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cd shazza chapter 5

I hope you have read the previous chapters of my story because this is the part of my life as a crossdresser where I become the cock sucking spunk swallowing arse fucked slut that I am now enjoy, this is a true story some of you might think this is a sad way to behave but if you have never sucked a hard cock and had your mouth full of hot spunk you don’t know what you are missing, I hope you are all sitting comfortable with your prick in your hand then I will begin.
I knew I could get Fred to do whatever I wanted he was addicted to me sucking him and him filling my arse with his cock over the... Continue»
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Couple fun, part two

Our bodies hot, sweaty and sticky as we leaned against each other. She took his face in both her hand, kissing him deeply again. “I love you so much,” she said looking in his eyes. Then kissed me almost as passionately. “I’ve never cum so hard, daddy,” she said. She looked a little apologetically at him then said “you’re not going to leave us yet, are you?” I kissed the tip of her nose, “I can’t leave yet, babygirl,” I said. “Your ass is still gripping my fingers tight. “Oh, god,” she said with a giggle as I pulled my fingers from her.

He had gone silent, except for his heavy breathing, ... Continue»
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Ms. Super Butt (Chapter 4)

Saturday - Monday

During the three days after the encounter, Mason and his mother didn’t speak much. Stacey was more aroused than ever, but she didn’t say a word about it. She began waiting until after dinner to withdraw to her bedroom and masturbate, so home life for the two was back to normal. Although Stacey did nothing to hide her thrashing and moaning which could often be heard throughout the house.


As Mason left for school in the morning he passed Stacey in the kitchen. Without looking at Mason she said, “I haven’t had an orgasm in three days…” Mason... Continue»
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Sue rides again

Not wrote for a while but trust me sue has not changed ,apart from being a bigger slut ,we just came back from Spain and never done anything abroad but after a couple of days walking around looking at half dressed teens etc I was horny so time to make sue take some young cock ,so that night did a few bars doing my best to get her horny and thought I'd stick to my old ways pick on young d***ks but finding 1 or 2 on their own was hard as they were all in groups so we headed back to our hotel and I thought there's always the next day . But about 10 mins from the hotel on the beach path I smelt we... Continue»
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She reluctantly takes a Pony Tail butt plug

Been a long time editing this clip, probably months old, but boy was it fun. There is a gallery with a few screen shots with the same title.

Wearing pink crotchless panties, pink garter belt holding up pink lace topped stockings. We had been playing for some time before the Pony Tail butt plug came out.

We had started using her vibrating dildo and sucking my cock. Then the dildo on her clit and my cock in wet pussy, then the dildo inside and the Doxy massager on the clit. I entered her again while she used the Doxy which sent shivers down me. What a sensation that is, but we She had cu... Continue»
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The Best Blind Date

Part 1: The Meeting

They always say a blind date should be blind. My first ever attempt at it was blind. It was my older s****rs suggestion. She had always badgered me into getting a date. I just was not interested to be fair. I had my studies at University and that was my ultimate focus. Girls simply did not feature. However I did as I was told and decided to surf the internet. I joined one particular website that stated it was the best around and could simply find a date in "three easy clicks". To be fair the site was not incorrect. I had found a date, someone quite simply k... Continue»
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Fantasy for Upon Your Return

Dating you, rooming with you, whatever it is that lets me sl**p at your place or you sl**p at my place at least three nights of the week means wake ups in the best ways for the both of us. Of course, that means we will have to keep the place cold since you say I am like a little heater … but I think I could sl**p with my head on your thigh or you can spoon me and keep your cock nestled between my ass cheeks on those nights of said sl**povers.

On special occasions, like your birthday, I would do something a little different – you know, to keep things interesting. Like wake you up with your c... Continue»
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Young sex

He was fifty two and had his face between the eighteen year old's pussy for over an hour. He loved young cunt and she loved having her cunt licked and fucked. She never could get enough. He took turns sucking her clit then tongue fucking her cunt and sucking the cum out of it. She would always cum hard and many times for him. He loved the taste of her sweet cream. He then mounted her and shoved his thick cock deep in her hole and began fucking her hard. As he fucked her he grabbed a nipple between his teeth then sucked it. She had nice big firm tits and a great round ass. She was also a great ... Continue»
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Tailgate Lunch

A slight breeze drifts through the bedroom window causing the blue gingham curtains to sway and patches of early morning sunlight to dance across the face of the woman sl**ping soundly in the bed. A smile plays upon her face as she stretches and yawns, blinking her eyes against the sunlight. She turns on her side and pulls the pillow from the other side of the bed close to her, inhaling the scent left
there. Another soft smile plays upon her face as she recalls the night before, letting the sweet memories play again in her mind. The deep kisses where his tongue danced wildly with hers, the s... Continue»
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The online married woman

About 9 years ago now, my ill-fated marriage broke down and I moved out. I needed to save my sanity. We had lived a loveless marriage for over 3 years by then, both of us choosing our own fun and enjoyment. There eventually was the customary f****y meeting where it was decided for me to move out for a while - to which I said - if I go, its for good. So I left. Nowhere to go - I called my parents up. My Father immediately stating I moved back in right away.

