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More hot neighbours undressing - Part 5 final

The middle aged lady who caught me spying on her with with binoculars when she was topless now kept her curtains firmly closed. One less target and only myself to blame, my own stupidity in getting caught had probably prevented me from seeing her monster rack again.

My memory is of weirdly long nipples for the undersized pink discs at their base. I just want to see them once more to confirm. Amazingly soon afterwards late at night she strode across the room butt naked. I could only see a brief glimpse before she looked my way scowling and immediately closed the curtains. I had very ... Continue»
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Chastity with Ex as Keyholder Part 2

Chastity with Ex as Keyholder Ch. 02

From what I could remember the following morning, I had definitely done something stupid. My memory became fuzzy after she had left. Just as she had predicted, I surfed the web and looked at my saved cache of porn. Unable to get off on it, I drank more and stayed up later than usual until everything became a blur and I woke up on the couch, still dressed in the corset and nylons.

Good thing I had the day off.

Work! How could I deal with wearing this chastity contraption at work? Would people be able to see it? I wouldn't h... Continue»
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Chastity with Ex as Keyholder Part 1

Chastity with Ex as Keyholder

Several days off. I was looking forward to it. The days off had been meant for something else, but those plans fell through. Now, I had the weekend plus several extra days. I could barely contain myself as I was excited to try out the new toy I had recently purchased.

As soon as I got to my apartment, I checked with the management building and sure enough, the package was there. Before I could do anything else, I had the package opened on my table and trying to decipher the many parts of this contraption. I had seen it used on a few... Continue»
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Black Cock Gloryhole Adventure

My husband and I had been talking about glory holes and my husband Neil had wanted us to go visit a Glory Hole Club together for a while. I had never been that keen really but lately he had been pressing the issue more and more, telling me it was a fantasy of his to watch me play with lots of cocks. He wanted us to go along and watch and just see how we felt about it. Neil had discovered a Glory Hole Club in our local city. I was really hesitant about it not really liking the idea of playing with other cocks. I had never had a big black cock before and Neil's fantasy was about me playing with ... Continue»
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Wife explains the cum in her panties

Every year my wife and I along with a big group of friends go to Pigeon Forge for the Rod Run. It's a week of cool hot rods cruising the main drag through the town.

We met a guy from near our home town named Jon this year. He hung out with all of us all week and I noticed my wife had been paying a lot of attention to him. He was a big guy, over six feet and about two hundred and fifty pounds.

It was warm this year and my wife usually wore a pair of very short cut off jean shorts that bearly showed off the bottom of her ass cheeks. With her tan it was definitely an attention getter. She... Continue»
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The Babysitter (Matt and

I had been babysitting off and on for my neighbor (a single dad with two little boys) off and on for the last six years. I’d since moved from the neighborhood, but I was on my way back for an evening of babysitting.
I knew the older boy (Jarrett) would remember me, I wasn’t sure if the younger one (Jon) would. I smiled to myself remembering how sweet both boys were and I knew we’d have fun regardless of whether they remembered me or not.
I’d barely pulled into the driveway when the front door flung open and both boys tore out the front door racing to get to me first.
I noticed that Jarret... Continue»
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My wife and neighbour

The evening began as a diner party between three couples at village 8 miles from
home. Sharon and I went with our neighbours Ian and Diane, the men in DJ`s and
the girls in cocktail dress's. Sharon looked great in her blue dress, under
which I knew she had new G-string and suspenders. The dress offered her 34D tits
adequate support so she was braless. The food was good and the wine flowed. The
evening included lots of fun and games, including dancing with each other's
partners. The girls all looked great, and enjoyed the attention that the sexy
dresses and underwear attracted! The camer... Continue»
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Panty Fetish

My husband is more than 10 years older than I, and a whole lot more experienced sexually.
I had heard stories from a co-worker who was dating him at the time and years later found out for myself.
Although I am still not as kinky as him, He is slowly bringing me around to things I would never have done before...
You know, like posting nude and sexually pics and videos on the internet for strangers to masturbate to.

This brings me to my first story, and this one relates to the panty fetish. It started with him taking a pair of my dirty panties with him on an out of town trip for work. I t... Continue»
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. Sarah and the silver master, part 6.

Next day a long e mail arrived;
My Dear Silver Master
I need to tell You Master that you have achieved a remarkable change in me and the way I respond to my sexuality. It's been over three years since I subjugated my body and soul to a true Master of your persuasion and skills and meeting you has made it a worthwhile wait. More than I could ever have imagined.

When I agreed to subject my vulva to the ultimate punishment and degrading humiliation of having my large labia being stitched together, I did so to prove to you and myself that I was fi... Continue»
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Vaginal Fisting 101

There are many people who have never heard of fisting, or have no idea what is really involved. There are two types of fisting, vaginal and anal, this article is focused on vaginal fisting. First off, I would like to bust the biggest myth about fisting. It is NOT true that your partner must be "well used", or "worn out" in order to insert your fist. 

The art of vaginal fisting is one that is quite gratifying for the fistee in most cases. There are a lot of women out there that love the feeling of a well-stuffed pussy.

The human vagina is incredibly resilient, and muscle tone allows wo... Continue»
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She Has a Ladder In Her Nylons...Should I Tell Her

I was sat in a cafe the other day, just having a cup of tea browsing through a magazine i had bought earlier, it was a lovely day so i sat outside, just taking sips of my tea in the afternoon sunshine and just watching the world go by, it gave me a good feeling and i closed my eyes for a few seconds letting the warm sunrays hit my face, when i opened them a very smartly dressed lady had sat down with a coffee on the opposite table to me, could this day get any better.

