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Straight Man Taught a Hard Lesson GayMaker

I was working from home when the doorbell rang. It was Ken, a friend of my oldest son, a guy he'd played basketball with in high school. He was wearing a suit and tie. I wasn't sure what he was doing here. My son had his own place now.

"Hey Ken," I said. "You looking for Brian?"

Ken shook his head. "Came to talk to you, actually."

"OK," I said, and opened the door. He walked right past me like he owned the place, went into the living room, took off his suit coat, tossed it over the couch and sat down in the middle of it. Weird. I sat down in a chair across from him.

"So, what's up?... Continue»
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The house slave 1 - fucked and used

The faithful servant Alex brought Mistress Elisabeth her morning coffee into the living room where she waited comfortably on the couch and carefully set the cup on the little glass table. "I think I'd like some "extra milk" today," Liz said, looking at him with a grin. "Yes, Mistress." the slave boy answered, knowing what to do, he knelt in front of her and began to stroke his cock. He did not have to undress, because wearing clothes inside the house was not allowed to him. She loved to see his little dwarf dick suddenly swell to a grand size. She opened her cream colored, silky morning coat r... Continue»
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]The Last Weekend before School Sample

The Last Weekend before School Sample

This work is a fictional story, and is intended for the enjoyment of adults only. This is the beginning of a new story….be sure to look through My List for all the other parts. Also, check out my other stories which will be posted soon.

--------- Chapter 1
Early Friday Evening
Pamie and Billy wrestling……

The last weekend of Summer had Kim feeling good; school would be starting on Monday….Yeah! She hadn’t waited to the last minute to prepare for the first day of school like she had so many times before….she had their schoo... Continue»
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Muslim hijabi slut prays to white cock

I was walking into my flat after a long week. I was glad it was Friday so I could finally relax. I had been studying late at the library. I was studying at University in Boston, United States. My name is Fatima and I am from India originally. I wanted to see the world and travel to America as I had heard so much about it.

I was brought up very religious. I am muslim so I always wear the hijab and niqab (face veil). I am a niqabi and hijabi. I always wear a jilbab as I like to dress islamically. I try to keep up with my prayers even now that I am away from my f****y. I have a prayer rug in m... Continue»
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Hijabi slut seduced by white master

It was the start of another week at work. I work at a small IT solutions company just outside New York. It was Monday and it seemed like it would be a long week.

My name is Fariya and my f****y moved from India before I was born. My f****y are strict muslims and all the women in my f****y wear the full islamic dress. I wear a niqab, hijab and abaya or jilbab. I have been called a niqabi or hijabi. I have been wearing this since turning 15. I am not the best looking of girls and boys never took much interest in me even before I completely covered up.

I am now 24 and I have never been wit... Continue»
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My step daughter teases me with her tights pantyho

As you know from my vids & pic i have an interest in my step Daughters undies especially her tights and panties and have borrowed a few pairs of the items for my err! ...relaxation times.

She wears such pretty undies, and her panties and tights pussy/pee smells fantastic, I know for a fact that she sometimes wears her undies for more than 12 hours at a time at work as a sales assistant so they really do collect all the feminine smells I need to wank off to and make me cum hard.

She recently brought her laundry for her mum to wash so I had plenty of fun with her undies, before and... Continue»
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Formal Love

I glanced in the mirror as I straightened my tie. “Honey, are you almost ready?” I called, picking a piece of lint off my suit.
“I’ll be out in a second!” My wife called back. Sighing slightly, I ran my hand through my hair, hoping none of it was sticking up.
Tonight my wife Carmen and I had been invited to a party in honor of a friend. Neither of us had wanted to go, but we had already pretended to be sick to get out of going to our neighbors’ k**’s graduation, and no one would believe we had had another f****y emergency so close to the last one. So we had steeled ourselves and gotten re... Continue»
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Ex-Girlfiend's Revenge

I dated Denise for about a year. She was four years older than I was. She didn't have the perfect body, but was still hot. She was about 5'2", 130lbs., 36D breasts, curly blond hair and sexy brown eyes. She used to tell me, I was lucky anyone would stay with a guy who was a premature ejaculator. I should have listened to her, because she was in love with me. I broke up with her to go out with a younger and 'I thought' hotter girl, named Nikki. The new girl dumped me after a month and by then Denise had some fuck buddies, including a friend of mine, named Joe. I begged her to take me back but s... Continue»
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Cum in the conference room

After work one Friday, when I was feeling even hornier than usual, I went

home, had a quick dinner, then drove back to the office. Several of us have

keys to the building, in case we need to work late, after regular hours. I

had told colleagues I had a report I needed to finish that night, so if

someone drove by and saw my car there it would not seem odd, but it was

unlikely anyone else would work late on a Friday night.

I let myself in to the building, then locked the door behind me. I walked

through to my own office, and quickly stripped completely naked, leaving my... Continue»
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cum filled panties

For years I had kept a very private secret. I had run the gauntlet emotionally because of it too. Sometimes forcing myself to abstain, thinking it wrong, bizarre, even disgusting as many would see it. But eventually, I'd give in to the urge, usually resulting in a frenzy of activity in order to satisfy what I believed then to be an absurd form of sexual pleasure and gratification.

