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I learned to love eating my own cum.

My woman is definitely a bbw. She has a great big ass and a great big sloppy pussy. I know that sounds like trash talk but I love her and find her incredibly sexy. My only problem is, she's not very enthusiastic about sex.
Her pussy smells a little bit but I love to eat it. She used to keep it shaved, which is fine but she'd get irritation from sex so she let it get hairy. I found I prefer it that way and now I want it big hairy and nasty all the time.
In the course of our sex life, we've bumped heads a lot about what she will, and will not do. For instance, I tried to get her to sit on my f... Continue»
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The Fantasy

The Fantasy

She was standing outside room no. 723 wearing a tight black dress and high heels as they had told her to. In front of the door were a blindfold and a letter which read “Put the blindfold on and knock on the door 3 times”. She did as instructed and the door slowly opened.

She was let into the room and a man said: “While you are in this room you will respond to the name ‘Slave’ and you will address us as ‘Sir’ and ‘Mistress’. You are here to please us and you will always obey our orders. If you behave badly you will be punished. If you behave well you might be rewarded. Underst... Continue»
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I knew I should have checked the long range weather before I left the
airport. I had been airborne for several hours and the weather was rapidly
getting foul. November weather can be very tricky in this area and can change
quickly...warm one hour and cold the next. It was snowing heavily now, I was
hitting strong, gusty headwinds, and I wasn't exactly sure I knew where I
was. I estimated I had about an hour's worth of fuel left in my single engine
Cessna 172. Unable to make radio contact with anybody, I really felt alone in
this unfamiliar white world. For the first time, I felt a stran... Continue»
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Breeding at a Wedding - for Cutechick456

Cutechick456 introduced me to four nubiles at a wedding.

Being an enchantress, she cast a spell over them and told them that the next man they met would take them on an adventure in which all would play their part, but only one would be the ultimate recipient of his seed. That girl would be blessed and impregnated with a daugh ter.

This is how it would happen.......

L to R: Claudia, Sam, Carol, Amanda

I chose the second girl, Sam, to be the mother of my baby, to breed.

I would take them to her bedroom in t... Continue»
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Fucking my husband's friend and wanting his w

It was just past eleven, I was having a cold, so I opted to stay in that night and have some cough medicine, and a 'Toddy', whiskey, honey and water, so by the time my husband came home from the pub, I was a tad tipsy and light headed.

A blazing fire added to the surrealness of our atmosphere. I had taken a hot bath and not expecting anything exciting I remained nude under my terry-towelling robe, it was more for convenience and comfort, as going to bed was fast approaching.

When my husband eventually got home, he had a surprise, a friend, just as worse for wear as he was, had missed his... Continue»
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sperm in her underwear

I'm not sure this is much of a story, but I felt better by writing this all down. (It feels almost like I'm telling someone about this situation now.) My wife is a very active mum to our two young k**s (both in school.) I work from our home and she goes into town every morning to take the k**s to school, workout and help her friend with her babysitting business. (She goes over to the friend's place more to socialize than anything.) Her friend is an attractive MILF in her own right who is ignored by her husband in the bedroom. (I've encouraged my wife to "help out her friend" in that department... Continue»
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panty mystery

My wife recently acquired two new bosses at her work. They have been there for approximately two months and she hasn't said much about them other than that they are both black guys. She has never expressed an attraction towards black guys so I never had suspected her of sl**ping with either of them until recently.

About three weeks ago I noticted a charge on our credit card for over 100 pounds My wife takes care of the bills so she had no reason to suspect I would notice. I just happened to notice it when I looked out of curiosity to see how much we owed on it. I also noticed the website th... Continue»
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A New Submission (Part 1)

Samantha sat on the train heading into London and staring out the window. She tried to keep her composure but inside she was shaking with nerves, this was going to be a day she would never forget.

To set the scene correctly, Samantha is 22 years old, a petite 5’1” and weighs just 49 kilos. However despite her small frame she has a more than ample 34D chest that certainly gets some looks! Her hair is long straight and brown and she has a very pale complexion. Her white skin on this day is striking against the dark eye makeup and red lipstick she chose to wear.

Her journey to London had re... Continue»
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wedding breakfast

Hi all. This tale of mine is 100% true and happened 5 or so years ago.

I'd been invited to a wedding at some stately home in Essex. One of my old uni pals was getting hitched to his long term girlfriend. As was the norm with these occasions I left booking a hotel till the last minute so ended up in a travelodge or it could have been a premier In rather than the plush hotel where everyone else was staying. It was just off the a120 nr Braintree opposite a retail park so could be good for some hotel fun I thought.
The day of the wedding I drove up checked in and threw my bag of Clara clothe... Continue»
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Fathers nipples -Taking off his shirt (Part 2)

A night light was on providing a dim glow throughout his son's room. Lee
Jacobs did not call Steve's name, but instead walked slowly and carefully
toward the bed. As he neared the bed, he saw his son's body facing the
other direction. Carefully and purposefully, the father slowly pulled the
covers back from his son's bed and then crawled inside to join him. Lee
could feel his heart racing and his cock pulsating. The thought of joining
his son in his son's bed was highly exciting to him.

The father moved into the bed with Steve. He touched Steve's back and
realized his son had put ... Continue»
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The Tentacle Party, Part 2

Part 2, as requested. Its darker, consider yourself warned.

