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My Mistress has a new project.

6 Months

I am wearing a headset, linked to 5 live cameras; I am listening through a set of headphones to a live mike. I can see a four-poster bed with a white fitted sheet. Through the sheet is poking a large erect cock. My cock. I can see it bobbing in time with my heartbeat.

Yesterday, my mistress revealed that we had reached her goal of my chastity for six months. She was delighted; she said we were going to celebrate. She showed me a mattress-sized piece of foam rubber; she had me lay on it while she drew around my outline with a felt tip pen. Then I had to cut out my outline. We ... Continue»
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Likes and Dislikes

For each activity, there are two answers. The first is whether you have done the activity, and the second is how much you enjoy the activity or (if you’ve not done it), or how much you want to try it (if you haven’t already) answer with yes or no.


Anal Sex (get): Yes
Armpit Sex (get): No
Ass Cheek Sex (get): Yes
Butt Plugs (get): Yes
Dildo – Anal (get): Yes
Dildo – Oral (get): No
Finger Sex (get): Yes
Genital Intercourse: Yes
Hand Job (give): No
Including others: No
Licking (get): Yes
Licking (give): Yes
Massage (give): No
Oral Sex (give): Yes
Phone Sex: No
Sex in Pub... Continue»
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Ashley goes out for Halloween

I took my new clothes home from school and hid them away in my room. I grew up with two s****rs who where both in senior high school and were not around much because they had boyfriends. Sometimes they would bring their boyfriends home or better when they had a girlfriend stay over for the weekend. This often meant that I could occasionally find some sexy things laying around which I could try on. My introduction to lingerie was Halloween when my s****r and two of her friends got dressed up.

My s****r was red riding hood; Sara was goldilocks and Lisa was a French maid and between the ... Continue»
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GF Traded BF for Gym Membership GayMaker

“I think this is the main entrance,” said a pale young man standing out on the concrete sidewalk of a large, newly constructed gym. The young man was slender, with short blond hair, and not a hint of body hair on him. He was wearing brown shorts with a black polo shirt and pair of flip flops. The young man tapped on the door with his finger.

“No shit Benny,” snapped an equally young girl. The girl was short with dark curly hair and long pink fingernails. She was wearing a white tank top which showed a fair amount of her ample cleavage. “I’m so glad this place is open now, I was on the verge... Continue»
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Further Cuckold Training (BBC!)

"I've done as you asked these last two weeks since I was last here," I said to 'Suzzane', my cuckold ther****t.

I was referring to the so-called "homework" she had assigned me to do; which was to watch a series of videos designed for married men, like I was, who were nevertheless either gay, or bi, in spite of being married! She had explained that these videos were often very helpful to men like me as we struggled to, as she had put it, "come to terms" with our true reality, or true natures; and she had been right about that!

She seemed pleased by what I had said.

"Excellent!" She sa... Continue»
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The Black Renter

It had all started innocently enough, 2 months ago when we thought we could make some extra money renting out our guest room. We had agreed to rent it as an extended stay to business men traveling to Minneapolis. We were trying to be very selective since this would mean a stranger staying with us for what could be a couple of months. We had an agreement drawn up that we could end the stay for any reason if things got creepy or awkward.

The funny thing was, I really fantasized about Lisa getting fucked by a large black man, which I occasionally shared with her, however she never really expre... Continue»
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week of school directions

I had a week of school and Mistress Sami gave me things she wanted me to do while I stayed in the hotel for the week. Monday I texted her to tell her I made it ok and that I had everything she wanted me to have. Mistress Sami replied and told me she would text me with instructions for later. While sitting in class Mistress Sami texted me and I had to wait to break to see what she wanted. On break I checked my message and it read “at lunch go to your truck and get the nipple clamps and then pull and make your nipples hard and then place the clamps on them. Leave them on for the rest of you... Continue»
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Meeting with Slave Anna

She is Lady Anna Misty, Domina and Kinky Queen, but tonight she is Slave Anna, Sex Sluts, and she is wearing sheer silk stockings, suspenders, and high heeled boots. She wears a tight corset, which enhances her waist and lifts, but does not cover, her breasts. Over this she wears a silk blouse, loosely buttoned to expose her cleavage, and a tight leather skirt, which stops above her knees.
I am her master and I fit a clamp to each nipple, joined by fine silver chain. The clamps are obscured by the blouse, but visible to anyone paying close attention. I fasten a strong leather collar round her... Continue»
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Hooked On Black Cock

My name is Mary. I have a white husband, but am black owned. I eagerly allow any black man my master chooses to use my body to please himself. It doesn't matter that they all cum inside me because I'm already pregnant with my master's black baby.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I'm pretty good looking, 35 years old, 5 foot 7 inches, 130 pounds, natural dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and enhanced 36 C breasts. I have very fair skin, which makes an erotic contrast when wrapped around very black Negro skin.

I wasn't always a slut. For the first 30 years of my life every thing was quit... Continue»
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Alone with Melissa D PART 1

It was one evening i would never forget. My wife and I had went over to our neighbors and good friends John and Melissa. Melissa was just a goddess, she had the perfect body. Her 32F tits and nice slim figure was to die for. She had everything, every man could not resist. Nice breasts, beautiful ass, and a face that would put Aphrodite herself to shame. John was a lucky man, and everytime we hung out he would tell me everything about Melissa. How she was kinky in bed and how she was just one of the most sexual teases in the world. Oh yeah, and did I mention that she is British and everytime sh... Continue»
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I was the Birthday present for old granny


"David, I've got a fantastic job for you, Friday night, this is a two-hundred-dollar job!" Mr. Hartley's straight-shooter baritone reaches down my throat all the way to my s*******n-year-old balls and squeezes.

