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weekend fun

The weekend started with my wife and I having fun with a new girl we had met at the local lingerie store. Kathy was a fun young girl that had just started at the store and I found out she was a virgin and very inexperienced at sex or sexual stuff. She was 20 about 5” 120 lbs, shaved pussy and small tits.
Friday night we had introduced her to the world of crossdressing strap on sex with men, oral sex, pussy eating and I had taken her cherry and fucked her deep and filled her with cum. She loved it all so we decided to have her stay and we could continue with the lessons in sex. That night wh... Continue»
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The Tutor and Jenny (Part 2) by Claude van Feinbod

The Tutor and Jenny (Part 2)
by Claude van Feinbode

"Help me," Jenny said. She was crying silently.

"It's all right. Let me help you…." I said.

"Oh…god. I didn't want…I mean, what….your hands are cold."

"Yes. Let me help you stand." I said.

Jenny still had not noticed that her skirt was above her waist. The cold air in the room had made her cock smaller than when I saw it in the briefest of flashes when she toppled backwards in her chair. Now I got a good look and saw that she had no pubic hair. She took care of herself as meticulously as her long nails. If I ju... Continue»
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My Wife Talks About her Night Out

Normally I waited up for my wife whenever she went out but I was really tired tonight and so got into bed early. Also, we had, had a fight before she left and so I wasn’t really in the mood for a d***ken ‘round 2’.

I was drifting off to sl**p when I heard a car pull up outside. I listened as the car door opened to reveal sounds of giggling. It was my wife returning later than I had expected. I was too tired to make an issue of it and so decided to pretend to be asl**p.

I heard her stumble into the house and eventually make her way upstairs. She came into the bedroom and slipped herself u... Continue»
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Our new hit single

Brea has been my neighbor for a couple months now. She keeps to herself, doesn't chat much, stays busy. She's got this Hollywood vibe, super sexy celebrity, housekeeper, living independently, staying fit and healthy while looking fantastic. Her outfits always make me hard, even when she's just doing house chores, maybe a sports bra or a tight tank top, short, tight shorts on, jogging pants, pajamas. She's turned down my invites to hang out, grab a drink, never seems interested in getting to know me. But she's friendly with my roommate, Shauna.

One afternoon I ask Shauna about Brea. Wh... Continue»
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Halloween Three, 17/10/2016: Hangman’s Wood:

Halloween Three, 17/10/2016: Hangman’s Wood:

Abergale woke late from a deep sl**p and slowly made her way into the bathroom rubbing the sl**p from her eyes as she went. Turning on the water in the shower she adjusted the temperature until it was nice and warm and stepped in under the torrent letting the warm water cascaded over head and down her back. As she lathered some soap between her hands she let the water flow over her face and over her breasts and stomach. As she started to move her hands over her body moving the lather started cover her. The foam followed the curves of her b... Continue»
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Another cuckolding night....

This is 100% a true story and happened several years ago, it is one of many cuckolding experiences that I have had with my ex-wife Nicola and current wife Jane. Some of these I have already written about and I hope to eventually write more. This one relates to an experience I had with my ex-wife.

Nicola had arranged her usual Saturday night out with the girls in our local town, which is only a small town with a relatively small nightlife. The type of place where everybody knows you in some way or at least recognises you.
Nicola was always looking for new guys to have fun with and wou... Continue»
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The Tutor and Jenny (Part 1) by Claude van Feinbod

The Tutor and Jenny (Part 1)
by Claude van Feinbode

Every once in awhile I find myself working as a tutor while earning my PhD. The university offers tutoring to high school students that demonstrate exceptional academic skills. So during the cold winter months I find myself tutoring students that probably never get past first base because they are more worried about their rock polisher or telescope than trying to get in the pants of some beautiful young coed.

Imagine my surprise when a goddess like in a French art film arrived unexpectedly. The door opened and squealed slightly.... Continue»
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Terri Huggins
January 15, 2016
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Here's the lowdown on the vagina ... from a man's perspective.

Much like fingerprints, no two vaginas are exactly alike and guys are well aware of it. Unfortunately, we as women seem to be left in the dark when it comes to this. Other than "she's loose" or "too tight," women have no idea what guys say about their womanhood.

The truth is that guys have just as much to say about vaginas as we have to say about their penises. No need to fret. After speaking with a handful of 20-someth... Continue»
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Shame and Consequences

This story is a continuation of Disobedience, Development, Guests and Training a New Wife. You will have a clearer picture of the characters if you read those first, but it is not essential.

David is a person of very regular habit. He would always tell Margaret when he would be home and if plans ever changed, he would telephone. This was as much to ensure that she was ready to receive him with a fresh meal and the close attention that he demanded as it was for her peace of mind, but it did mean that he was very predictable. So it was an action entirely out of character when on that T... Continue»
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Horny Sex Starved Mother In Law and Wife

I can only tell you my wife's labia was once petite. When this woman was 20 her labia and pussy was sweet and smelled perfect enough to adore and marry. Through the years of fucking Jen's pussy became so fragrant that her panties would smell up the closet and all my clothes smelled of her fragrance. People would approach me on how well I smelled on a daily basis as my clothes smelled of her scent in a very musky and good way. Then she turned forty...her pussy turned from sweet to musty and sweaty...not good. She would walk with her friends then want me to fuck her and as she took her panties o... Continue»
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Dry Spell Multiple Male Orgasms

Susan woke up feeling like something was missing. She was waking up like that a lot these days. It was a major dry spell and her dreams were making it harder for her to deal with it. Checking she felt that familiar moistening between her legs and she knew she needed to make herself come soon. 