She was obviously a manager or someone higher in the company, maybe even the boss,as her style of dress wasn't cheap, and o... Continue»
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Exchanging T-Shirts Cost us our Virginity. Thanks

Exchanging T-Shirts Cost us our Virginity. Thanks to My s****r

My s****r has a hot eighteen year old friend. When the girls walk anywhere they cause grown men to stare and stiffen. They even cause my shorts and Dad’s to tent when we see them sunbathing in our garden. Dad says that their bikinis are too small. I don’t think a bikini on a stunning body could be toooo small. I’m Dave, little b*o
Just before my s*******nth birthday I have an almighty bust-up at home and storm out almost knocking Julie over as she calls for my s****r. “Sorry” and not even looking back I huff away to go to m... Continue»
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My Ex Wife Turned Me Part 2

Well a year has gone by now and my ex-wife has me trained very well. We haven't had sex in over 6 months, except every morning I eat her hairy cunt. She told me she keep's it hairy now because it tends to hold the smells of her previous night's fucks as well as the cum a lot better then when she kept it shaved. As usual, today was no exception. It took me an hour to lick her completely clean but her bush was still a mess and the hair on her head had a lot of cum dried in it to her pussy was so abused from the night before that I couldn't even get her to cum, it was as if her clit was numb.

... Continue»
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Hot adventure with Clara

Clara was my good friend for many years and once we decided to make a two day outside trip. We left our car on the end of road and walked fem miles where we found beautiful small lake and spot to build our tent. Then we decided to go for a trip, took few things to backpacks and left. It was nice sunny but also very hot summer day. Somehow we made a mistake so our trip was much much longer. Finally wgot close to our tent. Last hour we walked up the hill and was such hot. She looked at me and said : " Patrik, hopefully you have extra clothes, you had to sweat out liters. " I said to her : " Of c... Continue»
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My Ex Wife Turned Me

I got the shock of my life when I woke up one morning. I found out that my wife had walked out on me. A short note lay on the kitchen table telling me that she would not be coming back. And I had no idea that she had been unhappy with our marriage. I was devastated I thought we had the perfect marriage I started hanging out in bars and honky tonks. Then one night I ran in to my ex-wife she was dressed like a slut and acted like a whore, she came over to me and started talking about how she had changed into a sex pervert and that she liked to fuck men and women.

This made my cock very hard t... Continue»
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I Wanted It Gay

I have always wanted to try this. And here I am actually and finally experiencing it.

His cock was wet with a mixture of pre-cum, lubricant and my own saliva. What I loved most about his cock was the big head. How it swells as I suck on it. How it gets wet with crystal drops of his salty, tasty pre-cum.

I'm sitting on my knees, with my arms stretched to support my weight. I must look like a Japanese geisha waiting to serve her master. The view of my (well lubed) round ass right next to his hard throbbing cock (threatening to invade it) must be amazing. I arch my back, both to prepare my ... Continue»
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Poppers - The hottest mistake i ever made

Since a long time i was curious about poppers. I experienced a submissive Part of mine. Allthough i was hetero and dominant, there were certain circumstances under which the thought of getting fucked in rubber drove me crazy.

I jerked of to several poppers-stories and Videos. Guys who inhaled poppers through their rebreather masks and guys wo became sextoys after being f***ed to inhale poppers overdoses.

After Years of jerking of I wanted to try this for real.

I particulary searched for guys in rubber who would make me their sex slave for one night and still seem truthworthy enough... Continue»
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Alex's First Time (with a man)

I have been writing about Alex for a couple of weeks on my blog but since I love the support that you members give me, I thought I’d keep this experience just for you guys.

A little bit of an introduction: since I’ve moved back to Aussie I’ve been swimming at the Gosford Pool probably 3 times a week on average. WIth my schedule being pretty open I go during the day when the pool is quiet and I don’t think I’ve had to share a lane yet.

Everyone who is swimming laps is wearing speedos or jammers at the most which is awesome (it wasn’t like that in Colorado last winter – I didn’t see a sing... Continue»
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Spying more hot neighbours undressing parts 3 &

Having been lucky enough to see this hot early 20's girl taking her top off I was excited about the prospect of the future. Please let her live there and don't let this be a one off. Could I really be that lucky to have my first regular neighbour peeping opportunity?

It was a long day as I waited for darkness and the opportunity to see her again. As soon as it was dark enough I set up at the window full of optimism.

After a long wait I gave up for the night, exactly the same on night two and then success!

I had given up on sitting by the window and had downgraded it to regular check... Continue»
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Wife's Revenge and Reward

I had my husband tied to the bed, as he claimed he loved to be. I timed my
bobs to correspond with his thrusting hips. John's cock, purple with need,
slid in and out of my wet, red-lipsticked lips effortlessly. My fingers
encircled his shaft, stroking in time with my mouth and urging him to cum.
"Oh God!" he cried. "I am gonna cum!" My response wasn't spoken, because
that would require me to break suction from his cock. Instead, I hummed a
pleasurable sound that conveyed my willingness to accept his sperm. I felt
his cock swell as cream flowed through the shaft, and knew that it w... Continue»
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