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The Landlord's Daughter - Chapter 1

When Clyde bought his drink he was the only person at the bar and the guy serving him looked miserable.

"What's up Mark?"

"Oh, trade's really bad Clyde. Since the economy went tits up I get hardly anybody in here. I am behind with the rent and the management company are threatening to terminate my lease."

"Well yeah, things are tough, but not every business is in trouble. You have got to have something special to pull people in."

"You're right, but I just haven't got any ideas left. I had to stop the live entertainment because I can't afford it any more."

"You've never eaten at ... Continue»
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Wife takes charge

Having a tease for a girlfriend was both exciting and stressful. For some reason every time she would flirt with one of my friends my heart hurt and My dick got hard. I was always afraid to say anything in fear that she would leave me. I knew I'd never be able to find another girl as beautiful as she was. At five foot four and one hundred pounds she was absolutely a knock out.Her long straight blonde hair and blue eyes always drew the attention of guys when we went out. Her thirty four B cup tits are topped with half inch nipples that seem to always be hard. She goes braless alot and I can te... Continue»
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Milwaukee Cuckolds wife and the babysitter

Our k**s were 10,8 and 3. Occasionally when we would go out of town to meetings I attended or sometimes just at home we needed someone to stay with the k**s. Judy didn’t trust anyone to young and luckily we found one of the k**s camp counselors, Andrea who was 22 loved to babysit. The only downfall was that Andrea didn’t drive so we had to always make sure we could get her to and fro but the k**s loved her and she made things easy

I was away at a dental meeting for 5 days that summer so Judy made the decision to have Andrea stay the entire time to help with the k**s. On the first night I w... Continue»
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lesbian slumber party

The girls:

Tina, 23 years old (34B-24-35), 5'4" tall. A very pretty brunette with a slim, tight body from years of doing yoga. She has firm and perky tits and a completely shaved pussy with a piercing in her clit. She enjoys being in charge and takes great pleasure in fucking her girlfriend Lisa in both her holes with one of her big strap-ons.

Lisa, 21 years old (35B-25-35), 5'3" tall. This hot blonde is the typical sex kitten type. Her body toned from the gym and her skin tanned with no tan lines to be found anywhere. She also keeps her pussy completely shaved, since Tina introduced her... Continue»
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My first time dressing in girl’s clothes

My first time dressing in girl’s clothes

I was younger and in high school a coed private school where we all wore uniforms. As a guy I wore grey pants and a white shirt and grey sweater, the girls work grey and red plaid skirts, white shirts and grey sweaters with white or grey knee high socks. I always liked the girl’s uniforms more than what I had to wear it looked so good and the girls were always happy.

I volunteered as a locker room checker where at the end of the day I would go through the girls and boy’s locker change rooms and put stuff in the lost and found. Usually, I just ... Continue»
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Luckly Me PT2 Gay

It had been three weeks since I had been forcibly fucked by the two bikers in an alley. After they left me, I had gotten dressed and walked back to my off campus apartment. I was still sore from the rough fucking that my mouth and asshole had received. I took a shower and went to bed. I had briefly considered reporting the assault, but I had disregarded it. I knew I would have to tell the story again and again, and that was not something I was prepared to do. Over the next few weeks, my life had returned to normal. I wasn't looking over my shoulder anymore and the sound of a motorcycle no long... Continue»
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Milwaukee Cuckolds Wife and the Patient

I had been cuckolded for a long time. Judy my wife has had fun with others for 27 of the 30 years we have been married. My dick is 2 inches hard if I am lucky and I have always been a little voyeuristic. She would jerk me off every couple of weeks and fill me in on what she had done. One night she said, “I did something I shouldn’t have with someone you know.” That got me a little excited as my cock got harder than normal and she noticed. She wouldn’t tell me what though and told me I had to wait.

The next afternoon as I had finished with patients I was in my office finishing writing in my ... Continue»
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Luckly Me Gay

I had been to a local bar getting a drink after college midterms. This was a just a normal bar, one that I had been to on a few occasions, and I was trying to unwind after all the studying I had been doing. All of a sudden a big muscular guy in biker leather walked up to the bar beside me and ordered two boilermakers. He looked over at me, looked me up and down actually. He asked if I would like another drink. I said no thanks, and that I was just about to leave, that I had classes earlier tomorrow morning.

"Suit yourself," he said and walked away with his drinks. I finished my drink and he... Continue»
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Annette my girlfriend now!!

As per my first story about my friend Annette,we have become a couple now!! It's just so amazing how she still gets so incredible wet, we have to put towels under her because she makes assume wet spots! I keep exploring her pussy with my tongue ,fingers, and toys!! I can prolong her orgasm that she's climbing the walls with so much excitement ,her pussy starts throbbing, and she explodes with such incredible ecstasy ! She has the wettest and tastiest pussy in the world!
I have been having her pick out porno for us to watch. She is still so shy about sex and her body, I'm trying to see... Continue»
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The Arising

To celebrate my transformation and to increase the effect of my
feminization, Mistress Lynn decided a name change was in order.

"What's a good name for a useless, slut French Maid,"
she asked herself aloud. "I shall call you Dawn. I think
it's appropriate because you are at the dawn of a new way of life."

Another belt was strapped around my waist. It had a number of
loops. My mistress attached my wrist restraints to the strap.

This allowed me limited use of my hands.

