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Craigslist shemale

One day sitting at home edging, I decided to go on craigslist t4m most of the ladys were black with huge scary cocks then I happen upon a thai girl Tia, we started talking and asked her if she wanted to meet up, she didn't drive so I had to pick her up. as she walked to the car I took notice she was about 5'8 she had tight jeans on and a decent ass for a Asian girl. she had a leather jaket on and I could see she was pretty flat chested. Tia had shoulder length hair and her face all dolled up. after she got in the car you could tell she was a man. but still pretty passable. we drove to a hotel.... Continue»
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My new address Part 1

I was now 22 and had been working for Mike for 4 years. It was early June of 1986. Mike was now 63 It was a Friday afternoon when Mike asked me to come into his office. He said Jenn have a chair. Jenn I sure have had fun working with you but I have had an offer on the investment Firm and I think it's time for me to retire. I was stunned to say the least! But I had thought about it before and did figure it was coming sooner than later as Mike was having more closed door meetings than usual. He said the buy out was from a national firm which had offices all over the country. Mike told me that th... Continue»
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s****r in Law and s*s

s****r-in Law and s****r .

Over the years, I had often laughed and flirted with Rose, my s****r in law. She would often confide in me over different thing. She said she could talk and feel quite at ease with me as my b*****r, who was a bit strict with her. When I would see her on her own I would whisper “Lately,” she knew what I meant, asking if she had been fucked!! She would always answer, “Not recently.”

One Christmas I told her I had a special present for her, but we would have to be on our own for her to receive it! She was really intrigued about this.

I lived quite a w... Continue»
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Sg My Affair with My Hot Young Maid

Yes people, we recorded ourselves oh yeah.) .another thing, I still care deeply for the person so any decision on the story-telling and any media will take into consideration the security of our identity and such. Not that I don’t trust our little community here, but can’t be too careful.

To start, let me describe a bit about her from the beginning. Me and my wife were looking for another maid after sending our last one back due to her extreme ‘psychological’ issues, so we asked a f****y friend who lives in Surabaya to look for one. There were some issues in the beginning as the one we got ... Continue»
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Cock Teasing Wife

Bill and I have spent so much time together since he's been back, We do everything together, I've never mentioned a peep, about his affairs, and I don't see any reason to tell him about mine, even though he always says, he likes my new attitude towards sex, and whatever it is to keep it up, oh if I can only tell him what, and who I was keeping up!

Bill has been really opening up, talking about his fantasies, our sex life has become so much better, he really lets me be myself sexually.

Our new thing is for me to get dressed up, or should I say dressed down, very provocative and go out in ... Continue»
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Horny Sex Starved Mother In Law and Wife

I can only tell you my wife's labia was once petite. When this woman was 20 her labia and pussy was sweet and smelled perfect enough to adore and marry. Through the years of fucking Jen's pussy became so fragrant that her panties would smell up the closet and all my clothes smelled of her fragrance. People would approach me on how well I smelled on a daily basis as my clothes smelled of her scent in a very musky and good way. Then she turned forty...her pussy turned from sweet to musty and sweaty...not good. She would walk with her friends then want me to fuck her and as she took her panties o... Continue»
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Sable The Red Sex Devil

Sable... i had known sable's face from around town and seeing her in the club some nights.So i knew she liked the BBC...she had a cute face, wore bright red lipstick, with full lips and a cheeky smile.she had say B or C cup tits a small waist and a nice round juicy DONK.we were friends on facebook but never spoke,she was in a relationship.but one day i went out to the club on my own,met someone i know and they took me over to her table and introduced me.there was two of them at the table but Sable pounced on me in thing i knew she was grinding me on the dance floor,like i was a ... Continue»
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Asian cuckold with hint of the past, future and hi

NB: This is a long story, mostly true with location and name changes. It could have been split into two stories because it covers two incidents; when we first met, and a reunion twenty years late. I have created an chapters and headings. If you want the sex skip to them . If you want the back story, read the whole thing. Also, writing it, I now realize just how many stories I have with her, so if you like it, vote and comment and it may be the start of a series.

Part 1; The prelude. How we met.
Part 2; First impressions matter:
Part 3: Shaved pussy and a blow job.
Part 4: Eating her p... Continue»
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Dry Spell Multiple Male Orgasms

Susan woke up feeling like something was missing. She was waking up like that a lot these days. It was a major dry spell and her dreams were making it harder for her to deal with it. Checking she felt that familiar moistening between her legs and she knew she needed to make herself come soon. 

Looking at the clock, Susan groaned, there was no time for her vibrator today; she was going to have to use her shower head again. What good is masturbating if you can't take your time and enjoy yourself, she thought.

Once in the shower, Susan came quickly, and then set about to grooming. Just befo... Continue»
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Meeting Nanci in Alberta

This is just a story, and not entirely true.

