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Geri Halliwell gets fucked

It was August 6th 2001 as the diminutive pop star was woken by the Emirates Airlines flight attendant to let her know they would soon be landing at Dubai International Airport. Ex Spice Girl, Geri Halliwell was flying back home from Sydney after a promotional tour and she wanted to break the long journey. Her watch showed 5pm.

It was her 29th Birthday and she was spending it away from home and her f****y; but such is the price of fame. But she got a birthday present she will never forget, nor want to. And it all happened in Dubai.

Geri's brain was still full of sl**p as she fumbled in he... Continue»
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Chloe's first REAL gangbang

Chloe was in no way inexperienced when it came to sex. In the past year and a half since she turned 18, she had done several threesomes. And last month she had tried 3 men at once for the first time. But it just wasn't enough, she dreamed of more. To be surrounded by more men than she could count.  To have her every hole filled with huge cocks, non stop all night long. To be dominated, and do everything she was told. 

And now she sat there, naked on the floor with with hands and feet chained. Around her stood 10  men, all in t... Continue»
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Avril's first gangbang

The street glistened wet from the rain and neon signs reflected on the wet asphalt. A gust of wind stirred up some debris in the alley and an old newspaper flew over the street.

This was definitely not the part of town for a good girl. But then again, she had never claimed to be good. She was only a couple of stops from the glittering skysc****rs of downtown, and the famous festivals, but she might as well been in another continent all together.
Run-down houses, boarded windows, worn out old wrecks of cars and neon glow of che... Continue»
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A Castle love story

'Another day in the books,' Beckett said with a sigh. 'Let's go home,' Castle said with eagerness in his voice. "Ryan, Espo can you finish filing everything?' Beckett asked the boys at the murder board. "Sure thing,' Espo answered, 'See ya tomorrow!' They watched as Castle and Beckett walked into the elevator. 'Hey Ryan, I'm free tonight if you wanna come over after we get done?' asked Esposito. Ryan answered eagerly, "OK. Thanks Javi." When they finished filing all the evidence, they walked together to the elevator. As it got to the ground floor, Espo said to Ryan, "See ya tonight b*o." Befor... Continue»
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A surprising date

One day one of my old friends calls me up. He runs a dating bureau now, and ask me if I can help him out a bit. A guy cancelled in the last minute and he needs someone to step in ASAP as the date is in just 3 hours. It's a blind date he explains to me, so she won't know I just got the call. He tells me she is a very important client so he don't want to have to cancel on her. As a single guy you sometimes have to take a chance when it occurs, so I say yes to go on the date.
"Just go to the bar and put a rose on the table, she will come to your table" he tells me. I made myself ready and went... Continue»
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How my Ex Girlfriend April took me hostage.

It happened in high school, I was a Junior, but a very touted one at that. I was a baseball player that had the potential of being the #1 overall pick in the MLB Draft. But anyways, I went with this smoking hot babe named April. April was mixed with Black and Korean, and she had a very,very nice body. April's head game was out of this world, she was like a Anaconda swallowing her prey Her pussy was great ,too. but it all ended when my f****y moved from Los Angeles to Dallas. April was devastated , but she fucked the shit out of me during my last day in L.A. April told me: " Hey, as long as I l... Continue»
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Fun in the Shower

Harry Potter sighed wearily as he walked back to the Quidditch locker room. His robes were filthy from the mud and rain his Firebolt, a gift from his godfather, was slung across his right shoulder. He quickly made his way over to his locker before setting his Firebolt inside. He removed his robes and put them in the basket on the bench where the house elves would come and pick them up.

He had gotten tired of listening to everyone in the common room. All around the school whispers followed him, people wondering why he wasn't stopping Voldemort or why their f****y had to die. They expected ... Continue»
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Harry Potter the Sexaholic Part 5: Katie Bell

There was no stopping the rumours about Harry sex life. The fact that he had
fucked Pansy and then Cho spread across the school like wild fire, especially as
Cho was heart broken. As Harry had suspected Hermione wasn’t too happy with him
sl**ping with Pansy just one day after he had been with her. But as he hardly
saw her anymore he couldn’t tell any greater difference in her mood. Hermione
wasn’t her old self at all, she didn’t even volunteer information in class ymorymore. Harry had never realised it before but Hermione pulled in more house
points as the rest of their year togeth... Continue»
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Harry Potter the Sexaholic Part 6: Susan Bones

As Harry had suspected, rumors about him and Katie were all around school
within hours. Once people realized that it wasn’t some kind of mistake that all
Gryffindors house points were gone the Slytherins figured out that Harry and
Katie was to blame. To thoroughly annoy Harry, Draco Malfoy thanked him for
handing over the house cup to Slytherin, which now led the house cup with more
then hundred points over Ravenclaw.

Soon the Gryffindors started picking on Harry and Katie as well. Katie was
crushed and apologized crying loudly in the great hall during dinner that it
only was ... Continue»
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Harry Potter the Sexaholic Part 2: Pansy Parkinson

Hermione didn’t sit in the same compartment as Harry and Ron did on the Hogwarts
express, she and Ginny had found a compartment for themselves. Ron thought he
and Hermione had argued and kept telling Harry to go apologize.

Harry finally got tired of Ron and reminded him that Prefects needed to patrol
the train. Ron grudgingly left the compartment leaving Harry alone. Harry’s
thoughts immediately turned back to Sirius and the prophesy. Hermione had been
able to keep these thought away for a couple of days but now they returned and
on top of it Hermione wasn’t his friend anymore.
... Continue»
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Harry Potter the Sexaholic Part 3: Cho Chang

By pleasing himself and remembering every detail of Pansy and Hermione’s
femininity, Harry got through the first week of school in very good mood. As
Hogwarts started for real however he felt himself fall back into depression. He
had considered going to Pansy and try to persuade her to have sex again but he
didn’t want her anymore. She was just a last resort and Hogwarts was full over
attractive nice girls.

