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Submissive Alyson loves being used

Alyson could barely believe what she was reading. All her life she had been looking for someone dominant who could bring out her submissive side. Although she was happily married to Graham he too was quite submissive. She read the advert again.

I am seeking a married couple who likes or would like to explore BDSM with someone who is trustworthy.

You must prepare yourself to be used, abused and humiliated. Your cunt will be mine, your ass will be mine, your tits will be mine and your mouth will be mine. The pain you will feel will be intense but will be far outweighed by the pleasure yo... Continue»
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At The Office

Photos & movie clip from Shirley’s phone found here


At The Office

I acquired a job to set up a new office with its computers and was told someone would be waiting for me. I was overwhelmed at first sight when this middle-aged woman introduce herself as Shirley. There was something about her that I could not explain, but was attracted to her straight away. If it was her happy smile or her shoulder length blond hair or the clothes she was wearing I did not know, her skirt was long... Continue»
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The Day Lana Turned Me Into Her Daughter!

When I was much younger my neighbor, Lana, a divorcee, kept an eye on me while my folks went out of town. It was she whom formally introduced me to cross dressing and it was quite to my surprise. Back then I could actually pass for a woman due to my build. My hair was shoulder length and my body was small framed with feminine features.
I used to try on my mother's panties and clothes even though they were too big for me. Lana, on the other hand, had a great body. She was athletic and did not have a huge chest or big ass. She had great curves and was well defined. When my parents asked if ... Continue»
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Laundry Basket

I always enjoyed it whenever we visited Mike & Sarah. She was a cute blonde mid twenties and was my partner's work colleague, and we had all enjoyed a few evenings together either at ours or over at their home in the past.

I particularly enjoyed seeing them as Sarah always dressed 'sexy-come-slutty' and had a fantastic pair of arse cheeks on her, and EVERY time i saw her she always wore low cut jeans (without a belt), and she ALWAYS made sure her knickers or thong were visible at the top of her jeans whenever she bent over. I can assure you it was always a pleasure spending time with them, ... Continue»
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new city and women looking for a husband.

New job in new city gives chance for new friends it seems. Thats what my father told me when I told of transfer. I lived with an officer until I found my new home. Would come home on the weekends. On patrol my partner introduced me to the city story owners. Kay at the dress shops offered me her home and just sl**p with her. I found out she had a husband who might not agree with this. I would eventually fuck Kay on her back room desk.
Pat's little restaurant for dinner and Pat told “I am in love” when we are introduced. She offered me her room and any room in her home. I wanted something p... Continue»
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The guy who really admired my hairy armpits

I am a Swedish single woman, aged 33. I had a strange but sexy experience during this summer of 2005.
I thought I'd tell you about it.

It was during one of those few hot days in Stockholm, I was wearing a t-shirt without sleeves.

On my way back home from the office, the underground carriage was really crowded.
I had to raise one arm to grip a post rather high up to get some support.

I then noticed a guy, about my age, with his eyes fixed onto my armpits. Unshaven, as always.

On the way out of the underground I heard someone adressing me quietly:

"Excuse me ..."

I recogn... Continue»
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The BBC that changed my life

The BBC that changed my life
by kerriluvscum
I walked into the video room of the sex club hoping to find some cock. It was early but so far i hadn’t seen many guys cruising the play areas. As i got to the top of the stairs i saw a few guys hanging around the door to the video room looking in. As I got closer I realized there were a lot of guys crowded around. They were looking in. some were playing with themselves thru their pants, some were full on naked and stroking their cocks. Still others were playing with their neighbors cocks. i get a lot of looks because they don’t get very many siss... Continue»
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Sexy Barmaid

She was in her early twenties, long blonde hair, about 5ft 2 and had the most incredible arse on her - and boy did she know it!

I was an occassional drinker at a private members club, mostly filled with middle aged men drinking beer and watching football. The owners knew how to pull in the regulars, as they often have sexy barmaids serving, which always had all the men glued to the bar feasting their eyes and overworking their imaginations!

My favourite was this gorgeous girl called Sam. We had often exchanged looks over the past few months, you know the ones - where a girl knows instant... Continue»
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Vacation time!

It's been sometime since I have taken time off from work.. With a recent promotion, I have not had a lot of time to myself. I decided to take my 2 days off with 2 days of vacation. I had a lot to do around my house so it was not going to be a real vacation.

I spent the first 2 days cleaning and working in my yard. I had a couple more hours on my 3rd day and I would have everything done that I wanted. I have been so busy that I have not had the time to see Randy, my fuck buddy. He travels with his job so it is hard to catch up with him at times. I called him the afternoon of my 3rd day onl... Continue»
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Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XX

Chapter XX – Too Much Storyteller (based on I Love You No. 120 cover, Charlton, October 1976)

Rhonda was the kind of girl that was the talk of the town. At least on our neighborhood, she got a quite fame, and it’s not the kind of fame most women would like to have credited to them. But in her case, she appreciated and cherished that kind of fame.

