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Britney First Time !!!

Kentwood Louisiana USA 1999

Britney was in a good spirits as although it was a schooldays it was her 16th birthday and her step dad Denny had promised her a present to remember she was halfway to school when her stepdad pulled up alongside her in his car. Come on Jen get in you can skip school today your present won’t wait but not a word to your mum, ok Denny she agreed and got in her small skirt rising up to an almost indecent height as she sat and put on the safety belt and the car drove off.

The car came to a standstill on a car park in front of a warehouse building Denny said right l... Continue»
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Jilnar Jardaly the Little Leb Cock-Riding Slut

This is the story of...

جلنار ​​جردلي Jilnar Jardaly the Little Leb Cock-Riding Slut

One fine day, Jilnar the Little Leb Cock-Riding Slut's mother called her to come downstairs. She had just finished preparing her a basket of X-rated goodies for her to take to her beloved old Grandpa, in his cottage, in the woods. Of course, as we all know, Grandpa wasn't Jilnar the Little Leb Cock-Riding Slut real grandfather. He was just a lonely old man whom she had known, and been visiting, ever since she was a little girl. In fact, she had been calling him Grandpa for so very long, most of t... Continue»
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Love During T Magazine Style Photoshoot 2016

Back after a long hiatus. I was busy shifting from Los Angeles to New York Had a great time in Los Angeles. I had in these last few days.I had picked up my new career of Professional photography in last few days of my stay in Los Angeles. There I had the pleasure of learning it well & now I have become a prolific enough photographer. Once I arrived in New York I took up this new hobby seriously. Since I was not having any friends here I chose to kill my time by photography.
On an Saturday afternoon in July, I was called By T style Magazine in to substitute for veteran photographer Craig... Continue»
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In the hotel suite with Beyonce

I want to say in advance that english is not my first language so I'm sorry for any error .Enjoy it!
This is kind of a second part to my first Beyonce story, you can find the first part in my stories. Check that out!

The memory of my encounter with Beyonce was still fresh in my mind even if few months had passed. Every time I thought about how lucky I was, I started to get a boner and I had to masturbate thinking about her sucking my dick or about her asking me to fuck her ass hard. I started to dream about her every night and every morning I prayed she contacted me like she said for a con... Continue»
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The Best Sex Ever (Chapter One)

My name’s Stefan Ricci. I’m a 26 year old resident of Arlington, Texas. I’ve been doing some part time college studies in recent years; But I’m hardly devoted academically. I’ve been through a handful of jobs in recent years; And, in all honesty, Had felt like a bit of a restless spirit that hadn’t found my niche in life until recently. About 3 months ago, I took a job as a maintenance worker at a research facility; And found so much more than I could have dreamed.

The place was called Dream On Research And Development. They were just looking for someone with a bit of basic maintenance expe... Continue»
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Love At Laguna Beach

The sun broke through the mid-morning haze as Annasophia Robb and I made our way over the dunes and toward the beach. For the last couple days, we had been staying at a condo at Laguna beach in Orange County California. It's a beautiful place, well removed from the hectic pace of the city.

This was my only grievance as we traipsed over the dunes. Actually, I traipsed; Miss Robb moved across the sand with grace and a little flaunt. Like a skilled belly dancer, her hips swayed from side to side in a fluid, hypnotic motion. My eyes fixed on the teal print of her sarong; the tautly pulled wr... Continue»
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Celebrity Surrender with Anne Heche and Linda Blai

After the huge success of Ronda Rousey making her sexfighting debut, the folks at Ultimate Surrender were looking to add on to the list of celebrities getting down and dirty. Ariel and her staff were busy sending out all sorts of feelers and invitations to anyone they thought might be interested. There wasn't much response, except for a handful of negative replies. Most of the calls went unanswered, and Ariel just summed it up to nobody wanting to be the first to get involved. She optimistically figured that once she got a match or two, more and more women would be willing to give it a try... Continue»
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I lost my virginity to Justin Bieber...

'Thanks so much daddy!', I had said when my father had bought me tickets to the Justin Bieber concert in our town. Justin Bieebr had always been my crush since high school. I'm not sure what it was about him. Was it his dark, chocolate eyes? Or was it his adorable dimpled cheeks? But I only knew one thing for sure. That now I had JB tickets, in the front row and mosh pit!!!

So this was the day. Finally. I absolutely HAD to look perfect. I wore a cute top, just low enough to show enough cleavage, but not too showy. Everyone knows I have big boobs. I mean, whenever I go jogging, the teenage... Continue»
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Today On Ellen: Miley Cyrus!

It was ratings week and all the talk shows were fighting to sign up the best and most in the news stars. Ellen DeGeneres seemed to have a jump on the competition with such stars as Jennifer Aniston, Jim Carrey, Adele, Kanye West & Kim Kardashian and Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton headlining each day on her popular daytime show. Signing Mrs.Clinton at the last minute was a major coup, but it meant having to bump Miley Cyrus to the role of playing second fiddle. The sassy singer was surprisingly gracious allowing Hillary to take the first shift, but was the talk of the show when she c... Continue»
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Dear Melissa McCarthy

I've been dieing to fuck you since I seen you on Mike&Molly, I love you're short-little thick ass, these cute fat ass jumbo titties, an fat ass of your's. It starts in Downtown San Jose and you catch me at Starbucks you say "Hey, Jdash, J.Vizzy, Venomous k**, Whats up with ya, huh?" I say "Whats poppin, Melissa McCarthy Right." "Nigga, you know who I am,,,,,an you know what I want to do. "Oh, yeah and what is that." You move closer to me an whisper in my ear "Have you plow, you're big black fat dick down my throat all day, I wanna work you're big saggy ball's into my mouth and suck on those sa... Continue»
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Ultimate Surrender with Ronda Rousey

