt

This is a story about butt-style facesitting and a male who craved it for years. Sometimes, the things we want most come with problems we never imagined. This is not a sex or penetration story but rather one focused more on ass-adoration.


Tori Rollins was a cute and popular girl with short brunette hair, bright brown eyes, and a compact gymnast-like body which included a very round, compact gymnast-like butt. Since I had been a butt watcher from c***dhood, her bottom was something I noticed---often.

I wasn't confident in my youth. I was too afraid o... Continue»
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The boss.

Another story from my past but imprinted on my memory and just thinking about it causes me to get hard .
After leaving school and prior to joining the Army I worked for a few month in a factory that made shoes and sandals for the well know healthy feet brand.
I mainly did the fetch and carrying and other mundane duties like loading the vehicles and working in the dispatch department.
One day I was asked to help with a rush order that needed to go out later that day, I went to the guy who normally did the order picking and he thrust the order in my hands and told me to crack on ! I said ar... Continue»
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Hot Springs Threesome (MFM)

I have been dying to tell you guys about what I got up to last Thursday at the Radium Hot Springs.

The background is that I somehow heard about these natural hot springs about an hour from Kip's place in Breckenridge but nobody I knew had been to them. From what I read it was a natural pool on the side of the Colorado River a 20 minute walk from a parking area and it was not developed at all, 100% natural.

So, last Thursday, Kip was out of town, I was a little hungover so about 2pm I jumped in the car and headed in that direction. It was a little late in the day but I kind slept in and... Continue»
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My Dirty Little Boy Gets Pegged

"I know," my wife Casey said softly as her hands caressed my naked body beneath the covers of our king sized bed.

"You know what?" I asked. I didn't know what game we were playing but I was ready to fuck.

"I know what you look at on the computer and what you fantasize about," she answered softly. Her hand had found my hard cock and she squeezed it tight making me moan softly.

"Oh you do, do you," I replied. I was quite sure she was bluffing because if she truly knew what I was looking at on line and what was going through my head on a regular basis she would have freaked. Casey had... Continue»
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Experience while being a sub

It's been a long time since we last played together and I'm so ready for tonight, I can hardly think of anything else. I've got all the toys out for Sir to chose what he wants and painted my toes and nails as per his request. I've not come for 12 days and I am gagging to be satisfied but I am watching porn and finding videos we will both like for our playtime.

Sir arrives, looking all calm and collected. All I want to do is jump on him on the stairs but I'm patient and know Sir will not leave me unsatisfied. We go upstairs, we kiss and as always, the bl**d in my veins reaches fever pitch an... Continue»
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Fluid dump

When i was younger and single I used to find the winter nights pretty long, cold and boring. To pass the time I became a heavy duty cruise freak. I liked nothing better than hitting the parking lots or a truckers lay-by to see what was about and around. Most nights things were pretty good and usually some horny cum filled lorry driver would invite yo into his warm cab for a bit of fun.
I was in bar in Brighton and got chatting to this guy, I had seen him around a few of the cruising spots, but had never had sex or even a cat with him. We started to chat over a few beers about the things we... Continue»
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mum & boys

I was gutted when my whole meeting in Holland was cancelled, even checked in, now I was on my way home and feeling a little let down, I turned the corner of the street and drove slowly, as I got some distance away I noticed my bedroom light come on, I pulled over and sat there watching, for what reason I didn’t know but it seemed a little strange, there was only my two boys home, I was about to move off when the light off, I started to move then it came on again, there was something going on, I needed to find out, I pulled up outside and quietly as possible I went into the house, I couldn’t he... Continue»
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Cuckold 4 (7 months on)

After my knee weakening stranger encounter in the public toilets my Husband and I decided to slow down our kinky game, he said we should take it slowly and make the magic last a lifetime instead of going all hardcore in a short period of time and losing interest but I found turning off the flirting hard. I missed the excitement of letting a complete stranger blatantly know he was in with a chance of a fuck.
I would approach a guy like he was my prey,.... eyes, smile, close proximity, complements, glances down to his package, ect, would let a guy know ... Continue»
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Cuckold 3

