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Airconditioner repairman laid some pipe -part 2-

Oh he knew i was not a genetic girl from the beginning? I told him '' Do you mean i am not hot enough to be a girl?'' He replied ''Nooooooooo honey, you got me wrong!! You are super ultra hot, do you think would i let you touch me if i didn't find you attractive?'' I was relieved by his answer, knowing i am totally passable and confident in my looks. He continued '' I was just trying to say your round booty drove me crazy since the moment you opened the door to me, i was afraid i was going to lose my control and **** you, it was so hard to hold myself from fucking you and behave, didn't yo... Continue»
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Sniffing and eating my wife's beautiful assho

Strangely, my wife isn't the most forthcoming when it comes to sex, but without her actually saying it, she loves it when i give her asshole lots of attention.

Last night in bed I was giving her a back massage and as she started to relax into it, I started massaging her big, round cheeks as I worked her back. Moving her butt around allowed me to press my cock and balls down into her crack, rubbing them over her pucker as I straddled her upper thighs.

As I moved off and started giving her butt more attention, I started to spread her cheeks as I began rubbing and slowly fingering her pussy... Continue»
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seducing game with a lonely rich housewife

Hi I am karthick from Chennai. I am a great fan of this site, I get tempted on reading stories from this site

and always wanted to have such experiences, now I am going to post

my own real sex experience. I live in Chennai doing 2nd year engineering and always had an intense sexual desire for

aunties. I am 20 years old,5.9ft tall, with 9inch hard and strong dick, well built body ,decent looking, well read and a friendly jovial person. Well, this story

is about me and hot and sexy rich aunty. Her name is Anita,32 years old, she works as a teacher in a school, she has a daughter
... Continue»
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My Slut Entertains My Friends During the Game

you invited your two of your friends to come over to watch the game. you have me a heads up and told what to wear: a short dress and no underwear. you let them in and told them to make themselves at home. you called and told me to entertain you and our guests.

as soon as they come in i immediately drop to my knees and i start by unzipping mike's pants and taking out his cock. he's not really hard yet but i can tell his cock is huge. i put it in my mouth and begin to suck as i kneel on the floor infront of him. it didnt take long for him to get hard. i take his cock down my throat as i bob... Continue»
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Red's Visit to Africa, Pt. 1

Red was a student in America that had decided to take a vacation to Africa over the summer. She'd decided to go alone, and figured it would be good to make some new friends overseas.
She was a fairly short girl; her legs weren't exactly thin, but she wasn't close to being fat, either. Her ass rounded nicely, and her stomach was toned; her breasts were large C cups, and her smooth face was framed by her red hair. She woke up upon landing, the plane touching down in an airport in South Africa. She yawned and got up, collected her things, and went on into the airport to collect her luggage.
Sec... Continue»
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My Wonderful Weekend... Sort of...

I know a few of you have been awaiting word on how my weekend hookup went. I was fantastic, I know most married women feel the need to have someone else inside them every now and then that isn't their spouse and just even for a few hours to escape married life. This is what I needed and did, it wasn't about needed a bigger dick (it was longer, but not as thick) or not loving my hubby, it was just about being wanted by someone and acting out pure lust. So here is a rundown of what I did Saturday.

Woke up soaking wet and horny with anticipation of the day that lay ahead. Started stroking my h... Continue»
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How I met Gilbert...

I had never had sex before I was assaulted by Daniel, Bruce and Charlie. These three teenage ruffians lured me to their home and made me satisfy them sexually for hours before releasing me. But that was not the end of their torments, for months and years after they would use me for their sexual gratification. The worst part was when they told their friends of their conquest and their friends came calling.

It was during the same year that they caught me on the third floor of the school maybe three months after. That Saturday afternoon is still vivid in my mind, I was on my way back home a... Continue»
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How-to: Strap-on Training Experience

I found this somewhere and did a bit of clean up to it. Experienced strap-on trainers and Dommes, please feel free to provide feedback on this article.


The Strap-On Experience

Like most masculine hetrosexual men, your husband or boyfriend is likely to strenuously object to and actively resist taking the strap-on at first. Just the idea of having something f***ed up his ass like that will feel foreign and unnatural to him. Treating his tight little asshole like it's just a hole to be fucked will be abhorrent to him. He will feel violated and abused. He'll try to talk you... Continue»
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A secret message.

Adam had been lucky and finally got hold of a job, it was tough enough after the break-up as it was, him being unemployed had been the source of many arguments before they decided to call it quits. As the new guy he pulled many long hours in the office, but he didn’t really mind, he had made some new friends and he was feeling worthy again, those long months had been a drag and an affront to him, he had felt less worth seeing all the others go to work and him? Having just another day to try to fill somehow. He wasn’t particularly good looking but he found it easy to talk to people and he had w... Continue»
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The Photo Shoot

It had been a while since I had seen my old girlfriend Emily which made me feel a little cheeky for asking her this favour. You see we used to be the hot couple in our little click. She is a hot brunette with a great body and sexy as well. She knows she's hot but doesn’t flaunt it. Emily was my first proper girlfriend, she took my lesbian cherry for want of a better phrase. But as time went on and we grew up we grew apart and both conformed and got involved with boys.

