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Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XXI

Chapter XXI – Gloves Make it Sexy (based on First Kiss No. 36 cover, Charlton, February 1964)

I must say that I am a man who have certain fetishes. But one of those is the one that attracts me the most when I see a woman. Wanna know which fetish is? Well, I am a glove fanatic, sexually speaking.

I can’t resist when I see a woman wearing gloves, I find it really sex when a girl has a that piece of clothing worn covering her hands. Not that I am those kind of freaks, misantrophes or germaphobes. I do like gloveless co... Continue»
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godess sarita 4 (being maid is tough)

I woke up having a nice sl**p.. it was 6 am mistress released me from my bed my body hurts from last nights treatment..goddess took the screw off I was allowed to go to toilet and clean my self take my dump while mistress was checking out the news papper .. my back hurts but it was quiet ok compared to the pain last night..
after coming there were clothes on the bed a black bra black panty pantyhose .. upon that it was a skinny jeans and tshirt the tshirt was da only manly thing .. she put a bit lipgloss and a lil foundation I was so shocked I looked lik a faggot.. after that I prepared the ... Continue»
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Caught by mum's boyfriend.

(This is not based on real events and this is a fictional character… Just so you know!)

My name is Lara. I’m just a normal 19 year old girl with normal teenage problem. I’ve never had a boyfriend, I’m not popular and I don’t know what to do with my life. I’m not a virgin, but I have only had sex once and I barely remember it… It was my first party and I got really d***k. I went into the bedroom with this guy and we… did it. Like I said; I don’t remember it very well, but it was painful and I don’t really want to do it again. I have pretty big boobs and I keep myself fit, and yet no boyfrie... Continue»
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Hardcore pounding is more than she wanted.

First time I have used the key and wonder; will she welcome or fear me.
Leaving home and lady flags me down, “Could you help me? I have locked my keys in my house.”
Sure, will do what I can.
She moved in this home and in the excitement she locked the only key inside. I see the key on her table, “I see it but can not open this type lock”. We walk around and find an unlocked window. I pick her up, put her legs in the window. I get a nice feel of her build and body as I gently help her in.
She invited me in and ask questions of the area. She was divorced some years back and sold the ho... Continue»
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Last Resort

It was decided to attempt hypnosis. And it was not going to be easy to find such a hypnotist, nor pay for their services. Let me explain.
You see, my wife, Cathy, is rather good looking. Five foot, six inches, 125 lbs., kind of brown/blonde hair, longish. Her breasts aren’t too large, but nicely shaped with pert, extremely sensitive nipples. Her waist is slim (even after two k**s), her legs pretty and shapely.
Why hypnotism, you ask? Simple. She could be far more sexual. What I mean is that on rare occasions, she can become really turned on. She will caress herself, play with her breasts, ti... Continue»
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This story takes place in Boston, on a cold,rainy, October night.

We just got to our layover hotel in Boston after a fairly long, bumpy flight from L.A. The Captain, First Officer and myself went down to the hotel bar for a bite ti eat and a night cap. The other 4 flight attendants decided to go to bed. It was about 9:00p. After a light dinner and a few drinks the pilots decided to call it a night.
Across the dimmly lit bar, I noticed what appeard to be a customer who looked liked the handsome older gentleman who was on my flight. He glanced over my way and we made eye contact. I moti... Continue»
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Love Meat

I found this story on the web, it's not from me.

She was prepared in the upper master bedroom of her owner's mansion under the guidance and care of two younger housebroken hand maidens, naked except for their collars and ankle bracelets.

She was bathed in lightly scented water, her body shaven and waxed smooth only an hour before. They scrubbed her skin clean, tutting over each mark or the slightest speck of dirt or facial spot. Below them they could just hear the sounds of the many guests arriving and being greeted by the Master and another of his hand maidens, her squeals as the cr... Continue»
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Tina trap

A few days after he fucked me so masterfully that day, my friend's older associate invited me to visit him at his apartment. I wasn't sure what to do. Originally I had only had been with the one guy and now he seemed to be passing me on to his business partner. When I asked him about it he told me that he was OK with it. He had done this before: found a young guy and then introduced him to his older business contact.
So I had been used all along. I was just currency.
But I had liked how Mack - the older man - had fucked my ass. And I didn't want to NOT be fucked any more.
I accepted Mack'... Continue»
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My First Slave Contract

Master/slave Contract No.: MS0001

THIS AGREEMENT made the 2nd day of October 2013.


The Master
Name: [legal name]


(herein called and referred to as “Master”, “He”, “Him”, “His”, “Sir”)


The slave
Preferred community name: Mox
Name: [legal name]


(herein called and referred to as “slave”, “he”, “him”, “his”)

The slave will be in service to the Master in accordance with this Agreement during the period (herein called the “Term”) commencing on October 2, 2013 and ending on December 20, 2013.

The sla... Continue»
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Our little secret

This is a story about the person who taught me the wonders of orally pleasing a woman.

Back during my 2nd year of university, I met Yejin. She caught my eye while a bunch of us in the student council were giving tours to the new guys. She was a couple of inches over 5 feet, about 40 kilograms, and had the cutest ass topped off with a set of C cups. She was petite and very pretty. Shoulder length hair with a slight curl, pink lips and a button nose that crinkles up when she laughs.

