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A Day's Preperation

To begin every day, I take a shower or bath, cleaning up nice and proper. I will shave my entire body and apply baby oil, skin lotion and a light tanning cream all over. All to make sure my Legs, Bottom, and Body Feel silky creamy smooth. Yes, I carefully shave my bottom and testicals as well. Then I will push an enema up my bottom to flush and clean it out nicely. Making sure my eyebrows are trimed, I will apply mascara, eyeshadow and sometimes eyeliner; for gorgeous to look at eyes. Next comes the Lipstick, and a light touch of concealer makeup on my face where needed. My Lipstick is usua... Continue»
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bringing home the horses.

working midnight shift and the dreaded call. My horses have been found at a friends farm. Are locked in his barn and must get home today.
The secretary had been begging to ride my horses and was my only hope. So I hit her with the request at 8am, would you help me? She seemed shocked and ask what she could do. I needed her to ride one back while I rode the other.
Sure, after work? No now. She told the chief she needed to take her daughter and requested the day off.
told her to meet me at my house and she could ride with me from there. To give me an hour to pack the things we needed. Stop... Continue»
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Why I Sneeze When I see a Pussy!

Two things that I’ve pondered over and wondered about until just recently are: 1) I LOVE the smell of b*by powder! It gets me excited and makes me stand up and salute! –No, I’m not THAT much of a pervert; I don’t get into girls who aren’t the right age, but a lot of legal girls and women use it, too! And 2) whenever I see something particularly erotic, something that really turns me on, whether it be a really sexy picture or video, or if I’m with a decidedly delicious girl, or even when I just have a sexy daydream, I begin to sneeze! I mean I don’t just sneeze once or twice, but eight... Continue»
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nasty ,smelly,kinky sex

'm having an affair.

Like many in this position I didn't plan it. I'm in my mid thirties, happy with a f****y and my life but I guess something must have been missing otherwise I wouldn't be here.

It started because of the bad weather we'd been having. Weeks of rain with little respite had made our laundry pile grow and grow. I'm lucky that I work from home so I can be flexible about my hours and I mostly took care of the domestic chores through the week but it seemed as soon as the sun came out and the laundry was hung out, the rain would soak it and minutes later I'd be back to square ... Continue»
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Timestop Day 6

Again I did not write this. Sadly this is the last one, the person who wrote this didn't do any more sadly. I hope you enjoyed them and you enjoy this last one :)

Day 6 – Monday

Warren woke up to his alarm going off. His eyes jerked open, but he laid there for a few moments just staring at the ceiling. Then he shook his head and smiled, imagining the day before him. After spending several moments planning out his day, Warren finally reached over, slapped his alarm clock off and headed straight for the shower.

Rushing though the shower, Warren ignored his morning wood, no... Continue»
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Miss Jacks.. PART 3

Miss Jacks Part 3

.It had only been a month since my encounter at Harrogate ,where I had been taken to a rural farmhouse and had been wanked and sucked off by two women .
Namely Miss Jacks and a doctor Margaret. A plain clothes police woman had watched, sitting in a chair legs crossed with her skirt up high exposing her suspenders and stocking tops.

I just could not get the experience out of my mind, the smell of the women and their perfume. Try as I did I could not shake it off. I was jacking off frequently every day.

In the end I hatched a plan i had saved a lot of money. So told ... Continue»
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What I cant give my wife

I turn the Tv off and go into the bedroom ,its very late and I am so tired
I lay down and look over at her pillow and smell her lingering body lotion scent and smile and wonder what she is doing ,my cock stirs but Its too sore to jerk off again so I push the thought from my mind and drift off to a deep sl**p.
Something wakes me and I see a soft light when I first wake up after I clear the cobwebs I realize Lori is home and shes in the bathroom ..I hear running water and in a few minutes she walks out and gets in the bed quietly so not to disturb me.
I whisper hi sweety and she says Im ... Continue»
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Step s****r Feminisation part 1

My parents were away for a week so I was left at home with my step s****r Jodie to be in charge. I felt nervous and self conscious with her elegant beauty, sophisticated fashion and her slim dark body opposed to my pale White one. She had always been kind since my dad married her mum but there was a large age gap between us and often we didn't talk so it was to great shock when she said she wanted a word with me in her room, the first thing I noticed was her astounding beauty, large breasts and slim petite legs which gave off a radiant, ebony glow. She wore black doc martens and a short skirt.... Continue»
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Weird Cousin

I have this weird cousin, let's call him Alfred. He was 20 and I was 16 at the time. He used to visit and sit around the pool watching everyone. Never got in the pool or even wore a bathing suit. He would just sit and stare at all of us. I noticed him looking at me a lot in my suit and following around but not talking to me just starring. He creeped me out. I tried just being nice to him but not really engaging him. Just the fact that he was 20 and still coming to our house with his Mom and Dad was a little strange to us.

One day I left the pool and went to my room to listen to my music. I... Continue»
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sex control

how to make your husband a much better person also more caring of your needs and have a better longer sex life it is good to try new things.you start off with 5 different coloured beads white red blue green and black.Now if you treat your wife good or do something niece for her buy flowers take her out for dinner buy her a new sex toy or just do something nice without bitching about it you might end up with more white beads in the bottle .here is how it works get a dark bottle and 15 beads of each colour.now every time you do something thoughtful she would put a white bead in the bottle and i... Continue»
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Summer sun

Evening sunshine is lovely. For a start I can wear less, no coat, no warm clothes, in fact a skimpy skirt and strappy top that covers not much more than the tops of my hold ups and my bra. I like to walk in countryside and feel the warm breeze gently ruffle my clothes and visit those areas where you know others have been when they have been a bot randy.

