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Taxi Drivers whore

This happened to me a while ago, thought I'd share.

It'd been a nightmare of a month so I'd gone clubbing and had a ball. Worn my best stuff, my loveliest undies, looked a million dollars! I'd gone into town and danced the night away with friends. All was well! At about 3 am, tired and happy I left and looked for my keys in my purse. Oh no! they'd gone! Still had the house keys but lost my car key!

It started to rain and I stood there in nothing more than a little black dress and a short jacket. Looking about the street was empty. None of my friends had cars either so it was going to be ... Continue»
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I'd been having a crappy day in work and by the time I got home was fed up and needed to chill out. So I set about getting sorted! Into the bath, shaved the legs and had a close shave of the face. I moistourised and did my makeup. Then the next question, what to wear?

By now I was starting to get a little horny! I had the chatrooms open and was talking to a few guys and girls and had a few meets possibly sorted. While I kept a weather eye on the PC I picked out a pair of black panties and a matching lacy bra, teamed them with some seamed holdups and my black killer heels. Over this my fave ... Continue»
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Vitress Tamayo

I've always considered myself straight but I had come across the likes of Vitress Tamayo on xhamster and I had jerked off to her a couple of times. There was just something about her that I really liked and I thought that she was super hot. To my surprise I had found out that she was being photographed at a studio near me.

I had managed to get there and I had saw her as she entered the studio. I don't know what came over me but I thought that I'd go for a coffee at a nearby coffee shop and as I drank a coffee I was imagining what she was getting up to during the photo shoot.

As I wa... Continue»
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The Day I Lost My Virginity

Hi Every Body,I Am Going To Tell You My Story In Full Details .

My Name Is Nancy,I Am 16 Years Old,Blonde With Attractive Body,I Look Older Than My Age.

I Live In Small Apartment With My Parents,One b*****r And One s****r.Our Life Is Similar To Most Of The American Families.

My Parents Spend Most Of The Day In Their Work Locations,M
... Continue»
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Teasing my Hubby

My husband and I, not having much alone time since our daughter is three years old and only being able to make love to each other once she's asl**p at night. This Saturday morning my husbands parents wanted to spend some time with their grand daughter and take her to the park to play. We were rather happy about the offer and shortly after 9 we dropped our daughter off by them. We invited them over for dinner that afternoon telling them to arrive at about 3pm giving my hubby and I some alone time during the day. We got home just on 10am and straight to the bedroom we went.

We kissed and str... Continue»
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A free night

My husband returned the Wednesday, after his trip away. Monday mornings anal sex with Nick was still fresh in my head. I was still on my period only ending on Friday. My husband had been invited to an awards evening the thursday night to one of his clients, with a free stay at the Hilton hotel the night. We organised with my hubby's parents for our daughter to spend the night with them. The thursday afternoon I showered and got dressed, wearing a sexy blue dressed. My husband picked me up and we left to fetch our daughter from crèche and drop her off at her grandparents house. We then set off ... Continue»
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On my period

It was Sunday morning and I had started my period on the Saturday. My husband was going away for 3 nights leaving the Sunday evening. That morning we went to the shops together with my daughter. While shopping we ran into our neighbours son Nick and his gf. Greeting them, and my husband and Nick got into a conversation about his sport and studies as usual. He then told them that he would be away for a few days again. Once they finished chatting we finished our shopping before heading home. Once home we made lunch and then my hubby went upstairs to shower and get ready for his flight. My daught... Continue»
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mrs watson has some fun

this story follows on from mrs watson punishes
i really enjoyed humiliating tom and jack so it got me thinking what else i could do i never thought of myself as
a dominant person before but when the cum spurted out of their young cocks it got me exited i thought about
my cleaner katy very nice 18 year old student who cleans for cash that gave me an idea katy was due round today so
i put a £50 note on the floor half under the sofa and set up a small camera pointing at it.
katy came in and started dusting and vacuming i pottered about the house like normal and let her get on with it ,
i ... Continue»
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Like a lamb to the slaughter - my first gay guy.

I had explored my ‘gay side’ with a mate, Simon, and you can find ‘My first bi-guy’ story linked on my profile page, we had lots of fun, but whilst he was happy for me to fuck him, he wasn’t into fucking me. It didn’t bother me, he was younger than me and had very boyish looks, I was more than happy to be his daddy, and for him to be my boy.

But, in the back of my mind I knew I wanted to be taken by an experienced gay guy, I wanted someone else to take charge, I wanted to experience being the submissive one, and totally give my body to another guy, to use as he wished. Basically, I wanted a... Continue»
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A Ramming for Hubby

A Ramming For Hubby
by Cest4u

This is a story about Ann, a lady who has a very strong
sex drive. She is also into doggie sex and gets even
with her hubby as she has the doggie fuck him while she
has him tied to the bed. Then both of then start to
enjoy him being pounded while the hubby is making love
to her. A little on the wild side.

The first time I shaved my pussy, I looked at it as I
was masturbating and loved the new look. I have a fat
little pussy and a wide ass. My labia has such profound
lips as they are quite puffy. I love to watch as I take
my toys o... Continue»
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Criminal minds

I was visiting one of my best friends, Mike. He was a skinny guy like me, with very long hair. We were school mates, nineteen years old tough guys. Problem was, he was a d**g addict and I went over to make sure he was ok once in a while. And usually he was fine. He shagged all the sexiest girls in school, and looked like prince. But a bit, or very androgyne ... I loved the guy.