It's been 7 months since my last update, and a lot has happened since then! I've become braver and much more sexually active outside of my marriage, which incidentally is still fantastic and strong
My first encounter since my last blog was with an older man that id met on the bus, he must have been in his late 50s, we caught each other's eye and it was an unspoken attraction, we both got off at the same stop at the local shopping centre, I walked over to him and brushed his hand with mine, oops, sorry i said smiling, I shyly at first asked him for the time, he told me and there was this chem... Continue»
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No Place Like Home

Asian Angel had recently heard a report that several women have been disappearing lately. What was strange about the report was that only Asian women had been the victim and several witnesses say they saw some women go into some old studio in an abandoned part of town. She knew she had to report the news to Lady freedom, but knew that Lady Freedom probably wouldn't send her on a mission that didn't have all the facts gathered. Luckily for her, Lady Freedom was not in town, for she had the annual Heroine Unification Meeting to attend to and she then would be heading of to South America for anot... Continue»
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Cuckold Club Rules

“So tell me, why do you want your wife to fuck other men?”

Julie and Juan looked at me expectantly. My wife Sheila were sitting in their living room, all four of us relaxing with drinks in hand, while their k**s slumbered upstairs. It was a suburban evening like any other, apart from the topic of conversation. I swallowed hard and said,

“I have a small cock. I love my wife, and I realized that I can’t satisfy her by fucking her. I also realized that watching her have incredibly hot sex with another man is a bigger turn-on than fucking her myself and leaving her unsatisfied. It sounds str... Continue»
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Femdom session with my aunt

On the morning that Neha was due to visit my Aunty Puja for a session of female domination, aunty told me: "We need to get you kitted out. Let's see what we can come up with from my collection."
And we stepped, both of us naked, into her walk-in wardrobe, which had been the catalyst for my introduction into sex with an older woman and her skills at femdom.
"Neha is a fussy submissive," my 38-year-old aunt informed me. "She insists on me wearing really erotic outfits, and since she's calling the shots - well, for the couple of hours she's here, anyway - I go along with that.
"And of course, ... Continue»
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Helping a BBC take my wife

It was a company party. It was quite lavish. They had hired a dance band, caterer, and a full bar. It was mandatory that all employees attend. My wife and I had arrived early planning to be seen and then disappear early.

We enjoyed some food and had a couple of drinks. We danced a few times and I danced with my boss's wife while he danced with mine. After that I figured we had made our attendance known and could safely leave.

We were both feeling a little romantic. It was the right time of the month for her to get pregnant and we had planned to rush home and enjoy making a baby.

Th... Continue»
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lifestyle of choice 2

Trying to work during this week is always a chore, my mind going crazy & unable to concentrate are the norm.
My phone pinged at 10am & I check my messages, from Vicki, I opened the attachment & my cock went from half hard to blast off. Vicki's face was contorted with her eyes rolled back in her head, her hands had her amazing breasts in them & her red hot finger nails were pulling her pierced nips by the rings in an upward direction. She was in the throes of a mind blowing orgasm, obviously riding Trev's cock as the pic was taken from his perspective underneath her. I was shaking looking at i... Continue»
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Sex Slave for a Morning

A Wednesday July 2014. I went round to Steve's house in Epsom, Steve(2) and Sue were arriving at 10:30 and I didn't get there till 10:25 due to traffic problems and nowhere to park. I had brought strawberries , g****s, melon, choccies, and some bucks fizz. Steve had got in some champagne. we had just got some of the stuff out ( and I had not managed to sort my play bag - condoms lube and massage oil). There was a knock at the door Steve2 & Sue had arrived. Both Steve and myself had met Steve2 before but not Sue.
The excitement for her was to be used as a sex slave by 3 men including 2 stra... Continue»
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