"Just enough freedom for you to get this house clean,"
she explained. "Here's your list of cooking and cleaning... Continue»
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PART 3 Becoming a Ttannie slave who becomes a work

It turned out that the vitamins my men were givingme were hormones. My hips, ass , and tits grew. My balls shrunk . The guys told me that unless they were able to make some more money they might have yo move away. At this point in time , I was addicited to their cocks and the way they treatmed me. From the cocks in my mouth and ass every day, to being the ladyt of the house made to cook and clean.Slowly they were starting tio have me wear stockings, garters, bras and panties.One night they said we were going to a party at a hotel. They had me wear thongs, garter, stockings,brought a wig also. ... Continue»
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DISCLAIMER: All characters are fictional, no relation to anyone living or dead, all are 18 or older. If you do not like sexually oriented material, LEAVE NOW.

I am a 'normal' guy. I wear my clothes in an acceptable manner. I bathe and keep myself groomed and presentable. No tattoos. Smile a lot, friendly, affable, easygoing. Women like me, lots of male and female friends. Just plain ol' normal. Well, except for my brain..... lol!

In my brain I am the filthiest, most wretched asshole megalomaniac I've ever known! And, I love it! Highly sexual, imagining all the dirtiest things p... Continue»
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Slut Olympics Part 2

Two days Later, on Friday the girls met again, this time at Lauren’s house at around 4:00. It was time to see what the next challenge was, some girls eager to redeem themselves, and others hoping to stay atop the leaderboard. Lauren had finally decided on the second challenge and invited the others so she could explain it to them.

“So, now that we’re all here, it’s time I let y’all in on what the next challenge is,” Lauren said grabbing her notebook. “So, this one will take all weekend, and it’s pretty simple, we need to have sex with the oldest guy that we can.”

“So whoever fucks the o... Continue»
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Help from IT pt3

Chapter 3

It was strange, but Charlie was finding his weekends less and less interesting each week. He couldn't wait for Monday to roll around and a chance to go talk to Danny, and this was no exception. By the time Monday rolled around Charlie was feeling oddly excited and ready for work. When he stopped at the coffee shop he figured he could grab something for Danny, who doesn't like coffee, right? He stopped by IT first thing to chat with Danny and drop of the mocha. Sara was at the desk when he walked in.

"Well hello, thank you Mr cute coffee man. What did you bring for me?... Continue»
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Help from IT pt4

Chapter 4

Charlie stepped back to the side of the desk and leaned against it, half startling Danny in the process.

"You sure are tense aren't you Danny? You must not have gotten laid in a while, maybe we really should go out and see about helping you out with that?" he laughed as he saw Danny loosening up. At least right until he sneered back at Charlie and punched him playfully in the chest.


"Hey I'm just k**ding," Charlie said immediately changing his tone as he caught Danny's next punch easily "Hey hey, I'm just k**ding, I am really looking forward to hanging out... Continue»
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A Young Maid, Myself and Our Memories (SG)

I fondly remember back in the old days when my parents hired a maid to help with the household chores. As both were working spouses, there was little time to finish the mundane chores by themselves. Well, what a delightful treat it became for a teen barely 18 at that time!

Maria had only recently stepped off the boat, having arrived from Sumatra to come here to boost her household income. She was a young lass of 20, but already a mother of two. My parents took a liking to her and she was hired that very day from the maid agency.

Everything was normal until one sunny afternoon…

(*Sniff... Continue»
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My jodhpurs fantasy

My first time writing here, so be gentle...

I was out walking my dog in the countryside, and as we cross into a field, I see a woman riding a huge horse towards us.

As she approaches I pop the lead on my dog, and tie him to a post, not wanting to scare the horse. As she gets closer she waves to get my attention, and I start to get hard at the sight of her riding the horse in her tight tan jodhpurs, white blouse, and her long dark hair bouncing as she rides, my mouth goes dry, and my pulse quickens.

She stops along side me, looking down from her mount, sweating from her hard ride. I ... Continue»
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Woman Finding out how she tasted

When I was a second semester freshman in college I got lucky at a fraternity party. I met this other freshman gal named Carrie. Carrie was a cute BBW with chestnut brown hair. We danced (if you could call it that). Back in '96, we called it "bump 'n grind." We started kissing on the dance floor and Carrie came back to my dorm room. I had already popped my BBW cherry first semester with a gal named Angie. So I knew I liked their figures and that I could have a lot of fun with them.

Carrie was no exception! I remember we did a lot more kissing on my bed before we disrobed. She seem... Continue»
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She reluctantly takes a Pony Tail butt plug

Been a long time editing this clip, probably months old, but boy was it fun. There is a gallery with a few screen shots with the same title.

Wearing pink crotchless panties, pink garter belt holding up pink lace topped stockings. We had been playing for some time before the Pony Tail butt plug came out.

We had started using her vibrating dildo and sucking my cock. Then the dildo on her clit and my cock in wet pussy, then the dildo inside and the Doxy massager on the clit. I entered her again while she used the Doxy which sent shivers down me. What a sensation that is, but we She had cu... Continue»
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Satin panties in the bushes

Phil is one of those neighborhood k**s you just plain like having around. He's polite, kind, helpful and simply put, a great guy. I guess “k**” is not quite the right word. He's 25 and lives just behind us and one house away. His mom is Marisa and was 16 when she had him. She raised him with the help of her parents until she got married a few years later. Her husband is not Phil's dad but they are very close. There are four other k**s in the f****y.. the youngest being twins at around 8. Phil is always with those little ones... an absolutely great b*****r and protector.

He's had s... Continue»
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