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payback is a bitch 2

I remember it was about a year after me and my sencond wife had gotton married. We were young and bored. We had already fucked twice. We decided to go online and find a chat room. We hand found one, it was the couples truth or dare room. There must had been a lot of bored horny people online because the room was full. We anounce are selfs to the room, young couple here bored and horny. We got a warm welcome from everybody. We were curious to how it worked do we dare each other and tell them about it. Oh no they dare the couple on the majority vote of the room. After a couple rounds of suck his... Continue»
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My First Gangbang

I had been living with my Master for over a month when he came home from work and told me he had a surprise for me. He said I was going to be pleasured by five cocks of his choosing. The only condition was that we had to do everything he commanded of us. He was going to control the whole night. I eagerly agreed and went to clean up and put on my sexiest corset, thong, and heels. As soon as I was ready I went back into the bedroom and all five of the men had arrived while I was getting ready. They were all naked and ready for me and our first order from my Master was I had to get on my kne... Continue»
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Lets talk second installment

OK. So we have a beginning and it seems well received by a few. This story progresses and I only tell true stories. So on with the show (story).

It seems now that I have sucked my b*****r and his friend, Eddy, that what people tell you they will and will not do is not true. Eddy must have had a big mouth, or my b*****r did, and within 2 weeks seems all their friends were more interested in me, when before I was the pain in the ass little b*****r. I was suddenly a very popular k** on my street with the older boys. I of course was willing and I was sucking off 5 guys on a regul... Continue»
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A Quickie...

I had just arrived at school and made my way to the third floor toilet, no one is normally there at this time of the morning and I can go in and sit down and void myself. I had finished my business and was washing my hands when the door opened and in walked Bruce. He looked around quickly and walked over to me and said '...haven't seen you lately, you been hiding from me or been giving up my ass to somebody else...'

Frozen with fear I kept washing my hands, Bruce reached over and took hold of my hands and started to wash them. I tried to pull away only to hear Bruce say '...we're on the t... Continue»
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Food and Much Much More Pt. 1

He said he had a special night planned for me so I put on a very short strapless dress and a thong, as well as black thigh high stockings and heels and I was ready to go. I was so horny as I waited for him I almost couldn’t take it. He arrived and quickly pulled me to the car after kissing me passionately and I wanted to take him right then and there. We got into the car and I could see his member getting hard through his slacks. As we got on the road we talked and I rubbed his thigh as a way of telling him I was horny and wanted to deal with the bulge in his pants. Soon he pulled off the road... Continue»
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Taken Advantage of at School...2

It was then that the face came in to focus and realized that it was one of the campus maintenance men. My mind spin as he rammed deep into my bung and grunted and groan, sliding his manhood back and forth in my rectum. A voice called out to me saying '...David, David...look over hear, look over hear...' I turned my head to see where the voice came from as soon as my head was turned hard to my right, hands gripped my face and a rock hard penis was pushed into my mouth. Trapped with an old man ramming into my butt like there was no tomorrow and a rock hard penile shaft stuck in my mouth, I was ... Continue»
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My Friends Mom

I had just turned 18 and was about a month or two away from going to college. I had known my best friend Tom since he was in first grade and I was in third. I had grown very close with his mom Joann and his stepdad. To the point in which I was like there second c***d. I had always had a crush on Joann ever since I saw her. She had wore a 34 D bra. I knew this because I would constantly steel her panties and bras to masturbate. Eventually once I got older I. Gave this up because it wasn't doing it for me anymore. Well one day I came over to see if tom was home so we could go to the movies. His ... Continue»
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Gloryhole Awakening 2

I was 18 Yo and had just discovered how much I like Gay sex in a Gloryhole. A week later I was back, on a Friday night, to have some hot sex with older guys. I walked in in short-shorts, looked all the guys up and down, and bought another 5 bucks in tokens, so I was going back to the booths for a while.
I got into the back and let my eyes adjust..then slutted my nice round ass all the way back to the back booths where the Gloryholes were big enough to climb through, and no doors or locks on the booths . I was naked and stroking my cock when the first guy came back..and second and third..MMMm... Continue»
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My wimp neighbors wife

Warren was a nice, short, Jewish guy with a kind of whiny voice, one of these guys with no chin and no shoulders. He was very soft spoken, I don’t think the guy had ever stood up for anything in his life. His wife Ellen was similar; short, petite, soft-spoken, and curvy. They were both likable, and we became friends as soon as I moved into the neighborhood next to them.
We began hanging out on a regular basis, and though Warren and I were friendly I always picked on him ab... Continue»
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toy time

This takes place 5 yrs after the last story.

Which is 6mths ago. All my stories are true.

I'd been looking forward to Friday all week, not because it's the end of the week, but because I had a annual leave day off work. I woke up nice and early so I could drop my girlfriend at work. After that the day was mine until I had to pick her up again at 5pm...

I rushed home, took a shower, had a smoke and then got out the toys....3 butt plugs in increasing sizes, a cock ring, a inflatable vibrating butt plug and a 8" black suction cup dildo....mmmm my mouth was watering. 