Well, the fame was that she was the kinkiest woman ever to step the foot on Earth, or at least, where we lived. Every single person had a story to tell about her, mostly se... Continue»
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A Trip To The Dentist

At The Dentist’s Office

My new wife and I had been living in this mid-west town for over 11 years. This was my second marriage and my wife’s second also. My name is George, and my wife’s name is Vonna. Recently, about 6 months ago, our “up in years” dentist retired. We had been seeing him since we moved here. His son, a dentist also, had taken over the business. We had seen him in the office a few times helping out his dad. He was around 35 years old and a very nice looking man. My wife had said, a few times before, how she thought he was a real ladies man. I ... Continue»
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I arrived at the hotel room where we agreed to meet..the door was open so I entered. As I entered the living room area i saw you bent over the table, pointing your arse at me, wearing a short skirt that barely covered your delicious arse cheeks, stockings, and heels too.

I approached you, all the time focusing on your visible thong, neither of us saying a word. As I stood behind you I placed each hand on your waist and then ran my finger along the exposed gusset that was sheilding you beautiful pussy. I could feel the material was moist as my finger moved from your pussy up along your crack... Continue»
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Crushed Developed

There's nothing sexual much on this short story. Since this incident involved with my f*ther few weeks ago.


I gotten extremely sick and weak from all these medications my doctor prescribed me that all I could do is lay in bed. What happened was I fell down the stairs at home while carrying my laundry and I fell and roll really bad I was taken to the hospital with some major broken ankle and fingers and neck. It was and enough I was knocked out u*********s and was asl**p for 2 days straight. I was sent home a few hours later after th... Continue»
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*Note: Story inspired by the character Sqweegel

The room was filled with darkness. Only the sudden flashes of lightning from the storm outside lit the interior through the window for a fraction of the second every once in a while. The only sound that could be heard was from the rain hitting the glass hard and the roaring thunder booming after the flashes. It was like a raging war outside yet inside the small bedroom it was calm and almost close to complete silence. There was nothing that could disturb her slumber.
The clothes thrown around the floor and drawers gave the once tidy room a... Continue»
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Vicky's new job, part one.

"I guess this is the place", vickykinkade thought to herself as she pulled into a parking spot in a nearly empty lot. The building is nothing more than a simple steel building, a warehouse of sorts. Since the job posting is for an advertising agency, Vicky expected a much more inviting looking entrance. There aren't any windows, just a solid steel door, and a large steel garage door. Both of them are closed. Nevertheless, Vicky needs a job that pays well, and fast. Her landlord gave her a week to catch up on her late payments on her rent, and the last thing she wants to do i... Continue»
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Destination unknown

It's five years from today. Five years of wonderful training and control from you. You made me lose a lot of weight and trained me well. I've been waiting for a green card hoping I can follow you to the US very soon. Finally I got one and I quit my job, so everything I own except for some few things and I get my one way ticket to the USA.

After three years of our relationship you met this guy home again. You've been like fire and ice but there was this incredible attraction between each other and at the first night you ended up in your place having hard and rough sex all night long. You tri... Continue»
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My first time

Her is a lil story for everyone during one of my early cross dressing experiences. Both my parents worked during the day and I didn’t feel like going to school so I stayed home but I stayed awake after everyone left and just roamed the house doing what ever and on my roaming I walked into my step s****rs room and was just looking around, I looked at her clothes in her closet and all her drawers just touching and caressing her silkiest clothes. She had this really silky pair of panties that were really sexy I imagined her wearing theses and instantly got hard. While I was seeing her in them I ... Continue»
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My Incredible Cum Slut Wife:

This is part 2 in a series about my hot cum slut wife. Well we were talking and sharing fantasies when I told my slut, her name is Maria, that I had fantasized about her telling me she is going to go with a stranger that she meets and suck and fuck him then come straight back home to me and I fuck her already well fucked pussy while she describes how she fucked him.

She loved it. We kept talking and she said that she truly loved me and if she ever did fuck anyone it would always be strictly for the fuck and the hotness of being a slut for my man. She said it would be hot for her to see m... Continue»
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My Incredible Cum Slut Wife: The beginning

I have always had fantasies of my the woman who loved being fucked by lots of men. But that was just fantasy and it stayed that way until I met the woman that inspired this series of true stories.

It was 2003 when we met and we just clicked. She is a hot sexy latina 5 feet 2 inches tall. She has amazing legs and big sexy titties. She always wears mini skirts no hose and a thong with high heels and low cut blouses. She looks like a slut. We fucked like rabbits everyday and every morning she would send me to work with a complete blowjob swallowing every bit.

Well after a few weeks ... Continue»
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The slut

Chapter 1

* * *

The rabbit stretched and leaned back on his thick legs. Raising his arms above his head, he let out a grunt. Practice had been rough today - lots of running. Lawton let his arms drop back to his sides as he stared into his open locker and let out a sigh. He enjoyed the workouts, even if they were pretty tough, but his favorite time of the day came after.

He stuffed his lacrosse gear into the locker before pulling his jersey off, revealing his slim frame. Slim as he was, lean muscle coated his body and rippled beneath his dark grey fur. His ears, both upright, swivele... Continue»
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