Harry slowly realised that he wanted more then sex, not much just a little
kissing and some comfort. What he had with Pansy was definitely good but not
right. Harry didn’t... Continue»
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Harry Potter the Sexaholic Part 4: Luna Lovegood

Harry was lucky there weren’t any lessons the following day because he didn’t
leave his bed at all. Ron had slowly accepted the lie that Harry was in love
with Cho and forgiven him for hurting Hermione. Ron now thought Harry and Cho
had broken up and accepted that his best friend wanted to stay in bed. Ron was a
great friend.

Cho sent him several owls, each letter more desperate and more tear streaked
then the last. Harry read them but couldn’t bring himself to reply. The message
was pretty much the same in all the letters. Cho wanted to know if she had been
bad, if he still l... Continue»
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Harry Potter I got tired of waiting

The door to the Gryffindor common room swung open to reveal a distraught Ginny Weasley stumbling in, her hair a mess and her face dirty and tear-stained. She looked up and then quickly looked down as her blue eyes met with the emerald ones of Harry Potter. He quickly rose to his feet and knelt at her side.
"What's wrong, Gin? Are you alright?" Harry asked softly, brushing some of her hair back from her face. She looked hesitantly up at him and sniffled a little.
"I... it's nothing. Just a little... disagreement," Ginny whispered brokenly,ing ing to keep from crying again. Harry's eyes narro... Continue»
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Harry Potter fucks Luna

Get under here,” Harry told Luna, pulling out the Invisibility Cloak and throwing it over both of them.
It melted away at his touch and they slipped outside. Harry glanced back and saw that it had resealed itself at once. They were standing in a dark corridor. Harry pulled Luna back into the shadows, fumbled in the pouch around his neck, and took out the Marauder’s Map. Holding it close to his nose he searched, and located his and Luna’s dots at last.
“We’re up on the fifth floor,” he whispered, watching filch moving away from them, a corridor ahead. “Come on, this way.”
They crept off.
... Continue»
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Harry Potter the Sexaholic Part 1: Hermione Grange

Harry awoke abruptly. He was covered in sweat and was all wet. This was the
second night in a row had these dreams and he knew he had to start acting on
them or he’d go insane. These new dreams were wonderful and even stronger then
his nightmares had every been but they also left him in frustrated mood. He
carefully put his hand down his pants; it was a mess and his cock was still
throbbing slightly.

He smiled as he remembered the dream it had been nice and he could only imagine
what it would be like in reality but he didn’t want to do that or he’d just grow
hard again. With a... Continue»
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Harry Potter and the Black s****rs

Narcissa awoke only to find herself strapped to a table completely naked. She struggled against the bonds, but found they were solid.
Narcissa craned her head to find her s****r Bellatrix chained to a wall just as naked as she was.
“Bella, where are we?” Narcissa asked.
“I haven’t a clue” Bellatrix said.
Soon the door opened and they found their s****r Andromeda walk in.
“Andi, thank Merlin you’re here please you’ve got to release us” Narcissa said pleadingly.
But their s****r said nothing and stepped aside and in came Harry Potter. He had a smirk on his face.
“How are my whor... Continue»
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A Surprise

Since that night, Harry could not act like he usually could around Hermonie. Her shinning eyes, her firm ass, and lovely attire, was driving him insane. Hermonie had not told anyone else besides Ginny, (Harry and Ginny hook up in the 6th book at the end, lets see how this changes things?) and Harry had not even told Ron his best friend. The ups though, he felt like a Wizard king who could do no wrong but only without Hermonie around. Soon Harry began thinking about doing it again, but the problem was the spell he had used was nowhere to be found. The night he and Hermonie had sex he left it in... Continue»
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Harry Potter and the patil twins

Padma and Parvati stood at attention as they waited for their boss to come in.
“Miss Patil, and Miss Patil I’m glad you could make it” their boss said smiling
“We came as soon as we got the note” Padma said
“That’s good, I heard that Ravenclaws were prompt” the boss said smiling
“But sir, I was in Gryffindor” Parvati said
“Yes, but since you two work close together I knew that your s****r wouldn’t let you dawdle” the boss said smiling
Neither Parvati or Padma said a thing on this
“Now, you’re probably wondering why I called you here?” the boss asked
The twins nodded
“I called you two ... Continue»
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Harry Potter and the Gryfindors

Parvati Patil and Lavender Brown were in their shared dorm waiting for their dorm mate Hermione Granger. The bushy haired girl told them she had a surprise for them and told them to wait in their dorm. It was close to eleven in the evening. They didn’t care about how late it was since a Friday. They had no classes tomorrow. What bothered them was that Hermione was sure taking her sweet time to bring whatever surprise she had. Soon the door opened and Hermione poked her head in.
“Good, you’re still here” she said.
“Where else would we be?” Lavender asked with a bit of annoyance in her voice.
... Continue»
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Harry Potter and the teachers

Elizabeth felt a pair of calloused hands roam her body and she moaned. Merlin, the lad had magical hands. They knew how to touch her and where. They then cupped her swinging breasts and she groaned. She was on her hands and knees with Harry in back of her thrusting in and out of her gushing cunt.
“Mmmm, Harry” she moaned.
“Yes professor?” Harry asked.
“Harry, you know you should call me Elizabeth during your tutoring sessions” Elizabeth chided gently.
“Sorry, Elizabeth” Harry said.
“No problem Harry” Elizabeth said.
Harry pumped into Elizabeth a few more times then he came in her. Elizab... Continue»
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