I lived up a... Continue»
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Redefining the statement(Once you go black you nev

I was at a party and accidentally met this short blonde haired attractive woman and I say accidentally because I found out later all of her life she had only been with black men but I new a friend of hers from my old job and after the party a few of us ended up at her apartment and as a lot of people know I have a warped dark sense of humor well come to find out the lady in question had one also and we stayed up all night laughing. Well two days later I get a call from my co-worker/friend and she tells me she was shocked but it was true her friend(blonde whom had only been with black men) like... Continue»
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Taken Advantage of at School...

I never will forget that late Saturday night early Sunday morning, I stumbled across the campus of my college. I had just been had by four or five of the neighboring thugs and my butt was sore and raw. One of the linebackers from our football team passed me and recognized me.
' that you David...'he called out, I stopped and tried to steady my self as he came over to me. '...Man you are in a mess, where you going this hour. You smell like you fell in a vat of liquor...' I gripped his arm and mumbled '...take me home, I'll be good...'

He gripped my arm and said to me '...I'll... Continue»
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My sexy Ordeal

Everyone was working that day so I decided to have a lie in, I vaguely remember my husband getting up and going to work. I must have fallen back to sl**p as I was awakened by someone knocking on the door. I quickly threw on my dressing gown and went down stairs, I finally found the key and unlocked the door. Four men were stood there one holding a clip board, "good morning madam" he said, we are in the area and wondered if you had any work for these three. I can't go into too much detail but they have just been released from prison and under the new scheme brought out by the Government, as pa... Continue»
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How My Boyfriends Friend Tricked me

It was a late Saturday night, maybe around 10 pm or so. I was relaxing on the couch watching TV. The lights were turned off, and my boyfriend **** was out having a guy's night out with his best friend Jack. This was so perfect. I had a nice night to myself, doing woman things like doing my nails, taking a wonderful hot bath, and even shaving my legs, and my pussy so soft and silky. I was wearing just a long triple x-shirt, I borrowed from ****'s closet, no bra, and a sexy black thong underneath. Out of nowhere, the door unlocked, and opened. It was ****, and Jack coming in. I was startled. I w... Continue»
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First Time pt 2 Written by trans_love (Fantasy)

The rest of the winter was uneventful. That warm springlike day didn't last and all too quickly the reality of winter was back with a vengence. I tried to have another encounter with my new friend, hoping things would go futher but I never ran into him again.

Once winter was over and spring had settled, I had that stirring in my panties yet again and longed for someone to find me and make me his. As the days warmed I found myself getting more and more daring in my quest to be made someone's woman. One day I finished my paper route early and just wandered thru town on my bike. I went over ... Continue»
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A Christmas Wish

“Janine, they’ve canceled all the flights out. I’m just going to head back home and I’ll come up to visit after the New Year. Give my love to everyone. You can call me later if you like,” Tim Brewer spoke into his cell phone leaving his s****r a voicemail. It was Christmas Eve and there was no chance he would be joining her f****y for the holiday. He was just happy that he had shipped their presents two weeks ago so at least they would have them. He made his way back to the parking garage and started up his dark gray 2005 Chevy Tahoe.

He drove carefully towards his condominium that was abou... Continue»
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Pizza Delivery Guy Pounds Femboi Customer

Martavious James checked his phone after hearing it notify him that he had a new text message. He replied and tossed it back aside. The eighteen year old full-time community college student and part-time pizza delivery driver turned his tricked out shiny metallic blue 2000 Honda Civic SI into the parking of the complex where he had his final customer of the evening. He hopped out of his vehicle and grabbed the carrying case containing the pie. He knocked on the door and waited. He grew impatient as he was ready to go home and chill. He knocked again and decided to call the number on the ticket... Continue»
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My Wife making My fantasy CUM true

My wife Barbara and I have been swinging for about 2
years. In the beginning we would be laying in bed naked
and I would play with her cunt and suck her nipples and
whisper in her ear. I'd ask her to think about guys
with big dicks and how they would feel stretching her

The thought of seeing a big cock slide into her belly
and fill it with cum always turned me on. I told her I
wanted her to fuck another guy while I watched. I told
her how I wanted to see the big head of a cock slide
past her pussy lips and fill her belly to capacity,
then squirt his cum deep in her... Continue»
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CD Exposed

I have always liked the way womans clothes felt against my skin.
It had been years since I had the urge.
Until recently.
I am happily mariied to a sexy,wonderful woman for 10 years now,but our sex life has seem to slow down to almost nill.
I work from home, the wife is gone on her job all day,and sometimes she is off on buisness trips for a week or two at a time.
It happened about 3 months ago,while she was gone for a week, I got the urge again.
I would wake up in the morning,get some work done, then go into our bedroom and go through her outfits.
It started with just her panties, then ... Continue»
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Am I A Bad Aunt?

Am I a Bad Aunt?

By billy69boy

My name is Eve. I'm a single, twenty-something woman, pursuing a post graduate degree. I consider myself to be fairly cool, and "with it" when it comes to my relationship with my young niece. Ariel had recently turned 14, and we get along great. She seems comfortable talking with me, and she has confided in me about her adolescent concerns that her mother (my sibling) knows nothing about.

Lately, though, I am worried that we may be getting too close, if you know what I mean, and I don't want to do anything wrong that might hurt her. So, I want to... Continue»
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