Looking back, I couldn't pinpoint the exact moment or reason why this particular fetish of mine as I came to understand it had even come about. I considered myself a normal teenage k** in every way, and enjoyed th... Continue»
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Bulging Briefs In France

I had been combining a business trip in France with a short break, and I
had a few more days to spend before returning for a conference in London.
I had hired a car and was taking time to explore some of the smaller
Normandy towns, seeking out small hotels and eating wherever I could in
f****y-run restaurants.

What I am about to write about happened some ten years ago, but I remember
the details as if they happened yesterday. I can even remember that it was
a Wednesday evening that I met him, and that I had a Eurostar booking for
the following Sunday evening. They would prove to be s... Continue»
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Brief Encounter

I have had a major underwear fetish since I was a lad, and I love to masturbate in my underpants, rubbing my penis through the soft cotton and watching myself in a mirror. I get aroused just looking at men's underwear, and even more turned on watching other guys in their undies. I like all types of underwear, but especially traditional white briefs. The sight of a hot guy in a pair of tighty whities always gives me an erection, especially if they fit snugly over his butt and have a nice bulge in the front. I have stolen other guys briefs several times, and like to rub them over my face
as... Continue»
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I Switched Team's Gay

As I was on my way to get fucked, I reflected, once again, what I was up to... I was a married guy, happily married, who liked getting fucked...by another guy. It wasn't love, yuck. It was an extremely pleasant diversion that no one except a guy could provide. It messed with my mind when I thought about it, but in spite of my best intentions, I couldn't stay away.

Tommy was the first, last, and only guy to ever fuck my ass. He was 35, 15 years younger than I, whom I had come to meet somewhat accidently. He was recently split from his wife, and worked at the University near me. He mentioned... Continue»
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Halloween: The Book

Halloween Two, 10/10/2016: The Book

Abergale threw her coat over the back of her regular seat at the library next to the window directly opposite the storage heater which for some reason was always on and pumped out huge amounts of heat year round. She sat down heavily in the seat and placed her head in her hands, rubbing her eyes trying to relieve the pain of a head ache that had developed since breakfast and was getting worse by the minute. She got headaches like this every month on her period but that wasn’t due for about another week. It was as if a itch had appeared in her centre of... Continue»
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Serving Mistress Elektra

Due to my work commitments I have been away for too long from Mistress Elektra's clutches whom I serve with the uppermost devotion. Serving Mistress Elektra has its long term benefits in having your limits stretched to the maximum ! Mentally as well as physically! !!!Oh yes !..... Mistress Elektra is a lover of stretching arseholes with her great selection of strap-on cocks from medium to massive (she doesn't do small !!) Mistress is also an expert in fisting her slaves as she pushes her victims to the limit and also enjoys using Bottles, fruit, and just about anything she's fancies to stuff ... Continue»
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I Am My Master's Cock Lover

I'm not your typical cock lover but I am your typical cock slave. I'm married to a wonderful woman who knows my addiction and is now allowing me to explore it, although it took sometime to convince her. I don't lie or cheat or bring her with me, but I love meeting men to worship their cocks. No, it'll never turn into love, unless you count my love for cock. Friendship, respect, and good times are all the things I care about deeply when I'm with another guy. Once I have that, I'm not his man, I'm his cock bitch, his cock lover.

Take my new Master who commands me to come over to his place af... Continue»
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My friend - Part 3

My friend - Part 3
It's been a week since the studio incident. I sound like a cheap porn star but my God, My friend is good. She left things half way on purpose, creating desire and lust within me. All I can think of is too fuck her.

I;m turned on by her planning, her control and of-cause her leaving me wanting for more. I want to give myself over to her, she can do what-ever she likes, I just her pussy.

It was Saturday, my usual routine, wake up hard, shower, breakfast and laze around, however I decided to take a drive to the local mall and see what's going on.

Walking through the... Continue»
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Voluptuous Lounge Pick up

I am Hardmyk23 and this is a original piece. I totally luv nylon encased feet,
the aroma of a nylon encased foot after 10 hours of office sweat is like a aphrodisiac
to me. It's just so intoxicating.

I'm on a work trip staying in a hotel.

After 10 hours of meeting work clients, I travel back to my room to relax a bit. As I enter the hotel lobby I peek my head in the lounge to check out the scene. At the far end of the bar I notice a strikingly beautiful lady who's above average in height which perks my interest and makes my cock stir. I decide to continue up to my room to freshen up ... Continue»
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Chastity with Ex as Keyholder Part 7

Chastity with Ex as Keyholder Ch. 07

The only light came from the crack at the bottom of the floor. I tested my handcuffs as quietly as possible, verifying there was no way to squeeze my wrists out of their cold, metal clutches. I was completely stuck.

I could hear my Ex on the other side of the door. She was panting heavily. I could only imagine her Boyfriend's cock ramming her inside and out, over and over again.

I guess I should back up just a little bit, although there is still more to tell about other happenings, but this is the part most readily on my m... Continue»
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Chastity with Ex as Keyholder Part 8

Chastity with Ex as Keyholder Ch. 08

"So, that is what you fantasize about? Having my hot boyfriend and me making you our little sissy bitch? Pathetic," my Ex said flipping through the pages of the story I had submitted to her, while I worshipped her sweaty pantyhosed feet per our already established agreement.

I still couldn't believe an Ex of mine was actually a hot Hooters girl. Being one with a small, tiny, thing for uniforms, I couldn't believe I had let this one slip through my fingers. Regardless, she was making me pay for it now.

She giggled, squirmed... Continue»
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