My boyfriend Kyle was now in the army and away from home and xmas was on its way and I wanted to send him something special... Continue»
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date night

She arrived at the door with a smile. She came in an set her things down. We immediately locked lips in a feverishly kiss as I grasp her curvy ass with my hands. I then got out some shots for us as sex with her d***k was always hot. We set our glasses down and kissed again this time grabbing her beautiful large breasts with my hands. She let out a soft moan while I massaged both oh her tits. I then spun her around and began kissing her neck as I remove her shirt. It revealed she was wearing a green lace bra . It felt smooth and wonderful to run my hands over her lacy tits. I ran my hands down ... Continue»
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Preachers Daughter Chapter 16

While my wife Charlotte was away at the ladies church retreat with the preachers wife (my number #2 sex slave slut) getting seduced and fucked by Pam, the preachers wife, Jaimie (preachers 23 year old daughter -- 24 next month!) whomk lived with my wife and I was left alone with me for a few days.

She is VERY pregnant and showing with my baby (unknown to my wife that our nanny is carrying my baby).

Jaimie has been getting jealous (as my first seduced and blackmailed number #1 sex slave slut) of all the fucking attention I have been giving to my wife, and her mommym, Pam, the 46 year old ... Continue»
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Billy paints the women at her condo.

I need a car and my summer job; painting trim on beach condo. My boss drops me off with paint and equipment. He does the same over the area. End of the day I get picked up in my turn. End of the week I get paid.

I put the ladder to the third story window and climb up. I am shocked to see a women on the bed sl**ping. Worried I may bother her I move to another room. Not any better, I find a young boy and his mom I think. To the back where no bedrooms are. I climb up and see a women looking right back at me. I smile and she opens the window.

What are you doing?
I paint t... Continue»
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My first time with a shemale

Let me tell you a little bit about myself I'm five feet 10 inches tall around
220 pounds, brown hair and eyes very muscular, I'm an ex-professional boxer.
Around 10 years ago I I was working as a bouncer erotic a nightclub in Fort
Lauderdale, when one night I heard a commotion in the parking lot. There were
several men beating up a beautiful woman, when I tried to break it up I ended up
getting very banged up myself.
Her name was misty, she thanked me for helping her and a... Continue»
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A Saturday Sex Party...

In High School, I had many problems, bullies that attacked me and took their pleasures with my body. I had always considered myself to be straight, I had never even had sex, not even with a girl, before Charlie, Brace and Daniel had their way with me in their basement.

After that awful afternoon Bruce, Charlie or Daniel and ofttimes all three would take advantage of me. I tried to live it down and even tried to get my folks to transfer me to another high school.

Anyway, it was during summer vacation, I was on my way to the local park when Bruce called out to me. I started to run only ... Continue»
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Dad's Visit

Her dad was visiting for a week and he was beginning to look bored and restless. She knew he was missing the widows he fucked on a regular basis. That day she decided to surprise him and went down to 4th Avenue and selected a street whore. She chose her for her young look and nice big set of hooters. Dad loved a big set of tits like mom had. On the ride back to her house she told her to get naked. She wanted to show her off to dad and needed her naked. He was going to loved her tits. They were at least DD and nice and firm. She was about twenty two years old and confessed to me that she loved ... Continue»
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cuckold lifestyle 71

Ever since I sugusted to my wife that I thought it would be exciting if she had sex with other guys she has took the ball and ran with it. She is always coming up with new stuff to make it as fun as it can be for me while she gets her brains fucked out by her regular male friends and even adds new ones from time to time. Tim has been her must regular male friend. He has fucked her hundreds of times both with me watching and on weekends alone with her. Two weeks ago she came up with a plan , she milked my prostate with a dildo for a half an hour , then she jerked me off , when she was sure I w... Continue»
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"...Take it like a man..."

I have to tell you this, it's part of my high school and what happened to me at the hands of high school tormentors. It's part of the reason I am like I am and always seeking huge male members to satisfy...

It was during my high school years, sometime after Bruce, Daniel and Charlie had f***ed their selves on to me. There was construction going on, a new building was being built on campus.

The building was nearly finished, it was connected to the old building by walk overs. I was locking up my locker when I stood and came face to face with Charlie, he gave me a spine tingling grin as ... Continue»
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More Role Play

Tonight I was in charge of the role play and I had a great one for my bf. I blindfolded him and stripped him naked. I cuffed his hands behind his back and tied a big pink bow around his cock and fed him two Viagra. It was going to be a long night for that cock and we needed it to stay hard. I put him in the car and while I drove I stroked his cock. I parked the car outside the house up on the hill and before I let him out of the car I jerked his cock to get him rock hard. I wanted him extra hard as I took him in and showed off his huge cock to the party goers. Every one at the sex party was sp... Continue»
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The Demon (pt.2)

John was still in the living room reading the book. He hadn't heard a thing of
what has been going on in the bathroom for at least 30 minutes now. He's on the
5th page due to there words being so hard to prenounce. As he continues to read
Evan is upstairs lying in his bed asl**p. He is awaken by the sound of his door
slamming shut. He looks up. There's no one in the room but him. Or so he thinks.
As he rolls back over, dismissing the door, he feel a tingling sensation on the
bottom of his feet. Asif they are being massaged. The feeling slowly works its
way up from his feet to his ... Continue»
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