Bags packed, credit cards stopped. all that was mine was hastily packed and shipped into storage and I moved out of the f****y hom... Continue»
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This story is a work of fiction, it starts slowly, and involves exploring crossdressing and sexual adventures between friends. If this doesn't sound enjoyable you might want to stop right here. Otherwise enjoy :)

Chapter 1

It all started two weeks ago.

Charlie's monitor had blown as he was finishing up his proposal. The work was still there. Probably? He had to get a new monitor as soon as possible though, his computer was still running and holding the sum total of his last weeks worth of work, the last thing he could afford now was for something else to go wrong. IT was on the t... Continue»
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Mouthing Off - Chapter 4

Greg had told Brenda several times about the gang bang she was going to get. Every time he made her confirm that she was still up for it. On each occasion she had not only said she was willing to do it, the more they talked about it the more wild their sex became and the more excited she was.

Tonight she was walking the short distance from the bus stop to Greg's. It was dusk. Brenda had left work an hour ago, had a glass of wine in her favourite bar and rung her husband. He told her to enjoy her evening class and he wouldn't wait up if she decided to go for a drink after. She was feeling wa... Continue»
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Slave Yoni three

Monday 26 June
I wanted to finish yesterday but I just fell asl**p. After Hannah left I was just exhausted. Yoni just left for work. She left wearing a simple dress. I allowed her to wear a bra but no panties. After being such a good slave yesterday. When we got home yesterday she made a wonderful meal. I took her out of the hood and the jacket but I didn’t unlock the belt until later when Hannah wanted to try out her toys. While she was cooking I couldn’t help playing with the plug and dildo. I got some work done in the meantime. I or at least I should say we, seeing as the guys at Utys are ... Continue»
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New York is a Hell of a Town

I won an all expenses trip to New York City for three days. My online friend Lynn, who runs a small gallery in a suburb of New York City, is excited, because we have not met yet. Her joining me in the city will be a great way to physically connect for the first time. Before now we have only talked on the phone and written each other. The prize trip includes airfare, hotel, an unnecessary shopping spree and a dinner at an expensive restaurant one night before I depart home. My hope is that she shows me the world famous museums of New York City.

You, Lynn, are blessed with full figure. To me,... Continue»
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Mouthing Off - Chapter 3

Every single night until the date of our second monthly meeting Donna talked about sucking six dicks in one evening and swallowing all the cum. She remembered the different feel of them in her mouth the varied taste of the cum. She recalled how one guy had pumped masses into her mouth while others only managed a dribble.

Of course, each time she re-counted the experience we carried on to fantastic sex.


From the very beginning of our relationship I have pissed in Donna's mouth. She has never liked the taste and at first she struggled to handle it, but strangely enough it was her ... Continue»
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d***ken night with my best mates s****r.

Heavily debated whether or not to share this story, but to be honest, its too good not to!

I won't use real names, for obvious reasons. So we'll call my best mate "Jack"

I've known Jack since I was about 8, went through little school, secondary & college together. I've known his f****y nearly as long, always treated them as my own & they've always looked after me. There's times I'd pop round to see Jack & end up having a drink with his old man or chatting to his mum or his s****r. His s****r, "Becky" was 3 years younger than us, but WOW she never looked it! Even when we were at school, ... Continue»
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Beach Vacation

I don't know how many of you have read about the skiing vacation I took last
last winter. It was a rather boring until my boyfriend Dave and his friend Jim
decided to do some very kinky things to Jim's girlfriend Cathy and me, of
course. None of the individual activities were new to me, but the combination
of things did get me very excited. Cathy on the other hand was quite innocent
of these kinky entertainments. The vacation turned out to include her first
assfuck, her first time naked in front of more than one guy at a time, her
first time naked (in a sexual context) in front of a gir... Continue»
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"Home Sweet Home"

I just got back into Austin. Damn it has been a long week. Airports are busy, everyone hustling and bustling. Went to Chicago for a business trip. Always going somewhere. Never in one place for very long. But Austin is home and boy am I glad to be back.

I live by myself. No roommates. Lots of friends and business associates in my life. No steady boyfriend. Just a couple of boytoys that I get down with when the need arises and when I have time. Shit I am 23 and feel like 50. Nothing wrong with 50 but I am feeling tense and tired and I have a strong need to relax. Aaaaahhhh home sweet home. ... Continue»
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Celebrity Surrender: Brandi & Casey

Celebrity Surrender was gaining popularity and Ariel tapped into the growing market of Reality TV stars to come up with her next match. Brandi Passante and Casey Nezhoda, two smokin' hot thrift store bargain hunters from the hit show, 'Storage Wars' agreed to face off against each other. The two women have a sizzling rivalry at the televised auctions, and Ariel was hoping it would carry over onto the mat.
Sassy sandy-haired Brandi never tried to hide the fact that ... Continue»
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First time

She was my first ever girlfriend and I couldn't get enough of her. We were both virgins and both came from sexually repressed households. Right from the start of the relationship she had rules for what we could and couldn't do. Rule number one was nothing below the waist. She came from a religious f****y and told me after our first kiss that she was planning on staying a virgin until she was married and if I had a problem with that we wouldn't work out as a couple. I accepted that and we spent many months where our sex life consisted solely of kissing and me caressing her breasts, first over t... Continue»
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