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Byron Bay Foursome

My sexual escapades with Alex over the past couple of months have been really

Alex and I did receive a few offers for company last night in Byron Bay and as usual 90% of them read something like this:

Hey Dave, would love to play with you and Alex. Email me.

You are dreamin'!!! It is too much effort to tell us a little bit about yourself? Include a photo or two? If you sent us a message that read like that, I probably didn't even bother to read it all before deleting it. If you are too lazy to send through a photo of yourself, then I'm too lazy to organize for you to fuck Alex's super... Continue»
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Straight Boy Bottom - Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - Much Needed Relief

My team had gone to a region swim competition, a week-long event about 4
hours away from my school. It was a huge deal, but it did mean going a
week without much privacy. I made it almost the whole way through the week
before I ran into trouble.

I had just finished my last event, and it had been a grueling day. I had
pushed my body to its limits, and earned a silver medal for my efforts. I
had gone back to my hotel room after the meet to shower off and change into
comfortable clothes, intent on taking a nap before joining the other guys
for cel... Continue»
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Submissive Fantasy In USA With An Unknown Stranger

HI, I am MouprIya Sen, a married lady of 29 years old. My hubby Manoj Sen is of 32 years working in an MNC in MumbaI. We are very friendly, frank, open minded, love to make friends, love to watch porn movies also so we try to discover many things from those movies and try to do those to bring spice in our married sexual life.

This story is during one of our vacation to New York last January. There we met a cab driver to whom we did submissive sex.

So after spendi
... Continue»
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Last night

A shitty day at work had resulted in me sinking 3 cans of beer upon returning home. I was by no means d***k but I knew I'd had a drink, I'd drank the beers fairly fast and on an empty stomach.

My thoughts soon turned to Christine. I had fucked her numerous times on the very sofa I was now sat on just a few days earlier. I couldn't get my head around how I felt for her. We'd fucked, off and on for years, but I found the nature in which she blew hot and cold infuriating. Many times I had attempted to engage her in sex chat when I found myself horny and desperate to fuck her only to be given ... Continue»
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Straight to bottom slut on chems

I am I straight male I have a girlfriend I have k**s and I live a normal straight life except for the weekends that I do Tina and put on a jockstrap and put my ass in the air and beg for strangers to put their cock in me. When I was 16 I would get d***k and go on craigslist and find strangers that would meet with me and suck my cock and let me come on their face . eventually I met a man that persuaded me to use toys on my little hole , he would get me high and insert a butt plug has he suck my cock. I thought nothing about this I didn't think it was gay to me I was just getting my nut off.... Continue»
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Angie Takes Husband

Angie, on her way home got a call from Jonny. "Angie I want you to strip your man and suck his cock. You need to make plenty of sound and encourage him to tell you how he feels. You need to ring my mobile and leave the call open so that I can listen in on your sexing him."

Angie stripped down to her bra and thong and waited for her man to arrive home. As soon as her walked inthe door she went over to him, took his hands and put them on her bra cups. She wispered in his ear "You are going to take me in every hole tonight and I dont want any holding back."

Angie stripped his sweater off an... Continue»
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Naked Sex

He stood naked over her looking at her nude body. His huge long thick cock was rock hard and standing straight out. The end was wet with the thick precum. He looked at her hard nipples sitting on her big double D tits. Her tits were firm and no sags just how he liked big hooters. He looked down her body where her legs were spread wide showing her bald pussy. He could see the moisture around her fuck hole. She was not only sexy but she loved to fuck. He had fucked her almost all night and this morning he took her and showered her and douched her and put her back on the bed naked and spread wide... Continue»
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I have been married for three months. At the marriage ceremony I promised to obey my husband. I know this is not always done now, but I really wanted to obey. I am a traditional person, I love my husband and I wanted to be the best wife that I could be.

I grew up in a strict household and during my engagement to my husband he spanked me when I needed it. That made me feel secure. My Daddy spanked me when I was a c***d. When my husband did it, it wasn't quite the same , but it gave me a feeling of security, comfort and being loved that I really needed.

After the wedding I started to learn... Continue»
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(Real Stories) European Madness part 2

(Real Stories) European Madness part 2
Of the many free weekends, I had off when I lived in Europe if I ever was horny it wasn't a thing to just hop on the train and head down to the main station. Yes, I could have things in mind that I wanted to do but 9/10 times that was decided for. At times I may have wanted my dick sucked other times I may want to fuck some ass. I am very particular about fucking ass. No disrespect to any bottoms out there but I preferred a curvy ass or thick ass. Basically, I need something visually to get me in tune. I can fuck a slender ass but if the figure is there ... Continue»
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(Real Stories) 1st time

I had seen enough porn for years (gay,straight,lesbian). I actually enjoyed beating off more than wanting actual sex. A few cities from where I lived there was a porn store which was one of the biggest in the area. I never really went in there but I saw the traffic going in and out. So my first time going in I saw the video section for the first time. I casually walked over and saw the list of DVD's on the wall but could hear the grunts, groans, and moans of guys fooling around with each other. I was intrigued but nervous as a guy whispered to for me to come over so I walked back to the video ... Continue»
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(Real Stories) European Booth Madness

(Real Stories) European Booth Madness
I used to live in Europe and the culture over there is more open to sexuality hence red light district. In one city they had a huge district and had amazing porn stores. I mean state of the art from porn stores with computers just for viewing porn to high-tech stores and sex booths equipped with stripper poles and viewing rooms. One of the best stores was a couple hundred feet from the nearest train station. The regular booths were upstairs and on the ground level they had all the DVD's and magazines you would want to see. But the cream of the crop was th... Continue»
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Wife's Intro to Pussy, My Intro to Her Girlfr

My wife's curiosity about being with another woman began several yeas ago when she was being hit on by a friend of hers. By the time she got the nerve the woman moved out of town but her curiosity lingered. Then came February 2015.