This starts out a few years back working down in TX. The general contractors were a Canadian company. After a year of work I became friends with many of these guys. After the job we stayed in contact. Well, after lots of FB, and a few d***k phone calls, a few guys an I where heading up for a visit, and some fishing. My friends up north got us a nice cabin in the woods on a lake. The fishing was awesome, and we had a really good time. My 2 friends headed back to the states, but I had time so I was going to stay another week. My Canadian buddy Mike... Continue»
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late night with wife's new friend

So one night while getting off work, I get a call from my wife about some ladies hanging out. I dont pay no mind when I get home. But my wife had to have me meet the new girl, Torrie. Kinda not in the mood to meet someone, that is only cause I am a cook, so I am smelly and dirty. I do the shower thing, and get dressed. I normally don't like to wear a shirt, but usually when the ladies are over, will for my wife. This time, I didn't grab one, so I popped out of the bathroom shirtless and quickly heading back to the bed room for one. I didn't think much at the time, of me being shirtless would ... Continue»
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Bel Learns

Please Note:

This story is a continuation in the series of Disobedience, Development, Guests and Training a New Wife, but it is possible to read it by itself if you do not wish to read those first.

It was nearly time for William's arrival. Thomas instructed Bel to take up position near the front door. She had only just got to her knees when the swish of car tyres on the gravel drive told them of his arrival. Su opened the door to a tall, slim gentleman with silver hair and the kind of moustache that suggested the refinement and elegance of a former age.

He handed a silver topped walki... Continue»
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Jerry's Huge Cock

When I met Jerry at work I knew there was something different about him he was average in looks and was about 5 foot 7 140 pounds he was all skin and bone but what was special about him is that he was hiding a huge package in his pants the first time I noticed it is when we took a shower and I noticed that his flaccid penis Was well over 7 inches long and look to have a circumference of 6 inches to say the least it was impressive he was soaping up his penis as he was taking his shower and I couldn't help but stare I started to get an erection and he looked at me and smiled he said don't be... Continue»
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Surprise birthday video

We had a birthday party for my wife back in April. It was warm enough for the females to wear either shorts of short skirts and dresses. My wife was wearing one of the gifts I gave her, a Spandex workout outfit. It was a pair of extremely tight shorts and a sports style bra. She didn't wear panties because the seam of the shorts fit snugly in-between her pussy lips. And she wore small gold rings around her nipples to make them stay erect. She looks very sexy.

Most of the other ladies also looked equally as hot and there was lots of flirting going on. Guys where hitting on other guys wife's... Continue»
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All night bareback orgy

I have been a cock loving guy since high school, well at that time I did not want any one to know how much I crave cock, the three school bullies, thugs, Juvenal delinquents, trouble maker, what ever you wish to call them had taken mu innocence away.

They took me by forc3 and when I did not report the act they decided to have their way with me so many times that I started to get addicted to being their fuck toy. By the time I reached College, I was a down low cock whore, sucking cocks getting fucked bareback and craving being used like a fuck toy.

In College, I had a room mate for tw... Continue»
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HW Casino Action 2

Where I left off Vivian wanted a drink and go again and I was very happy to indulge her I went over to the guest bar in the suite made us a couple of pineapple coolers with a shot of vodka in tall glasses we slammed down those coolers and she was on me like a tick on a hound she said this time I want you to take me from behind and make it rough baby!

I picked her up in my arms and carried her over by the bed throwing her onto it she cooed yeah baby give to me hard, as she got on her hands and knees swinging her ass back and forth I grabbed a pillow placing it under her hips and told her to ... Continue»
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Two Broke Women

To my friend imornery81. . . . your writings have inspired me to be creative and post some more stories myself . . .
And to toptramp for encouraging me to write again


Sandra and Angie have been friends for a few years now. They met through their husband’s mutual friends and seemed to hit it off from the beginning. The two couples got together often and the girls seemed to sense that they were attracted to one another but they didn’t take the next step to see if there was something there that they needed to explore.

At one party the two couples attended Sandra and ... Continue»
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Trained to be a sissy whore by my soon to be wife.

My fiance Kim was loving pegging me and training me to be a slut. My cock was now locked away for 4 months, my anus was violated but her multiple strains,daily. She dressed me in the sexiest clothing and kept my body smooth with waxing. my hair was longer before and since grown out nicely. She buys cum online and I in jest it daily. I crave the taste and smell of cum on my lips. My nipples are always sore from her rough sucking and biting. I cum from prostate messages daily, I yearn for her to penetrate me. She is the love of my life.
One Saturday she wakes me up and tells me this weekend I w... Continue»
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cowgirls vs convent whores

The red Honda Civic rental car came to a halt in the dirt driveway. A small figure exited the vehicle, and sighed as she looked at where she would now be living. This was her first time seeing the ranch style house in person. It looked just like the photo the real estate agent showed her, and she was grateful for that. Weeks ago she had made the arrangements for everything to be in working order in the house and for her furniture to be delivered. Now that she looked at the peaceful surroundings, she hoped it had all been done.

A flock of birds flew overhead above the line of trees and she ... Continue»
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An adventure with a European Mature

A few years ago, I was stationed in a remote base in Central Europe. Something that eventually never happened and is best left untold, was the cause for our presence there. Politics came and went, and so did most of the troops in my battalion. But a couple of dozen of us got left behind since the commander in chief did not want the base closed. Our living arrangement was passable, but the kitchen was closed and we got allowance for food. Since we had a fairly small work load, and a very calm routine, I made a habit of going to an American-like Diner for supper every evening at the same time, a... Continue»
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