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Straying From The Path

Straying From the Path

Sue and I 'met' through an online porn web site. Well, I say 'met', it's been purely an online thing so far.

We chatted on the web for a while but, as with most chat sites it was slow and clunky, so one day one of us popped the question, 'Do you Yahoo?'

We made the move and chatted for a week or so and then one of us got wild and suggested a voice chat.

Just weeks after meeting we were talking online like old friends but the conversations, like the IM chats were limited by one thing.

Sue is married, her husband has no idea she is making new friends on ... Continue»
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My Wife, My Slut, Our Kinky Moment

We take the chance for some time for ourselves and, feeling very naughty, you go upstairs to prepare yourself by putting on something that makes you feel dirty, feel like my cock hungry little slut. I gather the tools of my perversion, toys, clamps, rope, chains, vibrating wand, dildos, butt plugs, lube and candles. I strip naked before you come downstairs and you're shocked when you enter the room to see me ready for you, cock hard and dressed only in a mask to become the master you deserve. I order you onto the leather settee to await my desires and I switch on the blue-ray player and select... Continue»
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godess sarita 8 (smothering)

after one and a half years with goddess sarita things were getting less hard as I knew what and how goddess wanted so punishment was very rare.. but due to long time in chastity I could not take off my mind of my cage and I was thinking of some how getting it off and cum for once when goddess is at work ..
it was Monday goddess woke up un chained me from the bed let me take a dump and get fresh then I prepared breakfast.. goddess finished breakfast asked me to do the house works and left for office.. I did as I was said but the worst part was I was said to turn on the tv and kneel infront of... Continue»
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mum and dad

When I was married to my wife it was a torrid time and full of abuse and had to endure much torment when the wife wanted to punish me, I plucked up enough courage to leave and start a new life, I always questioned my sexuality and decided to find out if I was gay or it was just the ex wife.

I was now getting my life together and decided that tonight was the night for fun I got ready and went to a well known gay bar, the night was going well and got chatting to a nice couple who invited me back to their place, we got back and had drinks and was really relaxed when Andy and Gerry started to k... Continue»
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godess sarita 7 (urethral)

it was a long week with mistress sara and goddess sarita came home at a early flight and picked me up on her way home.. goddess was too tired from the long journey she sat on the sofa I was kneeling infront I undo her shoes then had to liks her feet covered in sweat as she was too tired I was told to clean the house and she went off to sl**p.. I did as she said cleaned the home made lunch unpacked her luggage and putted the dirty coltes for laundry .. when I was done I was kneeling beside the bed looking at her.. she looked so beautiful calm and quiet at sl**p her black hair silky hair was tou... Continue»
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Anal Fun with Ann (and me in her Lingerie!)

After my Wednesday night session with Ann, my mature next door neighbour who liked to dress me in her clothes for sex games, I was looking forward eagerly to our next “date” when her husband and son would be attending a football match in Edinburgh and absent for at least the five hours that the match plus travel time would entail.

Just before 1pm I rang the bell of Ann’s flat on the floor below mine. When she came to the door it was clear from her wry smile that she was as eager as me to continue our affair.

As before she led me straight into the bedroom where an ice-bucket and a bottle... Continue»
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First time with a man

I am a middle aged straight man who has never been with a man. However, I love to see men in lingerie, especially panties. I love to wear panties too. I prefer men who havent had any female surgery so a shemale with tits isnt as attractive to me as a man who dresses as a woman. That being said, I enjoy looking at video and pictures of men in panties. For the cock, I have varying preferences. A small cock looks like it would be fun to suck while a larger one with a huge head might feel great in my ass. I look at pictures and fantasize about tasting cum in my mouth. The thrill of making a ... Continue»
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The Trip to Chicago

I'm in the window seat with Mr. McKay sitting next to me. He's showing me the sales and profits of the two stores that I have been working at. He said the other investors are very impressed with me and how I've made business boom. I laughed and said I'm best on my back. The man in front of me turned around and said he'd like to see me on my back and how "good" I really am. I put my hand on his right shoulder and told him, his wife wouldn't like it if he was caught with his pants around his ankles. McKay let out a low chuckle as the man's wife came back to her seat.

McKay put his hand ... Continue»
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Never the same

I recently left my lovely Europe to travel to North America, to live and work in a small town for a little while. At first I was very resistant, I missed the cafe culture of Europe, my friends, and of course my lovers. In Europe big or small town you can always fly away somewhere close, there are many hot and sexy men available and it is easy to meet a nice guy (guys) for fun if you want too. Here, looking around online I Instantly saw the dating pool was wanting to say the least. I spent hours the first months watching porn and beating my meat to exhaustion. There is nothing like man to man ... Continue»
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My First Mister

My name is Patrick, I like men, older men always have. Not real frilly, girly gay men either. Big strong men with hair on their chest and balls. I like have sex with real men not boys who want to be girls.
Get it?
My story is about the first older man who I ever had sex with. I was fifteen years old never been with a girl always was attracted to cock. Any way I had however been with three guys my own age at this point and was open about everything. I was in my Emo phase, with jet black hair and super skinny body at that point and a lot of gay guys found me attractive and I ... Continue»
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My introduction to being a 3rd - pleasuring 2 hard

Talking about something vs actually doing it = two very different experiences. Occasionally, because he knows it drives me crazy, B will talk dirty to me when we have our 'are you in town' get togethers. It never failed - as soon as he would talk about having a friend join us, let's just say any inhibitions I had were instantly gone. After experiencing what I have with B, I often fantasized what it would be like to be in a 3-way with him and another guy. It happened this past weekend.