Part 1: http://xhamster.com/stories/a-tentacle-party-614489

Sarah had long passed from terror into a sort of horrified acceptance. She didn't know how long she'd been in the abandoned building with the tattooed woman. And her friend of course. Her monstrous, tentacled friend who had lured her here and fucked her over in almost every way imaginable.

Sarah had never been pregnant...before. Now, she looked to be nine months along. Her belly was huge and full. She didn't think she could have gotten off the floor, even with... Continue»
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Sarah - Lung Hammer


Found this in my archive. I remember it being one of the very first smoking fetish stories I read.

I do have the full collection of Sarah/Nikki stories and am trying to recover them. Most will be able to be posted here, with the exception of the first 2-3. Posted this one as I found it but will hold off until I have the rest in reading order.

Think there are about 45 chapters/stories like this in total.

Lung Hammer

Sarah and Tom arrived at the airport thirty minutes before
the scheduled departure of their flight. The flight would
take them to Richmond, Virginia, where... Continue»
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Fucking My Best Friend's Son

It all happened in a bit of a rush. I didn't plan it and expect it to happen -- it just did. It was a spur of the moment thing that I knew was wrong -- but I couldn't help myself.

I regret it now -- but too late.

I needed to drop some paperwork off to my best friends house. It was a couple of miles away so I decided to walk over there.

I knocked on the door and was surprised to see my friends son Dan answer. He was also a bit embarrassed. It turned out he was skipping school without his mother knowing.

Anyway he told me that his mother was not due back until 4pm. So I handed him th... Continue»
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Her Ass Can Take It All!

“Bend over and spread your ass cheeks" he told her. She complied. He started licking her asshole and shoving his tongue deep into her ass. He was using first one, then two fingers to help stretch her asshole open. “Tonight Papi wants to see you take many things up your ass like a good little girl. First, we will start with one of these taper candles”

He then proceeded to slowly ease the slender candle into her asshole. “Oh, yea. Relax and take it for Papi like a good girl. She loved roll playing and calling him Papi was her particular favorite. She loved being his little girl. He continued... Continue»
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Birthday surprise

This past birthday, Dec. 29, my wife asked what I wanted for my birthday. Being a smart ass, I told her that since it has been years since we had done anything kinky, I wanted to have a threesome or at least sit back and watch her fucking my best friend, Terry. She got a bit upset and I told her that I was just messing with her, that I was trying to put some kick back in our marriage, but whatever you get me is fine. Nothing else was said, then a couple days later on my birthday, we get up that morning and she tells me that she has gotten a birthday present for me but it won't be delivered unt... Continue»
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White Wife New Tattoo

My wife has just gotten a tattoo. It is an angel and is on her back/neck, just under her hairline. It's pretty cute and looks good on her.

Why is this noteworthy? Well, in all the time I've known her she's never even intimated that she wanted one. Three of our c***dren have tattoos, one doesn't. I don't and probably never will. I am 40 years old and getting a tattoo smacks of mid-life crisis to me.

Mary is the same age as me and we have been married for almost twenty years. We have four c***dren, two of each. The eldest was born before we were married; she is 21. Her s****r is 19. The bo... Continue»
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Slut wife: First day at work

Please read the previous episodes for this to make sense.

This chapter of the sluts story is dedicated to http://xhamster.com/user/NiciSlut
Thanks for your comments and ideas for the sluts future.

Any comments and suggestions from anyone are greatly appreciated.

Sarah spent her whole Friday night thinking about her interview. Even when her husband was home she wondered around in a daze thinking about the most intense sexual experience of her life. Every time she played out the day in her head her pussy would be aching to be touched, licked, fingered or fucked. She was exhausted du... Continue»
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mark Moves In

("Just a little in site, Mark is half American Indian and half Spanish American. He grew to be a very attractive
young man. Not very tall, Smooth tan skin, black hair, brown eyes, and a sweet personality. Note: I never felt
or looked at Mark in a sexual way until he moved in with me at age 20.")

This story is about a young man named mark that I knew from when he was young until his present age of 23.

Mark was raised by his grandmother in the state of Texas. I am on the east coast USA. I met his grandmother
Many years ago in a chat room and kept in touch over the phone as well... Continue»
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X-Mas Eve 2

so he pulls lnto a ally then starts telllng me how hes golng to fuck me. Flrst l want to fell those tlts of yours, then l want you to suck my blg blk cock.
But l want you to tell me you want to suck on lt, & beg me too.
l sad but l just met you, really! l'm not some whore out looklng for cock,
l know your not a whore & lf you was l d be plmplng you out. lucky lm not golng to make you , but you do what l say and maybe lll do
you myself. or else when l get done wlth ya then lll let my homles do ya.

lm supposed to belleve you & why should l? because l know that lm golng to fuck you so ... Continue»
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Lesbian Office sex

Scarlett was working late on a Saturday. Heather, her beautiful boss had a huge project that had to be completed by night. Scarlett loved working for her boss, Heather, a strikingly beautiful woman, in her mid-forties. Heather is 5 feet 11 inches, nice legs, firm thighs, voluptuous body and nice pert boobs and a well rounded ass.

Her complexion is almost tan. She wears dark business suits which show her shapely figure. Most men and some women ogle at Heather’s swaying hips. Her clothing shows off her tight butt. Scarlett is tall at 5’10 with her curly hair just reaching her shoulders. Her ... Continue»
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