"Wow," I say in what I hope is a loverstudguy voice, but which I suspect smacks of eunuch, "that's great, excellent, thanks, I uh--"

"David," Mr. Hartley sounds like a benevolent dictator in a three-piece suit, cheerful as the day is long, but a master alpha, "this is a very special job. Very special. I'm really co... Continue»
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fucking Mother in law


I will be gone most of the week at the show in Denver. I hope to return by the weekend, in time for our trip. Don't forget to check in on mom. I know she doesn't like asking for help, but with dad no longer here, she needs it whether she wants it or not. And the knee surgery didn't help matters either. She is stubborn. I wish she would get out more though. She needs a man around to help her out with things. You know... things a woman needs, like some manly attention. Oh, well. She seems happy, so I guess I'll stay out of her business.



He read over the letter a... Continue»
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blackmailed to become a hot transgender slut

My name is John Smith. I'm a eighteen year old male who's single. I'm into girls. Quite frankly I'm perfectly straight. I'm about to graduate highschool. I started school a bit early due to my birthday, so my last year of high school was done as an adult. It was a month into highschool when Mrs.Cherry called me into her classroom. I'm not the brightest k**. I was failing her math class for sometime now, so when she called me in I was a bit nervous. She had such a devious look in her eye. Like a cougar about to pounce on a small little gazelle. If I'm being honest she was hot. While I'm being h... Continue»
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Night with Eli

We meet at the best restaurant in town. As we greet, I instantly take notice of your stunning beauty and complement your looks. Following my instructions, you wear the same red dress as in those photos. However, they don’t do justice compared to seeing you in person. Thoughts immediately come to mind of wanting to pull off that dress and ravage you at the moment, but I keep control of my urges. Instead, I opt with a hug and a kiss on each cheek. I take notice of how damn good your scent is, and you take notice of my scent.

I ask to get the best seats for us to have privacy, wanting to make ... Continue»
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Cheating Boyfriend turned Gay GayMaker

Truthfully, the three biggest thrills for me are:

1. Turning a straight guy into a cocksucker

2. Having a turned guy begging for the privilege to suck me again.

3. Taking a virgin's ass and depositing my load deep in it; conversely, my greatest perversion is to make a guy keep my cum in his ass while he is doing something with his woman.

Every person is given a talent from the Lord. For whatever reason the Lord gave me the innate ability to make straight as arrow guys became the cocksuckers (or more) they were unwittingly trained since birth to be.

A perfect example of this... Continue»
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Couple Hot Adventures Part 4

Tantra Massage

Those who have been reading my stories, know that my name is Suman and that I am happily married to Raman. We are an Indian couple in our 40's. As you might have already read, we have had a few experiences with swapping and with exploring our erotic natures, normally while on holiday so f****y and friends do not suspect. This story is about the first Tantra massage I had. For those who have never tried it, Tantra is a wonderful experience for both men and women. The Tantra practitioners engage in what they call either lingam or yoni massage. A session will do wonders, ... Continue»
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Went to shop found a Slave.

Windy day and day off work what shall I do , long hot shower great wank ,fresh clothing on think I will nip to the shop , going to get the dog (G Sheppard) walk round the park and nip to local shop coffee tidy up den and prep for my sub wife to get home . Sounds like a solid plan sent wife to work this morning to await 3pm phone call instruments in her bag and only other instruction was to wank her pussy lunch time send me the video call and receive more details at 3pm. Well day was going to plan dog on slip chain park was quiet and loosing track off time I go into local shop , my eye's catch ... Continue»
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First dress and the changes it brought...

My long-term boyfriend, all through school, was attracted to me because, like most young guys, you experimented with sex. It helped that I was willing, eager and easy – kind of cute too. It helped that many of my features were more feminine. I always had a nice backside, not a bubble-butt but fuller, rounder. I never had an Adams apple and I always had a slight overbite with fuller lips.

Even before he suggested that I dress in some girls clothes, I had tried. It was out of curiosity. My s****r was a little younger, her clothes were a little small but some fit me. Tight, but they did fit. ... Continue»
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Shireen's Story Part 2

III -- Shireen Takes the Next Big Step

Shireen's sexual growth had already been significant with the pool party and then the experience with the art class. Nevertheless, our lives had returned pretty much to the normal, with sex once or twice a week but nothing out of the ordinary. An anniversary was nearing but Shireen had ducked any talk of taking things to a higher level as far as sexual liberation was concerned.

Some time before the anniversary, we were getting intimate and talking about fantasies. She asked me outright what my ultimate fantasy was and how did it involve her. Initia... Continue»
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The Bear Truckers

I was standing along the highway as discussed beforehand watching each truck pass me by and wondering if my trucker was as he described himself to me. I have always had a face sitting fetish and loved bigger truckers in tight jeans. Suddenly i hear a truck sound it's horn and it pulls off the side of the road. It was a large black Freightliner as he described I run to it and suddenly a trucker jumps down from the passenger side of the truck. He did not tell me he had a co worker riding with him. The first thing i notice is he is about 6'6" and weights about 260 lbs. He is also wearing the tigh... Continue»
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