It wasn't a surprise - B told me he and Mike (M) would be in town for three days and hinted around that my ... Continue»
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Cuckold Glory Hole Booth Fun!

New kinky experiences are getting harder and harder to cumm by for me but the other night after a night of wild sex with another couple my Husband had a very dirty idea for us.
We had traveled quite a way on a Friday night to go to what was supposed to be a house party with lots of couples to enjoy a evening of multiple partners in hole stretching fun only to find that the party had been canceled due to a f****y emergency. But lucky for us another couple arrived at the same time as us to find out as well, so we all went to a hotel and licked, sucked and fucked for a few hours.We decided ... Continue»
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Weekend Party...

It was Saturday night and I was invited to a party in an upscale neighborhood. In order to get into the building I had to get past a security guard and voice admitted elevator.

Once on the f******nth floor I was admitted to a very gracefully furnished apartment, anyone that was some one was their and mingling. Since I was trying to meet people and enhance my business, I mingled also.

Soon I found myself talking to a very handsome young man in his mid twenties, I'm some what older...never mind how much older...

We were laughing and talking when he asked if I wanted another drink, a... Continue»
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Fuckfeast in the gym...3

Charlie held me tight as I tried to free my self from his erupting male member. Squirt after intensive squirt filled my oral cavity with copious amounts of his seed as he encouraged me '..swallow bitch, don't let none of my babies hit the damn floor...' I had no choice but to begin to swallow his ever spurt. The slick substance seemed to now it had to go down my throat and into my stomach.

The thought of me swallowing his sperm caused me to gag, in between reflexes Charlie hunched strong and hard causing his penile head to slip past my sphincter muscle ring in my throat. Charlie must have... Continue»
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A Halloween Party

I've always loved Halloween. It's the one day out of the year where I am confident to go out fully dressed as a CD. If anyone objects, I just say I'm going to a costume party dressed as a woman. I've seen lots of straight guys do it. . .or, maybe they're not so straight after all. Anyway, I was getting dressed up to go to a party at Doug and Jeannie's house on the waterfront in Mercer Island. The perfect venue for a Halloween party - both Doug and Jeannie were bisexual and very open about it and their parties were always filled with diverse folks from all lifestyles. The vibe at their ho... Continue»
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Fuckfeast in the gym...2

Micheal looked at me pained and panting as Bruce hunched his bung, his eyes pleading me as I looked over their heads and saw Daniel in the dim light nodding his head up and down. Charlie was behind me and kicked my feet apart and said hold his head and kiss him bitch...'

Naked and straddling the bench, I raised my hands and took hold of Micheal's face and begin to kiss him. Micheal broke down and started to cry in earnest as our lips met and my tongue explored his mouth. I twisted his head to one side and mine to the other as Daniel and Charlie examined the action. Bruce slammed into Mich... Continue»
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Eating my bosses asshole

So I'm at work busting my ass all week it's Friday at 12 o'clock I'm thinking about leaving a little early to meet up with a girl I'd been chatting with online. I'm really handsome guy make good money and have no problem hooking up with girls in big New York City, However I'm really into anilingus and wanted to find a girl who share the same kinks I did. Now without exchanging pictures I really felt like I know what this girl looks like from her description. Tall, ebony, long legs, with a foot fetish and loves anilingus. Part of the reason why this is my preference in such a turn on, Is becaus... Continue»
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Youngsville Part 6: Celebration

A few hours later I was woke up. I could hear birds chirping and other a****ls from outside as a beautiful sunshine was shining into my small house. It was not the only beauty I could see. Jill’s head was laying on my chest and her arms across my stomach. She had a great smell and I brushed her hair with my hands. Last night was fantastic. First my visit to Ménage, then seeing Mrs. Day-Sea masturbate, and popping Jill's cherry.

I had her crying, moaning, grunting, screaming, and cumming in a timespan of fifteen minutes. I finished inside of her newly opened cunt and she loved it. She was go... Continue»
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louise and her neighbour(s)

Louise and her parents had just moved into a new flat in a small block of 6 flats, stop gap housing whilst they waited for something bigger.  Louise had had a rough time but always had a smile on her face. At 17 years old 5'5" tall and a curvy size 10-12 with a nice full bottom, growing c cup boobs, blue eyes and long natuarally blonde hair, few freckles, she was the pretty, quiet, girl next door type.
She had friends from school she regulary went out with and had a low paid job in a nursing home which bought her the things she needed and gave her enough money for a good night out every satur... Continue»
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the apartment: neighbour lady

The package had finally arrived but was delivered at the neighbours at 33 I read on the standard note from the mailman, that happens when you life alone and work all week. I walked directly to 33, my direct neighbour in the apartmentbuilding but she wasn't home so I went home disappointed. I know very little about the lady next door, her name is Krista, about 1m65, dark short hair, blue eyes, is a single mom with two daughters, who life on their own and she has a badass side, she rides a motorcycle. I do see that she often entertains male company and that the male in question often changes, I ... Continue»
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