She and her divorced friend Suk loved shopping together and they would ask for my opinion o clothes they bought, including lingerie.. One evening, as I was checking the fit, I "accidently" brushed my hand against Suk's pussy. She did not say a word until later that night when she and my wife were in a separate bedroom watching a Korean soap opera. Suk told my wi... Continue»
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My Cuckold Sissy Fantasy.

OK, So here is my fantasy:
I am 48-year-old man in good condition and I am married to a wonderful sexy woman who is 43 years old. Sex has always permeated my life with strong undertones of dominance and submission from as early on even before puberty. While I struggled with my sexual explorations I remember trying on my mother’s panties and spanking myself with various objects. I would be submissive then I would do my best to fight those submissive tendency’s and become the domain man I thought I was s... Continue»
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In the hotel suite with Beyonce

I want to say in advance that english is not my first language so I'm sorry for any error .Enjoy it!
This is kind of a second part to my first Beyonce story, you can find the first part in my stories. Check that out!

The memory of my encounter with Beyonce was still fresh in my mind even if few months had passed. Every time I thought about how lucky I was, I started to get a boner and I had to masturbate thinking about her sucking my dick or about her asking me to fuck her ass hard. I started to dream about her every night and every morning I prayed she contacted me like she said for a con... Continue»
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Hot holiday at Barbados

Hot holiday at Barbados

Holiday again, with my loving Victor relaxing at a nice Barbadian beach.

A couple of evenings after our arrival, we were at a beach bar after dinner; Victor was enjoying some local drinks and I had been flirting a lot with a very handsome black man called James, the bartender and his friend Francis.

Around midnight I told my husband I was so tired; I would go back to our hotel room. He said he would come later, after finishing his last shot. I said I was tired, but still I could enjoy a bottle of champagne with him when he would back…

Half an hour later I h... Continue»
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The dark room

I walk into my special room, I call it the dark room, to find my pet on the floor wearing the exotic leather outfit I just bought her. She has a chain around her ankles tying her to the ground but she doesn't want to leave. An expensive pink leather collar decorates her neck, heavy mascara highlights her eyes, dark red lipstick enhances her lips, dark eye shadow surrounds her beautiful eyes. I clip a matching leash to the collar and unlock the chain freeing her ankle. She gets up remaining on all fours. I lead her over to classy wooden stocks and clamp her in. Sliding a sybian under her s... Continue»
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wife shared

This part of my life story happened when my wife Marta was 51 years old,she had gained a few pounds over the years but
she is still very attractive,she is 5'4'' and 140lbs with reddish blond hair nice two handful tits,and hairy pussy,over
the years she has at times wanted to shave her pussy,but I didn't want her to,so the hair stayed.She is still somewhat
kind of shy.We had been high school sweethearts and married shortly after we graduated,I had always been the jealous
type of guy,not wanting her to be around other guys or trusting her to go anywhere by herself,always questioning her if
... Continue»
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My Wife's Creampie Gangbang

We were in the mood for a gangbang. Something to really take things to the next level, we had been in some groups and had guys over for DP sessions and love it. This was going to be big.

I placed an ad on cl: Wanted, clean guys, healthy a must, cock size not as important as being skilled at fucking hard and being dominant. Must include stats, face and full body pic, voice verify before, will have a hotel room ready for the event, etc.

The responses poured in, which wasn’t surprising given the hot pics of her we put in the ad. I was put in charge of selecting and briefing the applicants,... Continue»
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Chloe's Mum Takes It Up The Bum

I had been dating Chloe for 6 weeks when I got the invite to meet her parents. It wasn’t something I really wanted to do – I personally didn’t see a long term relationship with Chloe being on the cards, but at that moment I was enjoying having a 22 year old on my arm and in my bed most nights of the week, so it was a small price to pay. A date was agreed for me to drive down to her parents’ house in Surrey for a meal and overnight stay.
The agreed Saturday arrived and I was a little nervous; I hadn’t been to meet girlfriends parents since I’d met Sharon’s (my first wife) well over a decade ag... Continue»
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Ms. Super Butt (Chapter 3)


The following afternoon, Stacey sat down on the couch next to Mason and turned off the TV.

"We need to talk," she said, gingerly.

"Okay," Mason responded.

"It's about last night," Stacey smiled warmly. "We ought to be open with each other you know. What you saw me doing last night is perfectly normal. Even mothers need to masturbate, especially when they don't have anyone to look after their needs." Stacey's voice was just above a whisper, "The thing that you saw in my butt was my dildo. It's because... putting things in my butt has a feeling of 'wrongness' to it,... Continue»
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