She easily had every single guy on campus dreaming about the things they could/would do to her including y... Continue»
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Dressing for Ann

When I was a teenager we lived in a flat in an apartment block. There were four floors with a common entrance from the street and two flats on each floor. No lift/elevator just stairs. This arrangement was called a “close” in Scotland.

Neighbours tended to look out for each other, taking in parcels, watering plants when people were on holiday etc. One year my mother “volunteered me” to look after the flat of a f****y on the floor below us. They were going on holiday for ten days and needed their budgerigars and fish feeding each day as the plants watering as and when required.

The first ... Continue»
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" Patti cake"

Today 9/29/2013
The Chocolate Experiment
“Patti cakes”

Today I woke up like usual, naked and with my cock hard as steel and horny as all hell. I sl**p naked as much as possible, except when the k**s are home, then I wear my boxers. Well, my wife was not in bed with me because of me having sinus issues with the weather, so she slept on the couch. I got up walked to the living room and there she was, all cuddled up under the blanket on the couch still sl**ping. So I just stood there with my rock hard cock sticking at attention. I ran my hand over her ass to wake her, she slowly rolled ... Continue»
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Ronnie the Cum Rag

The summer of my 14th year I discovered masturbation. First I would cum all over myself. I loved my thick cream. I loved it so much I would rub it all over my cock and balls like it was lotion then pulled my underwear up and went to sl**p. But, doing that caused me to stained all my underwear. I’m sure my mother didn’t want to see that. Then I decided to just shoot it on the wall next to my bed but then I started staining the wallpaper on the wall and it wouldn’t come clean. Then I moved to towels but the thought of my parents drying off with a towel that I came on multiple times start... Continue»
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Lulu (Hong Kong) - 31 Years Old

1st Sex Story, here goes.
The following is all true.

I use a phone chatting app called 'Wechat' to find Chinese girls to sl**p with.
Wechat has a function that allows you to find people near you that also have wechat. From there you can chat with them and if they are intersted, you two can fuck. I have a very aggressive look so not a lot of girls contact me. But I always contact them.

Only once did a girl contact me that was near me. Her name was Lulu. She was from Hong Kong. She left me a message saying 'Hi'. I found her cute and I wanted to fuck her. I replied 'Hi' back. We chatted a... Continue»
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stepson becomes mom's sissy

Mark Peters let out a low moan that couldn’t be heard above the organ as it played "Here Comes the Bride." Although every other head in the church turned to glimpse the tall, dark-haired beauty imperiously making her way down the aisle, Mark kept his eyes fixed on his feet. Had anyone been paying attention, they would have seen a small tear escape Mark’s eye.

It seemed like only yesterday that Mark’s mother and father had split up. Mark’s dad, Mark Senior, was a partner in one of the city’s oldest and most respected law firms. Mark recalled bitterly that his parents got along fine until she... Continue»
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A pretty boy becomes a girl

My parents had one c***d, a boy, me. Many times I overheard them talking about me and how they wished I was a girl. I always felt a twinge of pain when I heard them say that but they loved me, always treated me very well and never said anything to my face so I pretty much ignored it. When I think back maybe dad’s parents felt the same way since he was an only c***d also. In retrospect it would explain dad’s secret hobby, as he and mom called it. It was a secret, or so mom and he thought but I knew about it. I had discovered it when I was about four. One night back then I got up in the middle o... Continue»
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Linsey Dawn Mckenzie meets Bobbi Starr: A wrestlin

Bobbi was having fun doing the ultimate surrender wrestling but fancied a bit of a change so decided to search around and see if there were any porn stars outside the US that mite be up for it.

When she came across linsey her hole body started to tingle, seeing those big soft tits and sexy curves bobbi knew she had to get her over and see if she would be up for the wrestling.

Bobbi rang and spoke to linsey telling her about the rules of ultimate surrender and asking her if she fancied coming over to the US and having a go, linsey had said she had see bobbi in a few matches and found it a... Continue»
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mom is a widow

Sam Smith fretted anxiously at the kitchen table while he waited for his mother to return from the district attorney's office. How could he have been so stupid? Breaking into the new neighbor's house had been a disastrous idea from the start. Ms. Johnson was an attractive, impeccably dressed older widow who had moved into the house- mansion, really- a few doors down. Billy Cravitz, Sam's nemesis, and the rest of the neighborhood gang had given Sam an ultimatum: break into Ms. Johnson's house or be an outcast for the entire summer. Sam knew it was stupid to go along, but he knew his reputation ... Continue»
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Sucking Cock for Carla

I have always considered myself heterosexual, although I have been bi-curious for many years I have never had a sexual experience with a man until last summer.

To help ends meet we have taken in foreign students over the last few years. The money is good and the students are usually no trouble as they are out studying during the day and either go out or stay in their rooms at night.

Last summer we had a beautiful 30-year Old Italian woman called Carla come to stay for three months. She was absolutely stunning and reminded me of Sophia Loren in her prime. A week later Stephan arrived from... Continue»
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Tack Room

At the end of high school, before I was to go off to college, I was screwing around with a couple of s****rs. Each didn't know about the other's involvement with me.

They s****rs weren't too pretty, they lived on a horse farm and were into Rodeo. The s****rs didn't get out much, and didn't have very much social interaction since so much of their time was spent with the horses and rodeo.

I used that situation to really have my way with them, making them fuck, and especially having them suck my cock, and let me fuck them in the ass.

I really enjoyed them that way it was so deliciously p... Continue»
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