It's been several years since I retired from wrestling, but I've always had a special place in my heart for Ultimate Surrender and all the people involved. Isis, Nina and Darling are still some of my best friends, and Ariel calls me at least once a month to see if I'm still interested in making a comeback. I loved the competition, but have been more than content to sit back and follow Isamar, Daisy, Penny, Mona and the rest of the current wrestlers.
All that changed last month when Ariel called with another invitation to return, this time with a twist. She said they were negotiating with M... Continue»
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Saturday Night Lesbians

Saturday Night Live is entering it's 42nd season and is funnier than ever, thanks to the strength of veteran female cast members Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong, and Vanessa Bayer. Kate's hilarious impressions of Hillary Clinton, Ellen DeGeneres, Justin Bieber among others earned her an Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. She was definitely the backbone of the ever-changing cast. The fact that the 32-year-old blonde was the first openly lesbian performer in the show's long history only added to her rising popularity.
Kate never flaunted her sexuality, but was constantly flir... Continue»
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Sāo Coquettish

Start forehead began to kiss, then the ear, nose, lips, tongue, chin, neck, chest, belly, around his penis, Tim Mao and inner thighs, and then add up the balls from below. Sucking his balls, preferably two together into his mouth. Suck enough, then slowly add up from below the penis. Around the glans, then f***ed to suck it suck it, suck him Jiaochuang. . . (Listen to their own kind of man Jiaochuang surprisingly rewarding) mouth mouth glans while the tongue do not idle, kept in the mouth circling around the glans. Lap two laps, hands do not idle, stop touching his testicles. The final step is... Continue»
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Julia Lipinskia

Russian figure skater Julia Lipinskia was getting ready to leave the skating rink for the night, she had just got done practicing for tomorrows program and wanted to have a warm relaxing shower and have a restful night sl**p. Getting on the buss back to the hotel she was staying at she noticed a few other skaters and some of the fans that had been at the rink watching the practice.
Usually she would take a cab back but tonight there didn’t seem to be any available and the bus was right there. So she said hello as she passed a few and noticed a couple empty seats near the back and someone she ... Continue»
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Hayley's High

This story is my own starring Paramore singer Hayley Williams. Warning: hardcore, M/F, M/M/F to follow

Hayley let out a soft sigh. It was late, barely a half hour after Paramore's latest performance, but she was still on a high. The crowd. The music. It always made her feel more alive. It also made her extremely horny. The men (and women) in the audience eye fucking her with every move she made. The way she'd tease them by shaking her ass on stage, returning their stares. It was a game. A game she was addicted to. A quiv... Continue»
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In the Sauna with Leslie Mann & Tea Leoni

As far as Celebrity Tennis Tournaments go, it doesn't get much better in terms of both star power and actual talent, than the Andre Agassi Tennis Classic in Los Angeles. Andre seems to have the personality that draws the best celebrities from all over the country. The majority of the players are women as this year they have 24 competing in the double competition, while there were only ten men playing. Chelsea Handler and Sandra Bullock were the two-time defending champs, and had to be considered the favorites again this year. One team to look out for was Tea Leoni and Leslie Mann. Tea, wh... Continue»
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Tina Fey's Casting Couch

After a successful run with 30 Rock on NBC, and several movies with gal pal Amy Poehler, Tina Fey was once again ready for another sitcom. Her popularity has never been higher and the execs at NBC wanted her on board to give their sagging ratings a boost. The pilot had Tina as a sex ther****t, frustrated with her own sex life, who had to listen to assorted perverts and sex addicts tell her their problems.
As producer, Tina had 100% control in who she would cast for the show, and all of the weekly story lines. She had already hired Vicki Lewis as her quirky receptionist, reprising her role ... Continue»
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Before Loving Her: One Broke Kat Dennings

Disclaimer: This is my sixth story, and the second in the new series "Before Loving Her". All photos belong to Kat Dennings or their rightful owners. And so we begin...

So as I mentioned previously, I have told the woman I'm going to marry, the one I'm in love with, about Megan Fox... And now, I'm going to tell her about my nine months relationship with this girl named Kat Dennings.

I have to admit that I had fantasized about Hilary Duff before when I was younger... nothing too sexual, it was more towards a "what if she was my girlfriend?" kind of scenario.

It was actually my relation... Continue»
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Jennifer Aniston Catches Reese Witherspoon

Football season was underway and with the Rams moving back to L.A., many of the Hollywood stars were ready to hop on the sports bandwagon. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux used the opening game against the 49ers as a chance to invite a few friends over and show off their new luxurious Beverly Hills home. 'Friends' co-star Lisa Kudrow and husband Michael, Jason Sudakis and Oliva Wilde, Reese Witherspoon and her husband Jim were the couples that gathered to watch the game.
There were two big screen TVs in the spacious living room, with a huge spread of food and plenty of drinks in the kitc... Continue»
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Debra Messing Moving Day

'Mysteries of Laura' had just been cancelled after only two seasons, and suddenly perky redheaded beauty Debra Messing, and the rest of the cast was out of work. Despite decent ratings, NBC decided not to renew the popular series. Debra had seen it coming though, and already had sold her downtown apartment and bought a house in a nice upstate community, that was home to several other famous celebrities, including David Letterman, Angie Harmon, Jamie Lee Curtis and ballplayer Mike Piazza.
Debra packed her car with several boxes on a recent Saturday afternoon and made her way out of the cit... Continue»
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