Looking at the clock, Susan groaned, there was no time for her vibrator today; she was going to have to use her shower head again. What good is masturbating if you can't take your time and enjoy yourself, she thought.

Once in the shower, Susan came quickly, and then set about to grooming. Just befo... Continue»
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late night with wife's new friend

So one night while getting off work, I get a call from my wife about some ladies hanging out. I dont pay no mind when I get home. But my wife had to have me meet the new girl, Torrie. Kinda not in the mood to meet someone, that is only cause I am a cook, so I am smelly and dirty. I do the shower thing, and get dressed. I normally don't like to wear a shirt, but usually when the ladies are over, will for my wife. This time, I didn't grab one, so I popped out of the bathroom shirtless and quickly heading back to the bed room for one. I didn't think much at the time, of me being shirtless would ... Continue»
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Surprise birthday video

We had a birthday party for my wife back in April. It was warm enough for the females to wear either shorts of short skirts and dresses. My wife was wearing one of the gifts I gave her, a Spandex workout outfit. It was a pair of extremely tight shorts and a sports style bra. She didn't wear panties because the seam of the shorts fit snugly in-between her pussy lips. And she wore small gold rings around her nipples to make them stay erect. She looks very sexy.

Most of the other ladies also looked equally as hot and there was lots of flirting going on. Guys where hitting on other guys wife's... Continue»
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HW Casino Action 2

Where I left off Vivian wanted a drink and go again and I was very happy to indulge her I went over to the guest bar in the suite made us a couple of pineapple coolers with a shot of vodka in tall glasses we slammed down those coolers and she was on me like a tick on a hound she said this time I want you to take me from behind and make it rough baby!

I picked her up in my arms and carried her over by the bed throwing her onto it she cooed yeah baby give to me hard, as she got on her hands and knees swinging her ass back and forth I grabbed a pillow placing it under her hips and told her to ... Continue»
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cowgirls vs convent whores

The red Honda Civic rental car came to a halt in the dirt driveway. A small figure exited the vehicle, and sighed as she looked at where she would now be living. This was her first time seeing the ranch style house in person. It looked just like the photo the real estate agent showed her, and she was grateful for that. Weeks ago she had made the arrangements for everything to be in working order in the house and for her furniture to be delivered. Now that she looked at the peaceful surroundings, she hoped it had all been done.

A flock of birds flew overhead above the line of trees and she ... Continue»
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I built the perfect wife

The entire time my wife and I dated I was extremely jealous of her. She is five foot four and one hundred pounds, her hair is mousey brown but she bleachs it blonde. It's shoulder length and cut in bangs. She tans a beautiful brown and enjoys showing off her sexy body. She very rarely wires bra and her nipples seemed to always be hard. She always wore either short skirts or very short shorts. She never actually gave me a reason to be jealous and acted as she was unaware of how other guys looked at her.

After we got married she decided that she needed to work to help out. One of the places ... Continue»
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I Just Stealthed a Straight Guy

This literally just happened 30 minutes ago. I got this text message on my phone saying “I’m hosting now” and thats all it said. I had no idea who this was or where they got my number but i’m thinking it was this straight guy that I talked to off craigslist who wanted me to fuck him. Sure enough, when I got there it was him.

However, before I got there, he told me that I “must bring my own condoms”, which to me made me think… hmmm if he doesnt have any condoms there then i’m sure to breed this sucker.

So I go there without condoms, the door is unlocked… I walk in and find him laying down... Continue»
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Anything I want

Seems I have been a good husband because my wife told me we could do anything I want to this weekend. So Friday morning as I was getting ready to go to work I told my wife to be showered and shaved when I get home. She asked what we where doing? I told her I had rented a cabin in Blue Ridge and she would be busy fucking all weekend.

When I got home from work I was greeted at the door by my totally naked wife holding a cold beer for me. As I sipped on the beer she did a slow spin so I could see that she was completely hairless below the neck. Her tan looked even darker than I remembered it.... Continue»
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I have been found out

One day I was at home my fiance was at work, so as I usually do I went in her drawers grabbed thigh high stockings and sexy pantys with a bra and silky camisole and slip. Then I go in our guest room with my laptop dildos and lube. Start watching Shemales porn. And fucking my toys. I do this all day cause it takes alot to satisfy myself.

I had quite the set up a small partition wall between two closet doors with a suction base dildo stuck to it was perfect for doggy style, I could thrust my ass back deep into it with my legs through the door openings.
A old chair I was supposed to be recond... Continue»
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Beach sex as daddy rubbed oil into me.

My Mum was an asshole, and a whore, in that order. That's why daddy divorced her, and left me to fill the void she had created. Life went on, as it does, but with profound changes, I had to grow up and get used to having my daddy around, instead of her, but hey, wtf, I might be young, but life was interesting, especially when my old man got d***k, and allowed me a whole lot of leeway, something most parents never allow a girl of my age, but having said that, daddy found a new interest in me, he missed having sex with mom, but what I offered with my maturing body, was something more exciting th... Continue»
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