Walking through the woods you can pick up little signs, in one place there are ropes hanging from tree branches and a rug underneath. My imagination races. Its the first time that I have been here and I am the only car parked. All of a sudde... Continue»
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This man of body and flesh consumes all of me. He burns in my mind a lasting impression of who he is, of what he is and what he seeks out of me. As I sense him around me. My mind feels excited yet calm. The sent of candles and insenes illuminate the room. Filling me with the enessance and eroticism of the moment. My eyes blinded and my hands bound I am at his mercy. I feel him move about me. Not knowing what his will, will do to me. I feel his presence in front of me. I hear my breathing pick up its tempo to match the music that looms about me. In a move I feel him on me. His hands running thr... Continue»
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Extreme oral session

This is a story my Friend Amy ( name changed for privacy) wrote to me telling me her fantasy that she has about me. Her and I are always pushing each others limits to see where we can go.

“Amy” I hear you say. “Amy, come on” as you grab my hand and pull me along. I feel my heel catch on the carpet as I try to keep up with your long strides. I sneak a peek at your crotch and I see your pants are bulging out. My mind races and my forehead begins to sweat as I try to hurry. My eyes move over your chest, to your face and you are looking down at me intensely. I am unable to read your expres... Continue»
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eating cum filled pussy

We first met Mike on the Internet. We agreed to meet him in a lounge at a local Holiday Inn. Mike was a handsome young man in his early thirties.

Mike looked at me directly and said, “Do you want me to fucks your wife tonight, I think she does”? After three years this cuckolding was becoming a reality. I guess I didn’t expect it to happen so fast. I looked at Anne nervously to see what she wanted to do. Anne kind of laughed and said sure. Mike looked at me then and said, “Go get a room then Frank and we will wait here”.

In the room they stood next to the bed, and I took a seat in the c... Continue»
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Breaking the Unbreakable - Please comment

You awake in total darkness. The room is cold, the floor is hard and unforgiving - this place is very unfamiliar to you. You open your eyes and realize that you have a bag of sorts placed over your head so that you cannot see, the seam of the bag chokes tightly around your neck giving you just enough space to breathe shallow.

As you regain more of your senses you are horrified to learn that your arms are raised above your head and bound together, completely unable to be moved. Your legs are spread wide and shackled to the floor, the shackles digging into your ankles. You can feel the ... Continue»
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Louise comes clean

I had been living with Louise for a year. At first I used to worry my penis might not be big enough for her. The size of my penis rock hard is small average at best being only five inches long and a little less than four and a half inches around. I had aways been insecure about this ever since my teens when I noticed my friends maturing to have bigger cocks than me. Secretly I envied them and felt inadequate because my cock was smaller than most. Louise said size didn't matter and that my penis was all she needed or wanted. But I was never really reassured by this. Even though all the sex ther... Continue»
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Tied and teased on a chair...

This is a story that happened a few months ago.

I'd been seeing this girl for a while, that was right into the 50 Shades books. I never really got into them myself, but did read one pretty good chapter and decided to partially recreate it.

I ran a bath for my girl, told her to relax and take her time as I had a surprise for her. I had been out and bought some new lace topped hold-up stockings, a nice thong to go with them and a mans white shirt. I laid them out on the bed for her, along with a pair of her knee high boots. I told her that when she came out the bath, she had to wear what... Continue»
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Squirting for the first time!

This is a story that happened a few months ago.

I'd been seeing this girl for a while, that was right into the 50 Shades books. I never really got into them myself, but did read one pretty good chapter and decided to partially recreate it.

I ran a bath for my girl, told her to relax and take her time as I had a surprise for her. I had been out and bought some new lace topped hold-up stockings, a nice thong to go with them and a mans white shirt. I laid them out on the bed for her, along with a pair of her knee high boots. I told her that when she came out the bath, she had to wear what... Continue»
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"Careful what you wish for"

My wife and I have always had a very healthy sex life, but due to recent stress in our life, sex had come to a stand still..For years, I have always fantaiszed about a MMF with my wife. We had done a MMF twice before, but still, it was my favorite fantasy, my favorite activity, that hadn't been fulfilled in quite some time. Due to a f****y function, we had to travel out of state and spend a couple nights in a hotel(which hotels are a guaranteed turn on for myself), so I knew the sex with the wife was going to be outstanding..On Monday, back at work, I recieved a text on my phone. I opened it t... Continue»
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The Neighbours tale

Well when we moved here to Bath, not in my wildest dreams, could I have imagined such a perfect neighbourhood or next door neighbour, thank god Spring is here, who needs Robin's in your garden, when you have the exotic Nicola Diamond, yeah since the weather's warmed up she has migrated outside with each passing day.
Makes a change from sneaking down to the Summerhouse in the cold to spy on her thru the bushes, the perfect view of her lit windows at the back of her house.
What she gets up to is cock-teasing to the extreme.
Some of the outfits I have spied her wearing,had many a wank o... Continue»
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