As I arrived at his house, I spotted this perfect, big black Chevy Stingray outside. I thought it just was one of his d**g buddies and went straight for the door, knocked once and went straight inside. He used to be... Continue»
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Rough and Ready

He had his cock in her ass and three fingers in her cunt and he had been fucking for almost two hours. He had doubled his cock pills to make this young slut remember what a man was like. He had brought her back to his bedroom and stripped her naked and turned her over his knee and whipped her ass hard. He liked to see his hand prints on her white ass. When her ass was whipped good and hard he spread her legs and first finger fucked her cunt then her ass. Then he pulled her by the hair down to his cock to suck. He shoved his thick meat deep in her mouth and held it there as she sucked and gagge... Continue»
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In the city I went to high school in there was three parks in walking distance of my home, I mean you could walk to the parks which was between one to two miles from my home. One of the parks is small with a basketball court and baseball, softball diamond and numerous walking paths.

Doing the weekdays this park is pretty much empty of people until about two in the afternoon. It was near eleven in the morning and I was bored at home so I went to this park to walk the trails and do a little running.

As I walked by the basketball court I noticed there was a basketball sitting in the cou... Continue»
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The Joys of A Trained Pussy

After my first full weekend of man on man loving I knew that I was hooked, and couldn't wait to get more time alone with my sexy new lover. Over that first initial weekend we spent many hours engaged in sexual activity with a lot of time spent training my virgin hole, but there was also a lot of time spent with Mitch's big dick in my mouth. Which I began to love more and more! The texture, taste, and smell of his manhood seemed to awaken things inside of me that I had never known were there.
When we went our seperate ways he advised me to get some butt plugs, and continue to train so that ... Continue»
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Hands Free Anal Part 3

After writing the last installment I felt ashamed. I realized it wasn’t anything. What I was doing still involved touching the clitty. I’ll use clitty to be honest, since my clitty is very small. My clitty was getting squeezed between my legs if you recall. So it was still clitty masturbation I was talking about. It wasn’t the same experience as doing it without anal, certainly anal was a big part, but it wasn’t really all that different from usual wanking off. The clitty was still the star. What was going on in the asshole was cool, but the clitty was calling the shots. For example, what I di... Continue»
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The Joy of a Big Black Cock

James eased into my cunt very slowly, very gently, god did he ever fill me! Eleven plus inches of thick hard black cock was just what I needed. He hit bottom gently – with one hell of a satisfied moan of pleasure – I arched my back hard and squealed like a little bitch in heat. There was no pain, only pleasure, absolute and total lust washed over me and had all of my nerve endings standing on end…especially the ones that he was teasing with that beautiful black meat.

When he finished, about an hour later, he was worn out, my cunt was sore again and it felt like my insides had been totall... Continue»
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Busted !

I was walking down Pryme St in Hull and noticed the recently built Travelodge Hotel . Momentarily stopping and thinking "that is one ugly building " . I carried on walking past the very small car park and noticed a couple kissing. I thought "That really looks like Helen and Steve" . Helen was my best mate Alan's partner of 8 years and they had 2 k i d s together . Helen had a 3rd k i d Lulu who was the eldest and was Steves. Helen at the time was 19yrs old 5ft 7 , Size 6 with 32b breasts , Lovely soft and long Blonde hair and a gorgeous face .Steve would come round to Alan and Helen's house to... Continue»
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A BEAUTIFUL President's Day FUCK in black nyl

Here, I was, sitting in my apartment, AGAIN prowling XHamster (and playing with my cock) when I got a call from the beautiful, sexy Ronnie who I had spent last Valentine’s Day fucking and sucking. Turns out, she was having another bash for Presidents Day at her house. She informed me that a bra, panties and black nylons was a dress requirement. She also informed me that since I was bald, it would be cool if I wore a wig. She knew I owned none of these and purred that she would dress me when I got to her house.

I arrived early enough with few gurls there already. Ronnie Greeted me, wearing ... Continue»
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Sex with a former Nun

She was born Paula. But for ten years, her name was s****r Mary Beth. I remember Paula well. She had long brunette hair, and piercing blue eyes. Perfect sized bust and butt, she was a mix of Sports Illustrated super model, and playmate of the year. But when she was 19, she had a near death experience. She gave herself over to Christ and became a nun.

However, after ten years of serving the church, her body felt a different yearning. It needed sexual fulfillment. And a chance meeting between myself and her at the supermarket led to one.

She was dressed in her habit, and me, wearing a Me... Continue»
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My lover surprises me

That autumn I was having a love affair with another guy from my office.

His name was Eric. He was a younger muscled guy in his late twenties.
He was a bachelor; so, we had no problem at all when meeting at his place.

Victor was out of town that week and then Eric had agreed to meet me that night after work. He left the office in the early evening and I followed him to his place a couple hours later.

During the trip to his apartment, the anticipation of what was going to be the meeting with him had me so turned, that I could feel my panties were wet…

When I got to his place he was... Continue»
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